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I know that many of you are starting to gather for in person rehearsals or some type of modified rehearsal planning.  The region also has started working on new contracts with the DoubleTree in Sacramento for AIM weekends and The Nugget in Reno for our Contest weekends.  I wanted to be sure that everyone can get these dates on their calendars now as you plan for your chorus coaching and shows.
2022 Calendar Events
  • January 28-30 Winter AIM at the DoubleTree in Sacramento
  • May 19-22 Regional Convention and Contest at the Nugget in Reno, NV
  • July 30-31 Summer AIM at the Village Green in Eugene, OR
  • August 19-21 Fall AIM at the DoubleTree in Sacramento.
 2023 Calendar Events
  • May 4-7 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
  • July 28-30 Summer AIM at the Village Green in Eugene, OR
 2024 Calendar Events
  • April 18-21 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
2025 Calendar Events
  • May 15-18 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
The 2023 & 2024 Regional Convention dates are changed from the previous calendar dates so be sure to mark your chorus calendars.  We will be planning Winter, Summer, and Fall AIM weekends but those dates aren’t confirmed yet.  Please be aware that I do check the regional calendar for planned chorus events and both religious and secular holidays when I’m working on contracts, but please let me know if I’ve missed something.  When you have coaching dates or show dates it is extremely helpful to have those on the Regional Calendar as soon as possible.
I am excited to be planning our gatherings again and hopeful that we are seeing the end of the pandemic.  Of course overall health and safety continue to be a priority and changes could happen. 

Mary Mamer, Events Coordinator
How long has it been since we got hugs from our sisters? Too long!! Many of us got together for our annual meeting and SAY celebration in a parking lot to sing, laugh, and yes ~ HUG!

We installed our new management team and voted for our Sweet Adeline of the Year: Sue Magnuson.

It felt so good, almost normal, to be back together again. 

We are looking for a new rehearsal venue, so the parking lot meetups will happen for a little while longer. Although…a few of us got together for a semi-reunion with some of our sisters who have moved out of state and returned to Santa Rosa for a visit.


It feels so great to have fresh air, sunshine, and sisterhood. We have so missed our laughter and singing together in harmony.

We are looking forward to June with a couple of parking lot rehearsals and a couple of Zoom rehearsals with coaches Lea Beverly and Ryan Heller! 

We are overjoyed to welcome the newest member of the DVC family to the world! Rylan Jean Castelino arrived in the wee hours of Thursday, May 6, healthy and beautiful, just in time for Mother's Day. Mom, Dad, and baby are happily adjusting to life as a family of 3, while the rest of us have moved on from guessing baby names and are now deliberating what Rylan's voice part will be and who gets to hold her first. We're thrilled for Caitlin and Peter--we can already see what amazing parents they are--and we're excited to celebrate with the family in person just as soon as we can.

Appropriately, the chorus has been on maternity leave for the last few weeks, but we will return to Zoom June 8 with Ryan Heller at the helm. Meanwhile, our management team is thoughtfully considering how best to begin in-person rehearsals, and we hope to give these a try in July. We can't wait to be together!

We also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who participated in our virtual auction on May 8. The results, and the tremendous generosity shown to the chorus, completely blew us away, exceeding our expectations and then some. We're grateful for the creative thinking and hard work of our auction committee--Kim Machek, Mary Dean Heil, and Patti Kimball--and for the exciting things we have to look forward to, and which our auction proceeds will support. The future is looking...harmonious!
May, May, May! Spring is in full bloom, happily mingled with the songs of MVC sisters outside OBI studios on alternate Saturday mornings. While we are still Zooming every Tuesday, we are dancing with ribbons and singing the songs “in harmony” that we learned this past year on Zoom. How wonderful to hear that harmony!
MVC gave a hearty welcome to two new members this month: Michelle Smith, Bass, with big sister Dale Summer; and Bianca Avelino-Oldham, Lead, with big sister Becky Maguire! We are so happy to add these two strong singers to our ranks.


We must give a shout-out to Kay Kundinger, who has been our recycling queen for many years. Any cans and plastic bottles labeled CRV are brought to rehearsals, and Kay handles the rest. A whole-hearted thanks to you, Kay!
We greeted Nikki Blackmer, Lead of Frenzy, this month to coach us about how to lead a sectional like a boss. All members, not just section leaders, were invited. She talked about notes, words, breaths, section unity, and more. Even if you weren’t a section leader, a lot of information was given that would help each one of us improve our singing skills.
Our Author’s Chat featured Nancy Menees Hardesty, author of The Bonnet Book, based on her grandmother’s diary about travelling on an orphan train to St. Louis and creating a successful career and life. This was an especially lively chat, and it prompted lots of us to explore the orphan trains that transported children from primarily New York City to hopefully better lives in the Midwest. Our next Author’s Chat will feature Anne Hillerman (daughter of the late author Tony Hillerman) on June 14th at 7 PM, Zoom.
Until next time. . .
Sacramento Valley Chorus had our annual installation celebration via Zoom on Cinco De Mayo.  Barb Vander Putten graciously filled the spot of MC as she graciously delighted and entertained us.  Our new music and management teams were announced with finesse. 
                                                                                                                                                          We recognized Cindy Henry as our "Sweet Adeline of the Year.  Cindy has continuously helped with all aspects of SVC's management team responsibilities.   She is now in charge of membership for the chorus and shares the spotlight of performing physical warmups and co-hosting the zoom rehearsals.   Cindy sings tenor and enjoys making professional greeting cards out of her home.  She is the epitome of being a Sweet Adeline.

The month of May showcased three 60 second Sweet Adeline Stories of Sandy Cope, Betty Steinback, and Carol Wharton.  As always, the common thread that weaves us all into the Sweet Adeline fold is hearing about our organization from family, friends, or neighbors.  The first time we meet a group of like-minded women who enjoy the musical harmonies is like no other earthly experience.  We feel an attraction that feeds our soul and nourishes our bodies.  Our wheelhouse is in a class all by itself.
We are starting to put our feet in the water, so to speak, as the CDC pandemic restrictions are loosening for in-person gatherings to sing. Currently, our groups of 8-16 ladies forming one to two times per week is magically making us more responsible for nailing and singing our part.  Individual practice has fostered more confidence as we leap towards the inevitable "all chorus singing together experience".   Without blinking an eye, the mystical magical day is fast approaching to return to the risers.  A collective "sigh" will be heard around the world when this joyous event unfolds sometime this summer.
We are looking for more Singers!
Join us on our latest adventure!
December 5 - 9, 2021

SVC - Pearl Harbor Tour 2021
Director Search Continues 
The audition DATE is getting closer, let us know if you or anyone you know is interested in applying for the coveted SVC Director position. The audition date is set for one month after we get back to the risers.

Contact for more information.

To find out more about Sacramento Valley Chorus check out our website:
Visit us on Facebook:
River Lights Chorus was so excited to begin in-person rehearsals again during the month of May. We began our month with our director,  Sally Massen, joining us live and in-person from Arizona to get us back in the swing of things. Following our county guidelines has made rehearsals a little different, but we are so excited to get the opportunity to make music together once more! We even welcomed a couple of guests to our rehearsals this month.

Summer is fast approaching, and we are most excited for our summer event to take place!


In addition to our July event, we will be singing the National Anthem for our hometown baseball team, the Modesto Nuts, on June 19th! This summer is shaping up to be a great time here at River Lights, and we are so grateful and blessed to see 2021 shaping up to be such a wonderful year!

As always, find us on Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, and of course, our website RLC - Home

Sending love to all of our Sweet Adeline Sisters in Harmony!
After a very long 14 months holding weekly rehearsals on Zoom, High Desert Harmony finally held our first (mostly) all in-person rehearsal on May 24th, in accordance with the latest CDC guidelines. It was glorious to be able to be together once again and harmonize in person!  

HDH continued to welcome new members during May -- since our Guest Night in early April, seven talented ladies have joined us. Our most recent newbies are Jess Hinsberg (bass); Pam Lambert (bass); and Laura Morrison (baritone) -- and several others are planning to audition soon. We are so excited to welcome these talented ladies to HDH! 

Saturday, May 22nd, was a special day in several ways. HDH members, families and friends met at Mira Loma Park in Reno to participate in a park clean-up with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful -- and believe it or not, it RAINED, for the first time in months. The very welcome rain made it a bit cool and sloppy, but it also made for a colorful photo with everyone's bright raingear. At the end of our two hours of work, we sang several songs in the parking lot -- it was so fun to sing together again!


We'll be busy in June, preparing for our virtual performance, "The Music Will Bloom," which will stream on our Facebook page on June 27th. This performance is sponsored in part by the City of Reno. We will also be recording our performance for Artown in June, which will stream on July 20th. 
The Oregon Coast Chorus wrapped up an interesting year with our annual Installation Banquet. The banquet was held at the home of Team Coordinator Evelyn Brookhyser.  The installation of officers for the coming year included Joyce Mackenroth as Communications Coordinator, Pamela Baechler as Events Coordinator, Sue de Bit as Finance Coordinator, Willa Martin as Membership Coordinator, and Evelyn Brookhyser as Team Coordinator.  Along with our Director Kris Pederson, this is the group who will be leading the rest of the chorus to new heights in the coming year. 

Like so many other choruses we learned to adapt to Zoom rehearsals.  Director, Kris Pederson, became official this month with a new contract, but she has been helping us get through the pandemic by holding weekly rehearsals, providing educational activities from her personal experience, and coaching with Lynne Smith and Ryan Heller.   The chorus was invited to a joint rehearsal with Alamo Metro Chorus for an educational session on the new Visual Performance Category presented by Judy Pozsgay.  It was a wonderful learning experience. We are very fortunate to have Kris, as she exposes us to opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Back in December we had a visit from Randy Sahae, who helped us create a virtual Holiday performance. 

Randy explained the details of how to make our recordings.  When the individual recordings were ready, they were sent to Randy to put together.  It was a wonderful production that was shared with the community and the groups that would usually ask us to sing in person at their holiday celebrations.  

During the evening we welcomed 4 new members to the chorus.  Willa presented them with gifts and their official part pin and membership numbers, along with a few other fun gifts.  


Willa, second from the left, is a teacher at Toledo Elementary School and invited some of her fellow teachers to join us on Zoom rehearsals. On the far left is Anna Rodgers, a 5th grade teacher at Toledo Elementary School.  To the right of Willa is Sarah Gibbs, the music teacher at Toledo Elementary and in her first year of teaching.  On the far right is Stephanie Dodson, an Occupational Therapist who recently moved to the area and found us on Meetup. Their bright and smiling faces are a welcome addition to the chorus.  These ladies are joined by Clare Paul who has been a CAL member and sang with High Tide NW Quartet from the chorus.  She decided it was time to make the leap to full chorus membership.  This is not only 4 new members but a quartet of new members.  Anna is a lead, Sarah a tenor, Stephanie a bass and Clare a baritone.  Clare was not able to be with us but one thing we learned this past year is that electronics are our friend.  You see her here on the phone. 

Most of us had not met our newest members in person until the Installation Banquet.  It was wonderful to see everyone and be able to give a little hug and personal greeting.

Lastly, we celebrated birthdays for April and June.  Sarah was April 30th and Joyce is June 22nd. They are wearing the traditional chorus Birthday hats.  
The chorus is looking forward to being able to sing together again sometime in the next few months. There will be small sectional rehearsals but the whole chorus won’t be together until later in the summer.  Rehearsing by Zoom has kept us together, but there is still nothing like singing in person.  

Oh, and one more thing.  A big thank you to Evelyn Brookhyser and the chorus for honoring me (Mary Mamer) as Woman of the Year.  I truly appreciate these ladies and enjoy their friendship and the joy of singing.

Our Chapter Chats are taking a new approach. Beginning with this month, we will introduce our readers to one of our members each time we submit. This month we will begin with featuring our lovely bass, Cindy M-J. 

Cindy has been singing with Bella Aappella since 2013 or 14.  While waiting for her husband at the Senior Center, where he was taking a fly-tying class, she heard Bella rehearsing. She followed the sound and sat in to listen. Members of the group invited her to return as she liked, and the rest is history. 

Cindy has been singing in choruses from the age of 9 through high school and college. She started her college career as a voice major but switched to English Literature to work with high school dropouts. She stopped singing once she started working, then attended grad school, got married and had her family.  

Cindy says that joining Bella has greatly improved her singing, and her background in music has helped her be able to explain some challenges the chorus faces at times. Although she does claim that she “can’t read music like an instrumentalist.”

Besides singing, Cindy also spends time with her 2 horses which she loves to ride. She is also an avid flower gardener and has the yard to prove it! At this writing Cindy has 8 grandchildren and one GREAT grandchild! They also fill her life with love and joy. 

When asked what aspects of our chorus she enjoys most, Cindy responded:  I really love the fact that this is a group of strong, capable women. We are loving, supportive & friendly, full of joy and we all make a sincere effort to achieve excellence. 

We've entered a brand new chorus year! We started off our May with a wonderful celebration. We installed our new Management Team. We also celebrated our new Sweet Adeline of the Year, Jamie Osborn! In addition to being the newest member of the Management Team, she has been invaluable with her leadership of the chorus virtual production team and performances  throughout this past year. She has also been instrumental in building our Return to Rehearsal team. Congratulations, Jamie!

We also enjoyed watching our submission for the Regional Heroes in Harmony celebration, which was a compilation of our virtual performances through the last year. We reviewed our 2017 International performance, which was a great reminder of why we do what we do! It really makes us look forward to performing in person again. 

We began our foray into in-person rehearsing by starting a series of small in-person workshops as a separate rehearsal opportunity. Small groups are getting together at a local park to work on vocal production and current music, and it's been wonderful to hear four-part harmony in person!

This month, we also had a coaching visit from Lynne Smith. who spoke to us about how our voices change as we age. She emphasized that our best tool is to perform from the heart. Our passion for the performing that we love will shine through as we make the adjustments we need when our voices change.

Late in the month, we started a "Let's Get Moving" challenge designed to help us get back into physical and vocal fitness. We have weekly goals for physical activity and vocal readiness activities. These activities will definitely help us ramp up to a future that includes singing together as a chorus - in person!

We polled the chorus about our goals, and many indicated that an emphasis on vocal production is desired. We are starting a series of classes in chorus to help focus on this. It is exciting to think that it may not be too much longer before we can return to a more normal life - we look forward to that time.
Jun 10  6:00 pm Reg12 - Chapter Team Leaders Zoom Meeting Virtual Event
Jun 11/12  6:00pm DVC Ryan Heller Coaching 860 Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek.
Jun 14  7:00pm MVC Zoom Author Chat: Anne Hillerman  
Jun 26  10:00am                RMT Meeting Virtual Event
Jul 17/23            Rescheduled - LONDON "SING IN HARMONY" FESTIVAL - TOUR United Kingdom
Jul 24/25    Region 12 - Summer AIM w/Anna-Lisa Glad Virtual
Jul 24  6:oo pm River Lights Ice Cream Social Grace Lutheran Church Parking Lot
Jul 30/31    SVC - Coaching with Ryan Heller - Cancelled Sacramento, CA
Sep 6    Region 12 - Travel in Tune! - Save the Date Virtual Event
Sep 11  8:30am Deke Sharon coaching at Mission Valley TBD
Sep 17/19    Region 12 - Fall AIM w/Kim Wonders Virtual
Oct 15/17    SAI - 75 Annual International Convention and Competition Virtual Event
Oct 22/24    RMT Retreat Reno, Nevada
Nov 14  2:00pm OCC Thankful Holidaze 2021 Newport, Oregon
Dec 4    MVC - 15th Annual JB Tea - TENTATIVE Saratoga Community Center, Saratoga, CA
Dec 4  2:00pm OSC - SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAYS Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Salem, OR
Dec 5 -10                     SVC - Pearl Harbor Tour 2021 Honolulu
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This is a lovely tag written by Xialong Jenny Liu, a member of our Na Leo Lani chorus and taught by Jen Cooke.

Join Region 12's own directors - 
Dede Nibler and Kathy Scheel as co-directors on a trip of a lifetime to London. for more information.


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This summer, Harmony College Northwest's weekend of barbershop fun and learning is easier and more affordable than ever. While we plan to be back in person next year, this year's online HCNW includes tracks for singers, musical leaders, and administrative leaders. We've even included a virtual "faculty lounge" where you can hang out and talk to some of barbershop's top coaches and experts. Plus, we're offering our usual Arrangers Workshop happening before HCNW, so you can attend one or both. 

Harmony College Northwest
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June 18-19, 2021
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June 17-18, 2021
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