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Reminders from the Regional Financial Coordinator and Regional Team Coordinator

To qualify for a medal at our Virtual Regional Competition 2022, each member of a chorus and each member of a quartet must be 'in good standing' with their Chapter Dues, Regional Dues (including Chapter-at-Large) and International Dues. 

Per Kaitie Bailey at SAI, "All members must be current with dues by April 30, 2022, or the date of their regional competition, whichever comes first. So if your competitor videos are due in May, then everyone must be current in their dues by April 30th."

If you have any questions about your International Dues or Chapter Dues, you can check with your Chapter Financial Coordinator/Treasurer.  If you are a CAL member, you can contact me at for your current status.

Geri Miller-Riedel
Financial Coordinator
Region 12 Pacific Shores

Rosters, Dual Members, and Reinstatements

Rosters: Remember to confirm your rosters before regional competitions! Chapter presidents, treasurers, membership chairs, and directors can download their roster by following these instructions. Make sure to check members’ expiration dates!

Dual members: All dual member changes (adding a dual member, removing a dual member, or changing the primary affiliation) must be done by Headquarters. Please email for assistance.

Reinstatements: All reinstatements (a previous member rejoining after a gap in membership) must be done by Headquarters, as these invoices do not generate automatically. Please email for assistance.

Birgit Andersen
Team Coordinator
Region 12 Pacific Shores

Rosters: Remember to confirm your rosters before regional competitions! Chapter presidents, treasurers, membership chairs, and directors can download their roster by following these instructions. Make sure to check members’ expiration dates!

Dual members: All dual member changes (adding a dual member, removing a dual member, or changing the primary affiliation) must be done by Headquarters. Please email for assistance.

Reinstatements: All reinstatements (a previous member rejoining after a gap in membership) must be done by Headquarters, as these invoices do not generate automatically. Please email for assistance.
Happy March, Sisters in Harmony!

Covid has started to ease restrictions in our area, and we have continued to practice for upcoming regional competition. We were delighted to do a full-day retreat and get real work in on the risers! We couldn’t remember the last time we were able to spend so much time in full-on performance mode!

We look forward to opening rehearsal back up to guests soon, and we cannot wait to see you all at competition!
We’re Baaack!  Finally, in February, we were able to return to in-person rehearsals at the Hill & Valley Club in Hayward.  Our small but mighty core group continues to attend our “masks optional” rehearsals in prep for regional contest.  Though we spend the majority of rehearsal time on our contest package, we always leave time to learn a new tag each week. And, if it's February, that means it's time to celebrate our director Barb Vander Putten's birthday, with a massive cake after rehearsal. 

Harriett’s weekend singing salons also started up again at her home, where we spent time working on vocal skills and resonance, and our bass section has become stronger than ever.  Our leads met on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a backyard, working the ballad interp with Barb while serenading the neighbors and a family dog.

This month we look forward to a real, in-person coaching session with the ever-energetic Jan Gervais, who we have not seen in two years.  We can’t wait to get to work!
After 2 more months of Zoom Meetings for Jan and Feb, PEC is back in person and so happy to see our beloved rehearsal hall. We opened the season with a one day retreat on Feb 26th, that replaced our usual in person retreat out at Walker Creek Ranch. We had fun singing, dancing, having sectionals and enjoying lunch together in the courtyard. We worked on our new uptune and learned more of the moves our front row and visual team learned from Erin Howden in December. We were sore and tired in the end but we felt good about having a great day getting things accomplished.

Our first rehearsal back together followed this fun retreat day on Wednesday, March 2nd. We are still meeting at earlier hours, 6:30 to 9 through March with hopes of adding stamina and going until 9:30 in April. Who knows maybe back to pre-Covid hours in May? Although we have been getting used to the early arrival?
We were excited to welcome 3 guests, with one gal who had sung with us for a short time close to 5 years ago. Thank you Membership leaders, Kathy and Ellen for making our guests feel so welcome. You never know where members are going to come from and who might give you a call. We have a rockin' website team of Janet and Cathi who make our site easily interactive for members and easy to navigate for visitors. It was well used these last couple years and we thank them for all of their time giving us a presence on the web. 
Pacific Empire members will be working at the 2 Regional Contest sessions in Milpitas and Sacrament and we hope to see you there.

Hello there, Region 12! Diablo Vista is back! We are rehearsing in person, wearing masks while indoors. Masks became optional March 1st! Yea! AND we will be back on the risers March 15th. Yea again! During this cold snap, it’s been REALLY cold with all the windows and doors open! BRRR! But, we persevere.

With the masterful guidance of our director, Caitlin Castelino, our chorus is working hard to prepare for contest this year. As you know, we’re not going to Nevada, but instead we will present a video contest recording to SAI. Our date with the region’s videographer is April 30th in Milpitas, CA, along with five other choruses from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area – San Francisco Sound Wave, Mission Valley Chorus, Bay Area Showcase Chorus, River Lights, and Harmony Fusion.

February has been an unusually busy month for new members. We have added THREE terrific singers: Vivian Perry, a bass from Oakland, Marjorie Singler, a lead who lives in Lafayette, and Shari Tardiveau, a tenor, also from Oakland. Of course our newest and littlest new singer, born from Danielle Estes, is Samuel Conrad Clapp, born on 2/19 at 11:25PM, 7lbs, 7oz.
High Desert Harmony spent the last weekend of February being coached by the wonderful Debra Lynn, author of The Bel Canto Buzz.  We got so much quality time with Debra, including individual PVIs, quartet and sectional coaching, and a great rehearsal on Monday evening with the full chorus. The bel canto method focuses on proper alignment, breath support and articulation to maximize resonance, resulting in light, clear and effortless tone. Debra's expertise, insights and encouragement were so inspiring. You can tell we felt empowered by her visit!

HDH also recently welcomed two new members, basses Liz Deason and Omega Zareno, who came to us through our Holiday Guest Chorus. We're so glad to have them!

Now that most of us are back at “in-person” rehearsals, life is beginning to feel almost back to normal. We continued preparing our songs for the Regional contest, brushed up on current songs, improved our ribbon dancing, and started learning a new song.  We are looking forward to performing in person again!

We celebrated Guest Night, Valentine’s Day, and February birthdays all on the same night last month. We had four enthusiastic guests join us in song that evening.  They were brave enough to sing in double quartets, performing for our Zoom audience. Lynn Clinton, Festivities Coordinator, organized a fun night of decorating bags for receiving valentines and encouraged us to bring valentines (there were lots of valentines), dress in red (there was so much red) and to bring snacks (there were lots of snacks). Awesome job, Lynn!  


We had multiple Women of Note for January.  Dianne France, Finance Coordinator, honored these three members whose work helped make things happen:
   - Susan Wong, who volunteered her home for the drop-off and distribution of our “greens” holiday fundraiser;
   - Sandra Paglieroni, who took charge of tickets sales, in-person and on-line, for our “live and virtual” “Tealess Tea;” and
   - Millika Viswas, who, in addition to her work on the website on behalf of the tea, also was the Zoom host for the day of the performance. Thank you, Susan, Sandra, and Mallika!


Carol Gerwitz, Marketing/PR Coordinator, announced that we will be singing the National Anthem “live and in-person” at the San Jose Giants baseball game on Saturday, July 16th. This will also be a fundraiser, so we’ll be selling tickets! Play Ball!!


February ended on a high note as we met (on the risers!) for a full Saturday of singing and choreography. North Metro’s Erin Howden had previously met over zoom with our dedicated choreo team and given them some creative ideas for our uptune.

Our Costume Chair, Valerie Richie, organized a plan for our upcoming rehearsals that involves having us wear a specific costume piece each week so that we can be sure everyone has the appropriate pieces on-hand, and that the size & fit are still consistent with an attractive, unified chorus appearance.


And to add to all the usual fun, our beloved and incredibly high-energy director offers regular small-group voice lessons to all interested members. And that’s many of us! We love having the opportunity to build our skill-level and confidence, thank-you Dede Nibler!


Well, the groundhog may have seen her shadow, but February brought relaxed Covid restrictions and SOS back together in person, full of February singing and love. We are happy to be up on our risers again and welcoming our guests and potential new SOS singers; we thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Sonja Smith, our former tenor extraordinaire who resides in Austria. We celebrated Valentine's Day wearing pink and red, and each member received a wonderful SOS coaster handcrafted by Tessa Murray. In keeping with the month, we began work on a new love song, rehearsed our choreo, and continued preparations for our next free in person mini show on March 29, at the LBC Carston Cabaret-our first in two years. We can’t wait to perform for an audience! We are looking forward to March, with our theme of “Lucky,” beginning with Mardi Gras fanfare!

Southern Oregon Sound (SOS) was delighted to welcome back a former bass to our chorus in February who will sing with us at contest in Eugene.  Susan Riemer was our bass section leader before she moved to Gold Beach.  She’s a marine mammal expert with Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.  We’re so happy she’s going to sing with us again for contest even though she’s still busy with her seal research and it’s a long drive to get to coaching sessions with us (3 hours!).

We had our second coaching session with Kathy Scheel on February 26th.  We met in the community center in Sutherlin, Oregon to meet Kathy half-way between Medford and Salem this time.  Gail Hillyer from Northwest Harmony Chorus, who’s a good friend of Southern Oregon Sound, came along to sit in and take notes and photos.  Our chorus has been working hard on our music, and this time we were able to finalize our interp for contest in Eugene. 

We may be small since the pandemic, but after Saturday I can say “we are mighty!”  I’m so proud of our remaining members for all of the hard work they’ve been putting in between our weekly rehearsals.  This contest is just the beginning of our chorus re-build efforts.  After our coaching, a few of us shared a yummy Chinese dinner with Kathy and Gail (the restaurant was called the Yummy House so of course the food was too!).

Kathy coached Passin’ Notes again on our contest songs after the chorus coaching.  It’s hard to get rid of old muscle memory from previous performances, but we like our new interp for our songs.  A lot of laughs were had as each of us had memory lapses along the way, but repetition will be our best friend between now and Eugene!

As the virus numbers started to decline in February, we were able to sing again on the risers in the second week of February. It was so great to be back in person and hear those chords ring! As we continue to work toward competition, we had additional choreo rehearsals on a Saturday for our front row as well as our riser performers. This was a great opportunity to focus on our visual performance separate from our regular singing rehearsal time.

The Regional Competition Steering Committee came to visit on the 17th to survey our rehearsal space since it will be used as one of the venues for Contest on April 30. They answered questions from the chorus as well as examining our breakout rooms and other facilities in order to ensure all will go smoothly on the day of competition.

We also had a great Quartet Workshop on the 19th which gave several quartets the opportunity to be coached by our director, Julie Starr, and one of our assistant directors, Voula Brown. Many attended to watch as well, and it was a great opportunity for all to learn how to improve vocal production and unit sound.

We are looking forward to traveling "Back to Our Future" with our Virtual Gala and Auction on March 20th at 3:45pm! We hope many of you will register to join us for a wonderful hour of musical entertainment and fun, including the culmination of our silent auction (which begins March 11 at noon) and our real-time auction. You can view more information and register at this link or click the image below.

Fri, Mar 11- 
Sun, Mar 13 
  BASC - Ryan Heller Coaching Contact for Details
Sat, Mar 12    MVC Coaching with Nikki Blackmer OBI Studios
Sun, Mar 20  3:45pm         Bay Area Showcase Virtual Gala and Auction Virtual
Sat, Mar 26   BASC - Judy Pozsgay Coaching Contact for Details
Tue, Mar 29 7:30pm SOS - Mini-Show Luther Burbank Center for the Performing Arts
Fri, Apr 1 
to Sat, Apr 2                           
7:00pm DVC Ryan Heller Coaching DVC Rehearsal site
Fri, Apr 8
to Sun, Apr 10 
  SOS - Coaching w/ Ryan Heller Santa Rosa, CA
Fri, Apr 8
to Sun, Apr 10 
9:00am MVC coaching with Jim Arns OBI Studios
Fri, Apr 8 7:00pm Coaching w/NIkki Blackmer Eugene, OR
Sat, Apr 9 9:30am Chorus coaching w/Nikki Blackmer Eugene, OR
Thu, Apr 21   Regional Managment Team Meeting - Retreat Virtual Event
Thu, Apr 21 8:00pm Friends and Family Performance Milpitas
Fri, Apr 29
to Sat, Apr 30
7:00pm Ryan Heller Coaching  
Sat, Apr 30   Chorus Contest Video Recording Milpitas, CA
Sat, May 7   Chorus Contest Video Recording Eugene, OR
Sat, May 14   Chorus Contest Video Recording West Sacramento, CA
Fri, May 27
to Sat, May 28 
  Region 12 Competition Virtual Video Results Virtual Video Contest

Virtual Bingo FUNdraiser Night!!

Come support Sacramento Valley Chorus from the comfort of your own home. You just might win some CA$H!!

When: Saturday, April 2nd
Time: 2:00PM
Place: Zoom

For more information check out our SVC Virtual Bingo FUNraiser Night!!

Questions or comments? Please email Loring Church at or text(best response) 916-233-7910.
Do you see yourself as a director in 2022?
Great News - our Director Dede Nibler will take us to Regional Competition 2022.
We are still looking for a new director to start in 2022. If you would like more details please contact us. 

Contact for more information.

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The SA community events calendar ( is now your go-to source to find out where and when SA events are happening in your community, and to publicize your chorus’s upcoming event. Go to this page and click “Add Event” to add any chorus event you may have!
Join Region 12's own directors - 
Dede Nibler and Kathy Scheel as co-directors on a trip of a lifetime to London. for more information.

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Phoenix Convention Center (Competition Venue)

The Phoenix Convention Center (our new home from Sept. 12–17) GBAC STAR rating ensures a safer environment for gatherings like our exciting return to the international stage.

Explore Phoenix Convention Center
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Coming Soon...

Stay where the action is! The official Sweet Adelines hotel block opens in May. Keep up with Sweet Adelines communications channels so you’ll be ready to book rooms early.

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Plan your day-to-day with the event schedule, find out who's competing, learn topics and instructors of education classes, and check out tour offerings and other special activities planned for Phoenix!

Sweet Adelines International
74th Annual International Convention & Competition
September 12-17, 2022
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


For Individual and Group Registration, Event Schedule, and COVID-19 health and safety protocols, visit

Hello Harmony College Northwest Family!

Your HCNW planning team has been hard at work on plans for this summer. As you can likely imagine, our primary focus over the last few months has been creating a safe and enriching experience for our students, faculty, and staff in the midst of continued COVID exposure concerns, limitations on travel, and changing protocols. With so many variables beyond our control, and as much as we had hoped to meet in person, it has become clear that HCNW should be held virtually in 2022.

After reviewing state and local COVID safety policies, researching best practices and health guidelines from similar events, and communicating with University of Puget Sound event staff, it has become clear that holding an in-person event that allows us to gather to sing, even in small groups, just Apossible. As much as we want to reconnect as friends and fellow singers, the on-campus requirements for masking, social distancing, and room capacities will significantly limit class sizes, coaching opportunities, options for shows - including restrictions around singing on campus. We just wouldn’t be able to do the things that make Harmony College Northwest so wonderful. We do know, however, that we can create a fun and fulfilling virtual event, so that’s what we are going to do!

Making a firm decision about holding a Virtual HCNW means that the HCNW team can move full speed ahead with our plans! Last summer, we offered multiple learning tracks, online coaching, specialized workshops, a great closing show… and you can expect more of that in 2022. We’ll be incorporating your feedback, making improvements, and getting everything ready for another fantastic virtual event.  

Stay tuned for more information about registration, classes, faculty, and more… coming your way soon!

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