Ministry Update Fall 2022

Director’s Update

This has been a remarkable season. It has been one of Posture, Provision, and Participation in a Plan. I was so thankful that a group of young adults came back to lead camp in its transition to a normal camp summer. I have been privileged to know this group for almost one third of their life as most have been at camp for the last seven summers. I have watched them grow further in a posture of inviting the Lord to shape them and use them as a vessel to make Jesus known. They were vessels of forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love. And a lot of fun! Through them many discovered who they are by discovering who God is.

We are thankful that our camps were full. The campers had fun, discovered new things, made new friends, and reunited with old ones. Most important, they heard that Jesus loves them, and heard His vision of a better way and were invited to follow Him.

As always, there were many challenges. But the Lord provided volunteers from our local churches, from Vermont, and a YWAM team from Victoria, BC to help navigate us through them. They helped in kitchen, nursing, transportation, construction, maintenance, speaking, and discipleship. As well, one woman and her two children who had to leave their home in Ukraine, found a home with us. She helped by cooking and providing stability in our kitchen from the end of June until the end of August. Her kids were also loved by our staff, and we are thankful for her family. For decades people at camp have had the posture of inviting the Lord to do His work and the Lord has also provided the resources to do it...including this past summer.

One of the first times I went to Frontier Lodge was in the early 90’s. I was just down for the day visiting friends at a Young Adults weekend. Probably Youth Conference. I was in the old dining hall at a table with others when I started asking questions openly about faith that I had been quietly thinking about. That day pointed me in a different direction which culminated in finally surrendering my life to the Lord in the Spring of ‘98. Twenty years later I sat down at my desk in the Welcome Center/Office that occupies that old dining hall spot, and realized it was in that spot that a pivotal moment in my life had taken place. It was a humbling moment, but I was excited to be part of a setting that would facilitate others in their discovery of Jesus. It is especially meaningful to me that the first and last camps of this past season were Young Adult camps. I am always walking by people wondering where they will be in twenty years!

As much as I love being at camp and participating in what the Lord is doing through camp ministry, the difficulty is, being at camp requires me to be away from home for too much of the year. So, after prayerfully considering it, it was agreed between the board and myself to move forward with someone else as I am unable to give the time on-site required.

However, I am excited to see who will come next to serve in the next phase of what God wants to do. Please pray that the Board of Directors will have wisdom to recognize who the Lord is raising up for this next phase. If you are someone who loves camp and would like to be part of the Lord shaping the next generation, please consider stepping into this role at camp. It is an incredible ministry to be part of. The months ahead will be used to prepare for next year while transitioning to the next Director.

Considering the above, I was asked to give my top three highlights from my time at camp. It is hard to do as there are so many different stories that come to mind. But all the individual stories fit into one of the three macro categories.

First, it is wonderful to see people come with a POSTURE for the Lord to meet them. It could be a recognition of who He is, it could be doubts and uncertainty, or even rage. But it is wonderful to watch the Lord meet them where they are at. The Lord is faithful to meet people and show Himself when people have a posture of invitation.

Second, it is PROVISION. Watching how the Lord provides yearly, daily, and sometimes down to the minute, is something to behold. He is faithful. Whether it is in the lives of individuals like me, or Frontier as a whole, He does not fail to provide what is needed.

Lastly, it is PARTICIPATION in a PLAN. Participating in something that is fated, unavoidable, inescapable, unpreventable, predetermined, compulsory, assured, and required. It is God’s awesome, unstoppable, salvation plan for those who have placed their trust in Him! What a privilege it has been to see this taking place in such proximity. Watching people come to know the Lord and becoming more Christ like. Seeing His family grow when we place our faith in Jesus and choose to follow Him. Watching God gather His own in such an environment is wonderful to be part of.

Looking back on the past seven years, I am thankful that we have been able to extend our camp season and have more people use the facility. I am thankful that we have been able to upgrade the facility to better accomplish our mission. I am thankful for all the volunteers that have given time, those that have donated funds, and those that have diligently prayed for camp. But mostly, I am thankful for the spiritual formation taking place. Rather if you will, character development. Learning to love God and love others, together as one community. I believe that to be the measure of success. And, as we grow in spiritual formation, it is displayed in the prayers, the giving of funds, and the giving of time in service to the Lord as we all participate in God’s plan. For is it not as theologian Douglas Campbell beautifully expresses...?

“The point of the whole story that encompasses us all is God's plan to draw us into a community imaged and formed by his resurrected Son, a family of siblings...”

If you are not actively involved in one of these areas at camp, please prayerfully consider partnering with us. There are always opportunities in the above areas. Please email the camp office to inquire:

Thank you for your support and participation!

Richard Cameron