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Sweet Adelines2020 Virtual Convention

Song of Sonoma is Mance-In’ the Night Away

We were excited to welcome vocal coach Rob Mance back for some additional education last month. Resonance, body alignment, and personal singing growth were some of the many topics covered. It was inspirational stuff, and we are looking forward to his next visit.

Virtual Connections: Facebook Karaoke and Wheel of Wonderful Sisters

Our chorus members are learning a great deal about each other this fall, from our personal favorite sing-along songs to our personal lives. Members have been very courageous, sharing inspirational solos over Facebook, Karaoke-style. And each week, we spin “The Wheel of Wonderful Sisters”.  Two members of our chorus share something special about their lives, histories, families, careers, and passions. It is a wonderful way to feel a closer connection to our sisters.

“It takes as much energy to wish it as it does to plan it.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

We ended our October on a very energetic note - with our guest speaker and coach Ryan Heller, Director of Alamo Metro Chorus. The theme: ENERGY! We sang, we analyzed some incredible performances, and, as always, we learned a ton. Ryan pumped some energy into our chorus and challenged us to get to singing so we can be better singers and performers when we are finally able to sing together in person again.

November 22nd was a ten-year anniversary. This year we appreciate each other from a distance, and next year we will celebrate in person. We are full of gratitude for our founding members and our wonderful director, Sharon Carlson.

Season’s Greetings from Bella Acappella!  The Holidays are officially upon us!  The temperatures are dropping, ovens are roasting, fireplaces are blazing, and decorations are going up!  Although our ability to gather around cups of hot cocoa or hot toddies is limited, we are keeping our spirits bright through the gift of song.  Brushing off the dust of some of our beloved Holiday songs, we join each other on Zoom rehearsals to sing together virtually.  We continue to persevere through this Pandemic with the hope that we will one day be able to perform with each other again and for our community.


Holiday clipart president, Holiday president Transparent FREE for download  on WebStockReview 2020

We recently chose one of our holiday repertoire songs to put together a virtual chorus performance we can share with the world.  It was quite the feat for those of us who aren’t as tech savvy to set up our “filming studios” at home.  But once we got going, the thrill of performance snuck back in, if only for a few minutes!  Not to mention the mere act of putting on makeup was reminiscent of contest days.  Oh, to be on stage!  No, we did not wear any all-in-ones, chorus shoes, or dress shields, but one of us did wear a tiara!!  We hope to share this project with you very soon!

Free Holiday Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  Library

Another thing we have been busy with is our Bottles & Cans Fundraiser!  As people have been home more during this trying time, we have noticed drinking has gone up.  Now, I’m not just talking about alcohol, although that has made its appearance…. Over the summer there were sodas and seltzers and energy drinks, oh my!  We took advantage of this thirst-quenching influx and quite literally turned trash into treasure!  By teaming up with our local BottleDrop, members were able to collect cans and bottles from the comfort of their own homes as well as from willing family members/neighbors.  This fundraising project has become quite the fruitful endeavor, and we will be making it a continuing effort.

Never has there been a better time to get creative, be resilient, and share our passion with the world.  We always welcome guests and cannot wait to see what is in store for all of us in the future!


Looking back at the month of November, MVC can be seen preparing for its annual Jingle Bell Tea. Lots of activities and creativity are connected with this event normally, and it’s no different with this year’s Tea being virtual. Now how do we run the silent auction for all the centerpieces? How do we do the centerpieces and what about the singing?? We are hoping that some of you had the opportunity to join us at the Jingle Bell Tea on December 5th at 2 p.m. to find out how we figured this out. Happy Holidays!
This year, MVC chose Second Harvest Food Bank to receive our annual holiday donation, so we’ll be concentrating on raising money for them. At the same time, we’ll be having our annual “greens” fundraiser, selling fragrant holiday wreathes and swags to benefit our own chorus. This is one of our better fundraisers!
Thanks to Chris Jacobs, Titanium, the International 2nd place and Most Entertaining quartet of 2019, was our guest coach last month. We split off into sectionals and had an engaging and interesting question and answer session for about 25 minutes. We then returned to the main room with the whole chorus and had a discussion about warmups and vowel production. They also talked about the quartet’s history and how they met. It was definitely a great night to be with Titanium.
What event do we celebrate in November? Thanksgiving! We were asked to make a “hand” turkey to bring to chorus and that we did. Here are a few of the turkeys that showed up! Thanks to our brave artists and to Harriett who gives us the courage to be daring.

Along with our turkeys, some of our members shared some of their Thanksgiving histories and memories, which are always a joy to hear.
Author Chats:  Elizabeth Letts chatted with us about her novel “Finding Dorothy,” which tells the story of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum through the eyes of his wife. On December 2nd at 7:00 p.m., Bill Zarchy will chat with us about his world-wide travels and his just-released book about time-travel, “Finding George Washington”.  Bill is also the husband of our wonderful Susan Zarchy.  On December 14 at 7:00 we will chat with Georgie Blalock about her “The Other Windsor Girl, A Novel of Princess, Royal Rebel”.  Please join us for these chats.
SACRAMENTO VALLEY CHORUS spent the month of November celebrating our singing sisterhood! We share in the enthusiasm for the barbershop/a cappella style of singing, of course, but we’re also grateful for the friendships, the education, and the opportunities to support each other – especially during this pandemic when some are alone or facing other covid-related hardships. We spent part of a recent rehearsal sharing what this year's Thanksgiving meant to us, and we agreed that having each other is a gift that keeps on giving! We look forward to better times around the corner when we will be able to sing together in a safer environment.
Each week we celebrate an individual and get to hear about their SAI journey. This month Sue Barkley and Judy Halloran shared their stories.


 We want to give a special shoutout to our wonderful director, Dede Nibler, who continues to conduct the morning warmup classes "Wake Up With Dede" in addition to our weekly rehearsals. From December 1st through December 17th, morning vocal warmups will be Tuesday through Thursday. There will be no morning vocal warmups from December 17th through January 4th. In the new year, we will resume morning vocal warmups, M-Thurs, on Jan 4.
Happy Holidays, Region 12! DVC sends our warmest wishes for joy in whatever you’re celebrating this season. We miss you!

For our 2020 finale, DVC will welcome music judge Jana Gutenson on December 8. Jana will demystify the music category for us, including that ever-important question: what makes a contest song a contest song? Despite its many challenges, this year’s virtual reality has provided valuable learning opportunities with some truly incredible people, and for that we’re truly grateful. Heartfelt thanks to Ryan Heller, Erin Howden, Judy Pozsgay, Lynne Smith, Jan Gervais, Kim Vaughn, and Jana for sharing the journey with us.

We’re hopeful that we’ll see your beautiful faces again in 2021—and you’ll see a new face joining us! We’re overjoyed to welcome Baby Castelino to the DVC family in May, and we can’t wait to be his or her doting, singing aunties. Please join us in congratulating Caitlin, Peter, and fur-baby brother Mickey! 


Stay safe, friends, until we meet again. It looked pretty different this year, but one thing hasn’t changed: We’re glad we laughed, we’re glad we loved, we’re glad we sang today.


It’s pretty hard to wrap our heads around the fact that this is the 9th month we’ve all been under some level of restrictions due to the pandemic!  As with every chorus, we here in Salem are staying connected and finding new ways to do things, and I’m sure most of you would agree that it’s been challenging at times!  

In October, Oregon allowed indoor gatherings of up to 10 people, so we put together a plan for returning to singing safely called Healthy Harmonies (HH).  We polled members to find out what days (other than our regular Tuesdays) would work for in-person rehearsals for 9 singers (plus Director Kathy Scheel).  We put the dates on the calendar, asked people to indicate attendance so Kathy could put together a balanced group of those available, and everyone attending was required to submit a health questionnaire as well as a release of liability form.  We ordered HEPA filters for the size of the space, as well as mask inserts, sanitized wipes, and other safety items; arranged for the venue to allow us two separate spaces so we could change rooms while the filters cleaned the air; and we planned to only rehearse for 30 minutes in each space.  This approach was per the recommendations from a large national study on safe singing.  Our HH team would meet attendees at the door, take their temperatures, and make sure everyone knew the expectation to wipe down all surfaces before & after our rehearsal.  It was a great plan, and everyone was on board! Then in November, COVID cases started rising and our governor announced stricter lockdowns to just 6 people indoors.  Sigh…..   So we’ll revisit the HH plan again in January and will keep our fingers crossed!  

In the meantime, we’ve learned a fun parody called Amazon’s Sweetheart (orig. Nobody’s Sweetheart).  To give you a hint of what the song is about, here are the lyrics for the first page: “Facebook Live!  Instagram!  I’m on the interwebs to buy some glam!  Since COVID, the mall is closed;  I’m quarantined here at home.  I turn on my Mac, the screen lights up and glows; all my favorite sites selling gorgeous clothes….”   We decided to do a slide show instead of a video, so watch for that to be shared later this month.  Seems like good timing!

We sincerely wish our Region 12 friends a wonderful holiday season, celebrating in the way that makes you happy, and giving thanks for the good things that life brings you.

With a song in our hearts,
Oregon Spirit Chorus
Happy Holidays from all of us at PEC!

Check out all the fun things members of Pacific Empire have been doing to enjoy the Fall season! 
The month began with an election celebration by eating a handmade Biden cookie, baking pies, wreath making, decorating for Christmas, annual camping and bird seed ornament making, watching Fall colors, baking pies, safe visiting, baking pies, eating and drinking, setting a fancy holiday table just for yourself, traditional turkey smoking, celebrating women, baking pies, shenanigans with SIP family and more of PEC’s famous pies!

We will be hibernating and taking the next few weeks to rest. PEC will be back next year with our 2021 January Kick-off, January 6th.

Enjoy your Holidays!

The year continues to flow by! Here we are in December, and we are fully immersed in holiday music and preparations. 

The chorus was busy in November putting together a virtual chorus holiday greeting. Each participant made an audio recording of her part of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and also made a video - which was harder, because she had to put on makeup! The audio and video editing skills of Julie Starr, Jamie Osborn, and Roberta Marton resulted in a beautiful and creative presentation. We will be sending it out to our email list and family and friends in mid-December, and it will be available on the BASC YouTube channel.

In a further fit of productivity, eight quartets made up of chorus members created video holiday cards to share with their friends and family. Many of the quartets had never even sung together before! Each quartet chose a different song. Their lead made an audio recording, and then each harmony part played the lead's recording in her ear while recording her own part. The audio editing skills of Julie Starr and Roberta Marton put the four tracks together. The quartets came up with their own choreography, props, costuming, and storyboards. Then each quartet member recorded her video while singing along to the quartet's "full mix track". Video editing magicians Jamie Osborn and Roberta Marton put it all together, and voila! Eight wonderful video holiday cards were produced!

If you want to view some of the quartet holiday cards, here's the link to the BASC YouTube channel:

In addition to the holiday card efforts, we have:
  • had an interval ear training class
  • had a class on the language of music
  • spent time improving characterization
  • spotlighted one member every week to tell her story
  • welcomed Jana Gutenson for an overview of the Music category and review of one of our songs
  • continued to welcome returning guests from our October guest program
  • auditioned and will soon welcome in our first new Zoom member

Outside of rehearsals, our Events Coordinator continues to offer Coffee Chats each weekday. It has been a great meeting place for people to check in and make connections with others in a more casual setting. We are preparing to do a Secret Santa gift exchange among interested members, and the gift giver will reveal herself at our upcoming holiday party on December 17. 

We look forward to the new year and the hope for a healthier 2021! Sending you all warm holiday greetings. 
Sat, Dec 5  2:00 pm MVC - 14th Annual Jingle Bell Tea - Virtual Virtual
Tue, Dec 15  8:00 pm MVC - Coaching with Nikki Blackmer Zoom



From December 1st through December 17th, morning vocal warmups will be Tuesday through Thursday.  There will be no morning vocal warmups from December 18th through January 4th. In the new year, we will resume morning vocal warmups, M-Thurs, on Jan 4.

 To join the class please 
or log-in to the members-only section of the Region 12 website to open: 
Wake Up with Dede - Vocal Warmups - log-in info.
Sweet Adelines 75th Anniversary Virtual Convention

Part of our history…Archived for you!

The exciting performances, inspiring speeches, and powerful education classes of the historic 2020 Sweet Adelines International Virtual Convention are now archived on the Sweet Adelines website for easy access.

Here’s how to find them:

Visit and log in to the members-only section of the website. Select the “International Education” section located in the menu navigation under “Education” to access videos, education handouts, and sheet music for featured songs.

Here’s where to find the “International Education” section on the Sweet Adelines website via desktop/computer and on a mobile device/smart phone.

Once you are on this page, select the button to view videos and materials from 2020 Virtual Convention:
Please Note: The “International Education” section is only visible if you are logged in as a member. If you need help logging in to the members-only section of the website or navigating our members-only education portal, please view our step-by-step login instructions.
If you have already logged in to the Sweet Adelines website on your device, simply visit to access Virtual Convention!

The 2020 Virtual Convention videos will remain archived on the SA website for the foreseeable future so Sweet Adelines can relive the memories and be inspired all over again by the way we came together to stay #SweetAdelinesStrong in our 75th year! Thank you to the many, many members who made Virtual Convention possible. We couldn’t do it without you!

Should you have any questions relating to Virtual Convention, please contact
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Your Vote Counts!

I am very proud to announce that 100% of our chapters cast ballots for the International Board of Directors election.

Thank you so much, Region 12 !

Birgit Andersen
Team Coordinator
Regional Management Team
 Region 12 would like to thank all the members who donated above and beyond their Fall AIM Registration Fee!  We collected over $700 in donations.  Those of you who ear-marked your donation to YWIH, please know that the money went into the YWIH account. The rest of the donations went into the General Fund which  supports  all AIM Education weekends. Your generous spirits during this 'unusual' Sweet Adeline year are appreciated!

Stay well and "Wear Your Mask."

with a song,
Geri Miller-Riedel   
Financial Coordinator
Pacific Shores Region 12
Join Christchurch City Chorus virtually!  Watch "The Greatest Christmas Show" from the safety of your own home. Fabulous songs will be included, from Broadway shows (This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde) to the gospel song Hallelujah as the finale.

Saturday December 12th 2pm or 7pm NZDT - New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of Pacific Time, so this would be Friday, December 11, at 5pm or 10pm PST.

Live-stream tickets: NZ$ 20 per device. Here is the link to get the live-stream tickets:

The Greatest Christmas Show promotional video

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