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Shirley Good and I have been breeding Airedales for almost 40 years under the Stirling prefix - my family name from Scotland.
Our background in the breed began 110 years ago, giving me a wealth of knowledge from many of the "old timers" in the breed.
As career academics we spent many years increasing our knowledge of genetics, canine health, structure and movement. 

We showed our own dogs.  Terrier handler specialists and long time successful breeders shared their knowledge and experience generously. 

By 2000, we began sharing  what we had learned with others, especially those who had bought our show prospect puppies.

With the addition of  Greenfield Captain Jack in 1998, and judicial breeding of his offspring, descendants, and close relatives, we have been blessed with a great many top winners.  During those years it became obvious that more dedicated breeders who shared our thirst for knowledge, ethics, the  love of all things Airedale, and a willingness to help others were needed to continue what we had started.  With no longer any large kennels to sustain breeding programs, we welcomed Tom and Jeannie DIlworth of Wildside, Johanna Pemble of Glen Royal and Pamela Bruce of Accolade to share and carry forth our vision.
And the future looks bright indeed. 
Susan Stirling Rodgers

In 2000 Accolade Airedale Terriers came to fruition after 40+ years of coveting the breed. I knew with the amount of upkeep and trimming involved, I could not do the breed justice until they could be my only focus. Michelle Billings guided me in the right direction to Stirling who had nothing available at that time. I obtained my first dog from Kelly Wood - Paradym. He would become a Multi Best In Show winner, # 1 Airedale and a Top Terrier on our first effort. I have successfully continued with guidance from legends Peter (and Andrew) Green, Ernesto Lara, and Susan Stirling Rodgers. Our future is indeed bright based on the solid foundation of their great dogs from the past. We have kept three from the 'race horse litter' going forward!  Thanks to Jo Pemble, and Kelly Wood for the photos and artwork! 
Pamela Bruce

September 29, 30, October 1 2017
Friday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Brenton Wright
BIS Samoyed - GCh Winterdance's Let It Storm
RBIS Pomeranian - GCh Arwins The Toymaker
Friday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Dr. Terill Udenberg
BIS Pomeranian - GCh Arwins The Toymaker
RBIS Afghan Hound - Ch Wynsyr Foxrun My Way Or The Hwy
Saturday Show 3 Best in Judge: Mark Houston-McMillan
BIS Boxer - GCh Gallardo Tybrushe GirlAlmighty
RBIS Spaniel (American Cocker) - GChEx Fanciful's Let The Games Begin
Saturday Show 4 Best in Judge: Guy Jeavons
BIS Poodle (Miniature) - GCh Sonora Keja Diamond In The Mist
RBIS Retriever (Flat-Coated) - GCh Heirborn Above The Law
Sunday Show 5 Best in Show Judge: Wayne Thompson
BIS Spaniel (American Cocker) - GChEx Fanciful's Let The Games Begin
RBIS Keeshond - GCh Showtyme's Happy Feet
Sunday Show 6 Best in Show Judge: Lynda Saranchuk
BIS Spaniel (American Cocker) - GChEx Fanciful's Let The Games Begin
RBIS Bullmastiff - GCh Newalba's Supercharged
September 30, October 1 2017
Saturday Show 1 Best in Judge: Joy Lynne Huntley
BIS Miniature Pinscher Ch Rexroth's Angelina
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Glen Stark
BIS French Bulldog - GCh Valpo's Man Of Steele
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Rick Fehler
BIS Newfoundland -GCh Summerford's What Ever
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: Donna Conod
BIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever

Top 15 All Breeds in Canada 

Rank    Name Breed Points

1   GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico  Portuguese Water Dog  12318
2   GCh Summerford's What Ever  Newfoundland 9614
3   GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India  Newfoundland 7493
4   Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope  English Setter  5889
5   Ch Rexroth's Angelina  Miniature Pinscher  4898
6   GCh Skyehigh's Here We Go Again   West Highland White Terrier  4789
7   Ch Takala Trails Darcy  Irish Terrier  3803
8   GCh Gallardo Tybrushe GirlAlmighty  Boxer  3696
9   GCh PaRay's Molto Particulare  Bichon Frise  3566
10   GCh Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz  Afghan Hound  3562
11   Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure  Borzoi  3537
12   GCh Brio's Hotsicle  Golden Retriever  3357
13   GChEx Triseter Celtic Player  Gordon Setter  3245
14   GCh Woodside's Southern Belle  German Shepherd Dog  2950
15   Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck Giant Schnauzer  2950
unofficial results courtesy of


Top 15 All Breeds in The USA

Rank    Name Breed  

1   GChS Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers  Giant Schnauzer   
2   GChS Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky  Puli   
3   GChP Silverhall Strike Force  American Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)  
4   GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love  Bichon Frise  
5   GChP Mojo's Continuation Of A Myth  Akita   
6   GChS Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn  Welsh Terrier   
7    GChP Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble  Pug   
8   GChP2 Sabe's Simply Invincible  Boston Terrier   
9   GChP Fidelis Ripcord  Doberman Pinscher   
10   GChS Yarrow Hi-Tech Drills N Skills  Affenpinscher   
11   GChG Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire  Siberian Husky   
12   GChG Clussexx Man Of Steel  Clumber Spaniel   
13   GChP2 Cerise Blindside  English Springer Spaniel   
14   GChS Tamarin Tailback  Affenpinscher   
15   GChB Kamand's Full Of Beans @ Erinhill  Sussex Spaniel   
for events processed through September 20th, 2017

Letters to the Editor

ShowScene has been asked to publish the letter from Mr. Robert Rowbotham to Dr. Richard Meen and the letter from the Oakville & District Kennel Club.
Greetings Dick:

To say I was surprised by your criticism of the board would be an understatement, especially from someone who previously has sat on the board. I found many of your comments unjust and unfair, and frankly lacked knowledge of recent board activities.

It was only one year ago that the board shuffled its agenda to ensure it would be able to attend the Oakville Show at the International Centre. I agree it was a worthwhile venture in all aspects. A real win  win situation. However, this year the agenda did not permit a three hour break from business.

On Friday the board’s standing committees met beginning at 10:45 and finished at 5 pm. Not all board members attend these standing committees, but many leave their homes before 6 am to be in attendance. Others arrive late in the afternoon in preparation for Saturday’s meeting.

September was a heavy agenda. The board had several presentations to hear, preliminary budget discussions for 2018 and several very contentious obedience rules plus the other normal business of the board. It began work at 8:30 Saturday morning, had a working lunch and finished at 6:15. The members of the board were back at the table at 8:30 Sunday morning and, again with a working lunch, went through to after 3 pm.

Yes, Friday night 11 members of the board plus staff attended a ball game. In your profession I would think you could appreciate the value of team building. The board left for the game at 5:30 and I might add paid for their own tickets. The dog show would have been over regardless.

The fact you found this ‘insulting, incredulous and mind boggling’ would be the exact sentiments I would have, regarding your comments. I am proud of this board and its accomplishments. Far from obsolete, this and the previous board has attempted to drag the fancy into the new technological era. Interaction with our website has increased dramatically, averaging around 15,000 facebook users per month. It actually spiked to almost 30,000 during Westminster this year.

Toronto is not the only centre where the CKC has a presence. It has attended Pet Expos in Winnipeg and Montreal as well. Funds were included in the budget because this board realized attending regular dog shows was preaching to the converted. Funds are also being included in the 2018 budget to continue this initiative.

I would also dispute there was an ‘absence of the CKC’ at this event. CKC staff along with the support and engagement of 15 members of the CKC Ambassador Program and their dogs offered tours and shared expertise and extolled the benefits of purebred dogs with the spectators. A video of the event with highlights will be posted on our website shortly.

In your claim the board denied Oakville the opportunity to hold the event next year, I take umbrage. CKC staff, the two zone directors and Grant Crossman were engaged and had various discussions with club representatives. It ended when the CKC received an email from the Sudbury Club informing us any meeting to explore options facilitated by the CKC would be a ‘waste of time’. As an organization the CKC must respect our rules and bylaws. There is an established priority date system that was implemented many years ago to prevent clubs from financially harming others. Attempts were made to broker an arrangement between Oakville and Sudbury to no avail. I agree, it is a pity this opportunity was lost. As an aside, it’s not 25km it’s 25 miles and under new rules coming into effect January 1, 2018 it would be 115 miles too close.

This will be an ongoing problem since Canadian Pet Expo constantly moves its dates in accordance with venue availability. It would have been negligence on the part of the board to override rules to make an exception. Without a framework of rules, policy and bylaws we would have anarchy.

I think for discussion regarding your paragraph concerning the vision statement and structure of the board would be beneficial. I personally would like to hear how the current board configuration is destructive and obsolete.

As to your challenging the true motivation of the board members I would like to remind you, since I am fully aware you know, this is a volunteer board. I feel you have maligned the current board with this statement. During its term registrations and participation in events has increased after many years of decline. Much of this minor success has been new policies, new events, added benefits to membership and a focus on promoting purebred dogs.

As one of the CKC’s most respected members, and a former member of the board, it does impact the current board members when unfounded criticism, without full facts is levelled at them.

However, I do thank you for your comments as I am sure it will generate healthy discussion among the board members.
Bob Rowbotham

The Oakville & District Kennel Club (ODKC) and the Canadian Pet Expo (CPE) entered into an agreement to hold the ODKC's 2016 and 2017 dog shows in conjunction with the Fall Canadian Pet Expo at the International Centre in Mississauga ON. However, the dates for the 2018 Fall Canadian Pet Expo conflicted with the Sudbury & District Kennel Club (SDKC) show, and the distance between the SDKC show site and the International Centre did not meet the mileage guidelines set out by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Both the CKC and the SDKC were consulted, but were not able to come to an agreement for 2018, so the ODKC made plans to hold its show at a different location. The ODKC accepted and respects the decision made by both the CKC and the SDKC in this regard.

On September 20th, 2017, two letters were posted online in the ShowScene Magazine. With respect to these letters, the ODKC had no prior knowledge of them. As the ODKC was not present at the meetings between the CPE, Dr. R. Been and the CKC, we cannot comment on them. We look forward to putting on another great show in 2018 at our new venue, and hope you will join us.

Your truly, 
Christine Burton,

CC: CKC Board of Directors
CKC Manager of Shows & Trials
Sudbury & District Kennel Club
ODKC Members
ShowScene Magazine 

Candidates for the CKC Board of Directors 

Zone 1 - Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia

Lendra Barker

I am pleased to re-offer for the position of Director for Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

During the last three years I have served the membership on the following Committees/Councils: Chair of the Herding Council; member of the Legislative Committee; member of the Board Orientation and Education Committee; and member of the CKC Foundation.

I have attended many CKC events in an effort to meet our members and learn about the various sports under the CKC banner, such as obedience, field events for Beagles, Spaniels, Pointers and Retrievers, herding , agility, tracking and drafting tests. I have attended all the Board Meetings and regularly update members on what is happening at the CKC through my CKC Facebook page and email lists.

I have owned and exhibited Doberman Pinschers since 1979 and bred on a limited basis under the “Edelmar” prefix. We currently share our home with two Dobermans Pinschers. I am a CKC Life member (since 2012). I am the President and Show Chair of the Dartmouth Kennel Club. I am a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada (served two terms as President) and the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.
I am retired and have the time to commit to being your Director.
Contact me at
Ted Doane
Ted resides in Halifax, NS, with his family, including two field-bred English Springer Spaniels. He actively competes in, and judges, local field-trial events. Ted is Director of the Scotia Springer Club, and a member of the Prince Edward Interprovincial Springer Spaniel Club. Ted is a current member of the CKC’s Audit Committee, and is well versed with CKC’s activities, initiatives and financial operations.

Ted is currently employed with the Province of Nova Scotia. He is a graduate of Acadia University, earning his Chartered Accounting (CA) designation with a national accounting firm. Ted was granted his fellowship (FCPA, FCA) designation in 2013 for his meritorious service to the profession. He has actively supported professional associations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia, where he is a past President.

Ted served on the Steering Committee to unify the accounting profession as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), and on the executive, boards and committees of many not-for-profit organizations. Ted has authored many articles and presented at conferences across Canada.

Ted and his wife Marion are passionate about their dogs, and spend their available time exercising, training and photographing spaniels.
Contact Ted at

Zone 2 - Prince Edward Island/New Brunswick

Paul Oslach

My interest with purebred dogs began over 39 years ago when I bought my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have bred dogs and shown in conformation and obedience. Beyond showing, my other roles in the dog fancy included CKC Director, past-president and other executive positions for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada, the Centennial Dog Obedience Club and the president of Trafalgar Dog Sport. I have worked actively to support the clubs and exhibitors in the purebred dog fancy for 12+ years as an obedience representative and my two years on the Board for the CKC. As a life member of the CKC, I am committed to doing all I can to develop and promote a strong purebred dog community in New Brunswick and PEI.
Contact me at

Zone 3 - Québec

Linda St-Hilaire
I am running for a seat on the Canadian Kennel Club Board of Directors as your representative for a second term. 

I have been on the CKC Board since 2015 and previously a member of the CKC’s Event Officiating Committee.

I am a registered mutual funds representative and a financial planner and currently a compliance officer at the head office of a large Canadian mutual fund dealer.

I have been involved in the dog show world since 1975 and with Société Canine de Québec of which I am currently the show director and ex-President.
An Instructor of show handling, and pet training, I also offer conformation show and ring steward workshops. I have shown dogs of all groups in events in five provinces, several USA states and Crufts. I still volunteer at various jobs in show, rally and obedience with various clubs. I am now a conformation judge for the Sporting Group and on permit for half of the Working Group.

I wish to keep on representing the interests of the members of Quebec involved in all events. With over 40 years of experience in the dog world I have the knowledge to promote your interests and those of the purebred dogs.

Contact me at

Zone 4 - Ontario North

Richard Paquette

Over the past 45 years I have served on the Board of Directors of the CKC, National Breed Clubs and All Breed Kennel and Obedience Clubs.

I have travelled extensively throughout all parts of our vast zone gaining valuable experience, which qualifies me to understand the problems faced by the breeder, exhibitor and event-sponsoring club, and to provide realistic policies and solutions to the challenges facing our members.

As a former CKC Director, I have been a strong voice for Ontario North and will continue to act as an ombudsman with the CKC for members and all clubs.
Some of the problems of declining interest in purebred dogs and our activities, caused by tough economic times and competition from other leisure activities, need to be addressed if our sport is to continue to thrive. I look forward to working on these important challenges in the future.

I promise to continue to devote the energy and hard work necessary to be successful in my position as Director. The experience and respect I have gained throughout the years will be put to good use in my commitment to the betterment of our members, breeders, exhibitors, clubs, purebred dogs and the CKC.
Contact me at

Zone 5 - Ontario East

Thomas Nesbitt

Career Profile: Religious Studies Graduate, McGill University (1973) and ordained priest in 1974. Founding member and first National Executive Director of Epilepsy Canada; Executive Director of Quebec Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada where I helped design and implement the first organ retrieval donor program in Canada; Executive Director of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind; Founding member and first Executive Director of the Sisters of Charity Foundation (Ottawa).

Began my involvement with dogs in obedience (Lakeshore Dog Training), then transitioned to conformation. Actively involved in breeding, exhibiting under Prelude Perm. Reg’d. Was an organizing committee member of Friends of Canadian Guide Dogs Conformation/Obedience Club and have been an all-breed judge since 2007. Life Member of CKC.

Have worked with volunteer boards and committees throughout my career, structuring and organizing activities including fundraising, public relations, short- and long-term strategic planning and liaised with federal and provincial funding bodies. Interacted with foreign ambassadors who lent their support to the goals of my organizations.

It would be an honour and a privilege to represent Zone 5 of Eastern Ontario and share my passion for the sport of purebred dogs as a member of the CKC Board.
Contact me at
Robert J. Whitney

Mr. Whitney’s past experience includes nine years severing as a Director of the Canadian Kennel Club, which included six years as Chairman of the Board.

He originally owned and showed Afghan Hounds and is now a breeder/owner/handler of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In 1989 he retired as an all-breed Professional Handler and has had business experience as an administrator in accounting for a large Retail Pharmaceutical Company.

Presently Mr. Whitney serves as Chair of the CKC Events Officiating Committee, is a member of the Discipline Committee, is a member of the Conformation Council and is a CKC Conformation Representative.

Mr. Whitney has had vast experience with various clubs and presently is an executive member of three all-breed clubs and a member of two breed clubs. As an all-breed judge for the last 27 years he has had the pleasure of judging all-breed and specialty shows in numerous countries around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, South America, Scandinavia and the United States of America.

As a lifetime member of the CKC, Mr. Whitney feels he has the experience and capability to represent the members in Ontario East and asks for your support in the upcoming election.
Contact me at

Zone 6 - Ontario West

Dr. Paul Eckford
During my contributions to the Genetics and Medical Committee, and many other committees/councils as Zone 6 Director this year, I have enjoyed meeting, emailing and assisting our members. I’m a breeder of Pomeranians for eight years, and have been active in conformation showing. While conformation is vital to the CKC, our members are involved in a broad array of activities and events that must be supported for a healthy CKC.  I believe through a recent innovative solution I brought to Obedience, advancing a Therapy Dog Program and a new Scent Detection event, I have shown that we can create new solutions to the issues currently facing the CKC.  The multi-billion dollar pet industry is growing, yet the CKC has suffered years of decline.  We have finally turned a corner.  While respecting current traditions, we need to engage a younger generation and embrace appealing new events and activities to keep the CKC and the clubs viable. 
My focus for the upcoming term will be centered on sustained future growth while supporting Zone 6 members and helping the CKC to better serve all members.  Please contact me with YOUR ideas on improving the CKC, and how we can maintain our momentum. 
Contact me at
C.E. (Ted) Fahlgren

A CKC Life Member, my wife and I have bred and exhibited purebred dogs for over 35 years. Primarily breeding Lhasa Apsos, we have also bred Dalmatians and Miniature Poodles. We are the breeders/owners/exhibitors of the only Lhasa Apso to hold the title of Grand Champion Excellent.
I have held executive positions in all-breed clubs, a national breed club, a provincial breed club and a provincial group club. Licensed to judge Groups 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, I am presently seeking to add Group 3 to my judging profile. In addition to serving on the Conformation Council for 10 years, I have served on special committees addressing CKC matters of concern and have made numerous presentations to the CKC Board on various topics.

If elected, I pledge to treat ALL clubs equally and assist every club and member in the zone to address any problems they may have. I will work with all disciplines to improve and enhance their events and with all CKC projects to see they produce the maximum benefit for the membership. To ensure I can address CKC problems, I will accept only two judging assignments in Southern Ontario and one assignment in any other zone in any calendar year.
Contact me at
Linda Philp
I have bred and shown Siberian Huskies and Yorkshire Terriers under the Kabu name since 1981. I have been a CKC member since 1984 and am now a life member. Being involved in my breed clubs throughout the years has given me insight. The next phase of my time with purebred dogsport needs to be spent helping to shape the future by being accessible and helpful to members. I am excited to offer my time and experience in purebred dogs to the Canadian Kennel Club to help inspire the next generation of purebred dog owners and breeders.
Contact me at

Zone 7 - Ontario Central

Irene Latchford

I have been involved in the dog world as a breeder and member of The Canadian Kennel Club since 1992.

In my professional life, I worked as a property claims adjuster for 30 years, 24 of those with the same insurance company. This enabled me to become proficient in dealing with people on a daily basis.

I am very active in the dog-show community and hold an executive position for a local all-breed club as well as a specialty club. In the past, I have held the position of Zone 7 Representative for Junior Handlers.
Contact me at
Peter Laventhall-Wolfish

Personal Profile: Forth-generation dog person continuing a family and personal passion. Lifetime involvement with dogs; breeding, exhibiting Miniature and Standard Poodles, and Whippet. CKC life-member, enjoy participating within the dog community, exhibiting, stewarding, judging. Privileged to serve on the Board representing Zone 7, the interests of all member and dogs in Canada.

Committee, Council Activities: IT4YOU (new computer system) Committee Chair; Strategic Planning Committee ChairBreed Standards Council Board Liaison; Tracking Council Board Liaison; and Cropping and Docking Committee Member.

Professional Profile: Business Professional, with extensive sales, marketing, business management experience, strong foundation of proven technical, analytical skills.
Expertise in strategic planning, execution, business development, customer relationship management. Proven ability to identify, understand, solve business challenges, deliver stakeholder value,  achieve strategic business objectivesHighly organized, systematic, well-honed interpersonal skills, team-oriented management style, excellent oral and written communications.

Experience: 30+years CKC membership: Lifetime involvement with pedigree dogs. Breeding under my own kennel name since 1983. 20+years Business & Entrepreneurship: Masters Degree, Business Administration, Ivey Business School – London, Ontario. 15+years Technology: Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering, Ryerson University – Toronto, Ontario.

Objectives: Complete IT4YOU project: redefining members’ experience, providing on-line access to registrations, breeding and event recordsProvide Strategic Leadership: strengthen the CKC; grow membership and participation. Enhance CKC’s profile
in Canada and internationally.
Contact me at

Zone 8 - Manitoba

Larry Kereluke

A life member of the Canadian Kennel Club, I am involved with several clubs and associations.

I have served on several committees for the CKC, including the internal Discipline Committee. This past term, I served as Chairman of the Legislation Committee, Chairman of the Conformation Council and as a member of the Executive Director Review Committee.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Manitoba membership for the past three years and look forward to representing the members for the next term.

Contact me at

Zone 9 - Saskatchewan 

David Gilmour

Late in 1987, my wife and I welcomed a male Boxer puppy into our home. The following year, we joined the Canadian Kennel Club and I put a championship on our puppy. So began my involvement in the world of purebred dogs.

Since then, I have: taught puppy classes; participated in obedience trials and conformation shows; taken tracking lessons; joined the Boxer Club of Canada (life member and current President); joined the American Boxer Club; joined the Prairie Canine Academy (current vice president); performed Show Superintendent duties for the Prairie Canine Academy; and performed duties as ring steward for various clubs in Western Canada and Ontario. I am currently the Saskatchewan Director for the Canadian Kennel Club.

My wife and I have been breeding Boxers under the Zaracon prefix since 1991. Our Boxers have participated in and obtained titles / certificates in obedience; agility; herding; lure coursing; and conformation in Canada and the States, including wins / awards at national and regional specialties.

I am undergoing the process for dog show judging in Canada. I am licensed for the Working Group and am awaiting CKC confirmation of my Sporting Group license. I have also applied for the first half of the Hound Group.
Contact me at

Zone 10 - Alberta/NWT/Nunavut 

Sharon Derrick

Becoming involved in the world of purebred dogs seemed like an easy transition for me as I grew up in a household with Irish Setters, Bulldogs, Schipperkes and American Cockers. Upon graduation from St. Michaels School of nursing I acquired my first Toy Poodle.

In 1965 I joined the Canadian Kennel Club, hence a membership of 50+ continuous years. During that time I served on the Conformation Council for two different terms, Conformation Show Representative for 25+ years and Member of Registration Committee for over 18 years. The last last years I have been Zone 10 Director for Alberta, NWT and Nunavut.

I am a member of several all-breed and specialty clubs, serving on Executive Boards in all conformation show positions. I am a breeder/exhibitor of Best in Show and Best in Specialty Irish Setters and English Cocker Spaniels. Along with that I am an international judge licensed by the CKC.

During my tenure on the Board I have served as Chair of the Pointing Breeds Council and Retriever Field Trials Council.

With a proven record of commitment and dedication to the dog fancy, I am asking for your vote to continue representing you, the members, in all disciplines in Zone 10.
Contact me at

Zone 11 - BC Southwest

Joan E. Bennett

I became involved in purebred dogs in 1965, following graduation from UBC, and am a CKC Life Member. Professionally, I am retired after 30+ years as a senior Legal Assistant.

I spent two terms on the Board in the 1990s. During these terms, I served as Chair of the Bylaw (Legislation), Club Relations and Versatility committees; Chair of the Conformation Council; and a member of the Event Officiating and CEO Review Committees.
Subsequently, I have served two more terms, from 2012 to the present. During this time, I was Chair, Board Orientation/Education Committee and Junior Handling Council; Board Liaison to Event Officiating Committee; and a member of the Legislation, Club Relations, Cropping, Docking and Dewclaw Committees, and Task Force dealing with Provincial Government legislation on canine matters.

Over the years I have held numerous executive positions in all-breed and specialty clubs, and have acted as show secretary, show superintendent and ring steward at multiple events, all of which have shown me the ever-changing issues faced by both clubs and exhibitors.

In the non-canine world, I am a member and Treasurer of a strata council, a position I have held since 2003.

With my background and experience, I hope I have the support of Zone 11 members to continue representing them at the Board table.

Contact me at

Zone 11 - BC Interior & Yukon

Lynne Bruce

I recently retired from a successful career with a multi-national company. Now that I have more free time, I would like to be able to contribute in a meaningful way to the sport that has been my lifelong passion, by letting my name stand for Director for BC Interior and Yukon. I believe the skill set and experience I have gained throughout my career, and especially in my last role as Regional Business Development Manager for Western Canada, Yukon and the Arctic, will be transferable to this position. I hold degrees in both science and economics.

I have served as a member of the CKC Lure Coursing Council for a term. I have organized specialty conformation and lure coursing trials whilst on the executive of the Interior Gazehound Club. I am an accredited mentor of Scottish Deerhounds for the Scottish Deerhound Club of America.

I am a third-generation dog enthusiast and growing up in Scotland, we always had several working German Shepherds. I have bred Scottish Deerhounds under the prefix “Hollyrood” for over 40 years and I have 17 generations on the ground. My homebred hounds have won many specialties and all-breed Best in Shows.

Contact me at
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Judging assignments for 2018 & 2019
Assignment 2018 2019
Best in Show Mrs J Peak Dr R W James
Hound Group Mr A Wight Mr F Kane
Terrier Group Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews Mrs R Sporre-Willes (Sweden)
Gundog Group Mr K A W Young Mrs C A Coode
Toy Group Mrs I McManus Mrs J A Sparrow
Utility Group Mr M Gilchrist Mr T D Mather
Pastoral Group Mrs M J Purnell-Carpenter Mr R P Oldham
Working Group Mr D Killilea Miss E Haapaniemi (Finland)
HOUND GROUP 2018 2019
Afghan Hound Mr M Cocozza Mrs W Bastow
Basenji Mr J Horswell Ms R Lane
Basset Fauve de Bretagne Mr P Seir-Sorenson  Mrs J McDonald-Ulliott
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Ms L Lewis Mr G Hill
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Mr P C Knudsen (Denmark) Mrs L Skerritt
Basset Hound Mr P McGarry-Arthurs Mrs S Thexton
Beagle Mr C D Ashmore Mrs V Davies
Bloodhound Miss J E Corner Mr S O’Keefe
Borzoi Mrs D C Martin Miss J Dove
Cirneco Dell’Etna Dr T Jakkel (Hungary) Mr R Doedigns (Holland)
Dachshund (L/H) Miss L J McNaughton Mr G McFaul
Dachshund (M L/H) Mr D Smith Mrs S Roberts
Dachshund (S/H) Mrs C Dare  Mrs J Peak
Dachshund (M S/H) Mrs K Herrington Mrs E P Blackburn
Dachshund (W/H) Mrs H Caple Mr A Derry
Dachshund (M W/H) Mrs R E Barney Mr R Wood
Deerhound Dr S A F Helps Mr K Aird
Finnish Spitz Mr K S Wilberg Mrs A M Piearce
Foxhound Mr A Bongiovanni Mr G Hill
Greyhound Mr R Newsham Mrs M Holder
Hamiltonstovare Mr P Jolley Mr M Cocozza
Ibizan Hound Mr S P Donnaby Mr M Cocozza
Irish Wolfhound Mr C Amoo Mr R Tebbutt
Norwegian Elkhound Mr B Middleton TBA
Otterhound Mr P Jolley Mr M Cocozza
Pharaoh Hound Mr A J Bongiovanni Mr R W Moore
Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound) Mrs A Pedder Mrs E Segui
Rhodesian Ridgeback Mrs L A Barnes Mrs G Cairns
Saluki Mrs D A Rogers Mr P Shimmin
Sloughi Dr R W James Mr G A Dymock
Whippet D Dr G Bodegard (Sweden) Mrs P Dufty
Whippet B Mrs E A Macdonald Mrs Z Thorn Andrews
GUNDOG GROUP 2018 2019
Bracco Italiano Mrs K Newman-Jones Mrs E P Hollings
Brittany Mrs J Robinson Mrs E P Hollings
English Setter Mr J Barber Mrs V Isherwood
German Shorthaired Pointer Mr G R Haran Mrs P A Blay
German Longhaired Pointer Mr C Atkinson Mrs P A Blay
German Wirehaired Pointer Mr C Atkinson Mrs R Thompson
Gordon Setter Mrs K Macara Mrs Y C Slaughter
Hungarian Vizsla Miss E Newton Mrs S J Barnard
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Mr D Alcorn Mrs C Guest
Irish Red & White Setter Mrs M R Justice Mrs P Williams
Irish Setter D Mrs W Morley Mrs M Savage
Irish Setter B Mrs A M Howes Mrs M Henderson
Italian Spinone Mr M Spencer Mrs J Illes-Hebbert
Lagotto Romagnolo Mrs C Baxter Mrs J M Miller
Large Munsterlander Dr R W James Mrs M M Craig-Woodward
Pointer Mr S Rose Mrs M A Hinton
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) Mrs C McDonald Mr C B Bexon
Retriever (Curly Coated) Mrs P D A Williams Mrs D E Robinson
Retriever (Flat Coated) D Mr R A Strudwick Mrs J E Lane
Retriever (Flat Coated) B Mr F Kane Ms G Gwilliam
Retriever (Golden) D Mr B W Catterall Mrs A Richardson
Retriever (Golden) B Mrs G Hewitson Mr F Kane
Retriever (Labrador) D Mr R A S Stafford JP Mrs P M Harrison
Retriever (Labrador) B Mr S P Williamson Mrs S E M Wiles
Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Mrs B M Hutchinson  Mrs E Whitehill
Spaniel (American Cocker) Miss B Dummett  
Spaniel (Clumber) Mrs H M Talbot Mr E Lockett
Spaniel (Cocker) D Mr D Shapland Mrs S Leeding
Spaniel (Cocker ) B Miss D Lumley Mr M Parkinson
Spaniel (English Springer) Mrs J A Cule Mrs K Kelly
Spaniel (Field) Mr R Mosedale Mr J Horswell
Spaniel (Irish Water) Mrs P Blay Mr G R Haran
Spaniel (Sussex) Mr G D Clarke Mr T Graham
Spanish Water Dog  Mr C Bexon  Ms J Ward
Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Miss G Tully Miss C C Dodds
Weimaraner Mr A Rutland Mrs E Rennie-Jones
Airedale Terrier Mr T Huxley Mrs E Johnstone
Australian Terrier Mr M P Phillips Mr P Wilkinson
Bedlington Terrier Mrs S Davies Mr P Wilkinson
Border Terrier Mr C S Stafberg (Sweden)  Mrs A C Fryer
Bull Terrier Mr D Clark Mrs L McGregor
Bull Terrier (Miniature) Mr D Clark Mr R Scott (JNR)
Cairn Terrier Mrs S Kinton  Mr R H J Croyman
Cesky Terrier Mrs W Tobijanski Mrs S Fewings
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Mrs K Plastow Mrs J Tinsley
Fox Terrier (Smooth) Mr C J Wiggins  Mrs S Connell
Fox Terrier (Wire) Mr A Goodsell Mr C J Wiggins
Glen of Imaal Terrier Mrs F I Kaye Mr J Horswell
Irish Terrier Mr D Munro  Mr H E Gruttner (Germany)
Jack Russell Terrier Mrs J P Wood Mr G Corish
Kerry Blue Terrier Miss A Bradley Mr W Browne-Cole
Lakeland Terrier Miss W Johnston Mr W R Irving
Manchester Terrier Mrs P Gore Mr N H Norris
Norfolk Terrier Mrs D A Britten Mrs M A Claydon
Norwich Terrier Mr T G Mason  Mrs D A Britten
Parson Russell Terrier Mr W Browne-Cole Mrs V Harcourt-Morris
Scottish Terrier Mrs A Falconer Mrs A M C Kenny-Marriott
Sealyham Terrier Mr W R Irving Mr W Browne-Cole
Skye Terrier Miss C A Collins Mr W Browne-Cole
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mr P Bakewell Mr T H Johnston
Staffordshire Bull Terrier D Mr P P McGlynn  Mr C Powell
Staffordshire Bull Terrier B Mr P T Stanway Mr A Westwood
Welsh Terrier Mrs C J Dorking Mr T H Johnston
West Highland White Terrier Mrs T M Gaydon Mr A Gordon
Akita Mrs S O’Neill Clark Mrs C Andrew
Boston Terrier Mr K D Sinclair Mr D Smith
Bulldog Mr D Killilea Mr K Davis
Canaan Dog Mrs H Lightfoot Mr R Doedigns (Holland)
Chow Chow Miss A Y Robinson Mr W McNaught
Dalmatian Mrs S A Neath Duggan Mrs C Pickup
Eurasier Mrs H Fitzgibbon Mr R Doedigns (Holland)
French Bulldog Miss M Persson (Sweden) Mrs P Rankine-Parsons
German Spitz (Mittel) Mrs S L Jakeman Mrs E Peach
German Spitz (Klein) Mrs S L Jakeman Mrs E Peach
Japanese Akita Inu Mr S Rann Mr T Ball
Japanese Shiba Inu Mr J Horswell Mrs C A Grisbrooke
Japanese Spitz Mrs N L Woodhouse Mr K A Nathan
Keeshond Mr R Oldham Mrs A J Passmore
Kooikerhondje Mr P Hayes Mr T Ball
Lhasa Apso Mr J Scarll Mr B M Croft
Miniature Schnauzer Mrs J P Power Mr P A Rowlatt
Poodle (Miniature) Ms M Rodgers Miss A Bradley
Poodle (Standard) Mrs B J Cherry Mr P A Young
Poodle (Toy) Mrs E Holmes-Leak  Mrs C Farrow
Schipperke Mr F Kane Mr A Holland
Schnauzer Mrs G Y Allen Mrs R M Hole
Shar Pei Mr B Bull Mr R Oldham
Shih Tzu Mr N Stevens Mr K Sinclair
Tibetan Spaniel Mrs J A Reynolds  Miss E A Scoates
Tibetan Terrier Miss S J Bird  Mr S J Mallard
Alaskan Malamute Mr S C Luxmoore Mrs M Deats
Bernese Mountain Dog Mrs A Haden Mr T J H Richards
Bouvier des Flandres Mr S W Hall Mrs H van den Berg (Netherlands)
Boxer Mr D Smith Mr K Jump
Bullmastiff Miss F M Miller Mr A C Gunn
Canadian Eskimo Dog  Mrs P Luxmoore-Ball Mr F Kane
Dobermann Mrs R C Wright Mr T H Johnston
Dogue de Bordeaux  Mr A Bicknell Mr B Bosch (Belgium)
German Pinscher  Mr R C Kinsey Mr R Doedigns (Holland)
Giant Schnauzer Mrs C A Daniels Mr M R Butler
Great Dane Mr G Hooker Mr J Horswell
Great Swiss Mountain Dog Dr T Jakkel (Hungary) Mr F Kane
Greenland Dog  Mrs P Luxmoore-Ball Mr F Kane
Hovawart  Mr S W Hall Mr S J Mallard
Leonberger Mrs S M Thomas Mrs L Poulson
Mastiff Dr R W James Mr K R Newhouse
Neapolitan Mastiff  Dr R W James Mr C Habig (Germany)
Newfoundland Mr D J Butcher Mrs L Sussams
Portuguese Water Dog Mrs R Reddin Miss N A Bradley
Rottweiler Mrs D J Hoy Miss E M Johnson
Russian Black Terrier  Mr R C Kinsey Mr C Habig (Germany)
St Bernard Mrs N Goodwin Mr T Nagirecha
Siberian Husky Mrs P M Evans Mrs S Sargent
Tibetan Mastiff Dr R W James Mr K Baldwin
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mr G Duffield Mr B Reynolds-Frost
Australian Cattle Dog Mr K Baldwin Mrs S Hewart-Chambers
Australian Shepherd Mrs A E Allan Mrs I Buchanan-Green
Bearded Collie D Mr R M Ballantyne Mr M E Taylor
Bearded Collie B Mr A J Bush Mrs S J Taylor
Beauceron Mr R P Oldham Mr J Luscott
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Mr P Lawless (Ireland) Ms A McLaren
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Lakenois) Mrs J Lawless (Ireland) Ms A McLaren
Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Mr P Lawless (Ireland) Mrs P Gaffey
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) Mrs J Lawless (Ireland) Mrs P Gaffey
Border Collie D Mrs H E Broadhurst Mrs M Purnell-Carpenter
Border Collie B Mrs B Smith Mrs S Ader
Briard Ms A Y King Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews
Catalan Sheepdog Mrs A Fieldsend Mr J Luscott
Collie (Rough) D Mrs F I Kaye Mr J T Catliff
Collie (Rough) B Mr B E House Mrs C A Smedley
Collie (Smooth) Mrs S Robertson Mr A Clarke
Estrela Mountain Dog Mrs S Bird Mr B Reynolds-Frost
Finnish Lapphund Mrs L J Salt  
German Shepherd Dog Mr D C Bowen  
Hungarian Puli Mr J Ritchie Mrs S Hewart-Chambers
Komondor Mr G Duffield Mr S W Hall
Lancashire Heeler Mrs S Zijlastra-Shaw Mr S W Hall
Maremma Sheepdog  Mrs J Downes Mr S W Hall
Norwegian Buhund Mrs M J Deuchar  Mrs C M Vines
Old English Sheepdog Mrs P J Barnes Dr A Hodgson
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Mr J Luscott Mr K Young
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Mr S Mallard Mr K Savage
Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long-Haired)  Mr R P Oldham Mr S W Hall
Samoyed Ms J Johnson Mrs A Ashbourne
Shetland Sheepdog D Mrs M C Withers Mrs M Botham
Shetland Sheepdog B Mr A Wight Mrs M T Lambert
Swedish Vallhund Mr K R Newhouse Mrs K V Gilliland
Turkish Kangal Dog Mr G Duffield Mr B Reynolds-Frost
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Mrs T E Taylor Mrs K Hewitt
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Miss S E Taylor Mrs E A MacDonald
TOY GROUP 2018 2019
Affenpinscher Dr  Brown  
Australian Silky Terrier Mr M Burns Mr G A Dymock
Bichon Frise Mrs J Brown-Emmerson Mrs M Miles
Bolognese  Mr J Horswell Mrs K Begg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel D Mr R Sansom Mrs J Wright
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel B Miss C G Greenall Miss A Bubb
Chihuahua (Long Coat) Dr F Yeoh Mrs S J Lee
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) Mrs P Valentine  Mrs S Stangoe
Chinese Crested Mr M Burns Mr L A S Cox
Coton De Tulear Mr J Horswell Mr S R Goodwin
English Toy Terrier Mrs V Blore Mr H Ogden
Griffon Bruxellois Mr P A Young  Mr J W Finlay
Havanese Dr A Schemel Mrs R Parry
Italian Greyhound Mr A Wight Mrs D Kenis-Pordham
Japanese Chin Mrs T M Jackson Mr T Allcock MBE
King Charles Spaniel Mrs R A Lloyd Dr A G Schemel
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Ms A Oliver Mrs C L Roe
Maltese Mrs B Dabbs  Miss Marina Foley
Miniature Pinscher Miss A Coull  Mrs J Peak
Papillon Mr R Banfield Mr E Whitehill
Pekingese Miss J Lee Mr G Thomas
Pomeranian Mrs C McCutcheon Clarke Mr J R Clay
Pug D Mr B P Welham  Mr P Saycell
Pug B Miss A Ellis Mrs R Alexander
Yorkshire Terrier Miss T Eades  Mr M Burns

Behind the Scene

Name: Kristy Emery
Where you live: Pemberton, BC
Kennel name: Upcountry Vizslas
1) If you could have another breed, what would it be? 
Wirehair Vizsla
2) How many shows a month do you attend, and how many dogs do you normally take? 
Three to four shows a month, I show one special if campaigning a dog, or a few class entries if no special to campaign.
3) If you could only attend one "must do" show a year, what would it be? 
Vizsla Club of America National Specialty
4) Besides your dogs, do you have any other animals? 
5) Name something that is on your "life" bucket list to do? 
Travel in Africa
6) Would you like to see critiques at shows in North America? 
7) What is your favorite way to relax? 
Hiking with my dogs
8) What is your current 5 - year plan in dogs? 
To build my Upcountry Kennel name through the development of structurally correct, versatile Vizslas
9) Do you do pet grooming, or pet boarding for dogs you have bred, and do you have a commercial pet grooming and boarding business? 
10) What breed or all breed clubs are you a member of? 
Vizsla Canada, Vizsla Club of America, Puget Sound Vizsla Club, Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club

A Blast from the Past September Winner!

Congratulations to David Gignac of Abbottsford, British Columbia for winning the September Blast from the Past Contest!!

Answers for September are below.
September 6
Virginia Hampton
September 13
Judge: Anna Katherine Nicholas
Handler: Lynda Torrance
Dog: Ch. Millamor’s Rock Medallion
Foundation for: Chriscendo
September 20
Andrena Brunotte
Handler #1: Alan Chambers 
Handler #2: 
Allison Foley
September 27
Joe Tacker

A Blast from the Past October Edition

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