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Multi Best In Show Canadian & American Grand Champion

Claircreek Faro D'Atlantico  


Claircreek Portuguese Water Dogs are very proud to have Faro on this week's front cover.

Faro has been such a sweet loving boy since a baby – just a pleasure to be with. I started showing him myself at 6 months old, as I do most, if not all of my Claircreek dogs until they are Champions, then Edgar Rojas takes over for the long haul of campaigning the dogs.

Faro has been successful from the start with his first BIS under well known Working dog judge Dr. Klaus Anselm at 9 months of age. Dr. Anselm was to judge the fabulous Morris and Essex show shortly after that, and Faro earned more points at that show toward his American Championship. I continued to show Faro as a special in 2016 in the USA, where he was awarded multiple group wins. This year he is eligible to be in the Top 20 at the PWDCA National Specialty in Rhode Island, USA. He is also an American Grand Champion.

Edgar Rojas and I have been showing my Claircreek dogs for 18 years now. We have always had a Claircreek dog in the top five when they have been specialed. In 2015 Edgar specialed Faro’s sire, Multi BIS Am & Can Ch. Claircreek Lusitano Oceano Atlantico who achieved 34 BIS in Canada, and was Canada's #2 Dog of all Breeds. Oceano has gone on to Europe where he is very successful – now with a Portuguese Championship, Greek, and Grand Champion of Ukraine- so far…

Faro is also the nephew of  the World Famous Claircreek Impression De Matisse who is a 3 time Group 1 winner at Westminster, BIS at Eukanuba, #1 Dog of All Breeds, and was awarded 238 BIS in two years to make him the top winning dog of all time. Faro comes by his type and conformation honestly.

This year it is Faro's turn to be campaigned in Canada, as his breeder I couldn't be more proud of him, he has been awarded 36 Best in Shows, which surpasses his sire Oceano's Best in Show record. 

Faro has been awarded to date:
36 Best in Shows
84 Group Firsts

Faro is ranked:
Canada' #1 Dog of All Breeds

Our sincere appreciation to all of the judges who have awarded Faro so highly to date, Edgar thank you for presenting Faro to the fancy so beautifully.

As his breeder/owner I could not be more proud to have a Claircreek Portuguese Water Dog as #1 All Breeds in my home country of Canada.

Donna Gottdenker
Claircreek Portuguese Water Dogs

Breeder/Owner: Donna Gottdenker
Handler: Edgar Rojas
September 1, 2, 3, 4, 2017
Friday Best in Show Judge: Cesar Guiterrez Pesar
BIS Newfoundland - GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India
Saturday Best in Show Judge: James Reynolds
BIS Pug - GCh Cantu's Timeliss Sirius Intentions
RBIS Collie (Rough) - Ch Tallywood Transilience
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Paula Hartinger
BIS Setter (English) - Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope
RBIS Poodle (Standard) - GCh Crystalton Chikoda Mystery
Monday Best in Show Judge: Roger Hartinger
BIS Setter (English) - Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope
RBIS Poodle (Standard) - GCh Crystalton Chikoda Mystery
August 31, September 1, 2, 3, 2017
Thursday Best in Show Judge: Michael Shoreman
BIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
Friday Best in Show Judge: Rosemary Shoreman
BIS Portuguese Water Dog - GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico
Saturday Best in Show Judge: Ole Neilsen
BIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever
Sunday Best in Show Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo
BIS Newfoundland - GCh Summerford's What Ever
September 1, 2017
Friday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Barbara Heal
BIS Bouvier des Flandres Ch. Quiche's Major League
Friday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Kristen Francis
BIS Schnauzer (Giant) - Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck
September 2, 3, 4, 2017
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Sandy Gelinas
BIS Miniature Pinscher - Ch Rexroth's Angelina
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Michael Gelinas
BIS Pekingese - Ch Dreamville Jersey Boy
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Elizabeth Gunter
BIS Papillon - GCh Marron's Seinfeld
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: William Gunter
BIS Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ch Halfmoon Tinker Taylor
Monday Best in Show Judge: Peggy Beisel-Mcllwaine
BIS Bouvier des Flandres - Ch. Quiche's Major League
September 2, 3, 4, 2017
Saturday Show 1 Best in Show Judge: Dr. Gail Forsythe
BIS Poodle (Standard) - TG Briarside All That Glitters
RBIS Pekingese - Ch PekeEasy Top Gun Is In Town
Saturday Show 2 Best in Show Judge: Sandra Lex
BIS Schnauzer (Miniature) - GCh Obsession Mad Queen Juana
RBIS Collie (Rough) - Cardross In With A Bang
Sunday Show 3 Best in Show Judge: Allan Brown
BIS Spaniel (English Cocker) - Ch Giroflee Go Johnny Go
RBIS Beagle - GCh TG Shillington Seeing Stars
Sunday Show 4 Best in Show Judge: Thora Brown
BIS Bouvier des Flandres - GChEx Cornus One In A Row
RBIS Pomeranian - Chriscendo Consequence
Monday Best in Show Judge: Wendy Maisey
BIS Pug - GCh Diamond Sand's Simply Perfect
RBIS Schnauzer (Miniature) - GCh Obsession Mad Queen Juana

Top 15 All Breeds in Canada 

Rank    Name Breed Points

1   GCh Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico  Portuguese Water Dog  11396
2   GCh Summerford's What Ever  Newfoundland 8629
3   GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India  Newfoundland 7327
4   Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope  English Setter  6077
5   GCh Skyehigh's Here We Go Again   West Highland White Terrier  4623
6   Ch Rexroth's Angelina  Miniature Pinscher  4228
7   Ch Takala Trails Darcy  Irish Terrier  3655
8   GCh Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz  Afghan Hound  3466
9   GCh Gallardo Tybrushe GirlAlmighty  Boxer  3362
10   Ch Raynbo's Foolish Pleasure  Borzoi  3090
11   GCh PaRay's Molto Particulare  Bichon Frise  2932
12   GChEx Triseter Celtic Player  Gordon Setter  2879
13   GCh Brio's Hotsicle  Golden Retriever  2783
14   GCh Woodside's Southern Belle  German Shepherd Dog  2771
15   GChEx Polarsky's Twinkle Little Star Golden Retriever 2441
unofficial results courtesy of


Top 15 All Breeds in The USA

Rank    Name Breed  

1   GChB Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers  Giant Schnauzer   
2   GChP Silverhall Strike Force  American Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)  
3   GChB Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky  Puli   
4   GChP Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love  Bichon Frise  
5   GChP Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble  Pug  
6   GChP Mojo's Continuation Of A Myth  Akita   
7   GChP Fidelis Ripcord  Doberman Pinscher   
8   GChB Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn  Welsh Terrier   
9   GChP Sabe's Simply Invincible  Boston Terrier   
10   GChS Yarrow Hi-Tech Drills N Skills  Affenpinscher   
11   GChS Clussexx Man Of Steel  Clumber Spaniel   
12   GChG Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire  Siberian Husky   
13   GChP Cerise Blindside  English Springer Spaniel   
14   GChS Tamarin Tailback  Affenpinscher   
15   GCh Kamand's Full Of Beans @ Erinhill  Sussex Spaniel   
for events processed through August 22nd, 2017
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Behind the Scene

Name: David Davidson
Basenji Owner/Handler

British Columbia
1) If you could have another breed, what would it be?
Toy Poodle, Iceland Sheepdog or Ibizan Hound
2) What was the last movie you saw at a theatre?
Suicide Squad, and it was awesome
3) If you could only attend one “must do” show a year, what would it be?
Evergreen Basenji Club, Washington at Argus Ranch 
4) What show in Canada have you attended that always gives that little extra to their exhibitor’s, which makes it your favorite to attend?
Renaissance Dog Association or Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers
5) What is you favorite dog of all time?
A Basenji named Am Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight SDHR
6) What is a favorite grooming product or tool that you will not be without?
Thinning shears and chalk
7) How do you pick which shows you attend?
I only go to shows where my friends will be.
8) Beside your dogs, what other animals do you have?
I only have dogs now, but grew up on farms and always had horses.
9) What is your favorite beverage?
Root Beer floats
10) Name something that is on your “life” bucket list to do?
Harry Potter World
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