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Music at WOMEX 15: Roma Opening / Complete Showcase Festival Programme Online

Dear WOMEXicans,

We have got loads of news to share with you - the WOMEX 15 Opening concert will celebrate the music of the Roma; this year's Regional Stage will explore the music of Hungary and Central Eastern Europe; the offWOMEX and DJ Summit programmes are locked in; and we'll be hosting a Facebook chat about this year's event later this month.

For those who haven't yet registered don't forget that the Guide Rate deadline is approaching. Make sure you register by Friday, 28 August!

We've also just released our final Showcase Trailer to give you a taste of what's to come musically when WOMEX gets underway later this year.

Kind regards from your WOMEX team

WOMEX Opening: Gypsy HeartBeats

Expanding upon the theme of the WOMEX 11 Opening in Copenhagen, Hungarian HeartBeats, this year's Opening concert, called Gypsy HeartBeats, will honour music from the Carpathian Basin, and its variety, by celebrating the musical impact of the Roma, whose appearance in the area can be traced back to the 15th Century.

WOMEX is proud that the Roma will take centre stage this year. The performances will include Attila Oláh, an ethnic Hungarian Roma artist from Slovakia, who demonstrates the interaction between vocals and dance; the renowned vocal heritage band Romengo and Mónika Lakatos, representing the archaic Roma traditions of northeastern Hungary; Tcha Limberger, who was born into the Sinti tradition in Belgium and is influenced by Transylvanian village music. Bea Palya will use the many roots of her background to enrich her vibrant urban performance; and the evening will culminate in a performance by one of the foremost representatives of urban coffee house Gypsy music, Ferenc Radics, together with István Pál Szalonna, whose background lies in the multicultural Carpathian Ruthenia (now the westernmost part of Ukraine) and his all-star virtuoso ensemble. They will be joined by all of the show's singers and performers for the concert finale.

Delegates are then invited to carry the vibe into the night by taking part in another major musical tradition of the region at a true táncház (Hungarian Dance House)!

The Opening is powered by Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Foundation.

offWOMEX Showcases Announced

With a limited number of slots offered each year as part of WOMEX's Official Selection Showcase, offWOMEX provides another way for artists to present themselves and their music to the WOMEX audience. Under this format, specialised musical evenings are held, structured within a regional, national or organisational framework.

This year's offWOMEX Showcases are:

  • Alicia Jaggasar and Los Alumnos de San Juan (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Canteca de Macao (Spain)  
  • Cucurucho (Cuba)  
  • Javier Paxariño Trio (Spain)
  • Kachimba4 (Japan)
  • Kleztory (Canada/Moldova)
  • Leandro Fregonesi (Brazil)
  • Natig Rhythm Group (Azerbaijan) 
  • The Nordanians (The Netherlands) 

A Note About the WOMEX 15 Nighttime Venue: Müpa Budapest (Palace of Arts)

The Palace of Arts, the venue that will host most of the nighttime activities at WOMEX 15 and the strategic partner of Hangvető, is now officially known as Müpa Budapest, Müpa being short for Művészetek Palotája - 'Palace of Arts' in Hungarian.

From now on, we will refer to the venue as 'Müpa Budapest (Palace of Arts)'. Find out more about all of the WOMEX 15 venues, including a map of  where each is located, on our website.

Regional Stage - Club Duna

This year's Regional Stage, titled Club Duna, puts the spotlight on music from Hungary and Central Eastern Europe, outlining the musical diversity of the area and tracing the many styles that have influenced local musical output. Duna is Hungarian for the Danube river which runs from Germany all the way through the Balkans into the Black Sea.

Nine artists will perform as part of this programme, each conveying their own unique interpretations of jazz, folk, electronica and more. The Club Duna stage is an initiative of WOMEX's local partner, Hangvető.

  • Ági Herczku & Band (Hungary)
  • Buda Folk Band (Hungary)
  • Clarinet Factory (Czech Republic) 
  • Damir Imamović Sevdah Takht (Bosnia & Herzegovina/Croatia/Serbia)
  • Federspiel (Austria)
  • Iļģi (Latvia)
  • Muzykanci (Poland)
  • PaCoRa Trio (Slovakia)
  • Sutari (Poland)

Club Sounds from the World - DJ Summit

Entering into its fourth edition this year, the WOMEX DJ Summit has become a drawcard for professionals and musicians seeking new trends in electronic music.

The line-up, this year curated by Funkhaus Europa's head of music Francis Gay (France/Germany), will feature five electronic acts who will hit the decks over two nights at A38 Ship, one of the foremost venues for dance music worldwide:

  • Bazaar Kings (Hungary)    
  • Chancha via Circuito (Argentina)   
  • Chico Correa (Brazil)    
  • Esta Polyesta (The Netherlands)
  • Rocky Marsiano (Portugal)

The Global Club Music Network will once again be present at WOMEX Trade Fair, with their stand a key meeting point for DJs, remixers, producers and more during the event.

WOMEX 15 Facebook Chat - Join us!

We're teaming up with our friends at rock paper scissors to host a Facebook chat about WOMEX 15 later this month.

Got a question about this year's event, where to stay or how to get around in Budapest? Then join us via the Facebook event page on Wednesday, 26 August at 17:00 GMT - members of the Piranha Arts, Hangvető and rock paper scissors teams will host the chat to talk about all things WOMEX - including hotels, food, fun, logistics, and more - and how you can make the most of your time there.

Roadshow - AMMBCON

WOMEX Director, Alex Walter, will head to Trinidad and Tobago this week for AMMBCON, the Annual Artist Music Management Business Conference which runs until 21 August. If you'd like to get in touch with him while he's there, contact him via virtualWOMEX or email

For those interested in calypso music, check out this blog post by calypso scholar Michael Eldridge looking at the role that The New Yorker, the Village Vanguard and Radio Canada International - who all celebrate big milestones this year - played in proliferating calypso music throughout North America - a great read.

Photo credits in order of appearance (left column first): Szalonna and his band, featuring Ferenc Radics by Róbert Bácsi; Kachimba4; Sutari by Piotr Spigiel; Chancha via Circuito; Müpa Budapest (Palace of Arts); WOMEX 14 Opening by Yannis Psathas.
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WOMEX 15 Budapest, Hungary | 21 - 25 October 2015

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