ECO-Innovation Project „RUN” startet in die operative Phase
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ECO-Innovation Project „RUN”
rolls out send-in and collection points in Vienna

Secure data erasure in turn for donated notebooks
The RUN projects aims to make used notebooks available for reuse. With a conscious focus on private households and small and medium enterprises, it is the first project of its kind in Europe.
To achieve its objectives, the RUN project will design and implement strategies for the following four core processes
  • collection and procurement
  • data extraction and provision service / data erasure
  • refurbishment
  • distribution and sales
It is a major goal of the core process “collection and procurement” to rise up a cost efficient collection system that will be able to handle very small unit sizes. One solution currently pursued is the send-in via parcel service.

This solution has just been implemented. Customers in Germany are now able to send-in their devices. Upon request they will in turn receive a confirmation of the secure data erasure procedure or the physical destruction of the data carrier.
Shipping labels can be created free of charge using the RUN website:

This service is an important unique feature compared to handing over devices to public waste management authorities. Customers who hand-over devices at recycling centers are themselves responsible for the security of their personal data.
In Austria a component of the RUN project gets implemented under the synonym NET(T)BOOKS WIEN (NET(T)BOOKS VIENNA). Used notebooks from private households are collected by the Austrian consortium partners („Die Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH / Demontage- und Recycling Zentrum“ and i4next) and provided to social organisations for reuse or further use.

Cooperations are underway with the social organisations Arbeiter Samariter Bund, Caritas, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Volkshilfe, Wieder Wohnen and Wiener Roten Kreuz. In agreement with these organisations, language learning applications and other learning applications were pre-installed on notebooks. Those notebooks will be primarily used for teaching, e.g. for German lessons. With the provision of notebooks socially disadvantaged people will be supported in their everyday lives.

Since 01.06.2016 collection points for used notebooks are established at all locations of the Wiener Volkshochschulen. Please find more information here:

Public relations

Various marketing and advertising activities were prepared and realised, in order to raise awareness of the RUN system. All important information concerning those activities and the RUN project can be found on the project website

Additionally the RUN project presented at the following conferences and specialist events:
  • ISWA World Congress 2016 19.-21.September 2016, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Hamburger Umweltkreis 28.April 2016 in Hamburg, Germany
  • VDI-Arbeitskreises Energie und Umwelt 01. March 2016 in Bremen, Germany
  • IERC 2016 - 15th International Electronics Recycling Congress 20. – 22. January 2016, Salzburg, Austria
  • ISWA’15 World Congress 07.-09. September 2015, Antwerp, Belgium
  • VDI Conference „Recycling von Kunststoffen und Verbundwerkstoffen mit Spezialtag: Auswirkungen des neuen Elektro- und Elektronikgesetzes“, 23.-25. June 2015 in Hamburg, Germany
The RUN project received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007–2013), Eco-Innovation Call under grant agreement No. 630329.
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