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Wake-Up with Dede/Vocal Warmups

Special thank you to Sandy Jones who is taking over the production of the Chapter Chats.
Fall AIM 2020 Event

Thank you to all Region 12 members who came to our Fall AIM 2020 event! Whether you made it to the first weekend, second weekend, both weekends, or watched the class recordings at your own leisure, I appreciate each and every person who participated. A HUGE thank you to our featured presenter, Therese Antonini, for her amazing classes on all things leadership. And, an extra special thank you to our esteemed regional faculty members who also presented over the course of both weekends: Sharon Carlson, Dede Nibler, Kathy Scheel, and Angela Suraci. How lucky we are to have such incredible talent, right here in Region 12!

If you have not yet had a chance to see any of the classes and you did register, the classes will be available to access for six months on the website. A YouTube link was sent to all registered members, with each of the class recordings. If you want to watch any of the classes and have not yet registered, please use this link REGISTER to receive the link to access the class recordings. Reminder: there is a $15 registration fee for the videos. 

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Kevran Day, Marketing Coordinator, or myself (Alison Miller, Education Coordinator) at

Thank you! With a song, 
Alison Miller
Education Coordinator - Region 12
September 11th & 12th
Friday, September 11th
"Who Wants to be an Administrative Leader?" (7:00-8:15) 
Therese Antonini 
Saturday, September 12th- 
Emotional Intelligence" (9:00-10:15) Therese Antonini 
Saturday, September 12th- 
"What Did You Just Say to Me? The Power of Words" (10:45-12:00)
Therese Antonini 
Saturday, September 12th- 
"Working Toward Performance During a Pandemic" (1:00-2:00) Angela Suraci 
Saturday, September 12th- 
"Music Category: It Ain't No Mystery!" (2:30-3:30) 
Sharon Carlson

September 25th & 26th
Friday, September 25th-  
"Abundance Thinking" (7:00-8:15) 
Therese Antonini
Saturday, September 26th-
Easier Said Than Done: Conflict Resolution" (9:00-10:15) Therese Antonini 
Saturday, September 26th- 
"The Care and Feeding of Leadership" (10:45-12:00) 
Therese Antonini
Saturday, September 26th- 
"Ways to Support Your Director" (1:00-2:00) 
Kathy Scheel 
Saturday, September 26th- 
"Smooth Singing" (2:30-3:30) Dede Nibler 

Though six months have passed since we sang together – in the same room - Harmony Fusion Chorus has continued on with weekly rehearsals and finding creative ways to keep our members engaged, learning and connected.  Our wonderful director Barb Vander Putten, with help from assistant director Nina Steinberg, continues to keep us involved.
And now that October is here, we are preparing to participate in SAI’s Virtual Global Open House month, with a special rehearsal on Monday, October 26th, at 7pm.  We would like to invite everyone in the Region to join us for the open house as well.  Please email to get the Zoom meeting link. We hope to see you!
In addition to learning new songs during our Monday rehearsals, Barb arranged for virtual educational classes and coaching sessions in late August and throughout September. We welcomed back Kim Vaughn, Judy Pozsgay, Lynne Smith, and Shirley Kout, each offering excellent insight to performance improvements and vocal technique.
But even with the variety of activities during rehearsals, something more was needed to help members feel connected, included, cared about and supported during so many months of separation.  Our Board started brainstorming ideas, and once again, outgoing Membership Chair Jenny Gurney found the answer.  Inspired by the holiday game Secret Santa, Jenny created the Secret Sender Program for which members could volunteer to participate.  Each week, participants sent uplifting correspondence by regular mail to another participant, with some adding little gifts and trinkets in their greetings.
The program started August 10th and continued for three weeks, initially with 15 Secret Sender/Buddy pairs. This quickly increased in numbers as more "Secret Senders" secretly popped up. With help from our new Membership Chair Shari Tardiveau, the Secret Senders were revealed to their Buddies each week in September during our Monday night Zoom rehearsals.  
Board president Joanne Morrison really got into the spirit of the program and extended it to our retired STAR Members, guests and associate members with her Secret Sunshine Team.
“I felt many of our past members and associates could use a little sunshine in their mailboxes, so I sent cheery cards to let them know they are still part of Harmony Fusion. Both programs were a great success and one more way to stay connected with each other.”
As High Desert Harmony navigates these uncharted waters, we refuse to let anything bring our holiday spirits down. That's right - we are already planning for our Holiday Concert, which will be presented in the form of 'virtual chorus' videos! Since we have been meeting via Zoom since March and plan to do so through the holidays, we are jumping into the holiday cheer.

The good thing about virtual choruses? Any singer, even those who don't live in Northern Nevada, can participate! If you're looking for some holiday fun in the form of song, you're invited to our Virtual Guest Holiday Chorus program! You'll have the chance to participate in three of our virtual holiday 'performances,' which will be pre-recorded barbershop-style videos (example below). This is a FREE opportunity starting November 2, and all you'll need to do is:
  • Attend six virtual 1-hour rehearsals on Monday nights between November 2 and December 7
  • Learn three songs with the chorus
  • Enjoy education and a fun experience at no charge
  • Participate in three virtual choir videos that you can share with your friends and family!
Sound like something that interests you? Email to RSVP your interest. All rehearsals will take place via Zoom, and we will send you the link once you email us!
Here's an example of a 'virtual chorus' video of High Desert Harmony singing 'Fight Song,' originally sung by Rachel Platten.
Here it is, the beginning of Fall and time to review music for the holidays. MVC started our holiday guest program a few weeks ago, and we had a total of 19 guests join us. They hail from other choruses, other parts of the world, and other organizations, and some are former members. We are very excited to see such a great turnout!
Following an idea from Song of Sonoma, MVC created a traveling greeting card (on actual paper) to be routed to sister choruses with a note from us. The card will contain original artwork from one of our members, Sai Champion, and carry greetings from chorus to chorus.
A warm congratulations goes out to Bria and Christrophe, who welcomed their baby girl, Marion, into the world. Happy birthday, sweet Marion!
Our Woman of Note for August is Chris Jacobs! Chris is another amazing and talented member of our chorus. She’s been masterminding the creative and collaborative birthday cards created by the birthday team,
not to mention she is on the Music Team and is the tenor section leader. Congratulations, Chris!!!

Congratulations and a fond welcome to our newest member, Eleanor Henderson, baritone! Eleanor has never sung with us in person, and she auditioned online!  Verna Wong will be her big sister. Anyone can wish upon a star…
Lewis Buzbee visited with us for our Author’s Chat on Wednesday, September 16th.  He reminded several of us of local bygone bookstores and the joy of reading as a child.  He was very interested how “all of us” sang in four parts, even though he is a bass player, and he commented that we were his first chorus experience.
Have a great October!
SACRAMENTO VALLEY CHORUS is steadily moving forward despite the pandemic. Our weekly Zoom rehearsals have allowed us to practice the new skills we’ve been learning about from the summer educational classes. This coming Wednesday, October 7th, we will be welcoming Deke Sharon as our guest speaker. Having heard so many wonderful things about this ‘father of contemporary a cappella’, we are really looking forward to his presentation.
Later in the month, we are having a guest night ‘Zoomtastic Harmony Academy’. Visitors are invited to join us for an evening of singing in the barbershop style – with Halloween costumes! The guest night will include a favorite performance video recorded at one of our pre-pandemic shows. Join us Wednesday, October 28th from 6:00pm-8:30pm with everyone dressing up in their favorite costume for a very fun night of singing, frolicking, and lasting memories. Women who visit the chorus as a guest for a minimum of two times will be eligible for a free, private voice lesson from Master Director, Dede Nibler. 

More fun: Dede is still teaching her zoom "Wakeup With Dede" classes, Mon-Thurs from 09:30am-10:00am.  Also, on the first Monday of each month from 10:00am-11:00am, we have a sewing/quilting get-together sponsored by Piet Chini. And our book club also gets together monthly, put on by chorus member Loring Church. All are invited and can obtain the Zoom link by sending an email to
Sacramento Valley Chorus is having a special guest at this week's rehearsal - Oct 7th @ 7:30 pm, Deke Sharon. We would like to invite you to be a part of our Live Streaming audience. The link above will go live at 7:20. We will be monitoring the YouTube Chat. For more information check our website:
Event webpage:
"Selecting the Woman of the Year for Sweet Adelines is a pretty daunting task when you have a group of women who come together as family to make the organization work,” says Evelyn Brookhyser, Team Leader.  This year it was easier than most because we had a special lady come to the chorus with years of competition experience to prepare the chorus for competition in Reno the first weekend of May.  Kris Pederson directed many choruses and sang in winning quartets before she moved to the coast with her husband, Jimmy, for a relaxing retirement.

Kris was asked by the Director, Paula Dahl, to help prepare the chorus for Reno, and she said yes.  It was the beginning of a period of intense learning, from the techniques of good singing and reading notes to daily exercises for improving voice quality, note perfection, and expressing the feeling of what one is singing.

When Covid 19 showed up and the competition was canceled, Kris took the chorus to Zoom.  She volunteered to stay with us and continue our education, which included learning theater techniques for presenting songs with feeling.  The chorus now is lucky to have two directors to work with them:  Paula Dahl and Kris Pederson.

This month, Bella Acappella has enjoyed continuing our Zoom rehearsals with a focus on some new material. The challenges of "rehearsing" new music without hearing each other are many, but we're all doing our best to do so.  In addition to our regular meetings, we were invited to attend another Rob Mance session via Zoom, where we learned about barbershop myths and what is relevant today in producing your own free-flowing sound without tension. He also emphasized riser placement and the increased impact it has with blending the chorus. We were proud to say we've been using this method and can't wait to stand on those risers again!
California climate gave us in Sonoma and Napa County a short break for a few weeks, and then the wind kicked up, and here we go again! Red flag warnings and fires are still raging in the hills between our 2 counties as I write this article. I’m still packed from last time and lucky not to be evacuated. We did have members in Santa Rosa evacuated and those in St. Helena and Calistoga on warning. There are no homes in danger this time; cross our fingers for rain next week and an end to this dry fire season. I think we are all ready for the holidays with family, friends, and more baking.

Pacific Empire joins in for weekly rehearsals to check in on each other, sing, talk, learn, sing, talk, learn, visit. On our Pep Rally weekend, Patty hosted a PEC Roast, and we watched PEC Contest videos and videos of other groups from all genres singing our songs. It is fun to see how others interpret the same song.

Our 2 nd favorite Queen Sandy visited for Zoom-Ed in September. She shares so much knowledge and always has something new to teach us. We delved into our PEC Contest videos and found out our strengths and learned ways to make our performances even better.


Visual leaders from all over the world got together in September for over 12 hours in the 2020 Connecting Creative Minds Workshop. I am honored to have been sent by PEC to attend this fantastic workshop with over 100 leaders from all over Sweet Adelines. The workshop was hosted by 2 Sweet Ad Superstars, Erin Howden and Judy Pozsgay. Erin shared her love for the emotion of music and warned us of the trap called technique. Judy gave detailed planning tools for choreographing a piece of music and designing a show package. We got to see Frenzy packages, the behind the scenes planning, and what works and what doesn’t. My favorite part was breakout brainstorming sessions with new friends and coming back and sharing our stories with each other. Such a therapeutic weekend that flew by and was over before we knew it. Humbled to have attended and learned from some Sweet Ads heroes.

PEC is thankful for every singer in our chorus, in Region 12 and across the world. We would have been leaving next week for Kentucky and the 75 th Anniversary of Sweet Adelines. We can’t wait for a watch party online and the exciting Coronet Club Show plans. See you there.
Happy Fall! It's been an enjoyable September of rehearsals as well as the Region's wonderful Adventures in Music offering, which stretched over two weekends this month.

Throughout our September rehearsals,  we have continued to learn more of the choreography for one of our newer songs, Brand New Shoes. We are so grateful to our visual team,  led by our choreographer Laura Schultz. Four of our leaders attended the Virtual Visual Leadership Workshop that was offered by Erin Howden and Judy Pozsgay this month,  and they are excited to incorporate what they learned. 


Julie Starr, our director, continues to work hard to give us ongoing music education and to help us use our vocal instruments well.  We have continued with interval ear training, and we spent some time focusing on breathing exercises.  We have enjoyed learning new songs and staying with our regular routines of physical warmups, sectionals,  repertoire review, and more. 

Last week,  we had a very uplifting session with Jan Carley. Her session helped us acknowledge how we are feeling during this pandemic,  which helped us validate that we are not alone in our thoughts.  She had us look at positive things that continue in spite of our current situation,  and she encouraged us to "flip it" when we found ourselves focusing on negative things. We can focus on positive strategies to combat our negative thoughts and concerns. We also went to breakout rooms (which she called Power Circles) to share our strengths with others and have those strengths reflected back to us. 

Outside of our regular rehearsals,  we continue to work to stay connected.  Our video editor, Jamie Osborn, is putting the finishing touches on our virtual chorus presentation. Video submissions are in the process of being incorporated with the previously submitted audio portion,  and we're looking forward to the finished product.  This month's storytelling gathering had a BASC campfire theme, where people shared fun songs,  skits,  and stories.  There was even a puppet show and an accordion-accompanied rendition of "Kumbaya." We appreciate the creativity and fun-loving spirit of our member Jackie Levy, who organizes these monthly sessions. 

We are really excited to have our first Zoom Rehearsal Guest Night next Thursday, October 8. Even in this virtual world,  we know we can find people who want to sing.  We are looking forward to welcoming as many guests as we can and introducing them to our fabulous hobby.


Here's hoping that all of you are doing well and are keeping safe! Have a lovely October!

Summer Turns to Fall

Song of Sonoma members are once again singing through smoke and ashes. After the fires of 2017, “This Is Our Fight Song” became a favorite piece of ours. We sing it often because it resonates with our many members who continue to develop resilience through the fire season. And because it resonates with us, our performances frequently move our audiences as well, usually to tears. Since we can’t quite sing it together this fall, we are all learning the sign language. This is an exciting challenge which is sure to elevate our performance. Songs can be healing, and this one is good medicine. 

Encore! Guest Teachers Visit Us Again

A big thank you to our guest instructors for visiting our chorus a second time this summer. Kathleen Hansen and Jim Arns are always educational and inspiring. We are learning so much about our instruments! We are excited for our upcoming sessions with guest coaches: Rob Mance, Mary Rhea, and Ryan Heller. What a gift to work with all these barbershop talents!

Love Letters Straight from Our Hearts

In a time of Zooming, emailing, and social media, snail mail and handmade cards are a special treat. Some of our talented and crafty members are making cards and sending them to Sweet Adelines choruses all over the world. We have thirty cards sent around the world, four to our region, and since they are so beautiful, we have a handful being sent around within our chorus as well. If you receive our card, please add a note and send it on to any other Sweet Adelines chorus.

We are also staying connected with each other through coffee hours, book clubs, and little surprises left on our doorsteps! And just in case you were wondering, we do have a new date for our Ten-Year Gala featuring 2019 Queens of Harmony Viva!: October 2, 2021!



Come join Dede Nibler - Master Director of Sacramento Valley Chorus, who is hosting WAKE UP WITH DEDE,  a daily 25-minute vocal conditioning and warm-up session. It begins at 9:30 AM Monday through Thursday. You are invited to join in for humming, bubbling, trilling, arpeggioing, appoggioing, and many other fun warm-ups. There will be fun songs and rounds.
NEW ZOOM link beginning September 14th
We have changed to a new Zoom Account with a new log-in address and password -  contact us if you do not already have the updated information. 
or log-in to the members-only section of the Region 12 website to open: 
Wake Up with Dede - Vocal Warmups - log-in info.

Virtual Event!

Save The Date... for the Sweet Adelines 2020 Virtual Convention

We may not be able to meet in person this year, but more Sweet Adelines than ever will be able to attend this year’s Virtual Convention – the first fully-online SA International Convention! So, let’s make some history…and have some fun!

Sweet Adelines 75th Anniversary Virtual Convention
watch on Sweet Adelines International YouTube Channel


Thursday, Oct. 15* to Saturday, Oct. 17
2–6 p.m. CDT (end time approximate)

*Exact date and time-dependent upon time zone.
Time Zone Converter

Here’s what you can expect...
  • Learn from exciting instructors with daily dynamic education classes!
  • It has been quite a year! Don't miss the daily State of the Organization addresses from International President Joan Boutilier.
  • Be there to witness special awards and presentations including the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for the beloved Darlene Rogers.
  • Enjoy curated performance showcases with vibrant Sweet Adelines co-hosts!
  • Check-ins with current Champion Choruses and Quartets.
  • “Power Up” each day with vocal and physical warmups!
  • Join in with special quartets for the daily Closing Song. 

Additional details will be released leading up to the event! "Schedule reveals" will be published here and on our Facebook Event Page on Thursdays. Visit the Facebook Event Page to join in on the conversation as we countdown to convention.

View Schedule (Updated October 1)
View Education Classes
With the pandemic continuing to affect competition, performance, and even rehearsal, the October issue of The Pitch Pipe focuses on inspiration and education. This issue will only be released online. You can find it, along with other archived issues, at

Inside the October issue, you’ll find…
  • Details about the 75th Anniversary Virtual Convention
  • An update from the SA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
  • Introduction to International Board of Directors nominees
  • Profiles of generous Sweet Adelines donors
  • A history of the International Champion Quartet crowns
  • Education articles on the Expression category and keeping the voice strong in quarantine
  • The final installment of the Countdown to 75 Years column, 2010-2019
The International Board of Directors (IBOD) recently approved changes to the production of The Pitch Pipe as a cost-savings measure during this time of pandemic. The October 2020 and the April 2021 issues will only be available digitally, with an email sent to notify you of its availability at The January 2021 and the July 2021 issues will be printed and mailed to all members.

In addition to the cost savings to the organization, reading The Pitch Pipe online instead of on paper is an environmentally helpful change you can make - and one that many members have requested. To opt out of receiving all paper copies of the The Pitch Pipe, use the instructions below to update the information in your membership profile. If you opt out of receiving a paper copy and decide you want to receive paper copies again later, you can always re-start your paper subscription by following the same instructions.*
Remember, you can still read The Pitch Pipe online at, whether or not you receive a paper copy.

We look forward to sharing this special issue of The Pitch Pipe with you.
Stay #SweetAdelinesStrong

*All membership profile updates must be made six weeks before the publication date.

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