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• Hello Again!
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Women’s Body, Food and Eating Empowerment Group
• This Month: Thank You Abenakis!
Feature Article: Taking Ourselves Out of a Binge
• Nourishing Recipes:
Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup 
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Hello Again!

I'm delighted to be back with our November Giving Thanks issue! As you'll read in What's New, I'm headed over to Italy on 11/1 with Janet for almost 2 weeks to visit with friends/family. (Follow me on my trip on The Healthshrink Facebook page here and while there, please like my page!) Anyway, between trying to get ready for Italy and wanting to publish this newsletter promptly, I felt a bit extra extended. I'd definitely like to give thanks to Rafael DeArce at DRC Online Solutions for his usual support in making this newsletter happen!

Speaking of giving thanks, check out my official 2015
Giving Thanks list which is detailed in This Month's, Thank You Abenakis. I felt so relaxed and positive after coming up with this list, that I'm going to experiment and try this on a weekly basis. I want to reflect and acknowledge one situation, person, place or thing for which to give thanks. It's just too easy to take positive circumstances/people in our lives for granted. Not only did it feel good to create the 2015 Giving Thanks list, but it lead directly to my relaxation response which is where our emotional and bodily healing occur. Talk about a win-win!

In our Feature Article,
Taking Ourselves Out of a Binge, I note 8-steps we can use to address this situation. While it's desirable of course to feel more comfortable with eating and our relationship with food, binge eating itself is not necessarily the problem. Rather, it's a symptom or message for us to look more deeply at our underlying, problematic situation(s); if we choose to listen. In that sense, we can even be appreciative of our eating challenges! They can help us to grow!

Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup is one of my favorites! It's especially soothing on a cold winter's eve. Well, in Nourishing Recipes, I'm delighted to share our family recipe' with you! I grew up on this highly nourishing and delicious soup cooked from the heart by my mother. How lucky was I? Give it a try. I think you may wind up really loving it and giving your own thanks for this healing tonic. Yum!

Before closing, I just wanted to mention how excited I am to be starting up a brand new
Women's Body, Food and Eating Empowerment Group this January, 2016. Check below for details and register now to receive our early bird group-package rate! Also, holiday season is upon us. Don't forget your loved ones who may benefit from our invaluable services. Find out more here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Gobble, gobble!

   Susan D’Addario
   Certified Eating Psychology Coach
   Founder, The HealthShrink


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What's New?

Oct . 7th – I had a great time presenting in
Gotham Volleyball’s Health & Wellness series, (stay tuned for Part 2 coming up on December 9th). I’m so grateful to Gotham for wonderful volleyball times and friendship!

Oct . 10th – Oh my goodness, my cousins and I won 1st place for best Halloween costume while at our favorite family resort, Pine Lake Manor, in upstate New York! We entered as a group and dressed ourselves up as a pizzeria! We were, “Pizza Lake Manor”, and had lots of fun as you can imagine!

Oct . 21st – I gave an encore seminar at Athleta – Upper Westside – NYC of 5 Effective Methods for Optimal Health & Weight. People as always seemed pleased, interested and wanting to know more! Love it!!

Nov . 1st – I’m leaving on a jet plane with my very dear Janet to visit family and friends in sunny Italy for 2 weeks. We’ll be a bit all over the country sightseeing and spending time with loved ones. I can’t wait to be in touch with you from there! Arriverderci amici!!

Nov . 26thHappy Thanksgiving to all! If you’re feeling a bit insecure about eating too much this day, check out our Feature Article,
Taking Ourselves Out of a Binge. Remember though, there’s nothing wrong and everything right with enjoying our meal. So, buon appetito!

End of Nov – I’m just about completing the
HeartMath Institute’s training program for coaches/mentors, Building Personal Resilience. I’m thoroughly enjoying the Program and have learned so much. I can’t wait to share all my new knowledge with you as well as discuss how it integrates so beautifully with my training as an Eating Psychology Coach. More to come!
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Women’s Body, Food and Eating Empowerment Group

Calling all women! Are you tired of trying to lose weight without long-term success? Are you feeling frustrated and unhappy with your body? If so, please contact The HealthShrink to find out about our brand new group created for women just like you. The Women’s Body, Food and Eating Empowerment Group is starting this January, 2016. Kick-off your new year on a new path to self-discovery and real weight results! Small, private group – new, low group rate! Click here to request more information.
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This Month: Thank You Abenakis!
Thanksgiving, 11/ 26 - November is the month in the USA for giving thanks! We all know the tradition dates way back to 1612 when the first settlers or Pilgrims celebrated a successful corn harvest with the Abenaki Native Americans, (it was the Abenakis who taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate corn, extract sap from trees, catch fish and avoid poisonous fish. Giving thanks!) I especially enjoy Thanksgiving. Despite the frequently chilled temperatures here in the Northeast and other parts of the States, it’s a time when the heart can warm.  

Unlike most holidays, Thanksgiving is not bound to a specific religion or heritage. Anyone who identifies as American can jump in and share in the feeling of gratitude and warmth. People travel for miles to be with family and friends for the festivities.
M*A*C*Y’s throws its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade for the public to enjoy! Turkey trots abound from town-to-town. People open their homes and host wonderful dinners with the standard fare: turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

I started thinking, as great as
Thanksgiving is maybe it’s not sufficient to give thanks only 1 time a year. Maybe there’s enough going on in our lives to be grateful and thankful for each month of the year! Hmmm! So, I’ve come up with my own Giving Thanks list for 2015 which I’ve decided to share with you.

I’m thankful for...

Jan • Janet and I celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary after being together for 20 years.
Feb • Having our dog, Rosie, with us for 1 year now. (She is my very first dog ever!)
Mar • Re-kindling a friendship with Paola who found me on social media.
Apr • Presenting in
Christopher Street Financial’s ‘Words & Wine’ seminar.
May • Graduating from the life-altering
Institute for the Psychology of Eating.
Jun • Launching the first
From The HealthShrink e-Newsletter.
Jul • Memories of my dearly, departed father, Daniel, on his birthday.
Aug • Enjoying an especially fun
Mystery Date at the Dream Hotel with Janet.
Sep • My beautiful and wonderful mother, Ann, who turned 89 years-old.
Oct • Presenting in Gotham Volleyball’s Health & Wellness series.
Nov • Visiting loved ones in Italy as well as sharing Thanksgiving with my family in the USA.
Dec • Graduating from the heart-felt, heart-breath, HeartMath Institute.

Compiling this list was actually a thoughtful, heart-warming exercise. I recommend you consider coming up with your own. Giving thanks never felt so good!
Feature Article: Taking Ourselves Out of a Binge
Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Eating fast and mindlessly is never a good idea but happens all too frequently. Since most of us live in a high-speed society with plenty of distractions, it’s no wonder we live, work and eat fast. They all go hand-in-hand actually. Due to the almost normalized feeling of chronic, low-level stress, (which is far more depleting on our inner battery than occasional high-strung, short-term stress), cortisol and insulin are constantly being released into our bodies. This of course adds to our body’s stress level which makes digestion, sleep, weight, mood and immunity all that much more challenging.

Our brains are not made to multi-task. It’s much better to slow things down, breathe and taste our food. It’s also a much better way to re-gain our natural appetite and start learning to trust when we are full. This is far different than following a calorie-restricted eating plan given to us by an outside source. What seems far more authentic and realistic to me than reducing calories according to an arbitrary diet plan having little to do with us, is to start to slow down our eating. Even just 20 minutes gives our brains a chance to register that we’ve eaten and, consequently, it will stop sending us hunger signals.

Nourishing Recipes
(Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, local, wild, gluten-free, and love!)
When I grew up, my mother made homemade chicken soup every Monday for dinner. This is a Southern-Italian tradition she adopted from her mother. While the chicken soup was especially appreciated during autumn, winter, and early spring, it didn’t really matter what time of the year it was. Monday evening meant chicken soup! It was something I came to love and looked forward to every week. And, by the way, chicken soup also always made its way as our first course on the Thanksgiving table!

As an adult, making homemade chicken soup is a tradition I love to keep up. While I can’t claim to make it every Monday, Janet and I really enjoy eating it each and every time soup’s on our menu! This is also a fairly easy dish to prepare because as a “one-potted meal’, the items all cook together. So, with the return of autumn, let’s get ready for some ultra-healthy homemade chicken soup filled to the brim with wonderful nutrients and, oh so warming nourishment!

For Recipe...

It’s finally here!

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Time to close my friends with this month's,

Parting Thought: Warming the heart by giving thanks increases our renewing hormones.

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Susan D'Addario, The HealthShrink, has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years. Also a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Susan enables individuals interested in regaining health and reshaping their bodies to navigate their challenges using a groundbreaking, innovative eating psychology counseling approach. The HealthShrink program combines many of the best weight-loss strategies, from nutrition science to dynamic eating psychology. It’s a positive, empowering, transformational perspective designed for anyone who eats. Susan works with individuals and groups in-person, by phone and via Skype. Couples coaching is also provided upon request.
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