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Multi Best In Show, Multi Reserve Best In Show, Select American and Canadian Grand Champion

Woodside's Southern Belle  


Nora MacLeod & Fred McMullen along with Bella’s breeder Sandy Anderson, and handler Emily Burdon are proud to have Bella on this week’s front cover.
Bella has certainly taken this year by storm in Canada! After selectively campaigning in the USA last year, ending up as number 10 German Shepherd Dog, she came home and started her campaign with her best friend Emily Burdon. On her first weekend out in 2017, Bella was awarded Best in Show under Virginia Lyne!!! This started what has been an amazing year to date. Bella has been consistently winning Best In Shows under the most prestigious of judges.

Bella comes from a long line of very successful German Shepherds bred by Sandy Anderson of Woodside German Shepherds. Her sire US GV & CAN GV MBIS Woodside’s Megabucks ROM was the #1 German Shepherd Dog (All breed points) in the USA in 2014, with 14 Best In Shows. He has won both the American and Canadian Nationals… Proving that GOOD sound German Shepherd Dogs can prove themselves not only in the all-breed ring, but also in the Specialty show rings. Bella has also placed Select at the Canadian National Specialty in 2015 as a young bitch.

Emily & Bella make the most perfect team… showing that girls always  do want to have fun!!!
The ideal German Shepherd Dog is stamped with a look of quality and nobility - difficult to define, but unmistakable when present…
The head is noble, cleanly chiseled, strong without coarseness, but above all not fine…

Emily & Bella keep reaching goals that have surpassed our expectations.
Bella is
Canada’s Number 1 German Shepherd
Canada’s Number 1 Herding Dog
Bella currently has:
7 Best in Shows
4 Reserve Best n Shows
Over 65 group placements
Thank you to all of the judges and Bella’s ringside supporters for recognizing our very special girl.
We would like to welcome Fred McMullen to Team Bella!!!
We will go the distance….

Breeder: Sandy Anderson
Co-Owner: Fred McMullen
Owner: Nora MacLeod
Handler: Emily Burdon CPHA
September 8, 9, 10, 2017
Friday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Bill Walkey
BIS Newfoundland - GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India
RBIS Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired) - GCh Wagswell's Summer In The City
Friday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Margaret Jones
BIS West Highland White Terrier - GCh Skyehigh's Here We Go Again
RBIS Newfoundland - GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Elizabeth Gunter
BIS German Shepherd Dog - GCh Kohlein's Estrella
RBIS Papillon - GCh Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks
Sunday Best in Show Judge: William Gunter
BIS Papillon - GCh Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks
RBIS Kerry Blue Terrier - GCh Wildside's Setting Fire To The Reign
September 8, 9, 10, 11 2017
Friday Best in Show Judge: Kim Ramey-Leblanc
BIS Borzoi - Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure
RBIS Kerry Blue Terrier - GChEx Krisma's X Marks The Spot
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Rick Fehler
BIS Retriever (Golden) - GCh Brio's Hotsicle
RBIS Ibizan Hound - GCh Amahte's Talladega Nights
Sunday Best in Show Judge: James Fredericksen
BIS Borzoi - Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure
RBIS Setter (English -) Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope
Monday Best in Show Judge: Vicky Umpleby
BIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
RBIS Borzoi- Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure
September 8, 9, 10, 2017
Friday Best in Show Judge: Patricia Taylor
BIS Pomeranian - Ch Sunterra Sudden Impact
RBIS Bloodhound - Ch Boru's Breaking News
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Nancy Popovich
BIS Pomeranian - Ch Sunterra Sudden Impact
RBIS Bullmastiff - Ch Nightwatch's Tito Of Bramstoke
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Robert Whitney
BIS French Bulldog - GCh Valpo's Man Of Steel
RBIS Spaniel (American Cocker) - GCh Leolynne's Heart Throb
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Elaine Whitney
BIS French Bulldog - GCh Valpo's Man Of Steele
RBIS Pomeranian - Ch Sunterra Sudden Impact
September 8, 9, 10, 2017
Friday Best in Show Judge: Joy Lynne Huntley
BIS Schnauzer (Giant) - Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Ekarat Sangkunakup
BIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Hans van den Berg
BIS Irish Wolfhound - GCh Kinglir At Curiann
September 9, 10, 2017
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Joyce Love
BIS Manchester Terrier - Ch Mersey Smooth Criminal
RBIS Bullmastiff - GCh Pine Ridge's Huckleberry Finn
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Jacqueline Rusby
BIS Bullmastiff - GCh Pine Ridge's Huckleberry Finn
RBIS Pekingese - Ch PekeEasy Top Gun Is In Town
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Bruce Owen
BIS Collie (Smooth) - Ch Cardross Red Dirt Road
RBIS Pekingese - Ch PekeEasy Top Gun Is In Town
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: Mel Beech
BIS Shiba Inu - Ch Akanami's High Bar Kohei
RBIS Pointer - Ch Seasyde Believe In Me

Top 15 All Breeds in Canada 

Rank    Name Breed Points

1   GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico  Portuguese Water Dog  11852
2   GCh Summerford's What Ever  Newfoundland 9058
3   GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India  Newfoundland 7512
4   Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope  English Setter  6165
5   GCh Skyehigh's Here We Go Again   West Highland White Terrier  4813
6   Ch Rexroth's Angelina  Miniature Pinscher  4344
7   Ch Takala Trails Darcy  Irish Terrier  3716
8   Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure  Borzoi  3665
9   GCh Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz  Afghan Hound  3444
10   GCh Gallardo Tybrushe GirlAlmighty  Boxer  3394
11   GCh Brio's Hotsicle  Golden Retriever  3187
12   GCh PaRay's Molto Particulare  Bichon Frise  3030
13   GChEx Triseter Celtic Player  Gordon Setter  3004
14   GCh Woodside's Southern Belle  German Shepherd Dog  2742
15   Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck Giant Schnauzer  2687
unofficial results courtesy of


Top 15 All Breeds in The USA

Rank    Name Breed  

1   GChB Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers  Giant Schnauzer   
2   GChB Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky  Puli   
3   GChP Silverhall Strike Force  American Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)  
4   GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love  Bichon Frise  
5   GChP Mojo's Continuation Of A Myth  Akita   
6   GChP Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble  Pug  
7   GChP Fidelis Ripcord  Doberman Pinscher   
8   GChB Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn  Welsh Terrier   
9   GChP Sabe's Simply Invincible  Boston Terrier   
10   GChS Yarrow Hi-Tech Drills N Skills  Affenpinscher   
11   GChG Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire  Siberian Husky   
12   GChS Clussexx Man Of Steel  Clumber Spaniel   
13   GChP Cerise Blindside  English Springer Spaniel   
14   GCh Kamand's Full Of Beans @ Erinhill  Sussex Spaniel   
15   GChS Tamarin Tailback  Affenpinscher   
for events processed through August 31st, 2017

The Mission

September 11, 2001
Dad walks towards me with moist eyes. I sense the sorrow in his gait. "Come on Rex. We have a serious job to fulfill. A lot of people depend upon us." With these words, I realize that today is very different. No fun and games. I assume my determined mode of "let's get down to business." I hop in my crate. Dad pulls our van out of the driveway and away from our cozy home. In the quietness of a foggy New England morning, we speed off.

As Dad drives down the highway, I detect heaviness in his heart. He turns off the radio. He rubs his eyes as he drives. He remains silent until we are close to the city. My nose immediately detects the stench of burnt metal and gas fumes. Outside our car windows the landscape is surreal as a dirty ash covers everything. As we round the corner, immediately in front of us are various canines outfitted with search and rescue gear. Canines of all different sizes, breeds, mixed breeds and temperament are gathered with one mindset. All are eager to start their mission of search and rescue. I am struck by the intense sorrow emitted from the human handlers assigned to this mission. I sense their raw emotions ranging from grief, anger to fear and despair.

We gather outside. A human team leader methodically reviews the technical aspects of our mission. Each canine-human team is assigned into a group called a pack. Each pack is assigned a geographic section noted on a map to complete search and rescue. We are explicitly warned of the potential dangers for dog and human. Specific instructions are reviewed to avoid injury to the dogs from hot metal that might still be burning.

The team leader tells us in graphic detail that human bodies may be found alive but with horrific injuries. Many humans may already be dead or near death. We are told to control our emotions, and concentrate on our goal: finding injured but alive humans. I am nervous at this man's warnings as the stench of death becomes more intense when I sniff the outside air. My Dad tries to remain composed. I sense he is studying the map and the location of our search. We transform into a focused search and rescue team. My Dad looks down on me with serious eyes and scratches behind my ears as he places my search and rescue vest around my torso. "Rex, we are going to find some mangled victims but our goal is to locate them and save them." Dad then makes the sign of the cross as he blesses me and the other teams. We then march out to our assignment, Fearless and determined to fulfill the mission, we walk briskly towards what is known as "Ground Zero" or the fallen Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC). As we approach the huge city blocks of mangled metal and disintegrated buildings, I appreciate the magnitude of human loss. With each breath, I mentally calculate the immense loss of human life. I sense the fear, hesitation and even confusion afflicting the younger dogs who never in the wildest dreams were faced with such a horrific array of scents of death and destruction. I hold my head high and eyes wide open when I trot by them. In a canine sense, I convey to the younger dogs my mental message of mature confidence. By my body language I communicate: "Do your best job. You are well trained. Now is the time to step up to the plate and focus on finding the hurt and injured. Your mission is to find humans. I believe in you. Your handler believes in you. The free world depends upon you. Now let's get going. Remain focused and dedicated to the mission."

Dad sighs heavily. He wipes his sweat-laden brow with the back of his weary forearm. We are both covered with a sooty substance that stings our eyes and burns our nostrils. The millions of scents bombarding my brain is overwhelming. So many human scents under debris is confusing my ability to distinguish life from death. I can see that Dad is slowly getting more frustrated with each passing hour.

A church bell breaks our soulful search. I look up and see before me a stucco building. It like everything else at ground zero is covered with the sooty stinking substance but a warm yellow hue emits from its great front doors. For a few seconds, I stand motionless staring at the soft glow from the church. Dad purposely tugs on my gear. This is a deliberate gesture, which signals for me to get back to work. "Rex, what is distracting you?" shouts Dad. His stern eyes glare at me. I point my muzzle in the direction of the church. His face falls expressionless as now his swollen eyes are focused upon the church with its faint welcoming glow. "Maybe you are right, Rex. Maybe we should take a break." Dad and I clumsily walk from the mound of debris to the muddy path leading to a cement sidewalk. The steadiness and organization of its man made concrete is soothing to my paws. The concrete represents a path for all humans who walked peacefully together. I smell the footprints of humans from many nationalities. Humans of various backgrounds and cultures who, just days ago, trod these New York streets. All had one purpose: to fulfill the American Dream. To, work hard at their chosen professions. To, make a good life for themselves and to assure a better life for their families and children. Through canine eyes, I can see their sorrowful souls hovering near the church doors as we approach her sacred steps. We enter through her majestic doors. No one seems to notice me entering the church. Dad immediately falls on one knee before an icon bows his head and sobs heavily. I hear his unspoken prayer: "Jesus, I hate those people who took the lives of our innocent brothers and sisters. Please help us in the name of God to find someone even half alive. I am tired of finding dis-membered body parts and mangled dead bodies. Please help us in our chosen mission. I am going crazy with grief. Help Rex here to be safe. Thank you for his unending devotion to me and our chosen mission to find survivors. If we can't find anyone alive, then bless their sweet souls who most assuredly gotta be in heaven. Help their heartbroken families. Help me to continue our mission." Dad makes the sign of the cross first on himself and then over me. He looks at me hard with swollen glassy eyes, "Rex, you understand more than I think. You are a good boy." Dad reaches to scratch me behind my ears. He caresses my head with his right hand, "You are a pillar of strength Rex because of your unconditional dedication to help find humans. God love ya Rexie."

It's been eight years since our sorrowful mission. Today is a crisp clear New England autumn morning. The bagpipes play as my Dad's casket is drawn towards the church steps. I proudly wear my service vest as I quietly follow the procession. I climb the worn stairs of the stucco church. I am heartbroken that Dad is gone but the last few years were hard on him. Violent coughing at night and breathlessness described his existence. Death was merciful. I am drawn to the church as I sense a deep peacefulness under her iconic painted ceilings. Someone tugs on my collar to leave when the service is over. I resist. I whimper. I try with all my might not to leave the church. Now, two large hands are dragging me off her sacred floors. A white haired man appears. He stoops down and caresses my muzzle in his warm wrinkled hands. "You could be very comforting to people here. I think the others would feel the same." The old man gently tugs on my lead to follow him. As we walk toward the sacristy, I look up and in the dim light of flickering candles I see a faint outline of a man's profile. It is my Dad! His head nodding with an approving smile. I realize that this now is my home.
Barbara E. Magera MD, PharmD, MMM (Caracaleeb) is a Cavalier fancier who lives and practices medicine in Charleston, South Carolina.
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Behind the Scene

Name: Sherril Wallack
Mijkelh Afghan Hounds

Ottawa, Ontario
1) If you could have another breed, what would it be?
I already have a Havanese
2) What was the last movie you saw at a theatre?
Manchester By the Sea
3) If you could only attend one “must do” show a year, what would it be?
American Afghan National Specialty and the AKC Invitational
4) What show in Canada have you attended that always gives that little extra to their exhibitor’s, which makes it your favorite to attend?
(Stormont,Dundas & Glengarry) SD&G in Ontario
5) What is you favorite dog of all time?
There have been so many fabulous dogs over so many years, I cannot think of just one.
6) What is a favorite grooming product or tool that you will not be without?
Panagenics shampoo and conditioner
7) How do you pick which shows you attend? 
Location, judges and whether it is indoor or outdoor
8) Beside your dogs, what other animals do you have?
Just the dogs
9) What is your favorite beverage?
Day by day tea, to drink a Mojito
10) Name something that is on your “life” bucket list to do?
Go to India
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