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Hello Region 12 Members!

The first part of our Fall AIM 2020 event is coming up in just one short week! Registration is now open and can be accessed via the Region 12 homepage by clicking on the Fall AIM logo, or by clicking on the registration link above. This year, we are hosting a virtual, two-part event that will occur on the following weekends: Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th and two weeks later on Friday, September 25th and Saturday, September 26th. 

Our featured international faculty for both weekends is Therese Antonini, President-elect on the International Board of Directors for Sweet Adelines International. There will also be classes given by some of our fantastic regional faculty members: Sharon Carlson (Master Director, Song of Sonoma Chorus and Certified Music Judge and Analyst), Dede Nibler (Master Director, Sacramento Valley Chorus and SAI international faculty), Kathy Scheel (Master Director, Oregon Spirit Chorus) and Angela Suraci (Master Director, Mission Valley Chorus). 

Our popular PVI (Personal Voice Instruction) Program will be available during both AIM weekends- if you are interested in signing up for a PVI with one of our talented regional faculty members, please contact Jette Sorensen (PVI Registrar) at 
pvi-registrar@sairegion12.orgWe have regional faculty members available for both voice, as well as visual instruction. 

Please see the schedule of classes for both weekends below:

September 11th & 12th:

Friday, September 11th
"Who Wants to be an Administrative Leader?" (7:00-8:15) 
Therese Antonini 

Saturday, September 12th- 
Emotional Intelligence" (9:00-10:15) Therese Antonini 

Saturday, September 12th- 
"What Did You Just Say to Me? The Power of Words" (10:45-12:00)
Therese Antonini 

Saturday, September 12th- 
"Working Toward Performance During a Pandemic" (1:00-2:00) Angela Suraci 
Saturday, September 12th- 
"Music Category: It Ain't No Mystery!" (2:30-3:30) 
Sharon Carlson

September 25th & 26th:

Friday, September 25th-  
"Abundance Thinking" (7:00-8:15) 
Therese Antonini

Saturday, September 26th-
Easier Said Than Done: Conflict Resolution" (9:00-10:15) Therese Antonini 

Saturday, September 26th- 
"The Care and Feeding of Leadership" (10:45-12:00) 
Therese Antonini

Saturday, September 26th- 
"Ways to Support Your Director" (1:00-2:00) 
Kathy Scheel 

Saturday, September 26th- 
"Smooth Singing" (2:30-3:30) Dede Nibler 

For full descriptions of classes, check out this Region 12 event webpage: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN - Fall AIM w/ Therese Antonini- Session 1 & 2

PLEASE NOTE: There is a registration fee of $15 for Region 12 adult members, $20 for non-Region 12 members, and $10 for youth (under 26 years of age). Classes will be presented in a Zoom Webinar format. Once payment is made, you'll receive an email a few days prior to AIM, with the webinar details.  REGISTER NOW!!   -- Please do not submit more than once!

Please contact me with any questions at I hope to "see" you all at Fall AIM! 

With a song, 
Alison Miller
Sweet Adelines Region 12 
We are moving right along on Zoom enjoying our time together!
Several guests have joined us online and we are enjoying singing with them.
This month our guests were Brenda, Tara, Susan, Samantha, Kylie and Kathleen!

It has been two years now that Sally Massen has been our Director! Happy two year anniversary, Sally!
Our Music Team is reviewing our current repertoire to make sure that our music is not discriminatory in any way.

Since CoVid began our Zoom rehearsals have evolved into a great way to come together to sing, learn, share and have fun. What a blessing to have Zoom to keep us all connected through this crazy time. We have incorporated Games, Judging Category Education, Guest Warm-Up Videos, and Spotlighting our members. It’s been a great opportunity to get to know each other better. So far we have featured Dixie, Teresa, Judy, Rachel, Carol, Marlene and Betty. Next week we get to hear all about Rita!
Wow! I’m not sure what else is left waiting for us in 2020. From a record-breaking heat wave, to a lightning storm that left the whole state burning, and more pointedly, our own Bay Area experiencing massive fires and evacuations. Many of us have reached out to our members and surrounding communities offering help, hope and love to those in need, with a look to September for calm.
In the midst of this chaos, MVC focused and completed a new virtual chorus experience singing Pure Imagination for your listening and viewing pleasure. Again, we thank Susan Zarchy and Randy Sahae for their expertise in compiling these imaginative scenarios from our members. This was a fun undertaking and we couldn’t wait to see the finished product which we love. Here’s hoping you’ll step into our imagination when you watch!         

Nina Steinberg and Harriett Feltman hosted a virtual baby shower for Bria Nyberg, complete with gift-opening, games, jokes, songs and best wishes! Now that took some imagination in planning and Bria was a radiant as ever!  
Our Woman of Note for the month of July is Susan Zarchy. She not only is one of the masterminds creating our virtual videos, she also enters our new songs into Finale so that we always have correct, up-to-date sheet music, including all changes that have been made. Thank you, Susan, for all you do for us!   
For our Author’s Chat last month, we were introduced to Anne Hitz who writes about the grand old stores which were founded in San Francisco. Her historical photographs and accompanying lecture took a lot of us down memory lane. Coming up, we have Allen Eskens on September 2nd, who is known for his Joe Talbert/Max Rupert mystery series; and Lewis Buzbee on September 16th, a native San Franciscan author and poet, who has written the memoir The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, as well as intriguing YA novels The Bridge of Time, The Haunting of Charles Dickens, and Steinbeck’s Ghost among others. These Chats really are interesting and worth zooming in to watch and listen to even if you haven’t read the books.
Not to let grass grow under our feet, our 7-week virtual guest program will be starting September 15th. Join us and learn two holiday songs to qualify for recording to be included in our virtual chorus video to premiere at our virtual Jingle Bell Tea on December 5th (yes, nothing stops our Jingle Bell Tea). Registration is $10 to cover music and copyrights. The program is open to your family and friends, and time zones are not a problem!! Come sing with us wherever you are!!! Details and registration information will be posted on our website shortly. In the meantime, feel free to contact for more information.
Stay safe and have a great September!

SACRAMENTO VALLEY CHORUS is still working hard and having fun during this shelter-in-place situation in our lives. Our director, Dede Nibler, keeps things fresh with renewed enthusiasm at each Zoom rehearsal. She changes the focus each week to whichever skill or song or activity seems appropriate and the variety helps keep things interesting. 
This past month Dede presented two regional Zoom classes. These events were open to all SAI Region 12 members at no cost. Her first class, "The Art of Legato" explained how to sing in a smooth and connected way, keeping the body both relaxed and yet still core-supported. Her second class, "The Aging Voice" was taught with help from our own Dar Haag, who is 89 years young. Dar has been a Sweet Adeline for over 50 years and gave us some insight into how to keep singing well as we age. Dede reminded us that it’s never too late to keep learning new vocal skills and that with proper care we can help ensure continued vocal health into the future.
In August we were lucky to spend an evening with International Sound Judge Mary Rhea. Mary gave us a lot to think about regarding the instruction of target vowels, target vowel replacements, diphthongs and vowel matching in her Zoom class called "I'd Like To Buy A Vowel".  Her instruction helped us think about how to blend together better with consistent word pronunciation which is necessary for that barbershop ring. 

SACRAMENTO VALLEY CHORUS is staying healthy and even thriving, and so much of that is due to the women who provide all of these opportunities for continuing education. It fuels our passion to sing! Many thanks to all of our sisters in song that take time out of their busy schedules to make that happen.

San Francisco Sound Wave celebrates 65 years as a chorus! We are so excited and thrilled to hit this milestone as a chorus. While we couldn't recognize this momentous time in person, we organized via zoom to rehearse and celebrate. Fittingly, we hosted our first virtual guest on the night we presented this milestone - representative of SFSWs efforts towards membership growth and providing a singing space for all. 
Is it time to cue the Locusts? It’s been quite a month for PEC.
The month started with our dear Director Patty being very sick for days, did she get food poisoning, COVID? Doctors couldn’t figure it out and she suffered for over a week until they determined she had a 10 mm Kidney Stone! We knew she was hurting because she had never missed a rehearsal before because she was sick. She was even able to start our weekly Zoom Rehearsal that week before heading back to bed. Patty Pennycook aka Wonder Woman! We are glad to have her back and rehearsals and feeling great!

Then on August 16 th at 5 am the skies lit up with lightning and roared with thunder, followed by light patches of rain. While it was going on it looked so beautiful, the designs in the sky were spectacular. Then we all woke up and found out there were 100’s of places that the lightning had touched down and there were fires all over the state including the 5 counties our PEC members hail from. Our ladies in Vacaville and Fairfield were hit first, we had one gal who had to evacuate and we all sent her prayers with the fire only 1 mile from her home.  Just over the hill our ladies in Napa had their bags packed and watched as the fires grew. Luckily, the fires didn’t get close and no evacuations in Napa County for us. The Walbridge Fire was still raging in Sonoma County with Dry Creek Valley vines and the Armstrong Redwoods at risk. Two of our gals from Healdsburg were on evacuation warning for over a week as the fires were only 2 miles away. We feel very lucky that everyone is home now and the fires, as of this article are at 85% containment. We appreciate all the positive thoughts and comments on Social Media for our members, all we can say is we are thankful.

Thankful to see each other again at our Zoom Meetings each Wednesday and thankful that all of our members are safe. We were extra thankful this month to have a coaching visit from our favorite Barbershopper, the awesome Joe Connolly. He always knows what to say to make us feel good. We had a great session pulling apart the “sneak breath”. He gave us some great new techniques for creating our own breath plans. This is our month for being thankful, we are so proud to be a part of this chorus, this region and this fabulous singing organization. We are looking forward to AIM Weekend coming up and 75 th Anniversary International in October. See you there! 

This month, we have focused on the choreography for one of our newer songs. We have been taking advantage of the breakout room capability within Zoom for this, and our choreography team has also created videos for us to review when we are not at rehearsal. Though it's a bit more difficult to do this virtually, we have made great progress learning it, and we can't wait to be able to do it together in person. We have also begun learning the singing portion of another new song. 

In addition to doing our regular physical and vocal warmups and working on our repertoire, we have continued to provide music education. We learned to identify more intervals, and Judie Wykoff taught a class in marking our music. We've continued to break out into sections to focus our efforts. Julie also gave us all an opportunity to release some of our stress by screaming into a pillow unmuted for a few seconds! No need to worry - it was not long enough for us to hurt ourselves. This was very cathartic and fun.

Last week,  we had a wonderful coaching session from Sandy Marron, who taught us about Speech Level Singing, a school of thought that encourages us to sing the way we speak. We did some exercises where we first spoke a line of a song with energy and animation. Then we chanted it on a single tone using the same energy, and finally, we sang it. This helped us to focus less on forcing the sound to come out a certain way and allowed us more freedom to produce the sound more naturally. We always enjoy our sessions with Sandy, and it was great to have her back with us.

As mentioned in last month's newsletter, we have been working to create a virtual chorus presentation. A number of chorus members have submitted audio recordings, and we'll soon progress to the video recording submissions. This month's storytelling gathering was a back-to-school theme, where people shared their school experiences. We continue to have daily coffee chats and occasional tea gatherings as well. Although we do find this time apart challenging, we are trying to encourage opportunities to maintain connection with each other.

We have intensified our efforts to meet new people this month by reaching out on Nextdoor and other social media channels. We will be hosting a guest night in early October as well in hopes of encouraging more singers to see what we are all about. We are hopeful for the future. We hope our regional community is doing well.
It seems like just yesterday we were looking ahead to the summer, and now it's September already! We have been doing virtual rehearsals for almost six months now. We have learned so much about technology during this time, and we continue to improve our skills in spite of not being able to be together in person.
This summer has certainly been an interesting one for Oregon Spirit!  We sure appreciate our awesome director, Kathy Scheel, for keeping everyone motivated and connected and getting so many great “guest star” presenters to continue our education. She is now planning to use snippets of their sessions to create themed videos like “What do the experts say about resonation?”  or “How important are vocal skills?”  Here’s a list of all the experts we learned from since March:
Paula Davis
Kathleen Hansen
Dede Nibler
Nikki Blackmer
Ann Downton
Elizabeth Davies
Sandy Marron
Ryan Heller (hosted by Seattle Seachordsmen)
Kim Vaughn
Rob Mance
Jan Carley  
In between all these amazing educational mini-sessions, we have learned four new songs this summer!  And our youngest member, Amy Amato, is incredibly talented and comfortable with technology so even we’re starting our first virtual chorus project in a few weeks.   
Now almost done with our vacation break, and will be back to regular rehearsals on September 8th.   But we’ve been away from Zoom rehearsals, we’re starting preparations for our eventual return to in-person rehearsals.  With the recent aerosol studies being done on “Safety in Singing”, we are starting to feel more hopeful that we will be able to sing together again in the next couple of months.  Of course, we will still need to use masks and limit the number of singers to <25 at a time, but the prospect of hearing 4-part harmony is something we eagerly anticipate!  According to the recent study, a group can rehearse for 30 minutes but must vacate the room for an air change, so we’re checking with our facility’s systems, as well as the ability to use multiple rooms during an evening.  There are many other details involved in preparing for a limited return and we’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety and health of all singers.  It’s great to have a goal in sight and if we are able to do this, it’ll certainly be an emotional occasion!
Fri, Sep 11 - Sat, Sep 12   REGISTRATION NOW OPEN - Fall AIM w/ Therese Antonini- Session 1 & 2 Virtual Event - Zoom Webinar
Mon, Sep 14  9:30am Morning Warmups w/Dede Resumes! Virtual Event
Mon, Sep 14  7:00pm HFC - Coaching with Lynn Smith  
Tue, Sep 15  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Tue, Sep 15  7:30pm MVC Guest Night Kick Off On Via Zoom  
Wed, Sep 16  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Wed, Sep 16  7:00pm MVC Author Chat Lewis Buzbee via Zoom  
Thu, Sep 17  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Mon, Sep 21  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Tue, Sep 22  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Tue, Sep 22  7:30pm MVC Guest Night via Zoom #2/7  
Wed, Sep 23  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Thu, Sep 24  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Thu, Sep 24  7:15pm BASC Coaching w/Jan Carley  
Fri, Sep 25 -
Sat, Sep 26 
  Region 12 - Fall AIM w/ Therese Antonini- Session 2 Virtual Event - Zoom Webinar
Mon, Sep 28  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Tue, Sep 29  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Tue, Sep 29  7:00pm OSC Zoom with Guest Star Rob Mance  
Wed, Sep 30   9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Thu, Oct 1  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Mon, Oct 5  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Mon, Oct 5  7:00pm MVC Author Chat: J.A. Jance via Zoom  
Tue, Oct 6  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Wed, Oct 7  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Thu, Oct 8  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Mon, Oct 12  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Evetn
Tue, Oct 13  9:30am SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Wed, Oct 14  9:30am                   SVC'S WAKE UP WITH DEDE - VOCAL WARMUPS Virtual Event
Thu, Oct 15 
to Sat, Oct 17                                   
  Virtual Event: SAI's 75th Diamond Anniversary & 74th Annual International Convention and Competition Virtual Event


Come join Dede Nibler - Master Director of Sacramento Valley Chorus, is hosting WAKE UP WITH DEDE,  a daily 25-minute vocal conditioning and warm-up session, which begins at 9:30 AM Monday through Thursday. You are invited to join in for humming, bubbling, trilling, arpeggioing, appoggioing, and many other fun warm-ups. There will be fun songs and rounds.
NEW ZOOM link beginning September 14th
We have changed to a new Zoom Account with a new log-in address and password -  contact us if you do not already have the updated information. 
or log-in to the members-only section of the Region 12 website to open: 
Wake Up with Dede - Vocal Warmups - log-in info.

Facebook is an excellent way to reach out to your audience. Be sure to post weekly. It can be a recap of your latest rehearsal, the announcement of an upcoming event or share a related musical meme.

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