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2022 Competition Results

Pacific Shores Region 12 is so proud of all the contestants at the recent video convention.  Everyone performed so well, and many commented on how fun it was to be back together again, even though in smaller groups. The RCSC team had a great time everywhere we went despite issues with long travel days, hotel living, flights cancelled and changed, and of course two key people with Covid.  

The Eugene portion of the convention was done with Randy and Joanna on Zoom.  Randy quickly recruited her friend John Dietrich and her daughter-in-law Dana Sahae to make a trip to Eugene to do the recording.  They were there the whole time directing and encouraging Donna and me.

Some likely thought we were crazy for taking on this task and indeed some days we felt that way.  Finding this padded cell (elevator) was a much-needed release.

The reward for us was the many compliments and thankful comments from the members.  Randy, Donna, Joanna, and I are very grateful for the opportunity to serve the region with this convention.  It was certainly challenging, but when we hear stories like the member in Hawaii who can’t fly and has never participated in a contest before, or the choruses who had the chance to fulfill their 3-year commitment for charter despite having less than 12 members or no Director, it was all worth it.
Congratulations to our medal and award winners:
Quartet Competition 2022
  1. Live Wire
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Verve
  4. Rhapsody
  5. a la Carte
 Most Improved Quartet:  Equilibrium
Chorus Competition 2022:
  1. Diablo Vista Chorus
  2. Bay Area Showcase Chorus
  3. Mission Valley Chorus
  4. Oregon Spirit Chorus
  5. Sacramento Valley Chorus
 Most Improved Chorus:  Oregon Spirit Chorus
Division A (Small Choruses)
  1. Greater Eugene Chorus
  2. River Lights Chorus
  3. Harmony Fusion Chorus
  Division AA (Medium Size choruses)
  1. Diablo Vista Chorus
  2. Bay Area Showcase Chorus
  3. Mission Valley Chorus
 Audience Choice Award: San Francisco Sound Wave
GYPCI Award: Greatest Yearly Per Cent Increase in Membership
  1. Oregon Spirit Chorus 32.26%
  2. Oregon Coast Chorus 13.33%
  3. High Desert Harmony Chorus 10%
 BRAVO Award: Best Retention and Value to the Organization
  1. Harmony Fusion Chorus 97.22%
  2. Oregon Coast Chorus 93.33%
  3. River Lights Chorus 92.59%
 What a year we had.  Even with Covid, we improved scores, brought in new members, and retained members.  Think of what we can do in the coming year!  See you all at the 2023 convention at the Nugget in Sparks NV, May 4th – 7th
Mary Mamer, Pacific Shores Region 12 Events Coordinator


To rewatch the Video Contest Videos on Region 12 YouTube click on the link below. Account:

We can not thank the Video Contest Team enough for their time, energy, and hard work in putting this contest together.

Randy Sahae, Mary Mamer, Joanna Davis, and Donna Prochazka

For IES this year, the song everyone will be singing is "Why We Sing." Isn't it fabulous that this will ALSO be our next new Regional song? It will be used at:
  • July 30 L.A.W. School in Eugene
  • August 19-20 Fall AIM and Pep Rally in Sacramento
  • California L.A.W. school in October (date TBD)
On Saturday, July 16, Julie Starr will be leading a review session for this song at Mt. Olive Ministries (the Bay Area Showcase rehearsal site) in Milpitas, CA from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and learn it! If you can't come in person, we'll broadcast the session over Zoom. Stay tuned on email for Zoom login information.

A survey will be coming out soon asking if you plan to be at L.A.W. School. It would be so great to have a L.A.W. School chorus that really knows their music, so we can concentrate on the art of conducting!

You can download a copy of the music and learning tracks for your voice part now - they're posted on the Regional website under Song Library. We'd love to have everyone able to sing this together at AIM! 

Questions? Contact:
Regional Education Coordinator Alison Miller ) or 
L.A.W. School Dean Angela Suraci ( ) or 
L.A.W. School professor Julie Starr ( )

Thank you!

Alison Miller
Education Coordinator 
Reminder from the Regional Financial Coordinator

As of the 2022-2023 Sweet Adeline Year, all Regional Assessments will be due by July 31, 2022 per direction of SAI in January 2022.  There will no longer be an extension to the Regional dues.

The Regional Assessment is still $50 per regular and CAL members and $15 for Youth members.  Assessment Notices will be emailed to Financial Coordinators and CAL members during the first part of May 2022.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Geri Miller-Riedel  
Financial Coordinator
Region 12 Pacific Shores
Regional Education Update
Happy Spring, Region 12!  As we are making our way towards summer, we have some exciting education events coming up. Mark your calendars for the following events: 

Saturday, July 16th- Learn a new regional song! 
Location: San Jose, CA

Saturday, July 30th- LAW School 
Location: Eugene, OR 

Friday, August 19th & Saturday, August 20th- Fall AIM 2022 
Location: Sacramento, CA 

Fall 2022- LAW School/YWIH Event 
Location: TBD 

More details to come! 

Alison Miller
Education Coordinator 
We had lots of fun at our "watch party" on May 28th, and we send our congratulations to the winning Region 12 choruses and quartets -- you were truly fabulous!  And congratulations to every group that submitted a video, whether for competition or evaluation -- these were certainly challenging circumstances, and we all rose to the occasion! Fingers crossed that next year we'll be back together, on stage at the Nugget! 

High Desert Harmony will have several opportunities in the coming months to perform for our community, including the Sierra Arts Festival in June and the Lavender Day Festival in July. On Saturday, July 16th, we're excited to present "Harmony in the Park: A Celebration of Barbershop Music" at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno. This show, which will include a pre-performance workshop for the kiddies, is supported in part by a grant from Reno's Arts and Culture Commission. It's great to be part of Reno's month-long Artown celebration again this July!

After two years, we finally got to perform for Regionals! 

“We may have been suddenly a smaller group, but we were game,” says Joanne Morrison, chorus Board President. “With only 16 on the risers, we sang as if all our chorus sisters were with us, and it sure felt great earning a third place in Division A medal.

"We're very proud of our third-place award,” says Barb Vander Putten, chorus director. “Though the circumstances were unconventional we enjoyed performing for the region after so many years away."  We are already looking forward to next year’s regionals and a return to “normal” contest season.

In other news, we welcome our newly elected Membership Chair and lead, Sharon Reyes, whose first task is planning our guest night on September 19.  And because serving on the Board is so much fun, two of three members were willing to do it again by running for re-election. 

What’s next for us? We will be spending the summer learning new music and preparing for our show in October. The brilliant script writing combo of Vander Putten and bass Jenny Gurney is sure to produce an entertaining and eclectic musical experience.

We are extremely excited to announce that on May 27th, Mission Valley Chorus took home 3rd Place in Region 12’s virtual competition. We are so happy and very proud of our performance after two years of Zoom rehearsals and being on the risers for only a few months. Woohoo!! Congratulations to 1st Place Diablo Vista Chorus and 2nd Place Bay Area Showcase Chorus and to all the choruses who participated in the competition. 

We are also extremely proud of LiveWire Quartet winning 1st place in Region 12’s quartet competition! Chris Jacobs, Karen Fish, Suzanne Olsen, and Lysanda Lee make up this superbly wonderful quartet. Chris and Lysanda sing with our own Mission Valley Chorus, and we’re so happy and so very proud of them! Suzanne Olsen sings with Diablo Vista Chorus, and Karen Fish is now Chapter-at-large. They certainly deserve to be chosen as 1st Place Quartet in Region 12, and we wish them the best of luck in Phoenix!

There’s another member of our chorus that played an extremely large part in Region 12’s virtual competition, and that is Randy Sahae. Randy went to all the sites to video all the choruses and quartets in the competition and then combined those performances into a show for the judges and for the Region 12 audience. Her dedication, creativity, and hard work is certainly appreciated. Thank you, Randy, for creating a stellar virtual competition for Region 12.


On our last rehearsal in May, we reviewed judges' comments with Angela, received our medals, and celebrated with wine, Martinelli’s sparkling cider, and a variety of pastries and cheese/crackers. Thanks to Lynn for another great party!
On May 17th, MVC held its year-end potluck with good food, many thanks from team leaders, an introduction of the new management team, and the presentation of the SAY Award.
This year’s Management Team welcomes new and continuing members: Kay Kundinger, Lynn Clinton, Jean Marie O’Toole, Dianne France, Sandra Paglieroni, and Adele Amodeo. Congratulations!! We also said thank you to outgoing team members Carol Gerwitz and Sai Champion. Thank you for all the work you’ve done to help MVC run smoothly!

SAY Award! Carol Gerwitz left the management team only to become our esteemed winner of the Sweet Adeline of the Year Award! Promoting the chorus, having our video of the Star-Spangled Banner play for the S.F. Giants game, finding creative fundraisers, and creating the Author’s Chat on Zoom are just a few of the fabulous feats brought to us by Carol. Congratulations to you, Carol!


MVC has been invited to sing the Star-Spangled Banner “in person” at the San Jose Giants game, on Saturday, July 16th at Excite Ballpark. Game starts at 6 PM, but come early to get a good seat and buy some churros! Go to to get your tickets now.

Friends and Family show May 1st

with all the Sweet Adelines in the audience with our guest quartets Verve and WhatEver 4

Wonderful May
After three years, we finally were able to perform in front of our friends and family before we were able to compete in Region 12's video contest. It was truly a blast to be able to perform again for those who support and encourage us every day. 
We miss all the excitement of seeing all our regional friends and their chorus' performances live this year. Thank you, Region 12, for making it possible for us to compete and to be able to see everyone, even if it had to be on YouTube. We were cheering everyone on, and we're so happy to see you all perform.
Thank you to the outgoing Management Team - outgoing Piet Chini and Nancy Maass.
New 22/23 Management Team: Sherry Rowe - Team Leader, Debi Gordon - Communications,  Sue Barkley - Events, Pattie Bauer - Finance, Valerie Richie (not pictured)- Fundraising, Judi Naill - Marketing, Cindy Henry - Membership, Donna Spitzer - Secretary and Dede Nibler - Director

Congratulations to our Sweet Adeline of the Year, our director Dede Nibler. She was the glue that kept us together during this time of Covid with her Wake up with Dede Zoom meetings, small group rehearsals, and weekly words of wisdom. Dede is the forever teacher, and we love that she is continuously bringing the joy of learning to us. 



May was an ah-MAY-zing month for SOS in many ways! We welcomed new tenor Emma James and are excited to add her wonderful voice.  We donated 75 bras to Free the Girls, a non-profit organization helping women rescued from sex trafficking reintegrate into their communities. And we felt the excitement of the video competitions and appreciate all of the hard work that went into making this all happen. We held our watch party at Kris Skold’s and loved the intensity and musicality that the competition delivered.  Many congratulations to the new Region 12 winners, Diablo Vista Chorus and LiveWire. Every single chorus and quartet deserves special kudos for persevering and working toward excellence during these difficult last two years.

SOS worked hard on several new and old songs this month, and we continue to add more.  We have our next mini-show looming and are excited to once again be up on the risers performing before a live audience. And finally, we are looking forward to June and welcoming back Vickie Maybury for an amazing weekend!

Summer Larson, Kat Slusser, Allison Murphy, Claire Urquhart, Sam Gonzalez
rehearsing for mini-show

Lynda Casillas, Christine Lush, Susan Burkett, Kris Skold assisting at video competition


Hello, fabulous Region 12!  What an exciting contest even from home this year. We would like to congratulate ALL the competitors, and we can't wait to hang blue ribbons on DVC's necks. Wow, what a fabulous performance and score, DVC!  Everyone's performances were wonderful to see and hear again after so long.

After overcoming Covid and Zooming for 2 weeks again, PEC is back in business and working towards Phoenix, so Don't Stop Us Now!  We enjoyed hostessing the Milpitas and Sacramento contest recording sessions and seeing friends and hearing LIVE singing again.  Then in May we also had a fabulous coaching session with Ron Black, who continues to teach us the importance of tuning. We look forward to working with Sandy Marron in June, another "sing in tune" specialist.  We also have a guest night on June 8 when a handful of singers from the region are coming to dual with us on the road to Phoenix. We are excited to have new friends on the risers for a few months, and we really look forward to seeing all of you and performing for you at the Pep Rally on August 20! 


Wow!! The results are finally in!  The May 28th watch party was a huge success. AND Diablo Vista won Region 12 chorus competition with a score of 682. We will proudly represent Region 12 in Louisville, KY in 2023!  Thank you to Mary Dean Heil for offering such a beautiful location and a gorgeous day for the watch party.  We received our first place overall medals that day.


Then on May 31, we had our annual Installation and Celebration dinner, chaired by our effervescent Events Coordinator, Margaret Kintner.   We installed our new Management Team: Caitlin Castelino, Director;  Mary Dean Heil, Team Coordinator; Karrie Shively, Finance Coordinator;  Margaret Kintner, Events Coordinator; Suzanne, Webmaster and Records Coordinator; and Nancy Blom, Membership and Marketing Coordinator.

Other recognitions for the evening included three years’ worth of membership milestones, and many MANY thank yous to our fabulous, gracious, generous visual team: Julie Baxter, Karrie Shively, and Sarah Hodosh.  Caitlin thanked our music team, pitch pipers, and front-row members. 

Wow - we're coming up on finishing the first half of the year. We started the month taking a week off after our contest recording at the end of April. We had our end-of- year celebration, Management Team changeover, and announcement of our Sweet Adeline of the Year, Laura Schultz via Zoom the second week in May. Congratulations to Laura - this was so well-deserved for all she contributes to the chorus.

We met in person the third week and continued celebrating exchanging gifts of thanks for efforts made in the 2021-2022 year.  We also celebrated Jackie Bishop as a new Emerita member.  She has been a Sweet Adeline for over 60 years.  

We began working on two songs we will be singing for our post-Guest Program show and Ice Cream Social at the end of June.  We also started our five-week guest program the last week in May. The Peninsulaires, a Barbershop Harmony Society men's chorus, is having a concurrent guest program, and we will be singing an 8-part song with them as part of the June show.

The Regional Contest was streamed over the weekend in the final week of May.  We were so excited to find out that our chorus achieved second place overall and second place in our mid-size chorus division in the Regional Competition. 


As we moved into June, we had a great performance at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine festival on the 4th. We're looking forward to our show at the end of the month as well. It's nice to feel that although we are not fully back to normal, we're moving in that direction. 
Fri, Jun 17
to Sat, Jun 18 
  SOS - Coaching w/ Vickie Maybury Santa Rosa, CA
Sat, Jun 25   RLC Ice Cream Social Grace Lutheran Church Parking Lot
Sat, Jun 25 7 pm VOICES IN HARMONY Salem, Oregon
Sun, Jun 26 3 pm BASC - Summer Show and Ice Cream Social Mount Olive Ministries
Sat, Jul 2 5:05pm National Anthem @Eugene Emeralds Baseball PK Park
Sat, Jul 16 6 pm MVC National Anthem @ San Jose Giants Excite Ballpark, San Jose
Wed, Jul 20
to Sun, Jul 24
  International Education Symposium San Antonio, Texas
Sat, Jul 23 9 am MVC Deke Sharon coaching OBI Studio
Sat, Jul 30   Summer Regional Education Event - LAW School (Eugene, OR) Eugene, OR
Mon, Aug 1 7 am Harmony Fusion with Dede Nibler Hill & Valley Club, Hayward
Sat, Aug 6 7 pm MVC presents - Hot Summer Nights! Saratoga Community Center
Fri, Aug 19
to Sun, Aug 21
  Fall Regional Weekend - AIM Sacramento, CA
Fri, Aug 26
to Sun, Aug 28
  MVC - Ryan Heller coaching  
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Lynda CasillasMembership
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Join Region 12's own directors - 
Dede Nibler and Kathy Scheel as co-directors on a trip of a lifetime to London. for more information.

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The Phoenix Convention Center (our new home from Sept. 12–17) GBAC STAR rating ensures a safer environment for gatherings like our exciting return to the international stage.

Explore Phoenix Convention Center
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Sweet Adelines International
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September 12-17, 2022
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For Individual and Group Registration, Event Schedule, and COVID-19 health and safety protocols, visit

Hello Harmony College Northwest Family!

Your HCNW planning team has been hard at work on plans for this summer. As you can likely imagine, our primary focus over the last few months has been creating a safe and enriching experience for our students, faculty, and staff in the midst of continued COVID exposure concerns, limitations on travel, and changing protocols. With so many variables beyond our control, and as much as we had hoped to meet in person, it has become clear that HCNW should be held virtually in 2022.

After reviewing state and local COVID safety policies, researching best practices and health guidelines from similar events, and communicating with University of Puget Sound event staff, it has become clear that holding an in-person event that allows us to gather to sing, even in small groups, just Apossible. As much as we want to reconnect as friends and fellow singers, the on-campus requirements for masking, social distancing, and room capacities will significantly limit class sizes, coaching opportunities, options for shows - including restrictions around singing on campus. We just wouldn’t be able to do the things that make Harmony College Northwest so wonderful. We do know, however, that we can create a fun and fulfilling virtual event, so that’s what we are going to do!

Making a firm decision about holding a Virtual HCNW means that the HCNW team can move full speed ahead with our plans! Last summer, we offered multiple learning tracks, online coaching, specialized workshops, a great closing show… and you can expect more of that in 2022. We’ll be incorporating your feedback, making improvements, and getting everything ready for another fantastic virtual event.  

Stay tuned for more information about classes, faculty, and more… coming your way soon!

Harmony College NW: 14 sessions (June 10-11 & 17-18) plus Saturday night show - $35.  

Arranger Workshop: June 16-17, prior to HCNW classes - $25.

More information and registration are on our website:

Pacific Shores Region 12 Chapters
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