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Summer AIM
Happy Summer, Region 12! Our Summer AIM 2021 event is coming up on Saturday, July 24th, and we have two fantastic featured presenters: Anna-Lisa Glad, co-director and choreographer of Bella Voce Chorus; and Ryan Heller, director of Alamo Metro Chorus. We will also have two regional faculty classes, presented by Julie Starr (director of Bay Area Showcase Chorus) and Angela Suraci (director of Mission Valley Chorus). Please see the class schedule below for times, and class descriptions:

Anna-Lisa Glad - "Onward and Upward! "
9:00-10:30 a.m. 
Combining and improving Vocal, Physical and Mental skills to further our Sweet Adeline growth individually and collectively. Be prepared to sing, move, groove, share, plan and set goals!

Ryan Heller - "(Re)emerge-ENERGIZED!"
10:45-12:00 p.m. 

In this class, we will explore various types of energy and how to maximize them as we return to live singing. We all know that there’s going to be a lot of celebrating, and allowing the energy to flow, and be shared, with a specific focus, purpose, and destination, will make the experience all the richer!

Julie Starr - "Managing Change"
1:00-2:00 p.m. 

It's only in times of change that we start with the ending. What have we lost? What do we need to say good-bye to? This class starts at the ending and works forward to the beginning of something new. A class for chorus leaders and anyone else who feels invested in helping others (and themselves) come through periods of change with grace, integrity, and hope.

Angela Suraci - "Choosing Music- Why is it SO hard?"
2:15-3:30 p.m. 

Want to know what to look for when you're searching for a new song? Join us to go beyond "I like this song, let's sing it" as your go-to method for picking music. Learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks, and get a checklist of what to look for in a new piece.

*All classes are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

You can register now on the Region 12 website by clicking on the Summer AIM event on our homepage. Prices are below:

Region 12 Adult Members: $15 
Youth (under 26 years of age): $10 
Non-Region 12 Members: $20

The Summer AIM 2021 event will be held virtually in a Zoom webinar format, as we have done before with our 2020 AIM events and Winter AIM 2021 event. With your registration, you will have access to all four classes on the day of the event as well as the video recordings. 

More details will be coming out soon- in the meantime, be sure to register for this SIZZLING SUMMER EVENT! 

Alison Miller
Education Coordinator 
Future Events

I know that many of you are starting to gather for in person rehearsals or some type of modified rehearsal planning.  The region also has started working on new contracts with the DoubleTree in Sacramento for AIM weekends and The Nugget in Reno for our Contest weekends.  I wanted to be sure that everyone can get these dates on their calendars now as you plan for your chorus coaching and shows.
2022 Calendar Events
  • January 28-30 Winter AIM at the DoubleTree in Sacramento
  • May 19-22 Regional Convention and Contest at the Nugget in Reno, NV
  • July 30-31 Summer AIM at the Village Green in Eugene, OR
  • August 19-21 Fall AIM at the DoubleTree in Sacramento.
 2023 Calendar Events
  • May 4-7 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
  • July 28-30 Summer AIM at the Village Green in Eugene, OR
 2024 Calendar Events
  • April 18-21 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
2025 Calendar Events
  • May 15-18 Regional Convention at the Nugget in Reno, NV
The 2023 & 2024 Regional Convention dates are changed from the previous calendar dates so be sure to mark your chorus calendars.  We will be planning Winter, Summer, and Fall AIM weekends but those dates aren’t confirmed yet.  Please be aware that I do check the regional calendar for planned chorus events and both religious and secular holidays when I’m working on contracts, but please let me know if I’ve missed something.  When you have coaching dates or show dates it is extremely helpful to have those on the Regional Calendar as soon as possible.
I am excited to be planning our gatherings again and hopeful that we are seeing the end of the pandemic.  Of course overall health and safety continue to be a priority and changes could happen. 

Mary Mamer, Events Coordinator
A Super Hero Welcome Back for SOV!

Sounds of the Valley Chorus returned to a newly repainted, clean, safe, cool church classroom on Wednesday, June 9th…All of us, fully vaccinated, together for the first time were greeted with hugs (consensual, of course!) and much excitement as each came through the door!  We spent the first half hour just sitting in a circle and sharing our lives and smiling at all those beautiful faces once again.  We are so grateful that prior to this evening, our director, Lu, kept us connected by sending out “ROLL CALL” check-ins every single week since our last rehearsal March 11, 2020…that was 64 weeks of Wednesdays, y'all!!  It was a great way to interact, and we discovered some very clever poets amongst us as well!

Deciding to defer physical warm ups to next time, we began the evening singing some rounds, tags, and a short song, and we then jumped into reviewing four of our repertoire songs. We closed after a limited evening (just easing back for this first night) and will go full tilt reviewing an additional two Christmas songs each week in anticipation of singing again for several community events this holiday season.  

And a Super Hero welcome back it was!  Our chorus member, Mary Beth, showed off the door sign she made for us that would have been on our contest hotel door and then presented each of us with a gift box containing an adorable soft-stuffed Super Hero doll (complete with cape), bubbles, and wrapped mints that sported labels of ZAP, POW, BOOM, SUPER, and BAM!


To say the least, we‘re so happy to be back…laughing, smiling, and SINGING once again!  

SOV would like to acknowledge our RMT for all their effort in creating teams to pull together virtual AIM weekends, that wonderful celebration of our chapters on Contest weekend, and for keeping us going during these unbelievable crazy months…Thank you!
After more than a year stuck in our little Zoom boxes (and with the knowledge that everyone was fully vaccinated) we were so excited to actually get to see each other in person at our June 8 chorus pizza and recognition dinner! 

We hugged and laughed and talked and ate and thanked those who had worked during those long months to keep our tiny chorus alive  — our Board, our Director, and all our members — and then we spaced ourselves safely and actually SANG TOGETHER!  Oh, the joy and the thrill of hearing those chords again in person!  Never mind that we were a bit rusty-sounding and lacking breath support . . . . we were singing together!

We had two more in-person & Zoom hybrid rehearsals, using safe-singing protocols and regaining some of our singing stamina, until the recent 100+ temperatures moved us back to Zoom until the heat wave ends.  (It will end, won’t it?)  We’re looking forward to getting together again soon.
MVC started off June with a bang at our year-end party celebrating our Sweet Adeline of the Year and bringing in new management team members all in OBI’s parking lot. Tents, hats, sunscreen, games, food (byo) and, of course, singing was enjoyed by everyone. Thanks, Lynn Clinton for planning and organizing this event.

Speaking of singing, MVC sang The Winner’s Song to our newest members who are Bianca Avelino-Oldham, Dee DiDomenico, Melanie Schmucker, Michelle Smith and Eleanor Henderson. We’re glad to have them with us!

We thanked retiring members of the management team: Marilyn Rex, Harriett Feltman and Susan Wong with flowers. We welcomed new management team members Lynn Clinton, Dianne France and Jean Marie O’Toole who join continuing members Sarah Clish, Carol Gerwitz, Kay Kundinger, Sai Champion and Angela Suraci. Congratulations to everyone!

Our Sweet Adeline of the Year Award goes to the dynamic duo of Randy Sahae and Susan Zarchy for their technical expertise, long hours,  and unflagging patience in capturing and recording the  essence of the chorus so we can continue to share our music during these times.

Our last music theory class was on June 16th. Congratulations to those members who wanted to know more about those dots on the page. The next classes coming up will be Chords with Chris! Thanks to Angela and Chris Jacobs for helping us to have fun with the puzzle that is music theory.

Batter Up! MVC’s virtual Star Spangled Banner will be played at the San Jose Giants vs. Modesto Nuts baseball game at 6 pm on August 14th . This is a combination social event and fundraiser for Mission Valley.  Come join us! Discounted tickets are $13.  Here is the link; sit with us in Section A.   MVC SJGiants . Yes, we will be singing along with the Star Spangled Banner!

Barbara Busch received MVC’s Woman of Note for April. Barbara has carried on a tradition of giving cards and notes for all occasions, even making cards and mailing them during the pandemic. 

Our Author’s Chat this month was with Anne Hillerman who continues the Navajo detective stories of her father, Tony Hillerman. Her book Spider Woman’s Daughter received the Western Writers Spur Award! She lives in Santa Fe with frequent trips to the Navajo Nation to research her books.  Our own Kate Russell will be our featured author on July 12th at 7:00 p.m. Kate writes a blog called The Daily Garden, with insights on how to improve your garden. She will discuss her hot-off-the-press book Stop Wasting Your Yard!: 100 Edible Plants You Can Probably Grow at Home.

Until next month...

In June we continued our Wednesday evening Zoom rehearsals, but we also began doing small ensemble rehearsals for vaccinated members at Dede’s home. It was such a pleasure to join our voices together again in the same room! We look forward to full rehearsals once we find a new rehearsal facility.

Two of our members gave their 60-Second Sweet Adeline stories this month: Nancy Maass, who has been a member for over 47 years, and Angela Taylor, who is a 10-year member. They both shared how their chorus memberships have affected their lives in such a positive way.
SVC held a Bingo Bonanza in June, and good fun was had by all. Loring Church was our emcee, and she challenged us with music triva that provided both laughs and possibly some new knowledge. Join us at our next Bingo Bonanza in a couple of months!

We are looking for more Singers!
Join us on our latest adventure!
December 5 - 9, 2021

SVC - Pearl Harbor Tour 2021
Do you see yourself as a director in 2022?
Great News - our Director Dede Nibler will take us to Regional Competition 2022.
We are still looking for a new director to start in 2022. If you would like more details please contact us. 

Contact for more information.

To find out more about Sacramento Valley Chorus check out our website:
Visit us on Facebook:
We have had a great month kicking off summer here at River Lights Chorus!

We have been continuing our in-person rehearsals, and like many around California, we are so excited at the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions that allows us to get together with our sisters in harmony and do what we love most....SING!

We got to open Military Appreciation Night at our local Modesto Nuts home game on June 19th! We are so proud of our team, and we were so honored to sing the National Anthem on such a special occasion. We can't wait to get back on the field in July.


Speaking of July, we are also hard at work preparing for our first post-Covid event, our Sweet Summer Social, featuring ice cream, games, and of course, a performance from River Lights Chorus!

We send all our love to our Region 12 sisters in harmony, and hope to see you this summer if you're around the Central Valley!
High Desert Harmony's virtual performance, "The Spring Will Bloom," was a great success and so much fun! We taped in person on June 21st at Reno's beautiful Rancho San Rafael Park, and the video, which included some beautiful dancing sequences, streamed on our social media platforms on June 27th with an enthusiastic response from viewers. This performance was made possible in part with support from the City of Reno. 
The Spring Will Bloom performance
Our first in-person performance in many months was at the Sierra Arts Festival at Reno City Plaza on June 26th. What fun to be together again, singing for an appreciative audience! 

On June 30th, HDH taped a virtual performance at Reno's First United Methodist Church, one of our favorite places to sing. This performance will be streamed at 7pm on July 20th as part of the Church's Sweet Vibrations music series, which has long been a staple of Artown, Reno's month-long arts celebration held every July.  HDH will be sharing the stage with the fabulous Free Range quartet. The video will be available at the Church's website: Check it out!
We are Happy to BE BACK!
The date is June 2, 2021, the day the Pacific Empire Chorus met in person again for the first time since March 11, 2020. This was not a decision made lightly; leadership teams met and made a list of things they felt had to happen to make all members feel comfortable attending from the first night. Team leaders met with our landlords, membership created protocols, and a survey was created so that all members could share their feelings about the plan moving forward. The survey revealed that all members agreed that vaccinations would be required to attend rehearsals in person. (Zoom sessions will still be held in conjunction with the in-person rehearsals.) We decided to meet outdoors and wear masks, arriving an hour earlier and meeting for 2 hours, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This time of year by that time it was getting dark and chilly. Close to 100% of our PEC ladies arrived for that first night, checking in and choosing to be a “hugger” or “not a hugger”. These strong ladies prevailed, bringing out the sweaters, coats and scarves, and they just kept singing. It will go down in “PEC Herstory” as a night to remember.
That first night, we felt sluggish and rusty, and we knew it was time to start getting our stamina back after months of waiting and hoping. We have several new songs we have been working on privately, and singing them together for the first time was mentally and physically rewarding. Plus, we got to sing through the songs that Patty is keeping in the repertoire, and it was a blast to let loose on those. It didn’t take long - give us an audience - even one - and a photographer, and The Hams are Back!

As the weeks progressed, we voted on Outdoors/No masks starting June 16, and that is when the sound could really be heard and we could actually work on singing together. Each week, the sound gets better, and our stamina gets stronger as we had all hoped. We have the strength of Director Patty to thank for keeping us all together, holding Zoom rehearsals each regular Wednesday night no matter what, keeping a calendar that kept us all focused, and bringing in coaches, new music and videos to inspire us. We voted again, and we will be starting rehearsals “Indoors/with Masks” in August. We are so thankful for our Hall at First Presbyterian Church and for all the space they give us to make a home. We are back, and it feels good. See you all in person hopefully SOON!

Just keep singing, Just keep singing . . . singing, singing . . . Just keep singing . . .   

As for everyone, it’s been a really different year for San Francisco Sound Wave.  After a brief hiatus right after the shelter in place order, we resumed rehearsals via Zoom.  One nice thing about these rehearsals is that our director Diane sets time aside each week to get together in small groups via the breakout rooms. We have the opportunity to get to know one another a little better with questions such as, “What are three words of advice that you would tell your 18 year old self?”  I know I for one have appreciated being able to get to know some of the people who I don’t have a chance to talk to during regular riser rehearsals.   Thank you, Diane, for keeping us connected over the past year plus!

We also had the opportunity to do a few Zoom coaching sessions, one with Kathleen Hansen, and three with Rob Mance, two in which he did individual fish bowl coaching sessions (one person is coached while the others watch).  Both those who were coached and those who observed all came away with something new they could try to improve on with their singing. 

During the past year we recorded one virtual parody, Self Isolation (to the tune of Locomotion), and we are currently working on another (TBA). Thank you to Kristin Hutchins for coming up with the words to both parodies, and thank you to Randy Sahae for putting them together in a video that others can view!!  Click on the below image to check it out.

Several members also participated in a collaboration with Peninsulaires Men’s Barbershop Chorus to produce a virtual video of A Whole New World.  All reported having fun doing it, and they sound great! If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here:
A Whole New World - Collaboration with Peninsulaires
Although it was cold in the perpetually foggy San Francisco Sunset District, we all bundled up in layers and had our first parking lot rehearsal on May 13th, where there were hugs, elbow bumps, and just overall excitement at being able to see one another in person.   We continue to enjoy being able to actually create harmony with one another every other week outdoors, and are looking forward to being able to sing in the warmer indoors hopefully sometime in the near future.
 Congratulations to Kristin Hutchins, who was recently voted our Wonder Woman of the Year (WOWY) for all that she does for SFSW!

We are looking forward to being able to connect with everyone when we can resume Regional in-person events.  In the meantime, everyone stay safe and healthy!
June 7th was celebration time for us during our annual installation event, on Zoom of course, but still a fun time for all. We welcomed back members not seen in a while including STAR members, which offered an opportunity to reconnect. Our creative Event Coordinator Kenit Golabi invited us to wear chorus costumes from the past, with a couple examples not seen in years, making it a festive evening. 

Installation of board members was followed by a well-deserved recognition of those who kept the chorus going over the past 15 months: Zoom team members Nina and Sue, the management team, music team, and of course a special gift for our awesome director Barb Vander Putten. 


Member anniversaries were also recognized with two members on top: Garrienne Nakano, celebrating 30 years, and Paula Kato, marking 40 years as Sweet Adelines.

In other news, we are looking forward to singing together outdoors in the coming weeks, and we will be returning to our rehearsal hall on Sept. 13. But we could not wait any longer to at least see each other, so on June 27th it was the impromptu OMG! It’s So Good to See You backyard dinner party/potluck, with plenty of hugs and laughter all around. 

Summer is here! The warm weather has been great for our in-person singing workshops. We have a Saturday and a Sunday option every other weekend, and with the lifting of many Covid restrictions, we have expanded the size of these gatherings as well. Members have really enjoyed singing together in person. Some have also taken the opportunity to help our facility search team by going to prospective sites and singing so that we can get an idea of how our sound would fit into the space. We are looking forward to finding the perfect site for us!
Throughout the month, Julie has been offering classes in vocal production. We have learned about respiration, phonation, and resonation so far. It has been fascinating to learn about the parts of the body and how they work together to produce the sounds we make when we sing.
We welcomed our fourth new member since we started virtual rehearsals, Michelle Smith. She sings bass. We are looking forward to getting to know her better.
We have also been continuing our Let's Get Moving program. A dedicated group of leaders have created a number of fitness videos to support the program, and our director has also provided vocal warmup videos. Each week, teams work on physical and vocal fitness and report their efforts. It has been a great way for our chorus to increase our stamina as we get closer to meeting in person.
We took some time in rehearsal to look to the future by doing some strategic planning regarding our goals. We will continue these discussions to assist our Strategic Planning Task Force in forming a statement of our vision and core values.
It's hard to believe we have been singing virtually for so long, but we have learned a great deal during this time and used many tools to facilitate these rehearsals. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to returning to in-person rehearsals. Watch this space next month - we'll be showcasing a new virtual performance!
Mon, Jul 12 2021 7:00pm MVC Author Chat: Kate Russell over Zoom  
Sat, Jul 24 2021   Region 12 - Summer AIM w/Anna-Lisa Glad and Ryan Heller Virtual
Sat, Jul 24 2021 6:oo pm River Lights Ice Cream Social Grace Lutheran Church Parking Lot
Thu, Aug 5 2021 7:30pm BASC - Ryan Heller Coaching Zoom
Thu, Aug 19 2021 7:30pm BASC - Kim Wonders Coaching Zoom
Mon, Sep 6 2021   Region 12 - Travel in Tune! - Save the Date Virtual Event
Sat, Sep 11 2021 8:30am Deke Sharon coaching at Mission Valley TBD
Fri, Sep 17 2021
to Sun, Sep 19 2021
  Region 12 - Fall AIM w/Kim Wonders Virtual
Fri, Sep 17 2021
to Sat, Sep 18 2021
7:00pm Coaching with Ryan Heller  
Mon, Sep 20 2021 7:00pm MVC Zoom Author Chat Eileen Garvin  
Fri, Oct 22 2021
to Sun, Oct 24 2021
  RMT Retreat Reno, Nevada
Sun, Nov 14 2021 2:00pm OCC Thankful Holidaze 2021 Newport, Oregon
Sat, Dec 4 2021   MVC - 15th Annual JB Tea - TENTATIVE Saratoga Community Center, Saratoga, CA
Sat, Dec 4 2021 2:00pm OSC - SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAYS Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Salem, OR
Sun, Dec 5 2021
to Fri, Dec 10 2021
  SVC - Pearl Harbor Tour 2021 Honolulu
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