God uses camp to change lives

Dear friends of Frontier Lodge,

Some camp stories appear as immediate fruit. We see the change in a child in the week or month that they’re at camp, and can’t help but notice and celebrate. Other times, the change happens in the weeks and months after camp, as kids act on things that they learned over the summer.

One parent contacted us recently to thank us for the impact on their teenager’s life, after serving this summer as camp staff. It was a step of faith for their son to come to camp at all, and when they dropped him off, they thought they would be back within a few days to bring him home. But as he persevered in serving at camp, God began to bring about some deeper changes. It started with some meaningful friendships. Then his faith started to come alive. And now 4 months after camp, there is a real and lasting change that has taken place, and camp was the catalyst.

The amazing thing is how this happens over and over again, summer over summer, decade over decade. What a privilege to be part of such a powerful tool that God uses to shape young people!

Thanks for your generosity towards Frontier Lodge, and the ways that you’ve been part of this work of God in Quebec. Over the last week, we’ve seen $10,255 of the $65,000 shortfall donated! If you’re still interested in giving towards the needs of camp this Christmas, you can do so by clicking here:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Jonathan Stymiest,
On behalf of the Board of Directors