What's been going on for the month of May!
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This is the Kona Music/Prayer Room Team after dinner!


I have been in the beautiful country of Nepal for the month of May and I have been in awe of all that God is doing here. From healing's to salvations to pioneering it has been a great adventure to say the least. This is an account of the things I've gotten to witness so far and a reiteration of my plans for the future, enjoy! 

This is a picture of one of the many little shops on the streets in Kathmandu that we passed as we were walking to dinner. 


I flew out of Kona, HI April 29 by myself to head towards Kathmandu where I would meet my team. Upon arriving to Nepal I was greeted by a lot of interesting smells and a friend who took a look at my guitar and two bags and said "yeah, that'll work." I realized what he meant by that as we walked up to his motorcycle! We wedged my guitar in between us and I wore one backpack while he wore the other and we went on to the guest house that I was staying at. This was my first introduction to Nepal! Since then we have had worship and prayer times and gone out and preached the gospel and prayed for people. Prayer & Missions in action at it's finest! One of my favorite stories here so far has been one day where we had a prayer set and worship time in the morning then went and grabbed lunch and went to the Market place to go preach and pray for people. Our translator asked me once we got there what we were wanting to do. I told him probably just pray for people and tell them the gospel. We looked around and saw one guy leaning against a wall and he just had no emotion in his face. So I said "what about him?" We went up to the guy and prayed for him and then began to tell him the gospel. Once we finished we asked him if he wanted to know this God through Jesus. He answered yes. If I am being honest I was caught off guard. I am so used to an appeal or an attempt at arguing from the other person that I wasn't expecting such a willing response. So I said "No no no do you want to surrender your WHOLE life to Jesus?" and he said yes! I just paused in disbelief and looked at m friend who was translating (he was a new Christian so he was looking with the same disbelief as me!) We both starting laughing and said we should probably pray so we led the guy through the sinners prayer and then invited him to the local church that is there! It was a privilege to get to be apart of this guys journey of surrendering to Jesus. The look in his eyes as I began to tell him about Jesus' sacrifice was priceless! Thank you for all who have sown into this trip. Whether through prayer or finances you all share in this victory too! 
People starting to gather as we began worshipping at the Temple.

Worship At The Temple

I got the great privilege of getting to go to one of the buddhist temples that overlooked the city with one of the DTS teams here and leading worship right in the middle of it! We went for a few hours in the evening just singing high praise songs to Jesus and praying for people as well as preaching the gospel. One guy got saved and we were able to give him a bible! Another guy got his back healed! I was in my element, sticking a stake in the ground for heaven with my guitar and songs! 

South Africa

I have a few more days here in Nepal before heading back to Kona. This was an awesome strategic trip for the DR Congo. I have so many "God" stories that I won't bother writing more than you all probably want to read. Probably the wildest God story I have though is that just a couple of days ago I heard about a prayer room here so I went to go check it out. I ended up meeting a Congolese refugee!! I literally just laughed. I ended up taking him out for coffee and then dinner and just listened to his incredible story of resilience and dependance on God.  I asked him questions about the DRC and we prayed for each other. It was such a holy moment I thought, it felt like a divine set up from God. Anyways so as the first action step is coming to close I thank God and look on towards the next step towards establishing a Prayer Room in the DR Congo. I am still planning to lead a team to Cape Town, South Africa this fall to help strengthen and establish prayer rooms there. Along with that I will be scouting out this place as a possible future base for me in the future. I would like to invite you all to be apart of this step in three ways. First obviously as always prayer. I covet your prayers as I continue to pioneer! Second is financially. Only if you feel God leading you to give (I am not in the game of manipulation!) and finally third is a new way that I would like to invite any of y'all that feel the Lord leading you to go with me to join the team! If you are interested just message me or you can contact me from my website .

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and feel free to share it! Thank you for all of you who have consistently given to this vision of seeing the sound of heaven released through prayer and missions! All the fruit of this goes back to you guys who have given so thank you for partnering with what God is doing! None of this would be possible without your unified prayers and selfless giving. All glory to Jesus who is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering!


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