Vol. XVII  Stop Bullying Issue  Oct 2016

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Fat Shaming Is Bullying

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Coming Out in Italy
Feature Article: Beautiful Olive Oyl, Beautiful Me
• Nourishing Recipes: Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes

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Hello Again!

Welcome to the very colorful month of October! Here on the northeast coast of the States, the weather is lovely, and refreshing. October is a particularly fun month with lots of pumpkins, goblins, and gorgeously colored trees!
So I'm pumpkin-focused and in What's New check out
National Pumpkin Day below. Moreover, to really immerse us with good health and a scrumptious treat, Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes are featured in Nourishing Recipes. I had these pancakes recently and they are really, really good! 
In addition to lovely weather and colors, October is a month full of terrific
Awareness Causes. Two of these are highlighted below and include Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Stop Bullying Month. These causes are near and dear to my heart as my mother is a breast cancer survivor. We should all, women and men, stay on top of our breast health. 

Stop Bullying is significant for everyone as well. Whether young or the old, male or female, white, black, yellow, brown, red, or mixed race, straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, inter-sex, fat, or skinny, bullying hurts. Plain and simple. 
It's actually perfect timing for
Stop Bullying Awareness because on the 11th it's National Coming Out Day. This is a day for LGBT people to 'come out' to themselves and others. I think it's a great day and actually can go way beyond the LGBT community. We all benefit when we live in authentic truth. Our bodies and hearts thrive in relax and calm. Therefore, the October issue of From The HealthShrink is called Stop Bullying.
This Month I've brought back an article from last year called
Coming Out in Italy. If you haven't had a chance to read it, give it a glance. It captures my experience returning to my grandparents’ hometown in Southern Italy. For the first time, I’m 'out' as a lesbian with my Italian relatives. There was more than 1 poignant and memorable moment doing this trip!
In our Feature Article, it’s Part 3 of
Beautiful Olive Oyl, Beautiful Me. This is the conclusion of my reveal regarding my own relationship with food, eating, my body, and myself. I hope there are pieces in this article series you find helpful!
In closing I wanted to update that my Aunt Elvira has just been released from the rehab center. She still has a way to go to get to her old self. She has though, without doubt, climbed mountains! Thanks to all for your support!
Please enjoy this issue and feel free to reach out!
All the best in good health!
Susan D’Addario, LCSW
Founder, The HealthShrink
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

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Donald Trump hasn’t changed since fat-shaming me in 1996, Alicia Machado says
Politics aside, fat shaming by anyone is hurtful.  Listen to what Alicia Machado has to say in this video. Say NO to bullying.
What's New?

Oct 1st: Int’l Frugal Fun Day – Today’s a great day to have fun on the cheap! Sure, we can spend plenty of money for an exotic night out, but we can also have a ball without having to shell out excessive dough. This is super important to take to heart because fun and happiness are vital to our good health, metabolism, stability of healthy hormones, and, ultimately, our body size.

So, if you’re not having all that much fun, and believe lack of money is getting in your way, think again. Try to be genuinely mindful about this, and then let your creative self out! My way to have inexpensive fun is to go out for walks in the park, play volleyball, read, cook, ride my bicycle, shop at the farmer’s market, spend meaningful time with friends and family, and more. What’s your way?

Oct 11th: National Coming-Out Day – This is a day for anyone identifying as LGBT, to declare themselves to themselves and to the world about who they are and what they’re about! I think it’s a great idea for all of us whether gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight, or exploring to come out and be proud. Hiding under a rock can get lonely.

Reach out to anyone with whom you feel safe and let your authentic, beautiful colors shine! And, if you want to get in-shape, but are
in-the-closet, stressed, sad, etc., it will be extra difficult for your body to take on its authentic size. When the inner you is struggling, cortisol, the stress hormone, is released which then impedes fat loss. Click here for my own coming out poem.
Take time to honor yourself and your body with optimal breast care.
Oct 14th: Be Bald & Free Day – Women, (and men to a somewhat lesser degree), get judged a lot about their bodies. Frequently the judgement can be harsh and negative which leaves the person feeling sad and often less than. Men, (and women to a lesser degree), also get comments about losing their hair. Well, today is a great day to celebrate everyone in all stages of the balding process.

Many years ago there was the expression,
Bald is Beautiful! Well, at this stage in the game, bald is not only beautiful, but it is also particularly stylish. In fact, if a man is losing his hair and he attempts a comb over, now-a-days he will frequently be encouraged to get rid of the excess fringe and simply shave off whatever remaining hair he has. The idea behind this day is very similar to that of National Coming-Out Day, i.e., love yourself now just as you are.

Our inner self is beautiful no matter what we look like on the outside! As a matter of fact, that’s a key concept I introduce and integrate in my work with clients who want to lose weight. You are not bad, lazy, or less valuable if you are larger-sized. In my view, it’s really time for all of us to work on letting go of harsh, internalized criticism. It only hurts and keeps us down. Step up and focus on looking inside, appreciate your being, and listen to what your body has to say. It actually has a lot to say. Stop for a moment and listen.

Oct 19th: Evaluate Your Life Day – Losing weight is not just about focusing on dieting and exercising. We’re far more complicated beings than that. I absolutely encourage you to look at the whole you, at everything that is going or not going on in your life. What’s going well; what’s making you happy? Great, keep that up! What’s not going well; what’s actually missing from your world? Time to address that.

I like to look at my client’s lives from the inside out. Together we explore what is going on inside of them – feelings, thoughts, moods, etc. – that is getting in the way of making positive changes in their world including re-shaping their body. We also look at their external world and what’s functioning well or not. Take mindful time today to make an honest evaluation of your life. I can help you take steps towards integrating changes that will lead you to becoming the person you want to be. Challenging? Yes. But, moving towards your real, authentic self both inside and out is so very worth it.
Don't bully yourself, don't bully others, and don't let others bully you. Surround yourself with peace, love, and support.
Oct 26th: National Pumpkin Day – I can’t leave this section without celebrating the beautiful pumpkin! I love its orange color! Of course, pumpkins are round, sturdy, and healthy, are fun to paint or carve, great for pie-making, and more. (According to Cinderella, a pumpkin can also be readily converted into a romantic form of transportation! :)

Yes, my friends, I’m so enamored with the pumpkin, that I’ve made it the chief ingredient in this month’s Nourishing Recipe, Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes. These pancakes are absolutely delicious and amazingly nutritious. Try them out for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

In the meantime, I’d like to create a brand new, special day called National Pumpkin Frolicking Day just for us. This is a day for pumpkin picking in the fresh autumn air, making homemade, toasted, sea-salted pumpkin seeds, carving out jack-o-lanterns to light the dark night, and eating these orange goodies in all its many forms! Enjoy!
This Month: Coming Out In Italy

by Susan D'Addario, LCSW, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

My spouse Janet and I just returned from a beautiful 11-day trip to Italy. We traveled fairly extensively by train and visited Venice, Florence, Viareggio, (a very pretty Tuscan town in the Italian Riviera), Cinque Terre, (5 antique towns built into cliffs overlooking the sea), a natural hot springs spa near Siena and Southern Italy in my maternal grandparents hometown, Santeramo in Colle in the province of Bari, (the heel portion of this boot-shaped land.) We also visited other beautiful and historic places with my Southern-Italian relatives, but I'll leave that for another time.

What made this visit extra special? Of course, the country is beautiful but that's nothing new. We'd both been to Italy before and have come to anticipate its beauty. Also, the weather was beyond spectacular! Everyday was sunny and in the low to mid-70s. Even the Italians were amazed by the very atypical, balmy November forecast. While it was extremely sweet to be able to walk around each day in light sweaters that was more the icing on the cake of this very special sojourn.

How about the food you ask? Wasn't that special? Absolutely, yes! Italians throughout Italy offer exquisitely prepared cuisine specific to their region. We ate 1 delicious meal after another whether at restaurants or in people's homes. Another plus in Italy is they are extremely gluten-free friendly! What a relief it was to simply mention that I avoid foods containing gluten. Everyone understood immediately and did their utmost to accommodate. And the food taste and quality remained stellar! Despite the exceptional, gluten-free fare, this still does not rank as the #1 factor of what made this trip extra-ordinary.

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Feature Article: Beautiful Olive Oyl, Beautiful Me, Part 3
by Susan D'Addario, LCSW, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

Welcome back to the story of my struggles with eating, food, my body, and self-esteem! Despite being The HealthShrink, I’ve had plenty of long-term challenges in my relationship with food over the years. Back and forth, losing weight, gaining weight, losing self-esteem, and, then gaining some esteem back. That was the problem though. My inner feelings with regard to whether I was a good person or not, a success vs. a failure, pretty vs. ugly, smart vs. stupid, valuable vs. insignificant, etc., were all tied up into a gigantic knot over my body size.

I know my experiences are not necessarily unique. So many of us have had this same difficult struggle supporting and believing in ourselves. It’s too easy to get off the ‘truth trail’ and led astray onto the ‘road of nonsense’. What’s the ‘road of nonsense’? Believing we’re not good enough exactly as we are today. Thinking we need to lose weight to increase our goodness and overall appeal. Looking for love and acceptance from others before we even grant it to ourselves.

We’ve all grown up in a society that puts enormous pressure on how things are supposed to be. And, that includes us and how we’re supposed to be. I was striving to fit in and wasn’t quite sure how to do so. I didn’t possess the correct body equipment – no long, blonde, straight hair, flat-chested, muscular, no blue eyes, not thin enough, etc. How could I ever be beautiful? I believed I might as well give up, accept my shortcomings, and feel miserable forever. In short, I was not enough of some things and too much of other things. I’m sure you can relate.

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Nourishing Recipes
(Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, local, wild, gluten-free, and love!)
Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes
(Adapted from Diane SanFilippo’s, “Practical Paleo”.)

October is the perfect month to welcome the pumpkin harvest. And, this beautiful, orange fruit is the star of our recipe today.

You may think pancakes are sinfully full of sugar and generally fattening. Ordinarily, I'd agree. However,
Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes are incredibly healthy and nutrient-dense. Pumpkins are great for our heart and blood pressure. They also help prevent degenerative damage to eyes, decrease the risk of diabetes, promote a healthy complexion, and overall, lower our weight. Nice!

These organic, pumpkin pancakes are very low in sugar/carbs, and are extremely satisfying to the taste buds. And, please don't fret over transforming a pumpkin into pancakes. Nope. Just do what I do and use canned, organic pumpkin in a BPA-free liner. Make sure though that the can contains only 1 ingredient, i.e., pumpkin.

For Recipe
Time to close my friends with this month's,

Healing Thought: Build a home inside by accepting yourself and learning self-love and healing.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

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Susan D’Addario, LCSW, Founder of The HealthShrink program, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years. As both a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and a Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach, Susan helps people address and re-work their relationships with life, food, eating, and their bodies. In addition to supporting individuals towards regaining health, and re-shaping their bodies, Susan also offers science-based, energy management techniques that can help you de-stress from challenging situations. These coherence and resilience techniques allow you to get back on track faster, right in the moment. Susan works with individuals and groups in-person, by phone, and via Skype. Couples coaching is provided upon request.
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