July 4, 2022 | PLBA Newsletter Issue #10


The PLBA Newsletter - July 2022 Edition

Newsletter Highlights:

  • Message from PLBA Board

  • New Members (2021-2022)

  • Remembrance Day Banners

  • New Member Feature (Porters Peak)

  • Kip’s Park Bench Interviews

  • AGM Presentation

New Members (2021-2022)

In the past calendar year, the PLBA has gained thirteen new members! This brings us to 53 PLBA members, including 12 Associate members.

Feel free to check out our new members listed below!

Porters Peak (Associate Member)

Victoria -

Unique Plant Boutique (Associate Member)

Jennifer -

The Dean’s Music Shop

Dean -

H&R Block (Associate Member)

Raylene -

Sammy’s Pet Foods (Associate Member)

Bernice -

Just Baked Cupcakes (Associate Member)

Danielle -

Kip Walker (Realtor) (Associate Member)

Kip -

Petitpaw Designs-Florist

Lisa -

Cooper’s Candy Bar

Adam -

Eastern Shore’s Gallery (Associate Member)

Anthea -

Eastern Shore Wellness

Erin -

The Acupuncture Wellness Loft (Associate Member)

Andrea -

Kim Clarke (Realtor) (Associate Member)

Kim -

Day Nite Neon Signs (Associate Member)

Chris -

Remembrance Day Highway Banners

After two years, we are updating our Highway banners. We are in the process of designing new banners for the fall of 2022 and are offering new sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship is open to both PLBA member businesses and the general public. If you, your family, or someone you know is interested, sponsorship cost is $350.00 for a Remembrance Day banner.

Part of the proceeds from sponsorships goes directly to the Legion 161 Poppy Fund.

We are also requesting new photo submissions for the veteran features on the new banners.

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a banner, or interested in submitting a photo of a loved one who served, please send us an email to

New Member Feature (Porters Peak)

The PLBA would like to extend a warm welcome to Victoria, Avery, and Stephen from Porters Peak!

Opening later this summer, Porters Peak hopes to help re-introduce Nova Scotians to the outdoors by providing a great outdoor adventure experience and retreat here in Porters Lake! Porters Peak wants to help people feel what it’s like to lose yourself in nature again, feel the excitement of trying something new or making new friends and feel the warmth of the campfire as you plan your next big outdoor adventure.

Here is a quick intro to on the three owners of Porters Peak:

Victoria Landreville: From camping across Africa, to scuba diving in south East Asia and everywhere in between, Victoria loves to travel and has a zest for trying new things. Since the age of 18, Victoria has built and managed businesses across many industries and is thrilled to be combining her true passion for the outdoors with her entrepreneurial background.

Avery Birch: Over the last 5 years Avery has focused on building ideal Airbnb spaces across the Halifax area. Leaning into his #1 value - FUN - Porters Peak was created to achieve the ultimate Airbnb experience, which is not possible within the confines of a city. His primary goal with Porters Peak is to build connection through adventure.

Stephen Lays: After 18 years in the military and travelling the world, he decided to take his passions and pour them into this resort. His love for adventure, travel, and getting away from busy cities and into the outdoors has brought him to help establish a getaway like Porters Peak.

Porters Peak is hoping to launch soon, and bookings will be available on their website as well, so stay tuned for more information.

Porters Peak

Kip’s Park Bench Interviews

Message from Kip Walker -

It’s the people and the businesses that make Porters Lake and Kip knows that more than anyone. We’re happy to present Porters Lake with its very own community website through Parkbench, where we have featured some of the businesses that make our community special. Through this platform we are also happy to share Porters Lake’s very own weekly newsletter where you can see these interviews, catch up on community news, get informed on community events, and see some of the new listings that Kip has in the area.

To check out our interviews check out our Parkbench.

If you are interested in being interviewed please let us know.

Kip’s Parkbench Interviews

AGM Presentation

If you were unable to attend our Annual General Meeting on June 27th, the presentation is available on our website, and at the link below.

Watch Here