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Dear Friends of the Note from Heaven  

Thank you for practising the Note from Heaven and/or having a general interest in and/or devotion to the oneness field and my work. 

More and more people become aware that when we detox our own body, we do not only heal illness - but also nature is healed. With the change of our lifestyle to eating organically, we change bad habits by raising both our energy and awareness of oneness with humanity, nature and the universe. 

We are ONE when surrendering to The Note from Heaven in 'Haar', because the sound gives access to a state of being nothing and everything at once, a state of mind which incorporates the Ego to willingly step aside. This is happening when the grounding of the breath is on place – because at that moment your sound will open up and spread its wings. A sound that overwhelms you with light and love and the feeling of belonging. You can not pretend or miss this experience, as you will be surrounded by an overwhelming power full of overtones, when The Note from Heaven manifests. 

Rebalancing the body´s natural detox-system

The sun is more than generous in Denmark and saturates us with light and cascades of fruits –  the most wonderful deep-red melatonin-filled cherries. The cherries detox the endocrine system (hormone system), so you might get symptoms of detoxing if you eat many, as I do.

I have been withdrawn for the last 2 months and have been absorbed by my kitchen garden while studying and writing in English (it is urgent to get this information out) about the pineal gland's relation to the Hung Song and the Note from Heaven: Egypt, the circadian system, secretion of melatonin, serotonin, DMT, sulphate... 

The Note from Heaven opens to the Oneness level, and 'Hunnng' concentrate our focus to be centered and direct the energy. By focusing the undertones of Hunnnnnng you can affect the body down to atomic level. I find self-healing with Hung Song in combination with The Note from Heaven of great importance, especially now that the transition of mobile networks to 5 Giga seems to be the political agenda in Europe including Denmark. Since our body holds about 30 billion cells and every cell in the body has 20,000 receptors, we are affected by all kinds of stress, including radiation.

This also applies to tinnitus. So if you sound heal anybody for tinnitus or even have a tinnitus yourself, be aware that if or when tinnitus returns, it may be an alarm signal from the body's electrical system, which communicates that it feels stressed and threatened by radiation. 

It is my experience that tinnitus is harder to heal to disappear in a way that it will not return, than it was two to three years ago. The increase of toxins and radiation turn our bodies into living batteries, and this also enhances our nervous sensitivity, so emotional stress goes hand in hand with toxification of heavy metals and radiation. Detox yourself, and buy only organic - as much as you can. If we all do this, the pollution of our Earth will stop within a few weeks.

In October I will make a newsletter where the testimonies/results of soundhealers examined in/students of The Note from Heaven can share their results/testimonies – max three lines in English per case. In case you send me your results, please request a permission for sharing the name/identity of your client. Write also your email in the end of your cases. Send the email to

No Mind Festival in Sweden
Peleh and Githa Ben-David at No Mind Festival in Sweden
My son Peleh Ben-David and I, Githa, performed at No Mind Festival in Ângsbacka in Sweden, where Karine Finne from Norway and Peleh was an invaluable help as they supported during the workshops/concert and gave individual sound healing sessions. Martin Delfs also supported at the first workshop. Ole Bernt (Karine´s husband) helped a great deal practically too. It was a great experience - there were full houses, approx. 200 people for each of three workshops and one concert. 

With a group of a little more than 200 people I did a combination of singing The Note from Heaven 20 minutes, Hung Song 20 minutes, deep relaxation and sound healing 20 minutes followed by individual sound scans in a minute which caused a number of miracles to happen. For example a man who had serious unexplainable pains in his legs for four years, came back to normal. Tinnitus went down, pain in the joints…

In 2020 International Education in The Note from Heaven might also be in Sweden in a beautiful retreat centre at the sea north of Gothenburg, as the owner who herself is a shaman contacted me about this.

Peleh and his deep voice became quite popular after the concert in Sweden, and the audience asked for a CD with him. Lars Muhl has filmed and Jesper Roland has cut/filmed cover pictures for Peleh's own song 'We Are All Stars' - watch the video here on Youtube. The song can be purchased as a mp3-download in a good audio quality here on

Upcoming courses in English

The Rude Strand course in Denmark (28 October to 4 November 2018) is a part of my International Education in the Note from Heaven, but is intended as a master class for students that had minimum one week course or are educated.
New methods as well as a rehearsal of the basic methods will be included. Here you will be able to meet students from other countries.
At the Irish course in 2018 we were 12 nations. There are max 30 participants on my part and 30 participants at Lars Muhl's course. One of the days we change groups, so Lars also gives input to this course. In addition, we will exchange treatment with Lars Muhl's Divine Deacon team (who is a regular team). There is already a good deal with participants (7 seats left). These will be given to beginners from 1 August, unless previously educated take the seats - read more about the course here on

The planned education week in Moher Cliff, Ireland, in May 2019 has been cancelled and replaced by an education week at Molino del Rey in Spain. A unique place build into a big cave, running spring water…where we will be maximum 20 participants - read more about the course here on

See below, where I share dates for events in English the coming year. I wish you a wonderful organic summer.  

Light, love and gratitude for the one you are.
Githa Ben-David

International Education in the Note from Heaven at the retreat centre Molino del Rey in Spain in May/June 2019

Overview of upcoming events in English at home and abroad 

2 August: Concert in Denmark with Lars Muhl, Githa, Peleh and Ghil Ben-David at 20.00-22.00. Location: Sunflower Festival, The Golden Circle, Sonnerupvej 25, 3300 Frederiksværk. Price: 200 DKK for the concert alone.

16-21 September: 5-day workshop with Githa Ben-David and Lars Muhl in New York, USA at the Omega Institute.     

13 October: Hung Song & The Note from Heaven workshop in London at College of Psychic Studies, at 10.00-15.00, and at 15.30-16.00 Sound healing concert with me and my family Lars Muhl, Peleh and Ghil Ben-David.

28 October to 4 November: International Education in the Note from Heaven in Denmark, Githa Ben-David and Lars Muhl who has his education 'Divine Deacon' together with us, at Rude Strand Folk School, 8300 Odder.     

December: Three Christmas concerts in Denmark  


17-24 February: Winter course - International Education in the Note from Heaven in Denmark at Egmont holiday homes, Villavej 46, 8300 Odder.    

26 May to 2 June: Early Summer course - International Education in the Note from Heaven in Molino Del Rey, Spain (max 20 participants). The place is built into the cave, 1 hour from Malaga.  

15-22 September: Indian Summer course - International Education in the Note from Heaven in Denmark at Egmont holiday homes, Villavej 46, 8300 Odder.
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