Who Gets the Money?

When it comes to raising money for conservation, "sexy" animals—like grizzlies, wolves and owls—win the popularity contest. Fur and feathers out-compete antennae and exoskeletons every time.

At the bottom of the fundraising pool? Invertebrates like the little pollen-covered
flower beetle.

Why We're Promoting Pollinators

Insects are at the heart of every ecosystem. They provide food for other animals, pollinate most plant species, recycle nutrients, keep the soil healthy ... the list goes on. 

Healthy ecosystems depend on biodiversity. They need all the inhabitants, large and small. 

Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, insects aren't well-known. Because they don't have the same appeal as many larger species it's hard to raise money to ensure their survival. 

Insect losses are a major global problem. The rate of extinction in insects is 8 times faster than for reptiles, birds and mammals.

Here are some of the ways you can help us help Wild Pollinators.

Helps fund guided nature walks.
Helps fund speaking events
about wild pollinators.

Helps create a user-friendly Guide to the
Wild Pollinators of Central Alberta.
Helps develop a tracking program to identify
and improve habitat for wild pollinators.



Anonymous supporters have pledged
to match every dollar you donate up to $4710.

That means $9420 toward our conservation goal!

How much do you know about beetles?

Test Your Beetle IQ!

Marilyn Phillips / Grizzly Bear
Sally Banks / Flower Beetles
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