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Newsletter No. 2, September 2015
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Fundraising campaign results!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal! BECO's first fundraising campaign, Focusing on songbird conservation science, raised just over $3,000 this summer to support our Barn Swallow and Prairie Warbler projects.

Thank you for your generous contributions and for spreading the word about the campaign! Your support makes a huge difference to this small organization working to improve conservation efforts for Ontario's at-risk birds.

Barn Swallow fledglings

Meanwhile, in the field...

It's become very quiet at our Barn Swallow study sites over the past week or so. It may still feel like summer to us, but the birds are on the move, heading for their winter homes. Young Barn Swallows that fledged from the nests in the structures, some as recently as two and a half weeks ago, are embarking on their first migration down to Central or South America.

As the Barn Swallows start to migrate, we're making our last few trips out to our field sites before we trade in the field for the office. Soon, we'll be spending a lot more time in front of our computer screens, analyzing all of the data collected this summer, and making plans for next year’s busy field season!

A big thank you to the 2015 BECO team of field staff and volunteers!

Barn Swallow structure at rare

Join us at the Walk & Run for rare

The rare Charitable Research Reserve, in Cambridge, is one of the sites where we conducted the Barn Swallow social cues research this summer. On Sunday, September 27, rare will be holding their sixth annual Walk & Run event and BECO will have an interpretive station set up at one of the Barn Swallow structures. Take a break from your walk and come over to see the structure and talk with us about the project!

Visit the rare website for more information about their work and to register for the event. We hope to see you there!
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