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  July is Independence
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  "Once Upon a Time–The Weight Loss Myth - Part 2 of 2"
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  Susan’s Meatball Burgers and Mom’s String Beans w/Tomato Sauce
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Hello Again!

Here we are with our 3rd edition of "From The HealthShrink"! We've gotten some very positive feedback thus far from many people indicating their pleasure with the articles, photos, and general layout of the e-Newsletter! That's great! So glad you like how things are coming along. We're always open to any and all of your comments so please don't hesitate to reach out.

FYI… The scheduling for "From The HealthShrink" has been shifted from mid-month to the beginning of each month. As a result, this July edition closely follows the release of our June newsletter. However, beginning in August and beyond, you’ll receive "From The HealthShrink" consistently at the start of each month. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what's offered in this July Independence issue! Our feature article, "Once Upon a Time - The Weight Loss Myth - Part 2 of 2" dives into the real ways to change our body size. If you've missed, "Once Upon a Time - A Weight Loss Myth – Part 1 of 2", feel free to check it out
here. The articles really speak to the heart of the matter with regard to weight loss, and blame and myths vs. truth and reality.

Also make sure to look at Nourishing Recipes for a different style, healthy and tasty Independence Day Mamma Mia B-B-Q dish! (I eat this meal a lot, and, yes, my Italian heritage factors in here.  But, you don’t need an Italian background to enjoy. Dig in!)

I’d be delighted to meet you all in person at my upcoming presentation on 8 / 1 1.  Get all the relevant details below. In the meantime, I’m wishing you great health, peace, and body comfort! I’m available for any and all of your comments/questions. You can count on more great info to come! Thanks for tuning in!

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What's New?

6 / 1 4 : Gay Pride Ride – Here I am on my first bike ride of the season having fun in the great outdoors accompanied by the sun, warmth, and joyful movement.  How much better can things get?

6 / 2 7 : This morning was particularly exciting as Relax • Rewire • Reshape, The HealthShrink’s blog, was up and running! Check out our premiere blog post, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way!” right
here. You can expect weekly blogging  from me on topics that touch our good health, spirit, body size, and more. I’m excited, as I hope you are, to be part of our developing HealthShrink tribe!

8 / 1 1 : The HealthShrink- a FREE Presentation: 
"5 Effective Methods for Gaining Health & Losing Weight”

Tried everything you know to lose weight and keep it off for good?  Think it's all about "calories in & calories out"? If you're at your wits end with the usual diets & exercise, it's time to learn about strategies that can really make a life changing difference in your health & body size. You're not a willpower weakling, nor have your failed.  But something is terribly amiss when it comes to weight, and hint: it's not your fault. Discover the "5 Effective Methods for Health Gain & Weight Loss" at this FREE presentation given by The HealthShrink, Susan D'Addario, Certified Eating Psychology Coach.

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This Month: July Is Independence

7 /  4 :  Happy Independence day to the USA! Wishing everyone who celebrates a wonderful holiday full of pleasure and good times. However you spend your time, if you're enjoying yourself and in a relaxed mode, you're on the path to healing and weight reshaping.  Beyond enjoying the day, let’s also take a moment to reflect upon the significance of the celebration.

On this day in 1776, some very brave people took a stand and a risk for what they believed in and signed the Declaration of Independence! That action changed the course of the nation! The United States was born and not only survived but thrived to become a world leader amongst nations. The many battles fought were for independence, autonomy and freedom. What a great feat!

Likewise, the quest for independence in our personal lives is also worth the effort. The goal of having our authentic, real selves in any and all relationships and situations involving people, places, and things should be mindfully supported by us with the same courage and valor used by our forefathers and mothers. Being true to ourselves and body reshaping go hand-in-hand.

Happy Independence Day to us all!

“As we become what and who we’re supposed to be, the body has the best chance of becoming what it’s supposed to be.”
M. David, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Once Upon A Time:

The Weight Loss Myth - Part 2 of 2


Susan D'Addario, Founder & Eating Psychology Coach

The HealthShrink

It’s time to end the myth that if we don’t achieve or maintain our weight loss that we’re to blame. We are not weaklings nor is our willpower lacking.  In truth, it’s the weight loss formula – eat less, exercise more – (promoted by the diet and fitness industries) that has failed, not us. Moreover, the gigantic food industry plays a huge role in our weight challenges by creating foods intentionally designed to hijack our taste buds and influence our brains. Put into an advertisement, this sounds something like, “Lay’s Potato Chips – Bet You Can’t Eat Just One!” Foods high in sugar, fat, and salt are altering the biological circuitry of our brains.1

Let’s look at the real deal of what has been going on and why it’s so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose. The following tips and suggestions are intended to simplify, rather than complicate, healthy eating and living. I’m going to emphasize slowing down, getting back down to earth and out of the rat race and maze of the diet, fitness, and food processing industries. I’m cheer-leading for eating and living a bit more as our great-grandparents once did not all that long ago.

Read More....

*If you would like to read Part 1 first, click here!
Nourishing Recipes
(Featuring clean ingredients: organic, local, pasture-raised, wild, and love!)

Mamma Mia



If you're tired of the same old burger and usual sides on Independence Day, try something new and delicious! Susan's Meatball Burgers accompanied by Mom’s String Beans With Tomato Sauce are the bomb!

Susan’s Meatball Burgers
Serving Size 2 (Double ingredients for larger serving sizes.)
• 1 lb. of chopped grass-fed beef*
• 1-2  cloves of organic garlic (My preference is 1 but let your taste buds decide.)
• 1     large organic egg - (From your local green market or buy The Country Hen brand.)
• 3     Crackers – (I use Le Pain de Fleur Chestnut Gluten-Free Crispbread - only 3 ingredients!)

To taste, also add:
• Unrefined Salt – (Healthy salt has a grayish/brown/pink color and is void of anti-caking elements.)
• Organic Black Peppercorn

• 3-4  Tablespoons of filtered water if needed.
• ½-1 Teaspoon of freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley,
• 1     Tablespoon of grated Locatelli Romano cheese.

Place the chopped meat in a large bowl. Chop the garlic clove(s) into small pieces and add to the meat. (Hint: Use a garlic press and make this job super easy!) Crack open an egg and add the whole egg into the mixture. (The majority of nutrients in eggs are found in the yolk.) Take the crackers and place them in a zip lock bag. Zip the bag getting rid of any air. Take a drinking glass, (or some other heavy object), and using the bottom of the glass, hit the crackers until they become broken up into a powder. Add the powdered crackers to the bowl.  Salt and pepper to taste. Add optional ingredients in as well.

With your hands, get right in there, and mix together the ingredients.  If the meat feels too dense in your hands, add the filtered water. Do this a little at a time so the mixture doesn’t become too loose. The eggs and crackers should be absorbed into the meat. Once your meat mixture is ready, separate  into 4 equal size portions.  Form each into a hamburger shape.  

These meatball burgers work great either on an outdoor grill or on an indoor fry pan. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of healthy fat to the fry pan – pork lard or lamb tallow from pasture-raised animals or organic, unrefined coconut oil, (or blend the 2), and spread lightly, and evenly while the pan is pre-heating using a paper towel.

Cook at medium heat approximately 5 minutes per side. I eat these burgers as patties.  If you’d prefer yours as a sandwich, you can pick up some Paleo Wraps which are tasty, gluten-free, and contain only 3 ingredients.  They’re made by the Julian Bakery and you can order them on-line.

* (This recipe works well with all types of chopped meat. Feel free to mix different meats together as well. I particularly enjoy a mix of chopped beef and chopped lamb.)

Mom’s French-Cut String Beans With Tomato Sauce
As a side for the delicious meatball burgers, try this very easy to make and extremely healthy version of string beans. (I wasn’t such a big vegetable eater as a child. At the age of 10, I decided to try my mom’s string beans.  It was love at first bite and I haven’t looked back since!)

Serving Size 2
• 1  Bag of organic, frozen French-Cut String Beans – (I use Cascadian Farms – frozen at peak ripeness!)
• 1  Clove of organic garlic
• 5  Tablespoons of organic tomato sauce – (I use Bionaturea Organic Strained Tomatoes. 1      ingredient!)
• 1  Cup of filtered water
• 1  Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
•     Salt & Pepper to taste – (Refer to salt & pepper notes in the above recipe for helpful info.)

Cut the garlic in half and add it and all the ingredients into a pot. The sauce in this dish is the best part. Make sure while the string beans are cooking, that there is enough liquid in the pot.  Feel free to add a bit more tomato sauce or water or both to keep enough liquid so it covers up to at least ¼ way up to the beans.  The sauce should also be “lighter” than what we would eat on a traditional pasta dish.

Place the pot with your ingredients on a stove top. Let come to a medium boil. Cook on a medium flame for approximately 25 minutes. Make sure to stir especially early on to prevent uneven cooking or burning.

When done, plate the meatball burgers and string beans with a nice amount of sauce. Try a light swirl of fresh extra virgin olive oil on top. You may love it. Enjoy!

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