For those who elected to receive them electronically, 1099 tax forms are now available on Raymond James Investor Access online under the “Documents” tab.

For those who elected to receive tax forms through traditional mail, 1099 tax forms were mailed out yesterday and you should expect to receive them this week.

Important Note: The information on the 1099 is only for activity that occurred since you opened your taxable accounts with us in 2015. Since most accounts were not opened until June of 2015, the info will only cover ½ of the year.

Therefore, you will also receive a 1099 from your prior advisory firm for the activity relating to the first half of the year. We are happy to work with the respective firm to help you get these documents as needed. For those who were previously with Hilliard Lyons, their 1099’s are expected go out the second week in March.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions,