January. 2016

Hello Again!

Greetings friends and Happy New Year! I sincerely hope everyone’s holiday season went really well! Certainly the unexpected spring-like weather here in the east coast of the States has made many quite ecstatic, (and others of course glum). My celebrations were particularly special because I continue to have the opportunity to share them with my 89 year-old mother, Ann. I so appreciate and treasure having her with us still!

But, now time for some unexpected and unusual news to share. The January edition of
From The HealthShrink, will not be coming out. If you’re feeling let down, I’m terribly sorry! I honestly had no idea nor intention of not producing the e-newsletter. I’d actually sat down to prep for the writing of Reader’s Digest-ion – Part 2, along with other parts of the journal.  

So what exactly happened? Why isn’t there a newsletter?  Let me tell you. As I said, I was mentally preparing to start my writing. Now, since I produce all the copy for the newsletter, it can take close to a week for items in the newsletter to really shape up. Once my copy is close to where I want it, I send it all over to Rafael De Arce of DRC Online Solutions for the set up. That can take a good half week to complete.

Long story short, I simply didn’t have the time to produce the newsletter in December for January. I had too many holiday season activities going on with family and friends which I didn’t want to miss. In mid-December, I also had a long week-end of volleyball including Gotham Volleyball’s End-of-Season tournament with my darling team S*M*A*S*H. (We captured the Bronze medal by the way! Yay!)

Now, I tend to be a very responsible person in many areas of life. When I make a commitment to something, I take that commitment seriously and give it my all. This same motto applies to my work as
The HealthShrink which includes producing From The HealthShrink. Honestly, my first reaction when I looked at my schedule and the challenges presented to getting the newsletter done was to ignore my desires, needs and holiday affair invites. I would write the newsletter irrespective, despite feeling pressured.

This would have meant in some cases, not participating in events, or participating but not having as much fun with the worry of the newsletter, and/or staying up very late at night to get the newsletter out. And I was all set to do this. I would go on as if nothing were different. And then I had a
eureka moment!

It occurred to me that I really should do as
The HealthShrink would suggest, i.e., get out of the stress mode, breathe, get over the guilt, and move into a much healthier relaxation response. In short, I ultimately gave myself permission to not write and produce From The HealthShrink. Do I have regrets? Sure some. I don’t like to let people down, I like to maintain my word, and I truly enjoy writing the newsletter. But, I have to admit the moment I said “no” to the newsletter and “yes” to me, I felt great! And that feeling told me that I was making the right decision.

I’m sharing all this my friends to let you see how important it is for each of us, myself included, to stay attuned and in-tune with ourselves. There are times when we need to do things we don’t particularly want. We just may not have a choice. And then we need to be aware of those times and deal with them with ways/methods that can re-energize us.

Other times though, we do have choices. And they're right in front of our noses. We just need to open our eyes and other senses to those possibilities! And when we are our own best friends, and treat ourselves with respect, kindness, love and trust, the status of our overall health and life habits, including eating, can reach the stars!

I’m wishing you all a star-filled January!

   Susan D’Addario
   Certified Eating Psychology Coach
   Founder, The HealthShrink


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Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years. Also a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Susan enables individuals interested in regaining health and reshaping their bodies to navigate their challenges using a groundbreaking, innovative eating psychology counseling approach. The HealthShrink program combines many of the best weight-loss strategies, from nutrition science to dynamic eating psychology. It’s a positive, empowering, transformational perspective designed for anyone who eats. Susan works with individuals and groups in-person, by phone and via Skype. Couples coaching is also provided upon request.
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