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Multi Best In Show, Multi Reserve Best In Show Canadian & American Champion

Takala Trails Darcy  

Less then two short years ago the Canadian and American show ring was introduced to an unforgettable Irish Terrier. 

Since then MBIS MRBIS Can & Am Ch. Takala Trails Darcy, informally known as Sienna, has become one of Canada's top 10 dogs of all breeds, and has shattered the best in show record for Irish terrier bitches. Not only does Sienna structurally exemplify the Irish Terrier breed, but she also has a great temperament to boot. Sienna can turn up the heat in the show ring, but comes down to an easy going lap dog when off duty.  

All those involved in the breeding program at Takala Trails are very proud to have produced such a quality dog.  Sienna is the 5th generation female out of Can & Am Ch. Takala Trails Casey and Can & Am Ch. Takala Trails Murphy.  Both parents now retired, live at Takala Trails Ranch along with 2 Airedale Terriers and 2 Stafforshire Bull Terriers.  

All of Team Sienna would like to extend their thanks to all the judges who have recognized Sienna's quality and awarded it. 

Since the beginning of May, Sienna has been awarded:

 9 Best in Shows
 8 Reserve Best in Shows
 32 group Firsts
 Numerous other group placements

 She is currently:
 Canada's #2 Terrier
 #8 Dog of All Breeds

We are all excited to see what the rest of the year holds for Sienna in the care of Aaron Andriash and Amanda Williams!  
All of Team Sienna would like to extend their thanks to all the judges who have recognized Sienna's quality and awarded it. 

As the end of 2017 looms near Takala Trails are looking forward to an exciting future for Sienna in the whelping box in 2018!

Breeder/Owner: Mary Carr
Handled By: Aaron Andriash & Amanda Williams
Assisted By: Isabelle Loranger
July 13, 14, 15, 16, 2017
Thursday Best in Show Judge: Keith Simmons
BIS Doberman Pinscher - Ch Willowcreek's Midnight In Paris
Friday Best in Show Judge: Dianne Jovanovic
BIS Australian Shepherd - GCh Dancin' Eyes 737 Midnite Ride
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Patrice Johansen
BIS Whippet - GCh Bretica Brushwood Evil Affair
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Michael Gelinas
BIS Irish Terrier - Ch Takala Trails Darcy
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Joan Beech
BIS Pointer - GCh Brackenmoor Somethingroyal
RBIS Australian Cattle Dog - GCh Byeyo's Miss Lulu Blue
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Melvin Beech
BIS Miniature Pinscher - Ch Rexroth's Angelina
RBIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Ole Nielsen
BIS Schnauzer Giant - Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck
RBIS Miniature Pinscher - Ch Rexroth's Angelina
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: Cheryl Paterson
BIS Miniature Pinscher - Ch Rexroth's Angelina
RBIS Old English Sheepdog - Ch Lambluv's If I Could Turn Back Time At MerryMops

Top 15 All Breeds in Canada 

Rank    Name Breed Points

1   GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico  Portuguese Water Dog  8257
2   GCh Summerford's What Ever  Newfoundland 5167
3   GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India  Newfoundland 5059
4   Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope  English Setter  3543
5   Ch Skyehigh's Here We Go Again   West Highland White Terrier  3413
6   Ch Rexroth's Angelina  Miniature Pinscher  3219
7   GCh Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz  Afghan Hound  3114
8   Ch Takala Trails Darcy  Irish Terrier  2777
9   Ch PaRay's Molto Particulare   Bichon Frise  2337
10   GCh Gallardo Tybrushe GirlAlmighty  Boxer  2323
11   GCh Woodside's Southern Belle  German Shepherd Dog 2190
12   GChEx Triseter Celtic Player Gordon Setter 2063
13   GCh Brio's Hotsicle Golden Retriever 1957
14   Ch CrystaltonChikoda Wht Diamonds  Standard Poodle  1833
15   GCh Carnaby Between Friends   English Cocker Spaniel  1829
unofficial results courtesy of


Top 15 All Breeds in The USA

Rank    Name Breed  

1   GChB Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky Puli  
2   GChB Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers  Giant Schnauzer  
3   GChP Silverhall Strike Force  American Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)   
4   GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love  Bichon   
5   GChP Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble  Pug  
6   GChP Sabe's Simply Invincible  Boston Terrier   
7   GChP Mojo's Continuation Of A Myth  Akita   
8   GChB Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn  Welsh Terrier   
9   GChP Fidelis Ripcord  Doberman Pinscher   
10   GChS Clussexx Man Of Steel  Clumber Spaniel   
11   GChP Cerise Blindside  English Springer Spaniel   
12   GChG Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire  Siberian Husky   
13   GChS Yarrow Hi-Tech Drills N Skills  Affenpinscher  
14   GChS Tamarin Tailback  Affenpinscher   
15   GCh Kamand's Full Of Beans @ Erinhill  Sussex Spaniel   
for events processed through June 30th, 2017
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A Blast from the Past

ShowScene Contest

This week it's a triple header! Can you name:
The Judge
The Handler
The Dog?

Correctly name all and you will be entered in our monthly draw to Win a $50.00 Starbucks or Tim Hortons Gift Card!!

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GLADE B.C.  is a small community comprised mostly of hobby farms with a population of approximately 300 people located between Nelson and Castlegar B. C. and is only accessible by a cable ferry across the Kootenay River.

This past weekend, West Kootenay Kennel Club held its first ever CKC Agility Trials in Glade at the property of club members Dan & Glenda Harris. Dick (representing CKC) and I and one of our Cranbrook & District Club members left Cranbrook at 6:30 AM (5:30 AM Glade time) to make the 3.5 hour trip to take in the Saturday trial and after it was over, another 3.5 hrs back home. A long day but so worth it! I am sure we were not nearly as tired as the club members who worked so hard to make their first trials a success.
The event was very well run with club member Donna Konkin taking on the duties of the Trial Secretary and the WKKC members all pitching in to share the duties required to put on an agility trial, many who have not done agility. The hospitality was amazing as was the camaraderie. One of the hi-lites of the two day trials was watching a Junior Handler compete in her very first trial with one of Dan & Glenda’s Shelties. I was told that she was a local girl who was new to dogs  and when I asked Glenda about this amazing young handler, this is what she had to say about her.
“We love our friend Enya, who handles Carter, Westpointe's Debonaire. She lives here in Glade, and just turned 11 years old. I found her by posting an ad in our local Glade Facebook page. I knew it would be love at first sight when her and Carter met. He is 11 years old as well. They do share a very special relationship! We are happy to have her in our lives!”

Dick and Nancy Lopaschuk

the action of promoting or selling products or services

By: Shawn Nichols


Well its been a few weeks since I have had the opportunity to sit down and write. Life gets busy and time seems to get away from me. I recently had been invited by Laura Reeves of Pure Dog Talk to join Patty Keenan and David Frei on the Saturday evening following Best in Show at Gig Harbor Kennel Club, part of the Western Washington Cluster.

The new dates for these shows are certain to draw large entries in the years to come, multiple specialties, 3 days in air, in a fantastic building with all the amenities anyone could need close at hand.

Laura had shared with us her success from the first live symposium she hosted at a 900 dog, show where over 60 people attended, with no shortage of concerns and questions for the direction our sport was taking.

To say the least the turn out at this event was a little discouraging and sparse with many of the usual suspects in attendance; so few new people. This made me reflect, new people with less than 5 years in the sport don’t realize the state and concerns the sport faces, because where we have arrived is all they know. It was agreed upon that if we could get 30 people to this event and if everyone who was in attendance made the effort to bring 1 new person to one of these forums in the future, the round table discussion could grow in popularity and we would have a larger voice.

Laura had gone to great efforts to promote the event with flyers and walking around the show personally inviting people, but clearly this wasn’t enough. So the next time you see one of these going on at a show you’re attending, take the time to participate.

David, Patty, Laura and myself met prior to the start of the evening event, to have a green room discussion on the topic “Generic Dogs & Common Faults”. Patty spoke up at the beginning and stated her concern that she felt this negative approach was not constructive and would not be her approach, and that we should be looking for merit in what we judge and not focus on the negative, we all quickly agreed. When we all went through our history in the sport it was apparent we had all traveled different paths ending up at the same place as judges, and all passionate about what we do and the sport of purebred dogs.

Once the evening started it was easy to see that very little time was going to be given to the topic of “Generic Dogs & Common Faults”, people started expressing their concerns about the state of the sport, and what we need to focus on, to capture the interest of future people to the sport of purebred dogs.

In 2015, I attended the World Dog Show in Milan, Italy. My largest observation was the amount of young people and families in attendance. The environment was much more laid back, in a casual setting a great representation of a family sport.

Some not all exhibitors were dressed extremely casual and yet no one even paid much attention, it was about the dog.

I shared with Paul Lepiane my observation, and said that if we could just bottle a small portion of this and bring it back to North America it could be a refreshing place to start.

Desi Murphy shared with me that the same is apparent in Asia. The average age of people involved in the sport is considerably younger than what we see in North America. These countries especially countries like China, want what we have celebrated for decades, the foundation of the family nucleus which includes a dog, let’s make it purebred.

I think we could all agree that one of the largest dis-connects for us with new exhibitors was lack of engagement. We need to create stronger programs for shows to welcome people to our shows not one, not two, but all.

The kennel clubs in coordination with the AKC, CKC etc; need to create ambassador programs for our shows that allow people attending a show for the first time to have a better understanding of what we do and create value in owning a purebred dog. There are 1.8 billion people on Facebook worldwide let’s connect! China isn’t using Social Media as a building block for the success as its forbidden, yet they still have success. We have access to a tool that allows us to engage with a larger audience than ever.

Marketing, is a valued creation for promoting or selling a product, or service, lets create that value.

Keep your website’s current and fresh, always adding new content, how to videos etc… if you don’t know how to do it, reach out to someone who does. If your website hasn’t been updated in 10 years it was most likely created in Web 1.0, Google wont even find you. Engagement.

We have the powers and tools to connect and be more successful than we ever have been, but we need to find ways to capture a larger audience. Rather than sharing what you ate for dinner last night make a goal of sharing something powerful and connecting with your potential puppy buyers, clients, and other peers.

In business we create S.M.A.R.T goals let’s do the same thing here. Some great examples, I will convince one of my puppy buyers to come to the next local show by the end of the year. I will reach out to someone new in my breed, and try to work with them and mentor them in the next 3 months. If I see a spectator walking aimlessly about at the next show, I will stop and see if I can point them in the right direction. 

I think we need to spend less time focusing on what has gone wrong, we can’t rewrite history but we can certainly in the words of Shirley Bassey, make sure “History Repeating” our same errors. Until next time!!!

Behind the Scene

Breeder/Judge Leslie Rogers 
Multi BIS BISS Am & Can Ch. Laureate Starlight Express
Sparkle & Pete
Name: Pete Culumovic
Laureate Shetland Sheepdogs

Ottawa, Ontario
1) If you could have another breed, what would it be? 
Standard Poodles or Golden Retrievers.
2) What was the last movie you saw at a theatre?  
The Imitation Game.
3) If you could only attend one “must do” show a year, what would it be? 
American Shetland Sheepdog National Specialty.
4) What show in Canada have you attended that always gives that little extra to their exhibitor’s, which makes it your favorite to attend?
Before buying our motorhome, we didn’t show much in Canada. Most of our activity involved driving down to American specialties. Since getting our RV, our two favorite shows in Canada are Brome (St. Francis Kennel Club) and Norwood (Kawartha Kennel Club and Bobcaygeon Kennel Club) mainly because of their nice camping setups, friendly club members, and social events around the shows.
5) What is your favorite dog of all time:
Shetland Sheepdog “Sparkle” Am/Can Ch. Laureate Starlight Express. She was my heart dog, and also did pretty well at the shows.
6) What is a favorite grooming product or tool that you will not be without?  
Pin brush with water spray. I really enjoy line brushing.
7) How do you pick which shows you attend?
Based on the expected quality of the entry and the quality of the judge(s). Our favorite shows are American specialties.
8) Beside your dogs, what other animals do you have?  
We have bird feeders outside, and also lots of wild life on our country property.
9) What is your favorite beverage? 
Sparkling water and coffee are my favorite daily beverages. I also love red wine and scotch.
10) Name something that is on your “life” bucket list to do?  
I hope that I can continue doing more of my favorite things, like raising and living with our dogs, spending time with family and friends, travelling and discovery, enjoying great food and wine, and connecting with nature. I love being immersed in nature and to experience the different nuances of light, color and compositions, which I sometimes try to capture through landscape photography.
Puppy Play Centre
Watch these beautiful puppies playing with their Puppy Play Centre!

McThought of the Week

With Doug McIntyre

Group Winning Canadian Champion, American Grand Champion, UKC Multi. Group Winning Champion

Borys Dobry Rok  





Classic Cavalier Type
Tremendous Cavalier Character
Borys earned his Canadian Champion in his first weekend out with three group placements, including
Group I

General Appearance: An active, graceful, well-balanced dog, very gay, and free in action.

Temperament: Fearless and sporting in character yet at the same time gentle and affectionate.

Size: Height 30-33 cm (12-13 inches). Weight proportionate to height 5 – 8 kg (12-18 lbs.). Slight variations permissible. A small, well-balanced dog well between these heights and weights is desirable.

Coat: Long, silky and free from curl, though a slight wave is permissible. Feathering on ears, legs and tail should be long, and the feathering on the feet is a feature of the breed.

Colour: Blenheim
Bright chestnut red markings well broken up on a pearly white ground. The red on the head must extend around the eyes as well as down over the ears. A pure white muzzle is preferred. There must be a distinct white blaze between the eyes.

Forequarters: Forelegs straight and set well under the dog. Bone moderate. Elbows close to the sides. Shoulders well laid back. Pasterns strong and feet compact, well-feathered and with well-cushioned pads.

Body: Short-coupled with ribs well sprung but not barreled. Chest moderately deep leaving ample heart room. Back level. Slightly less body at the flank than at the last rib, but with no tucked-up appearance.

Hindquarters: Hind legs moderately muscled, well angulated at the stifles. Hocks relatively short and at right angle to the ground when standing. Hind legs should parallel each other from hock to heel with no tendency to long, cow or sickle hocks.

Head: Almost flat between the ears, without dome. Stop moderate. Length from base of stop to tip of nose about 1-1/2 inches (4 cm.). Nostrils should be well developed and the pigment black. Lack of stop or too deep a stop are to be penalized equally.

Eyes:  Should be large, round and set well apart. Colour should be a warm dark brown, giving a lustrous, limpid look. Eye rims should be dark.

Muzzle: Tapering slightly to the nose. Lips well covering and well cushioned but not hound-like. There should be cushioning beneath the eyes, which contributes much to the sweet, gentle expression characteristic of the breed.

Mouth: Teeth strong and even, meeting in a scissors bite.

Gait: Free moving and elegant with good reach in front and sound drive from the rear. Head carried slightly forward on the move. Back level and tail carried straight behind as an extension of the line of the back Good length of stride from the side. Front and rear should move straight and true.

Thank you to the many wonderful judges who have already recognized Borys’ fine Cavalier qualities.

Borys has true Cavalier temperament. He never misses the opportunity to make strangers into friends---even while waiting in the group ring!

When he’s not being a show dog, or my devoted companion, he works as a registered Therapy Dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and has earned his first tier AKC Therapy dog title, “THDN.”

I am honored to have this treasure as my charge.

Borys is a true breed ambassador.

Presented/Adored/Owned by: Miss Tracie Laliberte, CVND
Breeder: Wioletta Matusiak (Poland)
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