Vol. XVI  Discovery Issue  Sep 2016

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Super Joe by Susan

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Breath, Mindfulness, Eating and Our Health
Feature Article: Beautiful Olive Oyl, Ugly Me - Part 2
• Nourishing Recipes: Super Joe

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Company this evening? It's the Big Blue Crumble coming right up!

Hello Again!

Well, well, well, here we are at the tail end of summer, and on the 22nd day of this month of September, autumn resumes. If you're a warm weather lover as I am, join me in reveling in the final glory days of summer, 2016. And, kudos to those who are just waiting for a break in the heat. Your day(s) will come soon.

Discovery Issue is jammed packed with multiple novelties. First things first though, and allow me to update on my Aunt Elvira. She is out of the hospital after 3 weeks, and now in rehab where she'll be until mid-September. Our aunt is coming along and seems to make a bit of improvement each day. Make sure to check out the photo of my aunt and mother below taken during our first visit to the rehab. Both women are strong and beautiful. I have to say, one thing I've discovered from my aunt's illness is you never really know how much you love a person until you're about to lose them. The feeling that comes with that is profound.

Another update, which is well documented below in This Month, is on the excellent and life-altering week-long seminar I attended at the Cape Cod Institute in August.
Breath-Body-Mind Techniques for Stress-Resilience and Well-Being granted me the remarkable discovery of just how much mindful breathing can make us feel well, gain peace of mind, and assist in our out-of-control eating patterns or moments. I'm already integrating these techniques into my life, as well as in my work with clients.

I'm happy to let you know that
Part 2 of Beautiful Olive Oyl, Ugly Me is released in this issue's Feature Article. In it, I share more about my own journey in my relationship with food, eating, my body, and the fairly lost ‘me’ inside. If we're lucky, life is a work in progress. You'll note my personal struggles and some trial and error discoveries I make along the way to my body authenticity. There are so many twists and turns away from the healing road. Daily stress, pressure from Hollywood, advertising, social media, etc. can all get in our way. In addition, the food industry, which deliberately creates and sells mind altering, addictive foods/snacks, has us eating in ways that negates our efforts towards an authentic body and self.

Finally my friends, in Nourishing Recipes, I offer you a discovery. Super Joe is a superb way to enjoy your coffee. It provides energy and clarity of mind like no other coffee you've had before. What's the catch? Hold the milk, sugar, and cream, and pass the grass-fed butter and 8-MCT oil! Don't gasp. Read and try. You're very welcome.

Okay, enough said here in Hello Again. I hope you enjoy this issue and have a terrific September! Remember, please feel free to let me know if you have any comments or questions.
All the best in good health!
Susan D’Addario, LCSW
Founder, The HealthShrink
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

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Susan and her Super Joe coffee
PICK-ME-UP VIDEO: Fixin' me some Super Joe.
Two beautiful sisters, Elvira and Ann, reunite. Gratitude and appreciation abound!

What's New?

Sept 5th: Labor Day (USA) - Let's all stand up and says 'congrats' to one another as this holiday recognizes the contributions of American workers to the US economy. Of course, this is the last of the long, summer holiday week-ends. So, make the most of it and visit something new or go see an old friend. Or, stay home and enjoy a healing stay-cation. Hopping on a bike and going for a spin can be a wonderful way to enjoy your free time as well.

Sept 10th: Gotham Volleyball D7 Tryouts - It's time for another autumn/winter volleyball season to begin. This is my 8th year playing with Gotham Volleyball and I take it as a complete honor being voted in as Captain once again. I very much appreciate the Gotham community and its interest in providing a healthy, social network to all through the sport of volleyball.

Today is tryout day for
200+ players all vying for a place in Division 7. Unfortunately, there are fewer than 70 open spots. In my position as captain, this day certainly offers both highs, (assembling a fun and competitive team), and lows, (knowing that many will leave disappointed in not being chosen). I do my best to be fair in selecting, and compassionate to those who don't make a team. Let the games begin.
Sept 17th: Int'l Eat an Apple Day - Whether at home or in the office, if you're looking for a mid-day snack, put down the cookies and chips. Instead, take a bite out of a crisp and juicy apple. Indeed, September/autumn is the season for this great fruit choice. And, as the old saying goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Did you know a small apple is loaded with fiber and is a good source of vitamin C? If you’re able,
make sure to eat your apple with the skin as that is the most nutritious part - full of anti-oxidants. Two notes: a) Grab your family and friends and spend a beautiful late summer/autumn day outdoors in nature picking apples*, and, b) Since apples are on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list of fruits/veggies having the most pesticides, make double sure to eat organic.

*Apple picking absolutely counts as another great way to move our bodies while having fun!
Sept 21st: Int’l Peace Day - Thank you United Nations from bringing this holy-day to the rest of us! The agenda of Peace Day is for world-wide sharing of prosperity, peace, and partnership. Honestly, that message is so on target about what it takes for the great health and longevity of communities and individuals alike. When we have internal peace, we will have health. If we then nourish ourselves with love and real food, our bodies will thrive. We will also have the greatest chance of regaining and maintaining our authentic body size. Touché.

Sept 24th: Family Health & Fitness Day USA - This is the 20th annual FH&FD USA. The purpose is to promote family involvement in physical activity. This is important my friends! Many find it difficult to start and to keep up fitness activities. It's much easier to value fitness and appreciate all body movement/action if fun movement is supported by the family. It just becomes part of "what we do and how we perceive ourselves". Again, this doesn't mean that you or your family must go to the gym. Not at all.  

Actually, on this day, organizations throughout the USA will host family-related activities. Check out your local schools, parks, hospitals, YMCAs/YWCAs, malls, health clubs, etc. The activities will be non-competitive and may include walking, low-impact exercise, games, health screenings, health workshops, and more. Please enjoy this opportunity smiling and thriving.

Sept 28th: National Good Neighbor Day - "It's a blessing to have a good neighbor, but it's a bigger blessing to BE a good neighbor." Acknowledging and celebrating good neighbors is being mindful. Neighbors can be very friendly and lend a helping hand by watching each other's kids or pets, watering the plants, and so much more.

When I was a kid growing up, my mother was incredibly open and warm with the neighborhood ladies and kids. The women exchanged almost daily invites for a mid-day cup of coffee. All the kids knew and played with one another on the block. We had incredible fun. It was a beautiful, memorable way to grow up. And many of us keep up to this day.
National Good Neighbor Day is healing!
This Month: Breath, Mindfulness, Eating, and Our Health

by Susan D'Addario, LCSW, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

As you may recall, I attended a week long workshop in August at the Cape Cod Institute called Breath-Body-Mind Techniques for Stress-Resilience and Well-Being by Richard Brown, MD and Pat Gerbarg, MD. I loved this seminar! It wasn’t just about what I learned – which was great, but how I felt after class each day – which was at least equally great!

The course was composed of
science info regarding the health impact on people who practice 5-second breaths-per-minute (bpm), aka – coherent breathing, for 20-minutes daily, as well as experiential hands on breathing practice with accompanying slow, healing body movement ala qigong.

According to this course’s presenters and their related research,
daily coherent breathing changes our almost chronic stress status, (sympathetic nervous system), to the relaxation/safe state (parasympathetic). Essentially, one inhales gently and slowly for a 5-count, then exhales equally slowly for a second count of 5 bpm. It is during the easy, slow, gentle release of the breath that our vagus nerve is impacted. This nerve extends to the brain and gut and promotes feelings of safety and goodness. I can absolutely vouch for the aftermath 'goodness of feel' which lasts for hours.

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Feature Article: Beautiful Olive Oyl, Ugly Me - Part 2
Susan D'Addario, LCSW, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach

At now 58-years old, my relationship with my body, eating, food, and spirit have changed and evolved enormously. I have high hopes for continued evolution and I welcome future growth. Let me cut to the chase and then back pedal. The biggest change in how I eat, relate to food, and feel about my body is directly connected to how I feel about myself from the inside out. By focusing more on the actual me, the me-soul that is inside, and less stressing, fussing, and obsession with how I look on the outside, I’ve reached a better place of inner calm and acceptance.

Of course, it makes sense that so many of us are externally focused. There is an enormous amount of pressure from Hollywood, glamour magazines, social media, and more to look a certain way. That way usually means, if you’re a woman you are thin with shapely breasts, long blond hair, pretty face, etc. For a man it implies being tall, muscular, lean, and handsome. Most of us strive to achieve the ‘look’, sometimes without even realizing the pressure we put on ourselves for perfection. If we get close to the ‘look’, we may have a ‘false, positive sense’ of feeling good. When we’re far from the ‘look’ we frequently can feel down, dejected, lonely, angry, and ‘not normal’ or less than. How sad, really.

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Nourishing Recipes
(Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, local, wild, gluten-free, and love!)
Super Joe
Following my last 2 recipes, (The Big Blue Crumble and Bacon & Egg Cup Embrace), I wanted to now share the incredibly luscious, healthy, and energetic Super Joe, aka, SJ. Originally created by biohacker, Dave Asprey, as the Bulletproof Coffee, my SJ interpretation will sweep you off your feet.

Do you enjoy cappuccino? If so, prepare to be a very, very happy camper. The Super Joe is now my absolutely favorite way to enjoy coffee. I have a feeling once you try it, you'll agree.

There are very few ingredients in the Super Joe. However few or many though, I always try to use the best quality ingredients. The beautiful SJ is no exception. It provides
ketone-fueled energy and quick mental clarity from clean fat (8-MCT oil & grass-fed, unsalted butter), instead of sugar. 8-MCT oil, by the way, is distilled from coconut oil and takes only the best of the best from the coconut, i.e. caprylic 8-chain fatty acid.

Think adding oil and butter to your coffee sounds bizarre? I did. I remember watching a travel program on TV many years ago. The host of the program went to northern Italy and was visiting a woman who owned and worked a dairy farm. This lady made fresh cheese and butter all the time. At the end of the farm tour, she offered the interviewer a cup of espresso coffee with her butter added right in. While the host oohed and aahed with delight, I was quite skeptical and turned off.
Now instead, I find myself oohing and aahing. Honestly!

For Recipe
Time to close my friends with this month's,

Healing Thought: The right amount of food is the amount that helps us stay healthy.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

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Susan D’Addario, LCSW, Founder of The HealthShrink program, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years. As both a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and a Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach, Susan helps people address and re-work their relationships with life, food, eating, and their bodies. In addition to supporting individuals towards regaining health, and re-shaping their bodies, Susan also offers science-based, energy management techniques that can help you de-stress from challenging situations. These coherence and resilience techniques allow you to get back on track faster, right in the moment. Susan works with individuals and groups in-person, by phone, and via Skype. Couples coaching is provided upon request.
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