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New Rewards for Crooked Way Tarot - and More!

We’re two weeks into the Kickstarter campaign to fund CROOKED WAY TAROT; and unfortunately we seem to be stuck in the mud at around 40 percent. Still, Hope springs Eternal, and with two weeks ahead of us the goal is still very much within reach.

A common strategy to help boost pledges is for the deck creator to offer something extra in the way of services or rewards; but I’ve looked at the kind of things other tarot campaigns offer in these situations, and they’re mostly out of my reach to deliver. I am not a professional reader, nor a teacher — so video tarot readings or seminars via Skype (or some other platform) are not an option. If it was possible, I’d let each of you hug my pussyquats — I have found that to be wonderfully therapeutic — but my kitties don’t leave the house!

(This picture is just to show how lucky you would be to get a hug from my little Hunny!)

I’ve wracked my minimal brains for some other ideas, and finally came up with two things.

First, for any pledge of $50 or above (not including the wholesale pledge levels), I will pull a single card especially for you from a deck of your choice (your options are The Crooked Way, Trick or Tarot or Tinker’s Damn Tarot) and sign it on the back, addressed to you personally. The card will ship at the same time as the finished Crooked Way decks.

Second, as of today I have added three new pledge levels for the hardcore among you, which feature as rewards uncut card sheets from my Trick Or Tarot deck. These things are GORGEOUS, and I only have a few of them. I knew I was saving them for some reason! Now I know what that reason was!

And third (wait, that’s three, THREE things…), I’m asking YOU, yes YOU PERSONALLY, for ideas on what you would like to see as special rewards. 

I’m also asking you (yes, YOU!) to help spread the word about the deck and the campaign. I’ve been pushing hard on this for the past couple of weeks, but there’s only so much I can do. However, if YOU can reach ten people, and if those ten people can reach another ten people… you see what I mean. Just positive word of mouth could get this thing funded in no time at all.

Thank you so much for all you have done so far. By supporting independent artists you really make a difference. 



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