Ministry Update December 2021

“I’ve been part of Frontier Lodge both as a camper and a volunteer for many years. Every time I attend camp, I see God move powerfully in my life and in those around me. I grow spiritually, enjoy fellowship, and get to be used by God to bless others. This past summer I was reminded of how God doesn’t need me but He still invites me to participate in His Kingdom work. God is doing a lot through camp and Frontier Lodge continually seeks to be a place that facilitates God’s work and the spiritual growth of everyone who shows up." - Cassia Waind, 20 years

Director’s Update from Richard Cameron

Cassia’s reflection sums up why so many of you invest your time and resources in Frontier Lodge. If you have been involved in camp ministry, you know God chooses to work through camps. During my six years at Frontier, I have realized how incredible the setting is at camp to facilitate growth in someone’s life. Yes, kids grow in independence and self-esteem, develop new interests, get to be active outside, develop an appreciation for creation, and build lifelong friends and memories. Most importantly though, through camp God changes lives!

This past year has afforded us the opportunity to further develop an LIT program throughout the year. We added a day hike at Bromont, a Bible study running through the Fall, and an LIT reunion at camp this past November. All have provided our LIT’s with opportunities to grow and encourage each other while remembering we are part of one body. We are looking forward to continuing with similar programs this Spring as we anticipate the summer camp season.

At our LIT reunion, we asked the students to share what camp means to them. Here are some of the ways they described their experience at Frontier Lodge:

“Camp is a safe place to meet new people”

“Camp means community”

“Camp has given me a new family”

“Camp is a place to learn and grow with friends”

“Camp is discovering God and His world”

This Christmas season, I have been thinking about the generations of campers that have come through Frontier Lodge, along with all the staff, volunteers, families, and churches that have had the opportunity to serve the Lord here and grow in their own faith through camp. All those lives are a chapter in God’s redemptive story He is telling. I am thankful I have been able to participate in what the Lord is doing in this generation through Frontier Lodge.

Building Update

Our building project continues, and we are still planning to have it ready for summer 2022! Since so many of the buildings at camp have been named for assorted reasons, we have started to receive questions about the name of the new building. I am eager to announce that the name of the new building will be...

The Ark

When I heard this suggestion for the first time, I was excited as I believe it reflects the heart of Frontier Lodge! Here is the reason behind the name:

As Noah’s Ark was a refuge for Noah’s family and the Ark of the Covenant symbolized the Presence of God and contained the Word of God, so this building, The Ark, is dedicated to God to be a place of refuge and rejuvenation and a place where the Word of God is sown in the hearts and minds of all who enter.

Re-launching Camp

We are very thankful for the ministry that happened through camp over the past two years, but as we head into 2022, we are looking to re-launch camp for a more full summer program! After two years, we especially need your help to find new staff and camper families so that we can offer a quality camp experience to even more campers. Here are some simple ways you can help:

Share stories about camp with your friends and family

Share FL's posts on social media to increase the reach

Talk to your pastor about inviting Frontier Lodge to share at your church

Sponsor a camper to experience a week of camp

Pray for the ministry

Thank you!

We are so encouraged by all those who are participating in what God is doing through Frontier Lodge! THANK YOU for praying for our campers and staff, inviting the Lord to come and move powerfully among us. THANK YOU for giving financially so we can continue to see more young people discover greater understanding and belonging in God's redemptive story.

This Christmas season, we invite you to give to Frontier Lodge as the Spirit leads you. We trust that the Lord will provide what is needed for camp in 2022. If you would like to participate in Frontier's ministry in a meaningful way, we invite you to give financially so that more campers can experience camp!

If you have been deeply impacted by Frontier, would you consider becoming a monthly partner so that Frontier Lodge can continue to have a profound impact on the next generation, as they grow in their faith and identity in Christ? Giving any amount on a monthly basis helps to increase FL's ministry reach and impact!

Thank you for participating in what God is doing through Frontier Lodge!

May you experience the Lord’s blessing this Christmas!

Richard Cameron, General Director


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