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• Hello Again!
• What’s New?

• This Month:
Playful Time = "It's a Date, It's a Mystery, It's Mystery Date!"
• Feature Article: "Nourishment for the Soul, Heart, & Body" Part 2 of 2
• Nourishing Recipes:
Susan's Berry Good Lemon-Raspberry Gummies
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Hello Again!

Hey everyone - I'm super excited about this month's "Playful" issue since in my view we don't play nearly enough as adults. And, play is great for the body, heart, and soul! Play is also subjective so you may need to give some thought as to what you really like to do for fun and enjoyment. If you're not used to thinking this way, give yourself some time and exploration. In This Month: Playtime =
"It's a Date...It's a Mystery...It's Mystery Date" you're going to see up close just 1 of the ways I have fun. Check it out!

Also, you won't want to miss our Feature Article,
"Nourishment for the Soul, Heart, & Body", Part 2 of 2, which focuses on some important reasons why weight has been challenging for many. While the points in the article are heavy, remember that playfulness and love help to heal both inside and out! Finally, for a really great mix of playfulness and good health, Nourishing Recipes - "Susan's Yummy Lemon-Raspberry Gummies," (adapted by Autoimmune Paleo), are fantastic! I guarantee you're going to love this hard to beat tasty, fun snack which offers essential amino acids, love, and nutrients!

Attention all: Look for me at Athleta - Upper Westside - NYC where I'll be giving an information-packed seminar on Tuesday, 9/15 from 9am to 10am. Event details - including RSVP - can be found in the blue box below! Come join me there!

In closing, I wanted to post this video I took, (with permission), of a special, young man I recently saw in my local park. I adored his playful spirit! I wanted to share it with you!

Enjoy this issue!

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Marvin Roasrio - Movement
Marvin Rosario knows how to shake things up!
What's New?

Aug 12th: Mystery Date - Janet and I had a great time on our mystery date! I managed to keep our destination unknown until the morning of. Read all about our great day below!

Aug 21-25th: Long week-end getaways are a great way to refresh and recharge. That's just what we did in New Hope, PA. It's a step back in time to the 50s or 40s when biking along the Delaware Canal adjacent to the Delaware River! We made a point to ride to Washington's Crossing where our first president crossed the river! Peace, beauty, and zero rush! The town, along with Lambertsville, NJ just across the bridge, offers many small art galleries, restaurants, and shops. We ended up staying at the Raven, a lodge about 1 mile out of town. I completely luxuriated every evening sitting poolside amongst the trees while listening to the sounds of nature. Life is good!

Aug 24th: Happy birthday to Susan, The HealthShrink!

Sept 7th: Happy Labor Day - offering respect to all who are working or who have worked so hard!

Sept 15th: The Healthshrink via Athleta - Upper Westside Store - NYC - a FREE Presentation: "5 Effective Methods for Health Gain & Weight Loss.”

Sept 19th: Gotham Volleyball Fall Season Kick Off - I've taken the summer off for rehab purposes. Now, The Healthshrink is ready to get back in action and on the court! Can't wait! More information to follow!

Sept 23rd: Autumnal Equinox - First day of Fall, 2015 which promises to bring a new season of cooler days & eves and yellow, red, and orange colors galore.

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Tried everything you know to lose weight and keep it off for good?  Think it's all about "calories in & calories out"? If you're at your wits end with the usual diets & exercise, it's time to learn about strategies that can really make a life changing difference in your health & body size. You're not a willpower weakling, nor have your failed.  But something is terribly amiss when it comes to weight, and hint: it's not your fault. Discover the "5 Effective Methods for Health Gain & Weight Loss" at this FREE presentation given by Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, Certified Eating Psychology Coach.

See Invite Below!
This Month:
Playful Time = "It's a Date, It's a Mystery, It's Mystery Date!"
My spouse, Janet and I recently had fun on one of our "mystery dates". Known affectionately as "mystery", we started doing this many years ago as long-weekend get-a-ways. We actually visited a number of cities/areas we never would have, had it not been for "mystery". But, then life became a bit more hectic and "mystery vacation" stopped. Recently, "mystery" was resurrected and went from long week-end to daytime or evening date.

But, what is "mystery" and why have one?

"Mystery Date" is a game we play together for fun, novelty, romance, and creating togetherness. I comment often that adults have forgotten how to play and just be happy-go-lucky. We don't make time for ourselves in our busy lives and too easily fall prey to a routine of chronic day-in and day-out work, home, tv, collapse. Having fun and pleasure is healing to our psyches. It leads one to the relaxation response which relieves non-caloric weight gain tendencies by decreasing anxiety hormones and insulin and increasing metabolism.

How does one play? It's easy. Click here!
Feature Article:
"Nourishment for the Soul, Heart, & Body" Part 2 of 2

Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to weight! In Part 1 of this article, I went over several reasons why we can have a very challenging time with weight – gaining, losing, and maintaining. Let’s continue our overview of this extremely important issue of weight. Why? Because we can be so hurt on the inside, on a soul level, when we don’t weigh what we think we’re supposed to weigh. Truth is we have no idea what any of us is supposed to weigh exactly.

Weight issues can get our attention, make us vulnerable, human, and humble. They can also cause us, if we’re willing to listen, to search, to feel, to journey, to explore and grow, and to build character. Allowing ourselves to slow down, relax, forgive, and listen to our bodies with love is a gift.  If you were to slow down and listen, what would your extra weight and body fat be telling you?  What would it say? What does it need and want from you?
Nourishing Recipes
(Featuring clean ingredients: organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, local, wild, and love!)

Susan's Berry Good

(As adapted by Autoimmune Paleo).
I'm a big fan of grass-fed gelatin! I find it extremely soothing for the gut. It's also great for repair and maintenance of nails, hair, skin, ligaments, and more. Usually I use the hydrolysated version of Great Lakes Gelatin, (comes in a green canister). This is great for shakes, and to add into just about anything you're cooking having a sauce given the gelatin is flavorless, (tomato sauce, stews, meatloaf, etc.).
The regular Great Lakes Gelatin in the orange canister however is what we need for today's recipe'. The difference between the 2 gelatins is that 1 congeals, (orange canister), and 1 does not, (green canister).

It's late summer, the days are getting shorter but there's still plenty of warmth outside. These gummies are real tasty, and ideal for cool snacking while gaining extra, essential  amino acids.

Check it out here!


Time to close my friends with this month's,

Parting Thought: Honor your body and soul.


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Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years. Also a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Susan enables individuals interested in regaining health and reshaping their bodies to navigate their challenges using a groundbreaking, innovative eating psychology counseling approach. The HealthShrink program combines many of the best weight-loss strategies, from nutrition science to dynamic eating psychology. It’s a positive, empowering, transformational perspective designed for anyone who eats. Susan works with individuals and groups in-person, by phone, and via Skype. Couples coaching is also provided upon request.
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