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Laureate Shetland Sheepdogs

An amazing week at the 2017 ASSA American National!
Vinnie – Best In Specialty, over entry of 640 Shelties, including 171 Specials!
Ernie – Best In Futurity, over entry of 121 Sheltie Puppies!
Five First places in the classes!

After placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the first class of 20 puppies on the first day of the ASSA National, we had a hunch that the week would turn out pretty good.

On the first day, we showed five puppies in Futurity, and ended up with:
1st 6-9 dogs (entry 20): Laureate Importance of Being (“Ernie”), US 7 pts, 2 majors
2nd 6-9 dogs (entry 20): Can. Ch. Laureate Indomitable (“Domenic”)
3rd 6-9 dogs (entry 20): Laureate Inevitable (“Evan”), US 7 pts, 2 majors
2nd 6-9 bitches (entry 14): Laureate Siena (“Siena”)
1st 12-18 bitches (entry 28): Am. Ch. Laureate Vignette (“Netta”)

Ernie then went on to win BEST IN FUTURITY (over a very competitive entry of 121 sheltie puppies).

Laureate Importance of Being
In the regular classes Wednesday through Friday, we showed 6 youngsters and ended up with 3 First places and 3 Second places in large competitive classes.
1st 6-9 sable dogs (entry 14): Laureate Importance of Being (“Ernie”), US 7 pts, 2 majors
2nd novice dogs (entry 7): Can. Ch. Laureate Indomitable (“Domenic”)
1st bred-by dogs (entry 14): Laureate Inevitable (“Evan”), US 7 pts, 2 majors
2nd 6-9 sable bitches (entry 19): Laureate Siena (“Siena”)
2nd 9-12 sable bitches (entry 27): Laureate Spaghetti Western (“Getty”), US 8 pts, 2 majors
1st 12-18 sable bitches (entry 25): Am. Ch. Laureate Vignette (“Netta”)

Laureate Inevitable

Laureate Siena

Laureate Spaghetti Western

Am. Ch. Laureate Vignette
On Friday, we showed Vinnie with his two young sons in a large Stud Dog class, filled with mature competitors. We were thrilled that he placed 2nd with his promising young offspring.
On the final day of competition on Saturday, 171 Specials were entered. We were thrilled to win an AWARD OF MERIT on our young dog JP.
And then . . . Vinnie wins BEST IN NATIONAL SPECIALTY (over 640 Shelties, including 171 Specials)
ASSA American National BISS /
Am MBISS GCHB 2X ASSA SELECT / Can MBIS GCH Laureate Invincible, GCN
Thank you sheltie breeder-judges Ms. Glenda Henson, Mr. David Calderwood, Ms. Jan Haderlie and Ms. Jane Bright for the incredible honor.
Special thanks to Sydney Robinson, Sondra Mauzy, Brenda Campbell and Heather Dahl for your help and expertise, and to Justin and Shannon Kaluski for helping with puppy training.
Kim Aston & Pete Culumovic, Laureate Shelties
May 11, 12, 13, 14, 2017
Thursday Best in Show Judge: David Denis
BIS Schnauzer (Giant) - Ch Skansen's Last Man Standing
RBIS West Highland White Terrier - Ch Skyehigh's Here We Go Again
Friday Best In Show Judge: Terry Carter
BIS Bearded Collie - GCh Rallentando Rhyme
RBIS Havanese - GCh Pocopayasos I'm Aim N High
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Lesley Chalmers
BIS West Highland White Terrier - Ch Skyehigh's Here We Go Again
RBIS Bearded Collie - GCh Rallentando Rhyme
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Michael Hill
BIS West Highland White Terrier - Ch Skyehigh's Here We Go Again
RBIS Newfoundland - GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India
May 12, 13, 14, 15 2017-05-17
Friday Best In Show Judge: Judith Byrne
BIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
RBIS Shetland Sheepdog - GCh Mystic Cabella
Saturday Best in Show Judge: William Byrne
BIS Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired) - Ch Matsutakes This Moment In Time
RBIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Bruce Fraser
BIS Irish Terrier - Ch Takala Trails Darcy
RBIS Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired) - Ch Matsutakes This Moment In Time
Monday Best in Show Judge: Donna Conod
BIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
RBIS Irish Terrier - Ch Takala Trails Darcy
May 12, 13, 14, 2017
Friday Show 1 Best In Show Judge: Judith Taylor
BIS Spaniel (English Cocker) - GCh Carnaby Between Friends
RBIS Border Collie - GCh Hollowshots A Twist Of Fate
Friday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Richard Lake
BIS Schnauzer (Giant) - Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck
RBIS Poodle (Standard) - Ch Dawin Affair Of The Heart
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Ann Long-Doyle
BIS Schnauzer (Giant) - Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck
RBIS Spaniel (Clumber) - Clussexx Whisper In The Wind
Sunday Best in Show Judge: John Walsh
BIS Spaniel (English Springer) - Ch Cerise Springfire's Hobo
RBIS Airedale Terrier - Ch Foxheart Westchester Supergirl
May 12, 13, 14, 2017
Friday Show 1 Best In Show Judge:
BIS Saluki - GCh Sirhan Ziyadah Windstorm
Friday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Rick Fehler
BIS German Shepherd Dog - GCh Woodside's Southern Belle
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Carlos Roberto Flaquer Rocha
BIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Larry Kereluke
BIS German Shepherd Dog - GCh Woodside's Southern Belle
May 13, 14, 2017
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Dr. Michael Woods
BIS Collie (Smooth) - Cardross Red Dirt Road
RBIS Beagle - Ch TG Shillington Seeing Stars
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Martin Doherty
BIS Collie (Smooth) - Cardross Red Dirt Road
RBIS Pomeranian – Ch. Chriscendo Conquistador
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Margaret Jones
BIS Bulldog - GCh Bluemount Silver Spirit
RBIS Pug - GCh Diamond Sand's Simply Perfect
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: Peter Machen
BIS Retriever (Golden) - GChEx Polarsky's Twinkle Little Star
RBIS Bulldog -GCh Bluemount Silver Spirit

Top 15 All Breeds in Canada 

Rank    Name Breed Points

1   GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico  Portuguese Water Dog  4370
2   Ch Skyehigh's Here We Go Again  West Highland White Terrier  2725
3   Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope  English Setter  2174
4   GCh Summerford's What Ever  Newfoundland  2044
5   GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India Newfoundland 1803
6   Ch Rexroth's Angelina  Miniature Pinscher  1732
7   Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure  Borzoi  1486
8   Ch CrystaltonChikoda Wht Diamonds  Standard Poodle 1482
9   GCh Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz  Afghan Hound  1454
10   Ch Cerise Dutch Master English Springer Spaniel  1417
11   GChEx Polarsky's Twinkle Little Star Golden Retriever 1404
12   Ch PaRay's Molto Particulare   Bichon Frise  1303
13   GCh Woodside's Southern Belle German Shepherd Dog 1176
14   Ch Takala Trails Darcy Irish Terrier 1140
15   GCh Kenterain's Sweet Child O'Mine Bullmastiff  1132
unofficial results courtesy of


Top 15 All Breeds in The USA

Rank    Name Breed  

1   GChB Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky Puli  
2   GChP Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble Pug  
3   GChP Silverhall Strike Force American Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)  
4   GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love  Bichon   
5   GChB Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers  Giant Schnauzer   
6   GChP Fidelis Ripcord  Doberman Pinscher   
7   GChS Clussexx Man Of Steel  Clumber Spaniel   
8   GChP Mojo's Continuation Of A Myth  Akita   
9   GChP Sabe's Simply Invincible  Boston Terrier   
10   GChP Cerise Blindside  English Springer Spaniel  
11   GChB Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn Welsh Terrier  
12   GChG Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire  Siberian Husky   
13   GChS Yarrow Hi-Tech Drills N Skills  Affenpinscher  
14   GChS Tamarin Tailback  Affenpinscher   
15   GChG Brekkukots Allies With Underdog Chinese Shar-Pei  
for events processed through May 2nd, 2017

A Blast from the Past

ShowScene Contest

Correctly name the Judge & Handler and you will be entered in our monthly draw to Win a $50.00 Starbucks or Tim Hortons Gift Card!!

Click here to enter!
Our thoughts are with family and friends of young professional handler, José Louis Valderrama, who has passed away from his injures after having been shot in the street, such a tragedy to happen to this talented young man. José will be familiar to many of our judges who travel to Mexico for their assignments.

Household Pet Opportunity or Threat

Empty show halls, declining entries and soaring costs, we have to ask ourselves are we loosing out on an opportunity by embracing a new way of thinking.

So many of our organizations AKC, CKC and the FCI were created to perpetuate the advancement of purebred dogs, but now we’re confronted by the difficult task of asking ourselves do we need to refocus our direction and embrace a new way of thinking for the betterment of all dogs.

If we’re going to be sustainable moving forward we need to create new revenue generating sources for our shows and organizations as we’re loosing out on  opportunity. The Cat Fanciers Association along with other registering body’s for purebred cats have embraced the household pet category for sometime now. I have had the opportunity on many occasion to sit back and watch this class being judged, yes judged. The most interesting fact about the household pet category is it always seems to be the group at the show that are the most enthusiastic, cats are acknowledged by their names. The judges critique are a summary of childhood or fond memories recognizing a specific coat pattern, color or characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the class. The class is documented and awards can be earned over the course of the show season. Interesting fact at some point research had indicated that 60% of the people involved in the household pet category take interest in a purebred animal.


My previous post indicated that we had to create new ways to get people into our show halls to make new impressions, again I ask you are we loosing out on opportunity.

Let’s look at logistics if we offered 3 categories: up to 15 inches, 15-22 inches and over 22 inches, we have to create a way that this competition is safe as we will be dealing with novices. Handlers should be a minimum of 8 years old, if a family has younger children than this perhaps we can create an opportunity for juniors. In Canada we offer a Pee Wee class this is not normal for other organizations but again we’re creating opportunities for the whole family to be involved. The family enters with the understanding dog must be clean, nails done, and current on vaccinations we’ve now created residual income for local business in addition to the show giving club and potentially the governing body i.e.. AKC, CKC, etc… as an event # would be necessary if the family were to enter on going events. The class could be judge by aspiring judges as sanction matches seem to be a thing of a past, a potential new component. An ambassador for the show giving club could do an orientation 30 minutes prior the judging welcoming the new participants and giving them an overview of what to expect. Fancy rosettes for 1-4 and there hooked.

Entry fee $30 let’s just say 50pp showed once over the weekend that’s $1500 of new revenue 50 new people to our show halls we haven’t seen before and potentially new people to the fancy. I can tell you from watching these competitions at CFA shows the camaraderie, sportsmanship and excitement are what we’ve lost in our sport.

Last component the pet industry Purina, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, National Box Stores, Vets, and Groomers make successful margins from the pet industry. The reality is we in purebred dogs make up less than 20% of the pie. So when we reach out to these organizations we get 20% of the big picture for funding and sponsorship. If we as an organization embraced a new way of the thinking we would be aligning ourselves with the possibilities of greater sponsorship, as we would be putting ourselves in the face of the audience these companies are trying to capture.

RC logo(485)

So I ask you for the perpetuation of purebred dogs, or the evaluation of all dogs. As Sam Cooke sang  “A Change is Gonna Come”.

Written by: Shawn Nichols, British Columbia, Breeder/Exhibitor/Judge

Behind the Scene

Mario Divanni
Santiago, Chile
FCI All Breed Judge
1) What is your breed of dog, and if you could have another breed, what would it be?
My breeds are Poodles and Wire Fox Terriers. If I had another breed it would probably be English Springer Spaniels.
2) What, and where was the best meal you have ever had while on an assignment?
In China, I have no idea what it was called but it did have shrimps in it.
3) Name a show that would be on your "bucket" list of dream assignments?
Sunbury, Australia
4) What is the strangest question an exhibitor has ever asked you?
An exhibitor asked me if her dress looked good.
5) What is your favorite dog of the "past" in any breed? T
he black Miniature Poodle Champion Suraliam Rupert
6) Do you believe the "sport" of dogs is getting stronger or weaker?
7) Do you limit the number of assignments you do in a year to a number? How many major long distance travel assignments do you do in a year?
I limit my long distance assignments to 6 outside of South America.
8) Did you come from dog-show households? If not, what was your introduction to the sport? 
Dogs were here when I was born.
9) Do you currently have dogs? Do you have any other animals?
10) Do you have time for any activities or hobbies outside of dogs? What are they?
Puppy Play Centre
Watch these beautiful puppies playing with their Puppy Play Centre!

Best In Specialty Show American Grand Champion and Canadian Champion

Pyrview's Sultan of Soul

photo by  Susan Miller Baker
Don’t miss Sully’s homecoming visit this year! Limited 2016 showings in the USA. Even less in Canada.

photo by Mel Ciociola

#4 Great Pyrenees in Canada & #14 in the USA for 2016.

Multiple Group Placements in the USA

photo by Mel Ciociola

Multiple Group Placements in Canada

Best In Specialty Show, Garden State Great Pyrenees Club, USA

Best Of Breed, The National Dog Show, Oaks, PA

Award of Merit, 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, NYC

Be sure to see him while he’s visiting Canada!

photo by Mel Ciociola

Breeder: Sandy and CJ Dyment
Owners: Mel Ciociola, Sandy and CJ Dyment
Handler: CJ Dyment
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