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Issue 3 / September 2015

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Editors Note
Minor correction to the "Advising the Professionals" information where some text from the APPG had been duplicated.

It has only been a 'mere' three months since we last sent our news update out to our supporters, and a lot has happened since then. Conferences, reports, reviews, you name it, and we have probably done it.

Before we get too deep into details on the past three months, a quick comment from the NNA Board:
A Word from the Board

The last 3 months have once again been very busy for NNA, and all the signs are that this will increase. The release of the PHE report, numerous consultations to respond to, our work with the BSI and CEN standards committees and a dramatic increase in requests for help and advice on e-cigarettes and Vaping from stop smoking services have meant that we barely have time to draw breath!

This is all good news though, through our work we are building excellent links with other groups in order to not only educate professionals about the benefits to smokers of switching to harm reduced products, but also to protect vaping as best we can from over zealous regulation by those who don't, or who choose not to understand.

Glasgow School of Vape 2

August 30th saw the second iteration of the Glasgow School of Vape held at the Drury Bar and Kitchen. The first event attracted around 130 attendees, whilst the second attracted well over 200 with a number of those attendees being new to vaping.

Sarah Jakes, Dave Dorn and Andy Morrison were also there with a dedicated NNA stand and were invited to speak. There was a lot of interest in the impending regulation of e-cigarettes and the work of the NNA. The event was a roaring success and a great deal of fun for the vapers both new and experienced.

Although the event was never intended to be a fundraiser for the NNA, the generosity of those in attendance shone through and a staggering £715.80 was raised via the sale of NNA wristbands and a charity auction of items kindly donated by vendors and a reviewer.

We were truly touched by the welcome and support received in Scotland. If you get a chance to attend the Glasgow School of Vape 3 we would wholeheartedly recommend it, you won't regret it!

Providing Evidence

Part of our mission is to provide those who make or influence decisions the appropriate evidence on nicotine products such as electronic cigarettes.  The Scottish Health and Sports Committee requested evidence as part of the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc, and Care)(Scotland) Bill, both written submission and oral, presentation on the measures outlined in the proposed Bill.

Andy Morrison, NNA Trustee appeared at the Scottish Parliament (video below) to give oral evidence on behalf on the NNA, alongside Linda Bauld (Professor of Health Policy, University of Stirling), Simon Clark (FOREST) and Sheila Duffy (ASH Scotland).

The main points of contention surrounded the proposal to ban smoking in hospital grounds, which does not include e-cigarettes, and how to advertise e-cigarettes in a responsible way to ensure under 18's who have never smoked or vaped are not encouraged to start.

It is the season for consultations on various legislation bills, and we have responded to a fair number of them: The transposition of the EU TPD in Poland is accompanied by three 'add-ons':
  • Extension of the smoking ban in enclosed public places & vehicles to include e-cigarettes
  • A ban on cross-border internet sales
  • A ban on point of sale advertising
The New Nicotine Alliance has been working with SUEP - the Polish vapers organisation - and individual vapers to oppose all three additions. Our submission to the Polish Ministry of Health received major coverage in the Polish social media and resulted in a debate at the Polish Economic Forum in which Gerry Stimson participated.
Scottish Sport and Health Committee
Andy Morrison giving evidence to the Health & Sport Committee in the Scottish Parliament (video courtesy of

Charity Fundraising

As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to be able to do the things we do.

Apart from the immense support from the Glasgow School of Vape 2 where a huge £715 was raised, we have also raised another £310 from the sale of a signed Global Forum on Nicotine (picture) programme.

The continued generosity of our supporters really does help us get to conferences to represent your interests. These donations and charity auctions help fund our travel, overnight accommodations, and where necessary delegates fees to attend these conferences.

We also have an on-going auction for our NNA wristbands which have so far helped raise over £400!

We can also take donations directly on our website,, and not to be too teasing, we have more stuff coming so keep those eyes peeled!

Advising the Professionals

One aspect of our work is to advise the UK stop smoking services about the potential of e-cigarettes as an option for cessation.  We were invited by Smokefree West Sussex to speak at an information day for professionals on the benefits of e-cigarettes.

The day comprised two sessions, one in Worthing and one in Crawley, which were attended by a total of about 80 to 90 professionals including pharmacists and smoking cessation practitioners. Presenters included NNA trustee Sarah Jakes, and Hazel Cheeseman, director of policy for Action on Smoking and Health. 

Although Smokefree West Sussex has already gone Ecig friendly, it was clear that there was both divided opinion and a lack of knowledge about e-cigarettes among the professionals attending. Whilst Hazel's presentation focussed on the science behind e-cigarette use, Sarah's centred on the practicalities, including device types, techniques, and the culture behind the vaping phenomenon. Both presentations were very well received and prompted many questions and a lively debate!

Our main objective was to give practitioners a better idea of what vaping is all about so that they can speak to service users with a degree of knowledge and confidence when supporting them in quit attempts using e-cigarettes. Judging by the comments received after both sessions the event was a resounding success.
Slides to the event are available

Setting Standards

Following on from the publication of the BSI standard on e-cigarettes with contributions from the NNA, and from AFNOR (the French Standards Agency), there is now in process the development of a European standard on e-cigarettes, led by CEN (the European Committee for Standardization).

CEN 437, as it is known, has to be developed and agreed by all European countries - a process that will take three years - and it brings in a wider range of technical experts.  Each country has a 'shadow' committee which feeds into CEN. Lorien Jollye represents the NNA, and Gerry Stimson, NNA Chair, is on the committee as an independent member.

To complicate matters, there is now a proposal for an international standard (ISO) on vape and vapour products. This move is a counterblast to an attempt by the ISO Technical Committee 126 (ISO/TC 126) group on Tobacco and Tobacco Products to claim that e-cigarettes fall within their jurisdiction. The New Nicotine Alliance strongly argues that e-cigarettes are not tobacco products and should therefore be covered by a distinct international standard.

Challenge EU

It is known that the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is incredibly restrictive for the future of e-cigarettes as they are known to the vaping community today. October 2014 saw a milestone in challenging Article 20 of the EU directive (2014/40/EU) by Totally Wicked when the legal case was passed to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a formal challenge.

As of September 10th, the CJEU hearing is set to take place on the 1st October and is expected to last one day. As it stands, the Article 20 Legal Challenge has close to 50,000 supporting signatures with a view to hand the petition over on September 29th, 11 AM outside the Department of Health.

The handover event will not be carrying any branding, and it is hoped that anyone who can attend, will attend. It is important to show the Department of Health that the challenge has broad support, not just from vendors, but from vapers and even those who have never smoked and will never vape.


Yes indeedy, coming very soon.

All Party Parliamentary Committee

September 9th saw the second All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on e-cigarettes convene at Westminster, chaired by Mark Pawsey MP, and attended by Stephen Metcalfe MP, Kevin Barron MP, Lords Ridley and Callanan, and Earl Cathcart.

Notable figures in attendance included Martin Dockrell and a small contingent from Public Health England and Peter Hayek from Queen Mary University and one of the authors of the recent PHE report.

Presentations were given by Clive Bates of The Counterfactual consultancy and Oliver Kershaw of the E-Cigarette Forum, both of whom are also NNA Associates. James Dunworth, who was also present, has provided a detailed write up of events at the meeting.

Overall, the feeling from the meeting was very positive with broad recognition of the harmfulness of the impending regulations as a result of the Tobacco Products Directive. It is imperative, especially in light of the recent PHE report, that vapers contact their local MPs and make them aware of the issues, and request they join the APPG, the more parliamentarians attending, the better. Further meetings will be held on the following dates:
  • December 2nd 2015
  • February 3rd 2016
  • April 13th 2016
  • July 13th 2016

News from Australia

New Nicotine Alliance: Australia
Sister organisation to NNA (UK), the New Nicotine Alliance (AU), is forging ahead with its campaign to legalise nicotine, which is currently recognised as a Poison by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This classification effectively prohibits legal access to nicotine.

Australia's illiberal prohibitionist policies deny smokers access to better and safer products. NNA-AUS is already garnering a good media profile with several appearances and interviews with Dr Danko.

A submission has been made to the Senate Economics Reference Committee's enquiry into the 'nanny state' - formally known as the 'Inquiry into personal choice and community impacts' -, which includes e-cigarettes. Further meetings with parliamentarians are planned.

You can sign-up to support NNA Australia on their website.

What's Next?

You would think that every once in a while we would get to take a break, but no. We still have much work ahead of us in the next three months.

There are plenty of meetings and on-going conversations with ASH Scotland and Linda Bauld. A Smoking Cessation Conference in Glasgow in November, where both Andy Morrison and Louise Ross will be in attendance.

Sharing is Caring

The work we do is important and we wouldn't be able to do it at all without your generosity and support. These newsletters give you an idea of what we are up to, if you can help us in any way at all send us an e-mail with your particular skill-set, there are always things that need doing.

Aside from that, the buttons below will spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and e-mail to your own friends, family, followers and colleagues. The more support we have the better.
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