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For information about the upcoming Region 12 Virtual Video competition please refer to the Convention 2022 tab on the website and to the Events calendar.
Special Virtual Event
Region 12 Competition Virtual Video

May 28th, 2022

How to Watch the 2022 Convention Results YouTube

Visit the Pacific Shores Region 12 YouTube page (link below) to find both the 2022 Quartet Competition and the 2022 Chorus Competition.

Videos will premiere:
  • Quartet Competition Saturday, May 28, 11 am Pacific Time
  • Chorus Competition Saturday, May 28, 2 pm Pacific Time

Judging Results and Video:
  • Quartet/Chapter score sheets will be sent directly from SAI after May 28.
  • Quartet/Chapter video will be available for downloading from our Dropbox no later than Sunday, May 29, 2022.

The link will be sent to the email address on your registration form. As a reminder, you need to request permission from SAI to post your video on your website.

URL for Region 12 YouTube Account:
Reminder from the Regional Financial Coordinator

As of the 2022-2023 Sweet Adeline Year, all Regional Assessments will be due by July 31, 2022 per direction of SAI in January 2022.  There will no longer be an extension to the Regional dues.

The Regional Assessment is still $50 per regular and CAL members and $15 for Youth members.  Assessment Notices will be emailed to Financial Coordinators and CAL members during the first part of May 2022.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Geri Miller-Riedel  
Financial Coordinator
Region 12 Pacific Shores
Regional Education Update
Happy Spring, Region 12!  As we are making our way towards summer, we have some exciting education events coming up. Mark your calendars for the following events: 

Saturday, July 16th- Learn a new regional song! 
Location: San Jose, CA

Saturday, July 30th- LAW School 
Location: Eugene, OR 

Friday, August 19th & Saturday, August 20th- Fall AIM 2022 
Location: Sacramento, CA 

Fall 2022- LAW School/YWIH Event 
Location: TBD 

More details to come! 

Alison Miller
Education Coordinator 
Happy Spring, Sisters-in-Harmony!!

We had such a great time performing in front of some of our sisters at our Region 12 contest!

A big thank you to Pacific Empire Chorus for making sure the day went smoothly and ushering us everywhere we needed to be.

We are looking forward to our guest program starting in May, and we hope to welcome some new ladies to the magical world of four-part harmonies.

Look for us as we get ready for our summer event, an ice cream social coming up in June. We hope to see you all again soon. Best of luck to the choruses still to compete! We cannot wait to see the final video later this month!

It's finally Competition season again, and even though we can't compete in person again this year, High Desert Harmony is excited to perform our set on video. Here's hoping that next year we'll all be back at the Sparks Nugget celebrating Competition together! 

HDH performed our "Friends & Family" show at Five Star Premier Residences in Reno at the end of April for an appreciative audience of residents and loved ones. We rehearsed weekly at Five Star for years pre-pandemic, and it was wonderful to be back in that familiar space. Free Range quartet performed their Competition set as an added treat for the audience.


On April 30th, several HDH members and their families joined in a community project to "Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful," helping with gardening and cleanup at Idlewild Park. HDH has committed to participate in this community effort several times in 2022.

Save the date! On Saturday, July 16th, HDH will team up with Reno's men's barbershop group, Silver Dollar Chorus, to present "Harmony in the Park: A Celebration of Barbershop Music." Guest quartets will also be featured and a workshop will be presented for the kiddies! This show, supported in part by a grant from Reno's Arts and Culture Commission, is part of Reno's month-long Artown celebration. Make plans to come to Reno this July!
Small in number but mighty in song and spirit, we took the stage at Regionals in Milpitas and relished in the experience of finally perform again after two long years. Having so many of you in the audience cheering us on with big smiles and thunderous applause made it even better!

Since January, we worked to prepare for April 30th in any way we could, together or apart.

"We used Zoom to our advantage,” says our dear director Barb Vander Putten. “We provided education, vocal exercises and focused time with the section leaders. It sure paid off! Add a dash of saucy coaching from Jan Gervais/Julie Harrelson and a pinch of spice from Angela Suraci, and you've got a recipe for fun and fabulous singing!"

We’re already looking to the future with a new song to learn, planning a guest night and a show this fall. But first, we look forward to the virtual Regional show on May 28, and the results. Best wishes to you all who will be competing this month!

With beautiful weather comes beautiful singing as we continued preparing for our competition this month. The past few months of coaching, focus and internalizing our progress culminated at our competition recording which took place on April 26th. Even though we weren’t at the Nugget, we still had the energy and excitement (and butterflies) to sing our set for the audience and judges who will eventually see all of Region 12’s talent. Many thanks to Randy Sahae and company for their due diligence in their preparation and recording of all of Region 12’s participating choruses. And many thanks to Angela who prepared us so well and who is so much fun to watch while we follow her directing. 
We had a coaching retreat this month at Saratoga High School with a surprise coach: none other than our own Angela Suraci! We were able to take this time to delve into our competition songs, working on breaths and tone, working the interpretation…and more. The choir room at Saratoga High was acoustically amazing! It was a great coaching retreat!


Deborah Calantropio-Covington was welcomed as a new member into the baritone section.  Kay Kundinger is her big sister. It’s so nice to welcome you, Deborah!


Themed rehearsals are always fun, and Lyn Clinton planned a Hawaiian-themed rehearsal this month, complete with Hawaiian leis and yummy snacks. Kudos to you, Lyn!


We wore our baseball gear to our “season opener”, and Carol Gerwitz wrote a great script that the management team presented after rehearsal. Many laughs were had on the risers!   We hope you will join us at the San Jose Giants game on July 16th when we take to the field to sing the National Anthem. Visit for tickets in our reserved section. There will also be churros and fireworks! Play Ball!


April was a busy month for Sacramento Valley Chorus as we prepared for Video Contest on May 14th. We are happy to be back on the risers again. We feel so fortunate to be able to rehearse at our Center of Spiritual Awareness rehearsal site on Wednesday nights. The positive words hanging from the rafters inspire us and make it impossible for us not to smile. We worked on the contest set and performed at our first Friends and Family show in 2 years on May 1st.

We wish all the best to our competing quartet Whatever4.

We welcomed a new baritone member, Tamra Perez, who was a past member of Sacramento Valley Chorus and is a delight to have back in the fold. 

And we had a special guest this month during Spring Break, Melody, Dede's lovely granddaughter. She directed the chorus for one song. She's a budding director for sure!



April has been a great month for SOS, celebrating our theme of Somebunny Loves You. We welcomed our new lead Karen Giovannini, and she jumped right in with both feet. We had our first live coaching in two years with the incomparable Ryan Heller. While working on our competition songs, choreography and resonance, we had lots of laughter and joy. The weekend left us invigorated, with a renewed sense of purpose and togetherness.

We welcomed our newest member to the management team as administrative coordinator,  Allison Murphy. The multi-talented Kris Skold continues another term in her capacity as Marketing Coordinator.  We are all really lucky to benefit from her expertise and talent!

As our region holds its competitions, we wish everyone the best - have a great time on stage!

January and February are usually the busiest months of the year for Pacific Empire. However, this year we went back to Zooming to stay safe and well.  Darn, we even canceled our Crab Feed event for the first time after 10 consecutive years. We look forward to having our Crab Feed NEXT year, so SAVE THE DATE: FEB 11, 2023!!!   We would love for you to join in the fun for the only crab feed that comes with crab as well as a free concert with lots of love songs around Valentine’s Day!
In February, we normally have our retreat, but we postponed that as well and instead held our KICK OFF 2022 all day outside session to learn new visual, have sectionals, and start a new song for our Queen Set!   We were SO happy to be back LIVE and get to sing, dance and laugh together again!  We had a lovely day outside, brought lunch and lawn chairs and had a fun picnic together in between sessions!
In March, we did get to see AWESOME JOE to work our new uptune, and we had so much fun singing and catching up after not seeing him for two long years.  On April 28, we had a blast working with ERIN Howden before hostessing our Region 12 Video Contest Recording weekend as outgoing Chorus Champs.  We must be part of the longest current champ group, now excited to finally head to International again in Phoenix, AZ!  Wow, were we glad to see everyone in Milpitas and to get to hear Region 12 choruses and quartets LIVE again.  We were so grateful to be part of welcoming you back to singing and certainly look forward to seeing more of you in Sacramento.

PEC is rebuilding with the rest of you after such a long time away from the norm.  We welcome our new member Dawn and hope to bring more new voices to barbershop with our guest night programs as we grow toward our long-awaited performance at International in Phoenix this Fall.  Anyone want to go to Phoenix?  Give Patty a ring!  We’ve got lots of work to do, lots of great coaching this summer, and we hope to see all of you and get to perform for you at the Pep Rally in August!    Be well, all, and keep a song in your hearts!

Pacific Empire Chorus - Empowering women of all ages
through Performance, Education and Competition

April brought us our final two coaching sessions with Kathy Scheel on April 2nd and 23rd in Medford in preparation for Eugene.  Her help has been greatly appreciated, and we’re excited to show off what our core group of singers can do.  Dinner afterwards with some of the chorus was another good time to share with Kathy.  Passin’ Notes Quartet enjoyed our coaching sessions with Kathy at Barb’s house in Grants Pass on those Friday nights followed by wine and snacks and fun conversation.

We shared a booth at Medford’s Pear Blossom Festival on April 8-9th with the local men’s chorus, Rogue Voices.  We sang our mixed voice songs with them and talked to a lot of folks.  Hopefully both choruses will get some new members from our efforts.  We’ll be in shows with the guys in August and September.

What a wonderful feeling to work on and then perform our contest music this past month! We spent the first two weeks putting in a bunch of focused work on the set. We had an extra choreo rehearsal on a weekend for both our front row and riser performers. These rehearsals helped us to incorporate all we have been learning with respect to our visual performance as well as our sound.

We had a fun Friends and Family performance on the 21st. It felt great to be in front of an appreciative audience with our full costumes and run our set twice. Two quartets also performed their contest sets. We had a final rehearsal on the 28th, and then it was contest day!

After two years without competition, it was so exciting to have the contest experience! From checking in through walking through the traffic pattern to performing our contest set to assuming our picture pose, it reminded us that we are gradually getting Back to Our Future, which was the theme for our fundraising event in March. 

We look forward to our guest program that starts at the end of May as well as two performances in June. Sending much love to our singing sisters across the region!
Sun, May 22 7 pm Director's monthly Zoom meeting Zoom
Sat, May 28   Region 12 Competition Virtual Video Results Virtual Video Contest
Tue, May 31 7:45 pm SOS - Mini-show Santa Rosa, CA
Thu, Jun 2 6:30 pm SVC coaching Erin Howden CSA
Jun 3 - 5 7 pm RMT Retreat Sacramento
Sat, Jun 4 12:30 pm        BASC - Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival Sunnyvale, CA
Jun 17 - 18           SOS - Coaching w/ Vickie Maybury Santa Rosa, CA
Sat, Jun 25 7:00 pm VOICES IN HARMONY Salem, Oregon
Sat, Jun 25   RLC Ice Cream Social Grace Lutheran Church Parking Lot
Sun, Jun 26 3:30 pm BASC - Show and Ice Cream Social Spangenberg Theater, Palo Alto
Sat, Jul 16 6:00 pm MVC National Anthem @ San Jose Giants Excite Ballpark, San Jose
Jul 20 - 24    IES 2022 in San Antonio, TX San Antonio, Texas
Sat, Jul 23 9:00 am MVC Deke Sharon coaching OBI Studio
Sat, Jul 30   Summer Regional Education Event TBA
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Facebook is an excellent way to reach out to your audience. Be sure to post weekly. It can be a recap of your latest rehearsal, the announcement of an upcoming event or share a related musical meme.

Pacific Shores Region 12 has two Facebook pages:
  • Pacific Shores Region 12 - Sweet Adelines  - This Facebook is used to promote the region's activity and news. Currently  994 Likes, 1114 Following
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Kristen Skold - Communications
Angela Suraci - Directors
Alison Miller - Education
Mary Mamer - Events
Geri Miller-Reidel - Finance
Kevran Day - Marketing

Lynda CasillasMembership
Sandy Jones - Team Coordinator

RMT email:

The SA community events calendar ( is now your go-to source to find out where and when SA events are happening in your community, and to publicize your chorus’s upcoming event. Go to this page and click “Add Event” to add any chorus event you may have!
Join Region 12's own directors - 
Dede Nibler and Kathy Scheel as co-directors on a trip of a lifetime to London. for more information.

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The incomparable joy of barbershop music!

Education from world-class barbershop faculty!

Visiting with barbershop friends for tag singing, afterglows, and fun!

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Phoenix Convention Center (Competition Venue)

The Phoenix Convention Center (our new home from Sept. 12–17) GBAC STAR rating ensures a safer environment for gatherings like our exciting return to the international stage.

Explore Phoenix Convention Center
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Coming Soon...

Stay where the action is! The official Sweet Adelines hotel block opens in May. Keep up with Sweet Adelines communications channels so you’ll be ready to book rooms early.

Sign up to sing in the Family Chorus.

Plan your day-to-day with the event schedule, find out who's competing, learn topics and instructors of education classes, and check out tour offerings and other special activities planned for Phoenix!

Sweet Adelines International
74th Annual International Convention & Competition
September 12-17, 2022
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


For Individual and Group Registration, Event Schedule, and COVID-19 health and safety protocols, visit

Hello Harmony College Northwest Family!

Your HCNW planning team has been hard at work on plans for this summer. As you can likely imagine, our primary focus over the last few months has been creating a safe and enriching experience for our students, faculty, and staff in the midst of continued COVID exposure concerns, limitations on travel, and changing protocols. With so many variables beyond our control, and as much as we had hoped to meet in person, it has become clear that HCNW should be held virtually in 2022.

After reviewing state and local COVID safety policies, researching best practices and health guidelines from similar events, and communicating with University of Puget Sound event staff, it has become clear that holding an in-person event that allows us to gather to sing, even in small groups, just Apossible. As much as we want to reconnect as friends and fellow singers, the on-campus requirements for masking, social distancing, and room capacities will significantly limit class sizes, coaching opportunities, options for shows - including restrictions around singing on campus. We just wouldn’t be able to do the things that make Harmony College Northwest so wonderful. We do know, however, that we can create a fun and fulfilling virtual event, so that’s what we are going to do!

Making a firm decision about holding a Virtual HCNW means that the HCNW team can move full speed ahead with our plans! Last summer, we offered multiple learning tracks, online coaching, specialized workshops, a great closing show… and you can expect more of that in 2022. We’ll be incorporating your feedback, making improvements, and getting everything ready for another fantastic virtual event.  

Stay tuned for more information about classes, faculty, and more… coming your way soon!

Harmony College NW: 14 sessions (June 10-11 & 17-18) plus Saturday night show - $35.  

Arranger Workshop: June 16-17, prior to HCNW classes - $25.

More information and registration are on our website:

Pacific Shores Region 12 Chapters
Link to Region 12 Chorus Webpage
Map of Region 12 Chapters - Links to Chapter websites 
Found on under GROUPS>CHORUSES


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