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For information about the upcoming Region 12 Virtual Video competition please refer to the Convention 2022 tab on the website and to the Events calendar.
Special Virtual Event
Region 12 Competition Virtual Video

May 28th, 2022

How to Watch the 2022 Convention Results Youtube

Visit the Pacific Shores Region 12 YouTube page (link below) to find both the 2022 Quartet Competition and the 2022 Chorus Competition.

Videos will premiere:
  • Quartet Competition Saturday, May 28, 11 am Pacific Time
  • Chorus Competition Saturday, May 28, 2 pm Pacific Time

Judging Results and Video:
  • Quartet/Chapter score sheets will be sent directly from SAI after May 28.
  • Quartet/Chapter video will be available for downloading from our Dropbox no later than Sunday, May 29, 2022.

The link will be sent to the email address on your registration form. As a reminder, you need to request permission from SAI to post your video on your website.

URL for Region 12 YouTube Account:
Reminder from the Regional Financial Coordinator

As of the 2022-2023 Sweet Adeline Year, all Regional Assessments will be due by July 31, 2022 per direction of SAI in January 2022.  There will no longer be an extension to the Regional dues.

The Regional Assessment is still $50 per regular and CAL members and $15 for Youth members.  Assessment Notices will be emailed to Financial Coordinators and CAL members during the first part of May 2022.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Geri Miller-Riedel  
Financial Coordinator
Region 12 Pacific Shores
Thank you to everyone who helped to produce Travel in Tune for Region 12.
Be sure to check out the SAI Travel in Tune  - Region 12.

Travel in Tune... To Region #12
Welcome to Region #12 Pacific Shores! Between the green forests of Oregon, the beaches of Hawaii and California, and the deserts and lakes of the Sierras, this region is home to 22 choruses from Honolulu all the way to Reno, Nevada. It's the 25th anniversary of the region's LAW (learn arm waving) School and you'll get a closer look during your visit via...Travel in Tune. Directors will learn what it takes to get the right sound out of their ensemble and all will come away as better singers. Ready to travel in tune to Region #12? Here… we... go…!
  • Sneak Peek

    Region #12 Pacific Shores! In this "sneak peek" video, IBOD member Julie Starr shows us a little of what we will see and learn during our stay..

  • Special Performance

    Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #12, with this video of the 2019 Champions RetroActive Quartet and Pacific Empire Chorus

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Region #12 Pacific Shores! Between the green forests of Oregon, the beaches of Hawaii and California, and the deserts and lakes of the Sierras, this region is home to 22 choruses from Honolulu all the way to Reno, Nevada. In this “welcome” video, meet Regional Education Coordinator Alison Miller and a few directors who have laid the foundation of the region’s LAW (learn arm waving) School. Welcome!

  • Education Showcase

    We have arrived at the Region #12 Education Showcase on Travel in Tune! Join us for the region’s LAW (learn arm waving) School where we’ll learn to use nonverbal cues to express the poetry and message of a song most effectively. “Who knew that waving your arms could be so much fun!?”

Hello dear Sisters in Harmony!

River Lights is getting so excited about the chance to compete in the upcoming Region 12 competition! We continue to meet and get ourselves ready. On April 4th, we were happy to host a Friends and Family small event to show those closest to us everything we have been working on.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Covid guidelines will let us hear all your beautiful music come April 30.

Sending you all peace and harmony.
Wow!  Contest is only a couple of weeks away - April 30th . That’s our date with the videographer in Milpitas.  Hard to believe, but we’re almost there!
During March we went to “masks optional” and started back on the risers March 8th.  It was positively electric, feeling the familiar performance environment.
We enjoyed the wealth of wit and wisdom of Erin Howden’s coaching via Zoom March 15th. Her suggestions brought even more joy to the visual plan, which means better sound.  That makes Caitlin happy!

We also enjoyed the fun and frolic of coaching with Ryan Heller IN PERSON the first weekend in April.  We’re super excited about the progress we’ve made and looking forward to showing our package to you all April 30th.


This month, as we prepare for the regional performance, more and more singers are returning to the risers. It is so nice seeing our sisters-in-song returning. Also, our rehearsals became “mask optional” at March’s last rehearsal. Having the option to sing with or without a mask was very welcome.  We saw faces!   Our hula hoops served to keep us safe, but they have been banished from rehearsals.  Jordan Barton (our awesome newbie, see picture below) impressed us by twirling five at once! She succeeded where several of us failed.

There were a few celebrations this month and our fun-loving event chairman Lynn Clinton delivered! There was Mardi Gras that included a decorated mask contest, won by Deborah Calantropio-Covington, and a spread that included Lynn’s fabulous King Cake!! Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration included more green beads to add to our own personal collections and sweet delicacies including Lynn’s soda bread with butter! Lynn Clinton = Baker Extraordinaire!

We offer congratulations to our newest member Jordan Barton! Her Big Sister is Dianne France. A warm welcome to you, Jordan!

MVC was coached by Nikki Blackmer in person this month. We’ve previously zoomed with Nikki, but this day with her was so much better.  We explored vowels, sang a mean open-mouthed alphabet, sang the white spaces and so much more. Her dynamic and energetic style of coaching invigorated all of us, including our quartets whom she also coached.  It was a great weekend of hard work and fun and friendship.  

Carol Gerwitz, marketing coordinator, wrote an article about the chorus which was published in the March issue of The Campbell Post, complete with pictures. The article was almost a full page. Thanks, Carol! 

Our Management Team election results are in. Sandra Paglieroni and Lynn Clinton have been elected to two-year terms, and Sarah Clish has been re-elected to a two-year term. Congratulations!

We are so happy to be back together. The rehearsal hall is filled with an excited hum as we greet each other every week. With each step up onto the risers, we get stronger not only physically but also emotionally. There is no better place to be but back surrounded by our riser sisters and feeling the hug of four-part harmony while ringing chords.  
This past month, the highlight at SVC was a 3-day coaching session with Ryan Heller: learning, singing, and laughing – what could be more fun than that? We so enjoyed the opportunity to experience Ryan doing what he does best!

The ‘lowlight’ this month was that our new riser trailer was broken into, and our new sound system, keyboard & stand were stolen, so we are once again looking for a new rehearsal hall since it appears we really do need a place where we can store everything inside a building. We choose to be resilient in the face of setbacks and are moving forward optimistically!

Upcoming events in April include:
  •  April 2 - Bingo Fundraiser
  •  April 4 - Social Event of Quilting & Crafts
  •  April 13 - Book Club Meeting
  •  May 1 - Friends & Family Show
All events are open to the Region.  See our calendar here:

Lastly, we welcomed new members: Cindy Taurone (lead). We are thrilled to be moving forward and adding a wonderful new singer to our chorus!


Cindy Taurone, Bonnie Garlow, and Cindy Henry

 The luck of the leprechaun has indeed been with SOS in March! Our mask mandate was finally lifted, lifting our spirits as well and making our singing life much easier. We kicked off the month with a fun Mardi Gras celebration, moved on to St. Patrick’s Day, and focused hard on preparation for our first in-person performance in two years. We refined our repertoire and choreo, emphasizing interpretation and emotion. Finally, we welcomed our audience to our new venue at the Carston Cabaret in the Luther Burbank Center for a fun and joyous mini-show; many happy tears were shed. In costume and makeup, we took to the risers and shared an amazing connection, excitement and rapport. We are still on a high! And, as we welcome new guests, we feel the normalcy racing back!

Spring is in the air, and we are thrilled to start off April with a weekend with the incomparable Ryan Heller. We can’t wait to be coached in person and are so thankful for the opportunity. SOS wishes a happy springtime to everyone in Region 12!

March brought us a time change, better weather and some great rehearsals in preparation for contest in Eugene.  Bill Borah, the director of the local men’s chorus, has been helping us out each week to improve our technical skills and we’re grateful for his vast knowledge of Barbershop harmony.  We will have our third coaching session with Kathy Scheel on April 2nd in Medford and look forward to showing her how much we’ve improved since our last coaching session with her in February.


Southern Oregon Sound will have a booth at Medford’s Pear Blossom Festival on April 8-9th where we hope to do some serious recruiting for new members and maybe even gain interest from potential directors.  We were delighted to welcome a visitor to our March 29th rehearsal.  Linda Johnson is a Sweet Adeline who had moved to Grants Pass from up north.  She had sung a few years ago with Vancouver’s Northwest Harmony Chorus.  She’s a wonderful lead and we hope she will join us at future rehearsals.

Contest is just around the corner, and our confidence and excitement is building with each rehearsal.  It will feel so good to be performing again, in costume and make-up and with an audience (if only other choruses).  What a joy to sing together on risers.  We can’t wait to share the experience with other Oregon choruses and quartets in Eugene!

March was an action-packed month for Bay Area Showcase Chorus. Our first rehearsal of the month was led by two of our assistant directors as well as our choreographer, since Julie was at the International Board of Directors meeting. We worked on improving our choreo and sound for our uptune as well as doing section work on both songs.

We had a great rehearsal the following week, which was immediately followed by a coaching weekend with Ryan Heller! We did section duets on Friday night and did a great deal of focused work on our contest music on Saturday. He helped us enhance our dynamics and emotional delivery of our music, and we appreciated the effort he put in to help us present our best product. Saturday evening, we had a pizza party, and several of our members displayed various talents. We even had a line dancing class!

On the 20th we had the live auction portion of our Back To Our Future virtual gala. As mentioned last month, this fundraiser started on the 11th with a number of great items available for silent auction. It was such a fun event, and we were able to exceed our fundraising goals. The whole team did a great job in pulling this together.

We had an additional coaching day with Judy Pozsgay on the 26th. She gave amazing insights on our showmanship. She helped us connect more completely with our songs so that the message comes through to the audience. She emphasized that it's all about integrating our best visual performance with our best vocal performance. 

We are really looking forward to competing at the end of April after the two-year break. Happy April!

Thu, Apr 21 8:00pm Friends and Family Performance Milpitas
Fri, Apr 29
to 30
7:00pm Ryan Heller Coaching  
Sat, Apr 30   Chorus Contest Video Recording Milpitas, CA
Sun, May 1 4:00pm SVC Friends and Family Show Sacramento, California
Sat, May 7   Chorus Contest Video Recording Eugene, OR
Sat, May 14   Chorus Contest Video Recording West Sacramento, CA
Fri, May 27 to 28   Region 12 Competition Virtual Video Results Virtual Video Contest
Thu, Jun 2 6:30pm SVC coaching Erin Howden CSA
Sat, Jun 4 1:00pm Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival Sunnyvale, CA
Fri, Jun 17
to 18
  SOS - Coaching w/ Vickie Maybury Santa Rosa, CA
Sun, Jun 26 2:30pm     BASC - Show and Ice Cream Social Spangenberg Theater, Palo Alto
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Lynda CasillasMembership*
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RMT email:
*RMT positions up for election for 2022-2024 - applications open

The SA community events calendar ( is now your go-to source to find out where and when SA events are happening in your community, and to publicize your chorus’s upcoming event. Go to this page and click “Add Event” to add any chorus event you may have!
Join Region 12's own directors - 
Dede Nibler and Kathy Scheel as co-directors on a trip of a lifetime to London. for more information.

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Phoenix Convention Center (Competition Venue)

The Phoenix Convention Center (our new home from Sept. 12–17) GBAC STAR rating ensures a safer environment for gatherings like our exciting return to the international stage.

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Sweet Adelines International
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September 12-17, 2022
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Phoenix, Arizona, USA


For Individual and Group Registration, Event Schedule, and COVID-19 health and safety protocols, visit

Return to the Risers!
Read all about it and much more in the
April 2022 issue of The Pitch Pipe!
Return to the Risers…at regional competitions, International Education Symposium, and the 74th Annual Sweet Adelines International Convention & Competition! Read all about it along with these highlights in the April 2022 issue of The Pitch Pipe.
  • Newly-elected IBOD members
  • Let's get "Happy Together" at IES
  • We're "Fired Up" in Phoenix
  • Donor interview with Dottie Dedrick
  • What's new with the DCP
  • News from around the SA world
  • And much more! 
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Sweet Adelines International | 9110 S. Toledo, Tulsa, OK 74137
To: All Chapters of Sweet Adelines International
From: Patty Cobb Baker, International Nominating Subcommittee Chair
Re: New resource for potential nominees for the International Board of Directors (2023-2026 term)
Following my email in early March announcing it is time to start thinking about choosing potential nominees for the 2023-2026 International Board of Directors, I am pleased to share a new educational resource, IBOD Applicant Information Pack. It is an initiative of the Board Resource Advisory Committee (BRAC) to support our Guiding Principle of Personal Empowerment & Leadership.
The BRAC’s aim for this resource is to inform and support Sweet Adelines International members considering the opportunity to participate in the selection of potential nominees for the International Board of Directors. The information pack brings together helpful information about the role, responsibilities, and experience of being a board member. There is also a quiz to help members assess their readiness for board service and suggestions for steps they can take now to prepare them for future applications.
The IBOD Election page of the Sweet Adelines website contains everything you need to know about the 2022 Election of International Board of Directors, including these links:
IBOD Applicant Information Pack
2022 International Board of Directors Potential Nominee Application
Frequently Asked Questions – Board Election
What is Expected of Someone Running for the Board – Are You Ready?
Please share this information with your members. Remember that you play a vital role in the selection of this most critically important group! DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF POTENTIAL NOMINEE APPLICATIONS AT INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS IS APRIL 27, 2022.
Copies to:
International Board of Directors, Board-elect
Board Resource Advisory Committee
Regional Leadership Committee
2021-22 & 2022-23 Regional Management Teams
Hello Harmony College Northwest Family!

Your HCNW planning team has been hard at work on plans for this summer. As you can likely imagine, our primary focus over the last few months has been creating a safe and enriching experience for our students, faculty, and staff in the midst of continued COVID exposure concerns, limitations on travel, and changing protocols. With so many variables beyond our control, and as much as we had hoped to meet in person, it has become clear that HCNW should be held virtually in 2022.

After reviewing state and local COVID safety policies, researching best practices and health guidelines from similar events, and communicating with University of Puget Sound event staff, it has become clear that holding an in-person event that allows us to gather to sing, even in small groups, just Apossible. As much as we want to reconnect as friends and fellow singers, the on-campus requirements for masking, social distancing, and room capacities will significantly limit class sizes, coaching opportunities, options for shows - including restrictions around singing on campus. We just wouldn’t be able to do the things that make Harmony College Northwest so wonderful. We do know, however, that we can create a fun and fulfilling virtual event, so that’s what we are going to do!

Making a firm decision about holding a Virtual HCNW means that the HCNW team can move full speed ahead with our plans! Last summer, we offered multiple learning tracks, online coaching, specialized workshops, a great closing show… and you can expect more of that in 2022. We’ll be incorporating your feedback, making improvements, and getting everything ready for another fantastic virtual event.  

Stay tuned for more information about registration, classes, faculty, and more… coming your way soon!

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