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Winter 2021 Newsletter (Volume 43, Issue 1) 


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President's Message
CARL Business
Member Spotlight
People and Places News
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 CARL Leadership 2021

Rachel Jaffe
UC Santa Cruz

Kelly Janousek
CSU Long Beach

Mario Macías
Pierce College

Lalitha Nataraj
CSU San Marcos

Jennifer Silverman
West Coast University

Andrew Carlos
CSU East Bay

Lucy Bellamy

Shamika Simpson
Long Beach City College

Paizha Stoothoff
Cal State LA


Samantha Alfrey
Occidental College

Ken Lyons
UC Santa Cruz

Kelli Hines
Western University of Health Sciences

Yen Tran
San Jose State University

Dave Drexler
CSU Fresno

Ethan Annis
Dominican University of California, San Rafael

 President's Message 
A Message from Outgoing President, Kelly Janousek
photo of Kelly
 2020 will be a historical year for many reasons. CARL also completed some exciting things in 2020. 
  • CARL instituted a statement on Code of Conduct for conference attendees and elected board members. CARL is conscious of creating a welcoming, harassment-free environment and will work to keep that vision for our members and guests as we meet and work together. We have had several groups contact us on this statement, inquiring if they can base their Code of Conduct on ours. Thanks to the working group of seven who made this happen. 
  • The first virtual conference, a roaring success. The keynote speakers, La Loria Konata and Brooke Binkowski, gave a lot of food for thought on our ideals as librarians. Thank you to the Conference Coordinating Committee of three leads and many CARL members taking specific tasks. 
  • Much work was done to revise the Standing Rules and Bylaws of CARL. Codification of the restructure of the board members duties, statement of inclusion and adding a new award. Plus updating inaccurate standing rules.
  • Creation and guidelines for a new award, Gayatri Singh, UC San Diego. This will be offered in 2021, watch for information on applying. 
  • CARL worked on a bigger presence with the ACRL Chapters Council. This included write-up in the ACRL Chapters Council newsletter. CARL is a State Chapter of ACRL and it helps to be seen.
  • The CARL Board has been exploring the new membership management system to better meet our new technology needs. This is leading to revamping our website since it is more than ten years old (very old in technology years). 
  • This year we finalized a place to house the CARL paper archives, at California State University, Dominguez Hill.  The future materials will be archived by the CARL Secretary, who will not maintain the CARL minutes, etc. in google documents. 
The CARL Interest Groups maintained their programming and held events during this year, without meeting face to face. 
So, thank you for letting me serve as president of this outstanding organization - CARL did meet some major goals.
So what will 2021 bring to our CARL members?
Please welcome our incoming CARL Leadership!

CARL President, Rachel Jaffe

Rachel Jaffe
CARL Vice President, Mario Macías
Mario Macias
Statement from Mario Macías: After serving as the Director-at-large for Community Colleges (2018-2020), I am proud to have been elected Vice President by CARL members. As I reflect on why I have chosen to serve our ACRL state chapter, I keep remembering CARL’s 2016 Conference where DIAL leaders invited Dr. Melina Abdullah and Dr. Safiya Noble for their showcase, Black Lives Matter: How Librarians Can Serve As Allies. I will never forget Dr. Abdullah’s humorous point about self-care and our personal commitment to the freedom of others: “What if Harriet Tubman had said that? What if she’d said ‘I'm tired, I can’t get y’all through this, my feet hurt’? What if she had said that? We can’t say that; we have to be willing to really think about what freedom means and what freedom is worth.”

I think about this often because such memory invigorates me, especially when I feel powerless about the intersectional inequalities in our country. Her point was not to expect for us all to become like Harriet Tubman, but to build solidarity and consistency towards equitable progress, which has been depressingly slow in this United States of America. Underlying in this imagining, I interpreted another point: self-care should not close us into a selfish solipsism (especially if you’re privileged); we must serve and liberate others as much as possible, especially if you’re under constant systemic violence. This is what it means to be anti-racist—to be intentional and consistent about tackling systemic oppression at every level. One anti-racist library—if any do exist—is stronger than a few anti-racist librarians. Kindness is not enough. We must organize ourselves, our libraries, and our various spheres of influence to create measurable and impactful progress.

We need to look at strategies emerging to combat our current crises, such as “direct action” and “mutual aid,” and how libraries should rethink our “public services.” We should revamp what we do towards Media, Health, and Civic literacies. We must reflect and recommit to the noble values of our profession, with equity and justice in mind. We must change our working cultures to be transparent, accountable, and democratic. We must hire and retain more librarians of color, including non-white staff/workers. We need as many allies as possible, not performative allyship. We need white librarians, especially those in positions with power, to step it up. We need to push our administration and politicians because institutional inertia is not an excuse anymore.

Lastly, I want to thank and applaud the 2016 DIAL leaders who organized their empowering program: Angela Boyd, Eva Rios-Alvarado, Kenny Garcia, Ken Lyons, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Tamara Rhodes, and the late Gayatri Singh.
photo of Gayatri and CARL Librarians at a conference

 CARL Business 

CARL members, check out our new membership platform! Access the platform by using this friendly shortcut:

New CARL Member Portal

Interest Groups
DIAL (Diversity in Academic Libraries):
The DIAL group would like to share an upcoming summit on its radar:

The People of Color in Library & Information Science (POCinLIS) Summit

POC in LIS Summit

Thriving Together: Strengthening Our Identities through Community

The mission of POCinLIS Summit is to create a productive and brave space for people of color, especially women and marginalized identities, working in the information sector. Information workers will have the opportunity to explore their work in LIS as POC and their intersecting identities as POC+ and information workers. This summit invites participants to challenge and interrogate their roles and actions as information workers. This summit aims to collectively establish rules of engagement and discourse, acknowledging that dominant narratives may be disrupted. This space is created to support the research of POC librarians and create a network of POC information workers for future collaboration and self-care.

Conference organizers would like to invite students, support staff, public and memory workers, and anyone working in information to the summit as well. You are a valued and essential voice in our industry.

Conference organizers would like to hear from you! Consider submitting a proposal to the 2021 POC in LIS Summit here:

Need some help building your proposal? Check out our information page for presentation support:
The proposal submission deadline is Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST so let us know if you have any questions:

This conference is funded by the William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University and Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) SPIF Grant.

ALIGN (Academic Librarians' Interest Group North): 
Visit the ALIGN Website or contact Ken Lyons at for more information about this interest group.

SCIL (Southern California Instruction Librarians): 
Subscribe to the SCIL listserv to connect with SCIL. You are also welcome to join the SCIL Steering Committee listserv.

SCORE (Scholarly Communication and Open Resources for Education): 
SCORE meets virtually on a quarterly basis. Subscribe to the SCORE listserv to find out when they're meeting next!

CARLDIG-S (CARL Discussion Interest Group - South):
The CARLDIG-S free virtual conference on December 4th, 2020, was a success! The theme was "Authentic reference: Advocacy and support for our communities and ourselves," and presentation titles can be viewed in the program schedule.

Thank you to our presenters and attendees!

If you have questions, please contact our Chair, Corrie Bott at Join the CARLDIG South listserv.

SEAL (Science & Engineering Academic Librarians): 
A group of librarians are workign on re-starting the SEAL interest group. The pandemic initially delayed their work, but the team is eager to begin planning for virtual events soon.

Please contact Sheree Fu to connect with SEAL.
  Member Spotlight

Tiffanie Ford-Baxter

Where do you currently work, and what is your job title/role?   
I am the liaison librarian for Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and Mathematics departments at California State University, Los Angeles.

Why did you join CARL? What do you most enjoy about being a CARL member?  
I joined CARL to connect with other librarians after moving to Los Angeles in 2017. Working from home for the past eight months has heightened my appreciation for the CARL community.  

Are you working on anything special right now or in the near future you'd like to share with other CARL members?  
I am working with a group of science and engineering librarians to re-start the Science & Engineering Librarians (SEAL) interest group. The pandemic initially delayed our work, but we are eager to begin planning virtual events soon.   

What new approaches to your work (e.g., instruction, coll dev, reference, outreach, etc.) have you tried recently? Have any of them been particularly successful or challenging? 
The library just started a two-year trial of a new collection development model. We developed the model to be patron-driven, focused on just-in-time purchasing instead of just-in-case. A new Collection Strategies Committee has been established that will review usage data and patron requests to make purchasing decisions, in addition to liaison purchases. There will only be one fund code for one-time purchases during the trial, a decision made in part to remove the annual headache of determining how much money each liaison would receive. Starting the trial is itself a success, as it is the culmination of several years of research, meetings, and policy writing by myself and Holly Yu, our electronic resources librarian. 

What’s something you recently read/watched/listened to that you can’t stop thinking about or is helping you process recent events? Anything else you'd like to share with CARL members about librarianship, science librarianship, or otherwise?

I recently read the graphic novel Astronauts: Women on the Final Frontier by Jim Ottavani and Maris Wicks. Astronaut Mary Cleave captivatingly narrates of how women fought to go to space in the U.S. While reading, I could not help but consider how much further we need to go. I think many of us remember the canceled all-female spacewalk a few years ago. So, how do I help us move forward? It is a question I have repeatedly asked myself the last four years as our country appeared to be moving backward, and the right answer may be to never stop asking.

Do you have a colleague you'd like to recommend for the Member Spotlight column? Email the Editor for more information at
  People and Places News 

Publications, Presentations, & Awards
In January 2021, Cal State LA Librarians Kimberly Franklin (Education Librarian), Kendall Faulkner (Social Sciences Librarian), Tiffanie Ford-Baxter (Science Librarian), and Sheree Fu (Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Librarian)  published an article on a year-long project to redesign the University Library's online tutorial for first year students enrolled in introduction to higher education classes:

Franklin, K.Y., Faulkner, K., Ford-Baxter, T., and Fu, S.. Redesigning an Online Information Literacy Tutorial for First-year Undergraduate Instruction. The Journal of Academic Librarianship 47, no. 1 (2021): The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2021-01, Vol.47 (1).

In November 2020, Raymond Pun was invited by the Philippines Library Association Inc. to give a plenary presentation on the impact of digital inequity on libraries during COVID-19. He was a recipient of Beta Phi Mu's Frank B. Sessa Scholarship for Continuing Professional Education and used it to complete the Creative Commons Licensing Certificate program in November 2020. In December 2020, Ray was a virtual presenter for LILi's (Lifelong Information Literacy) "Online Instruction Show & Tell Stories" using Prezi Video and for the CARLDIG-South's Virtual Conference on "Supporting Academic Writing as a Librarian: A Collaborative Approach." He was also certified to teach workshops in the Library Carpentry Program. Most recently, he co-guest edited a special issue on "Sustainability and Libraries" with Ulla Pötsönein the International Journal of Librarianship (IJoL) (an open access journal under the Chinese American Librarians Association).
Susan Boyd (Santa Clara University) gave a lightning talk on October 9, 2020 at the STELLA (Science, Technology, and Engineering Library Leaders in Action) Unconference, hosted virtually by the University of Iowa.  The title of her presentation was "Reorganizing a LibGuide for a Technical Writing Course to Parallel the Engineering Design Process."
Please send news about your library, you colleagues, or yourself to
Deadlines for submissions: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.

  Executive Board Meeting Notes              

CARL Board Meeting #4 Minutes           

Friday, December 4, 2020, 10 a.m.



Lalitha Nataraj (Secretary)

Kelly Janousek (President)

David Drexler (Web Coordinator)

Lucy Bellamy (ACRL Chapters Council delegate)

Ken Lyons (UC-DAL)

Mario Macías (CC-DAL)

Lee Adams (Past President)

Margot Hanson (CSU-DAL)

Yen Tran (Treasurer)

Andrew Carlos (Membership Director)

Rachel Jaffe (VP-North)

Samantha Alfrey (DAL-Private)

Ethan Annis (Mentorship Comm)

Jennifer Silverman (incoming Treasurer)

Absent: Paizha S.


Meeting Agenda



Action Items

1. Welcome and Introductions of Board - new and moving onward members


10:07 a.m.


Mention what you have or hope to accomplish in your CARL new/old role(s)

Congratulations to incoming Board Members:


Mario Macias, Vice-President/Pres-Elect

Ken Lyons, University of California - Director-at-Large

Paiza Stoothoff, California State University -Director-at-Large

Jennifer Silverman, Treasurer


Kelly: Holding a conference during pandemic was challenging, but it was an accomplishment this year


Yen: Will work with Jennifer to transition bank accounts seamlessly. 


Lalitha: Moving and organizing documents in Google Drive; working on Gayatri Singh Award Committee.


Ethan: Growing the mentorship program; more personalization (letters on letterhead) for members.


Lee: Concluding 6 continuous years on CARL Board; working on transferring docs into CARL Board Google Drive.


Mario: Planning Unconference in February 2021 for Community College librarians; will be opening up the event to cc library workers outside of California. Thinking of how we can use the CARL Membership platform to promote activities of Interest Groups.


Rachel: In year 3 of serving on CARL Board; hoping to accomplish a lot of knowledge capture and knowledge management and focus on documentation. Hoping to improve onboarding process for incoming members.


Lucy: Has been involved with CARL since 2008 and enjoys being the ACRL Chapter delegate because of valuable connections between CARL and ACRL. Ensuring that the executive board remained current on the ACRL page.


Paizha: Newsletter editor - a great way to get to know everyone in CARL. Entering DAL role and looking forward to seeing how the CSU-system is represented in CARL organization.


David: Moving web services / platform to YM - looking forward to this project.


Kenneth: Assessing what will happen with the website; moving into a 2-year stint as UC DAL. Hopes to increase UC librarian participation.


Margot: Helped with the initial stages of the New Member Group; also has been working as the Awards liaison (Rockman Award / Gayatri Singh Award)


Jennifer: Incoming treasurer for CARL; was the San Diego SLA treasure and brings that valuable experience to this new role. 


Andrew: Focusing on improving Membership engagement.


2. Amend/Approve Agenda

Please mention if you need a time certain because of other duties; Break time


Mario wanted to know more about requesting an honoraria for the Unconference speaker; Kelly referred him to CARL website.


3. Amend/Approve Minutes from September 11, 2020 meeting



Approved with no changes.


4. Revisions to Standing Rules

  • Gayatri Singh Award
  • DAL appointment to liaison roles


Gayatri Singh Award


Replacing Standing Rule 22 with Award Description for Gayatri Singh Award.


Lee: Rule 22 - revise typo (excellent to excellence) 


Margot: CARL Standing Rules doesn’t make any mention of the Ilene F. Rockman CARL/ACRL Conference Scholarship--can we include this information to the heading for the relevant standing rule (while we are having a discussion about standing rules).

CARL Board makes a motion to add Gayatri Singh Award Committee  - motion passes.


CARL Board makes a motion to add Ilene F. Rockman to Standing Rule 20 - motion passes.


b. DAL appointment to liaison roles


Giving new members an opportunity to weigh in on what liaison roles they would like to take on. 


Mario has approached a few colleagues about DAL-CC, but nothing formalized.

ACTION: Rachel and Kelly will discuss wording for DAL appointments to liaison rules (in advance of next DAL meeting).

5. 2021 planning and priorities (Rachel, Mario)

DAL (Directors-at-Large) orientation/planning meeting


Create a CARL task calendar

Monthly programs

YM: YourMembership: Capacity for listserves, voting options, to drop SurveyMonkey subscription



DAL (Directors-at-large orientation / planning meeting

-Will be planning orientation for January; determining reassignment of roles

-One DAL will be coordinating the website assessment project.

-Appointing a DAL-CC to replace Mario

Lee: Recommends getting someone in as DAL-CC (appointing someone) so they can attend the January orientation. CARL Board can consider appointing from a pool of potential candidates.


-Multi-year project that will likely run beyond 2021; as a first step, we want to review / evaluate current site and assess what features we need in the future. This work will be led by one of the DALs and run by an ad hoc committee. It’s likely a revision of the website will occur in 2022.


Margot: Thinking of goals/outcomes for the website (from an instructional standpoint/backwards design)


Yen: We need to weigh the additional cost with the advantages of switching over to YM platform. 


David: Agrees with Margot that we need to ask what the website isn’t doing currently which will inform how we prioritize new features.


CARL Task Calendar

Rachel: Pet project - shared out a link approximately a month ago; hoping to capture critical dates/information. The goal is to streamline, not to overwhelm. Seeking input from CARL Board on the calendar.


Monthly programs

Rachel: Would like to consider hosting monthly/bimonthly programs - inspired by DIAL programming. Asking Board Member (or pairs) to lead a topic discussion.


Andrew: Will these be social programs or themed around a professional topic?


Rachel: Can be either.


Margot: Possibly having Interest Group chairs coordinate monthly programs.


Jennifer: Programming is an opportunity to highlight IGs.


Kelly: Using the programming to mentor new leadership in the profession.


Margot: A great way to show that CARL is active and gives members an opportunity to connect.


Andrew: Would programs be restricted to only CARL members or the general population?


Lee: Good question, Andrew. I would think members only, but maybe some open to others to recruit members


Kelly: Possibly open some of the programs and leave others Members-only.


Jennifer: We could also have sessions on the different kinds of institutions...for example: "A Day in the life of a CSU Librarian"


Lucy: Maybe have a CARL member facilitate and anyone can register to participate


Kelly: I like Lucy's idea, our members can invite a nonCARL member as there guest to the session


Yen: One thing to consider with these programs is the technology that will be used to host. Not every organization has Zoom or other types of conferencing software.


Rachel: Developing a calendar of programs to share with DAL; this information will be passed to IG chairs to assess interest in participating/facilitating these programs.


Andrew: Has CARL looked into its own subscription to Zoom? What happens to the Zoom recordings - storage and privacy.


YM: YourMembership: Capacity for listserves, voting options, to drop SurveyMonkey subscription

Mario: Wants members to start using the YM platform. 


Incentivizing membership through engagement with digital challenges.


Jennifer: Possibly moving engagement to social media.


Andrew: We could have private groups/functionality for people to get involved.


Margot: Keeping professional engagement separate from private accounts.


Yen: I agree that YM should be utilized more. There are lots of features that we are currently not using.


Rachel/Mario: Pulling in folks from the IGs to serve on the committee.


Lucy: Hosting a YM tutorial/orientation for everyone, to become better acquainted with the platform.


Andrew: Using survey functionality for voting.


ACTION: Jennifer will assess premium Zoom account costs..

6. CARL Conference 2020 wrap up report



Kelly: Requested report from Allie Carr - will be sent.


7. Committees and Appointments
a. Gayatri Singh Award committee 

b. Equity and Inclusion Coordinator board position
c. Newsletter Editor pending interest
d. Awards committees
e. New Member Working Group/Membership Task Force




a. See ACTION item
b. Equity Board and Inclusion Coordinator board position

Kelly: Some interest expressed in this position; need to review the description for this role.


Mario: Did ask DIAL leaders about the EBI coordinator position, but didn’t get a firm commitment.


Kelly: Board Members and Interest Group chairs are supposed to sign off on understanding of equity and inclusion; this responsibility would be something the EBI coordinator would take on.

c. Newsletter Editor (pending interest)

d. Awards Committees

e. New Member Working Group / Membership Task Force


Mario: No report at this time; interested in re-connecting with this group to revitalize campaign to use the YM site.


Andrew: Creating a social atmosphere is a worthwhile endeavor, especially to create connections with our members; considering colleagues’ whole selves rather than only professional selves. Social gaming event is an option.


Margot: Interested in being part of the New Member group.


Kelly: Mario might consider taking some things off plate to avoid burnout; recruiting new leadership for CARL is important.


Andrew: CALIX from CLA would be the best place to reach out to non-CARL members:


Mario: If we begin to charge for CARL IG events, how do we collect fees? Or do we encourage IGs to keep programs free of charge?


Kelly: Would be difficult not to charge for large-scale programs, because those are critical revenue streams.


Lucy: Catering as well and venue fees.
 Sometimes, the chair is affiliated with the venue and then cost becomes a little less extravagant.


Lee: In another association I was involved with, we found that if people didn't pay, they often skipped. But, if we charged $5, then they showed up


Yen: If IGs are able to make back the money they put into an event, that’s enough. It’s nice to make a profit, but that’s not always possible.


Rachel: I could see charging non-members $5 to attend some of the monthly virtual programs.

ACTION: Kelly will send out a letter to the Gayatri Singh Award Committee members - appointment purposes.


ACTION: Board Members send out calls for Newsletter Editor. 


ACTION: Mario will work with Andrew and/or Jennifer to set up payment system for IG programming.

8.  Transitions

Confirm all 2020 documents are archives in CARL google site

Treasurer, issues change bank to get accounts changed, confirming who will be the PCI certification person (our credit card accepting rights). ACRL chapter funding declined but a discussion for standing rules of when we might tap this fund


Sending all 2020 documents to archive in CARL Google Drive.   
Treasurer transition


Yen: Changing who CARL banks with; lots of issues with getting signers added/removed. Potentially shifting over to Wells Fargo. 


Jennifer: Adding treasurer and Vice-President/President to the account; they should have debit cards.

Current bank requires all signers must be in the same room in order to make changes, whereas Wells Fargo is fine with electronic transactions.


Yen: If anyone has business-related experience with banks, that information would be helpful to know in terms of selecting a bank.


Yen: Within Blue Pay, we need to fill out PCI (payment card industry) certification (Lee, Joseph, and Yen) every year. Who will be in charge of overseeing certification? CARL will be charged appx. $23/month if we are not PCI compliant.


Lucy: If payments will be applied to events where registration is completed via YM, then Membership Director + Treasure would be good options for PCI


Jennifer: PCI certification should be placed on the CARL Task Calendar.


Yen: Need to also figure out account management with YM, Blue Pay, and Cardpoint.


Lucy: The last couple of years, this chapter funding was declined. Worth about $900 for our chapter.


Yen: There is an application process for the ACRL chapter funding; this year we declined to apply for chapter funds given dire financial situation in the pandemic year.


Mario: Does ACRL provide marketing materials for the state chapters? Or something similar


Kelly: No, ACRL doesn’t provide marketing materials.


Kelly: President and ACRL Chapter liaison work on funding application annually.


Lucy: Here’s a bit of info re: ACRL funding for chapters


Mario: How is ACRL materially supporting CARL, particularly with respect to professional engagement?


Yen: We usually receive the notification for chapter funding in the fall.

Yen: Has been transitioning accounts (bank account, Blue Pay, etc.) including QuickBooks. One issue is that Pamela Howard is still the admin for QuickBooks (but she is retired and doesn’t have access to this information). Yen has been in contact with QuickBooks to make Jennifer the master admin.

ACTION: All members: please send any pertinent documents to Lalitha to be archived on CARL Google Drive.


ACTION: Kelly and Lalitha need to submit documentation to certify Jennifer as incoming treasurer; Yen as outgoing treasurer (removing from account).


ACTION: We need to assign someone to oversee PCI compliance documentation - makes most sense for Treasurer, but possibly also someone with technical expertise.


ACTION: Yen and Jennifer will review the Standing Rules description for Treasure roles (including PCI documentation responsibility).


ACTION: Kelly and Andrew will make sure Joseph Aubele is no longer receiving account management-type emails from YM, Blue Pay, and Cardpoint.


ACTION: Treasurer will document application process for ACRL chapter funding.


ACTION: We also need to document how to reimburse conference speakers.


ACTION: Lucy will follow up with ACRL to get information on chapter funding.


9. Membership Report (Andrew)

Members - 279

ALIGN - 67


DIAL - 113

SCIL - 129

SCORE - 84

SEAL - 41

NorCal - 81

SoCal - 197

Community College - 71

Consortium - 2

CSU - 76

Private - 46

School - 0

UC - 37

Vendor - 1



Yen: Should we reconsider how we approach membership dues? 


Yen: At our last meeting, it was reported that we had 393 members. This is a pretty significant drop.


Kelly: We have sent letters to library deans in the past to convince them to get their librarians to join CARL


Kenneth: Some marketing material—maybe a one-page promotional of what CARL is/does/has done—would be helpful.


Lee: I wonder if the drop is because libraries are not giving prof dev funds for memberships in this current economy?

ACTION: Membership committee will work on increasing engagement. 


ACTION: Kelly would like all CARL Board members to make sure we are all listed in the YM database and have membership up-to-date.

10. Treasurer Report (Yen) 

Yen: We have a current balance of $106,703.63; some of the revenue generated from the CARL virtual conference.


There will be a brief moment where Yen and Jennifer will both be overseeing the financial situation; please contact both with any financial queries.


Lucy: We talked about increasing fees last year, and I surveyed other state chapters and our fee is average to high. I think we decided not to raise because of that.

ACTION: Yen will provide a document outlining recurring/one-time costs to help CARL Board track expenditures.

11. Mentorship Committee Update 


The committee is running smoothly.  I will send an email to recruit more mentors and mentees.  Then, if there are enough mentors, I will send an email to  CARL's student members offering to match them with mentors.

None for board.

12. Awards Committee (Margot)

Movement forward on Rockman and Gayatri Singh awards. 

  • Submissions received by Rockman committee & they’re currently evaluating submissions, will forward recommendation to Board soon. 
  • Gayatri Singh committee has been officially formed & started moving forward with the documentation they already created.
  • Committee has developed relevant updates to Standing Rules to include the award committee.
  • Committee is developing content to update CARL website.

The inaugural committee members are:

  • Talitha Matlin
  • Lalitha Nataraj
  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz
  • Dominique Turnbow

13. Advocacy (Samantha)


14. ACRL (Lucy)


15. Review action items (Lalitha)




Meeting adjourned



ACTION: Rachel and Lalitha will send out dates for 2021 board meetings. 







Appendix A - Board Member Reports


Elected Members


Add reports here

Kelly Janousek


= Working with Treasurers to make transition, several items on agenda mention these

= Sent CARL website updates to DD, website coordinator

= Received recommendations from the Gayatri Singh Award for Inclusive Excellence in Library Programs and Exhibits Committee

= Working on getting final report from CARL Conference Committee

= Met with VP and DAL over assignments

= Collecting other changes that need to be made to standing rules and bylaws

= Worked with VP to make transition

= Took ACRL information and forwarded it to the correct Board Member

= Answered questions that come from members

= Advertised for new Newsletter Editor

Rachel Jaffe

Vice President

  • Convened meeting with DALs to assign liaison roles
  • Met with Lee and Kelly to make transition
  • First steps in planning for 2021: setting up draft tasklist/calendar, reached out to various board members

Lee Adams

Past President

  • Chaired the Nominating and Elections committee, recruited candidates, administered the election, etc.
  • Convened the CARL conference proceedings committee to obtain conference papers from presenters and get them uploaded to the conference website (still in progress).
  • Moved CARL documents from my personal google drive to the CARL board google drive

Lalitha Nataraj


  • Appointed to the inaugural Gayatri Singh Award Committee;
  • Organized CARL Google Drive and started the process of giving access to Board Members. 

Yen Tran


  • Made payments and reimbursements
  • Completed PCI Certification; renewal need to be completed mid-2021
  • Transitioning new Treasurer
  • Current balance as of 12/4: $106,703.63

Andrew Carlos

Membership Director

Members - 279

ALIGN - 67


DIAL - 113

SCIL - 129

SCORE - 84

SEAL - 41

NorCal - 81

SoCal - 197

Community College - 71

Consortium - 2

CSU - 76

Private - 46

School - 0

UC - 37

Vendor - 1

Lucy Bellamy

ACRL Chapters Council Delegate

  • Reviewed and updated Chapter Council Roster
  • Will update again following new board members introduction
  • Responded to ACRL Chapter Council emails.
  • Shared announcements with board and membership-wide as needed.

Mario Macias

Director at Large, Community Colleges


Samantha Alfrey

Director at Large, Private Colleges and Universities 


Ken Lyons

Director at Large, UC


Margot Hanson

Director at Large, CSU

Awards Liaison work with Rockman and Gayatri Singh award committees

Appointed Members



Paizha Stoothoff

Newsletter Editor 


David Drexler

Web Coordinator


Ethan Annis

Mentorship Committee Chair

The mentorship program is running smoothly. Ethan will be sending an email shortly to recruit more mentors and mentees.  Currently the number of mentors slightly outnumbers the number of mentees.  If Ethan gets enough new mentors, he will reach out to CARL's student members and offer mentees.


*Voting Addendum


7 Yes for Rockman Scholarship Awardee Jason de Castro (ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference - registration fees only)


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