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CARL Business
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CARL Leadership 2018

A. Lee Adams
CSU East Bay

Kelly Janousek
CSU Long Beach

Rachel Jaffe
UC Santa Cruz

Jenny Yap
Berkeley City College

Yen Tran
San Diego State University

Joseph Aubele
CSU Long Beach

Lucy Bellamy

Mario Macias
Pierce College

Margot Hanson
CSU Maritime Academy

Gayatri Singh
UC San Diego

Elizabeth Galoozis
University of Southern California

Nicole Branch
Santa Clara

Melissa Cardenas-Dow
Sacramento State University

Ethan Annis

Dominican University

Dave Drexler
CSU Fresno

Lindsey Shively
Mills College

Talitha Matlin
CSU San Marcos

President's Message         

Thoughts from our President, Lee Adams

Lee AdamsHappy New Year, CARL members!

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions (I try to eat healthy and exercise all year long ;-), but I was off for two weeks as 2018 closed and 2019 began, and this break encouraged me to reflect and reaffirm, both professionally and personally. I reflected on my goals and projects from last year - what did I complete, what did I give up on, what is still ongoing, and I reaffirmed my commitment to the ongoing items, my intention to revisit some things I let go, and my enthusiasm to dive right into the exciting new stuff. I hope all of you are starting the new year energized and ready to go, too!

One of the exciting new things is my role as CARL President. I look forward to keeping CARL relevant, interesting, and informative for you during this non-CARL Conference year.  First, I want to ensure the CARL website is up-to-date and has all the information you need. If you can’t find some information you were looking for, please let me know! The Board will also be investigating ways to provide more virtual professional development opportunities for those who can’t travel to attend events. CARL is your regional professional association, and I want it to support you in as many ways as it can. If you have ideas for how CARL can serve you better, I want to hear from you!

In closing, I want to wish you all a happy 2019 - full of promise and opportunities! I really loved Past President Matlin’s Listening, Reading, Watching, Following segment of her President’s Messages last year, so I hope you don’t mind if I continue it:

Listening to: Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Terry asks such interesting and insightful questions. I aspire to invigorate my own conversations with similar thought-provoking prompts.
Ms. Marvel comic books. Kamala Khan tries to balance superhero-ing with friends and school. She is sometimes self-doubting, but always fights for what is right. She never takes the easy way out, never loses sight of the importance of helping others, and is learning to ask for help when she needs it. She really is a fantastic role model!
: @Australia on Instagram - Because Koalas, Kangaroos, Quokkas, oh my!


CARL Member Survey Results      

Thanks to everyone who responded to our CARL Membership Survey. We received a total of 68 responses, which equates to about a 20% response rate. So although this is not a huge number of responses, there was enough good information there that allowed the Executive Board to do some digging. Here are some of the highlights (keeping in mind that this is a small sample of our membership):
  • We work across all types of academic libraries, with 34% at 4-year comprehensive colleges and universities, 24% at community colleges, 22% at research universities, and 13% at private institutions.
  • Most respondents (85%) have worked at a library for 5 years or more
  • Most respondents work in the areas of instruction (71%) and reference (64%), with 20% in outreach, 16% in electronic resources, 10% in web services, 10% in admin, 6% in special collections, 6% in OER, and 6% in scholarly communication. Somewhat surprisingly, only 1.5% of respondents listed collection development as one of their main areas of responsibility.
  • Almost all respondents (96%) are satisfied to very satisfied with their CARL membership. And the board will work on the remaining 4% :)
  • There is a desire for more frequency, locations, and topics of programming.This is ranging from requests for more technical services programming, free webinars, an intro packet for new members, and regional events in areas such as the Central Valley. (Central Valley — we’re hoping to start an interest group in your area. If you’re interested in serving on an inaugural board, let myself or any other member of the Executive Board know and we’ll help you get off to a running start!)
Some of the actions the Executive Board will be taking based off of the feedback from this survey will be to create a new member packet that introduces new members to CARL, look into ways to provide more webinars, foster new and emerging interest groups, and provide the mentorship and conference planning committees with the survey responses to help them plan their offerings. If you want to do a deep dive into the responses (any personal information removed), you can do so here:
CARL Business             

Executive Board Updates
Please join the CARL Executive Board in congratulating our newly elected board members. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation!
  • VP North/President-Elect - Rachel Jaffe, UC Santa Cruz
  • CSU Representative - Margot Hanson, CSU Maritime Academy
  • UC Representative - Gayatri Singh, UC San Diego
  • ACRL Delegate - Lucy Bellamy, Gnomon
Please join us in thanking our hard-working outgoing board members. We appreciate your service!
  • Past President - Pearl Ly, Palomar College
  • President - Talitha Matlin, CSU San Marcos
  • CSU Representative - Maryann Hight, CSU Stanislaus
  • UC Representative - Crystal Goldman, UC San Diego
  • ACRL Delegate - Cynthia Mari Orozco, East Los Angeles College
The Board is still looking for a Web Coordinator. Interested? Contact Lee

Research Grant Awards
The CARL Research Grant Committee has awarded funds to two research projects:
  • Stephanie Alexander at California State University East Bay for the project “Ask us how? Analyzing the visual appeal, placement, and language used to describe and promote different modes of reference service.”
  • Kendall Faulkner and Tiffanie Ford-Baxter at California State University Los Angeles for the project “Disciplinary Standards for Undergraduate Student Education and Faculty Perceptions of Information Literacy”.
Thanks to the committee: Liz Galoozis, Chair, University of Southern California, Sarah Dahlen CSU Monterey Bay, Norma Durian University of LaVerne, Brian Greene Columbia College, Jennifer Thompson College of the Canyons

Interest Groups

SCIL(Southern California Instruction Librarians)
Join us for SCILWorks 2019:  Instruction RX: Prescriptions for Helping Students Overcome Library Anxiety

Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL) will be hosting our annual workshop on Friday, February 8, 2019 at CSU Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. This annual mini-conference offers librarians the opportunity to share their best practices, innovative pedagogy, and creative solutions with colleagues. Our presenters will focus on the many ways in which instruction librarians help students from a variety of backgrounds overcome library anxiety. This conference will focus on how libraries help students overcome library anxiety when it comes to their research endeavors. A light breakfast and coffee will be provided with conference registration.

Registration is now open:  $30 for CARL Members | $45 for Non Members | $15 for students

Refer to our webpage for more information on the conference, registration, directions, and for information about the scholarship available to library school students!

(California Academic Reference Librarians Discussion Interest Group – South) held its annual Fall Program on Friday, December 7th at Loyola Marymount University.  The theme of this year’s program was “Recapturing Reference: Making Research Relevant for Today’s Student” and included presentations from librarians around Southern California as well as a poster session and panel discussion on the topic.  Attendees enjoyed a button making station, catered lunch, and beautiful views from the LMU William H. Hannon Library.

Our next meeting will be held Friday, January 11, 2019 at 10am at Cal Lutheran University.  CARLDIG-S is always open suggestions for programming including discussion topics and field trips. 

For additional information, please contact or visit to view past Fall Program presentation slides and check out upcoming events. Please note that as of January 11th, Yvonne Wilber of Cal Lutheran University (, will be installed as the new chair of CARLDIG-S.  Please forward any communication regarding CARL as it pertains to CARLDIG-S to Yvonne.

 People and Places News                


The William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) held its first People of Color in Library and Information Science (POC in LIS) Summit on July 13, 2018. Organized by librarians Nataly Blas, Aisha Conner-Gaten, Rachel Deras and Jessea Young, the summit aimed to create a brave space for POC to disrupt dominant narratives and challenge whiteness. The summit welcomed 78 information workers from 40 institutions with a keynote from Librarians of Color Los Angeles and themes on collegiality as self-care and more. For some participants, this was the first opportunity to attend a LIS event, present, and collaborate with peers from academic and public institutions. For the organizers, this summit prompted a need for POC spaces in LIS and planning has already begun for the next event. For information on summit, see the event impact report here:

Publications, Presentations & Awards

Susan Boyd (Santa Clara University), Rebecca Murphey and Mon Tong (University of Central Florida), and Ruth Wolfish (IEEE) gave a presentation at the Charleston Conference on November 8, 2018.  The title of their presentation was "Sowing the Seeds of Innovation: Cultivating a Nurturing Environment for Entrepreneurship."

Lindsey Davis (UC Merced) and Christal Young (University of Southern California) presented "Integrating intersectionality into library instruction and programming" at Library Instruction West.

Lindsey Davis (UC Merced) reviewed the book Video marketing for libraries: A practical guide for librarians, by H.A. Dalal, R. O'Hanlon, & K.L. Yacobucci. Her review was published in Public Services Quarterly, 14(2), 144-46.

Leanna Goodwater, Shannon Kealey, and Nicole Branch (all of Santa Clara University) gave a presentation at the California Library Association Conference on November 10, 2018, in Santa Clara, California.  The title of their presentation was "Trust Issues: Critically Examining the News with the Trust Indicators." 

Raymond Pun and Dr. Gary L Shaffer has a forthcoming edited volume called The Sustainable Library's Cookbook published by ACRL in Spring 2019. The edited book features over 40 case studies (known as "recipes") by to promote and implement sustainability thinking and practices in library services, research/instruction and community engagement. Topics range from the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to creating seed libraries or integrating environmental movie nights into the academic library's program. Several California academic library folks have contributed to this book including Gayatri Singh, Lalitha Nataraj, Danielle Rapue, Rachel Myers, Kim Kane, Kathryn McGuire, Josh Hughey, Tiffanie Ford-Baxter, Elizabeth Galoozis, Stacy Williams, Andy Rutkowski, Shannon Kealey, Sally Romero and more!


Callie Branstiter was hired by San Francisco State University for the newly created First Year Experience & Undergraduate Student Success Librarian position. Previously at the University of Kansas, Callie received her BS and MLIS degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Jordan Nielsen became the new Business Librarian for San Francisco State University in September. Jordan garnered BS and MBA degrees from the University of Tennessee, as well as his professional MS degree in Information Science. Previous positions include Rutgers and San Diego State University.
Please send news about your library, you colleagues, or yourself to
 Executive Board Meeting Notes                           
Berkeley City College. Friday, December 7, 2018

Jenny Yap (Secretary)
Talitha Matlin (President)
Crystal Goldman (UC-DAL)
Gayatri Singh (incoming UC-DAL)
Mario Macías (CC-DAL)
Lee Adams (VP-North/incoming President)
Liz Galoozis (Private-DAL)
Lindsey Shively (Newsletter Editor)
Rachel Jaffe (incoming VP-North)
Margot Hanson (incoming CSU-DAL)
Lucy Bellamy (incoming ACRL Chapters Council delegate)

Maryann Hight (CSU-DAL)
Cynthia Mari Orozco (ACRL Chapters Council Delegate)
Yen Tran (Treasurer)
Kelly Janousek (VP-South)
Joseph Aubele (Membership Director)
Ethan Annis (Mentorship Committee Co-Chair)
Pearl Ly (Past President)
Melissa Cardenas-Dow (IG Coordinator)
Nicole Branch (Advocacy Liaison)

Amend/Approve Minutes
Introduce new officers
Review executive board and position roles/responsibilities.
Action items: Talitha check on stipends for Lindsey and David. Melissa create bi-annual IG chairs call.

President Updates (Talitha)
Discussed membership survey results
  • 85% have worked in libraries 5 or more years. Not a lot of new librarians (mainly because full-time hires have been librarians with many years of experience)
  • Most are instruction and reference librarians
  • Most CARL members are new (3-6 years) or long-term members (more than 15 years)
  • Points of dissatisfaction of CARL: Tech services offerings are less and also very geographically heavy in the coastal south
  • What people like: Networking, IG workshops, conference, listserv, newsletter, mentorship program
  • What people want: more Northern California events, technical services programming, Central Valley events.
  • Places to improve: use more online ways to connect because California is so geographically large and diverse
Discussion of ACRL webinars that we hosted and how to get more networking opportunities. Maybe CARL can provide money for lunch after these webinars?
Discussion of how to get IGs more active. Maybe we can set goals for each IG (2 programs a year, etc). Discussion of new IG ideas: Health sciences IG and student IG. Or combine health sciences with SEAL. possible Central Valley IG, leadership and management, community colleges, technical services. IGs and CARL needs to be more explicit about accessibility at events. CARL can cover for example ASL interpreters at an event
Discussion of having board mentorship. contact Lee and Talitha if you are interested
Discussion of outreach to MLIS programs to advertise CARL membership. Maybe 1 free year membership for MLIS students?
We should have membership surveys every non conference year

Action items: Talitha and Melissa look into buying a CARL Zoom membership (or use ACRL’s account) so that IGs etc can use it. Creating a getting to know California academic librarianship webinar for new people to California. Lucy: Collect statistics of how many people attended the live ACRL webinars. Talitha: New members welcoming taskforce (Margot, Liz, Rachel, Lucy) to create an introduction packet to new members and include it on the website too: how to get involved, how to create something in CARL, etc. Melissa: share out results from survey to IG chairs so that they know what members want. Lindsey: include member survey results in newsletter. Talitha write up summary of findings and what CARL will do about it and remove email information from survey. Crystal: start a leadership and management IG. Nicole: look into starting a new workforce, unions, workers rights, tenure issues IG. Talitha: make sure IGs and groups are more explicit about accessibility. Talitha: offer more support to ALIGN. Reach out to Maryann Hight about starting a new Central Valley IG ??: find a contact at MLIS programs to email information about CARL membership. Rachel: create member survey in 2020

CARL Board restructuring project
Discussed draft of new bylaws:
  • Recommendation: Past President position changed from optional to definite
  • It’s been difficult to find VPs (also the position is 2 years so it’s a long commitment with President year and Past President year). Recommendation: have 1 VP position at any given time (instead of 2 VPs) and make it a 1 year term.
  • IG coordinator, ACRL Chapters delegate, Awards Liaison, and Advocacy Liaison can be rolled into different DAL positions in the future
  • Archivist working group: recommended we eliminate archivist position and roll that into Secretary role (maintain electronic site (either Google Sites or Google Folders), agenda and minutes, conference materials and proceedings, President’s ACRL reports, financial documents, IG reports). Whoever creates the content sends it to the Secretary to include in the digital records
  • CARL Bylaws Article IX: Change quorum to 25% of membership
  • CARL Bylaws Article XI Section 5: Change “agency authorizing it” to Board of Directors
CARL Board: pay for digitization of CARL archives next year. Find out costs and logistics information. Ask ACRL if they will host our archives. UC-DAL can be the point of contact for digital archives if it’s hosted on Calisphere or California Digital Library

Where should conference archives live? On the conference websites? Proceedings and conference reports should be placed in our digital site too, not just on the websites
Discussion about changing CARL to CARLA (Carla Hayden!) -- California Academic Research Libraries Association
Proposed changes to Bylaws approved by the board.
Standing Rules discussion and changes:
  • Change all gendered terms to non-gendered terms
  • To add under Rule 1: IG Coordinators should hold twice yearly conference calls or meetings
  • For additional Secretary digital management role: For each board appointed position and IG leadership, list out who and what gets sent to the Secretary for inclusion on digital archive
  • For each position, create a position manual instead of including a lot of things in the standing rules
  • Rule 5: Discussion of Member of the Quarter Award. We haven’t gotten a lot of nominations for this so we haven’t had it in a while. Change it to Member of the Year Award
  • Award Liaison is in charge of helping award committees (setting up forms, emails, etc). Gayatri volunteered to be the new Award Liaison. Member of the Year and Research Award should be the same committee
  • Code of Responsibility: change language to say “I will”. The idea is to have people agree to this code before they run for a position. For the  Nominating and Elections Committee under Rule 15, add that the Code of Responsibility should go out to candidates
  • Rule 13 Election Sequence: change Year 1 and 2 to even and odd years
  • Change anyplace it says VP-North/South to just VP
  • Rule 15: The Committee shall be chaired by the Past President
Standing Rules discussion tabled to February meeting

Action items: Jenny: send David information for new executive board members. Talitha, Lee, Jenny: Create previous board rosters and post on website. Set up Google folder for CARL digital archives. When Archivist position is eliminated, the links on the website under that position need to be moved somewhere. Rachel: ask Calisphere or California Digital Library to see if they’d host the CARL archives. Lindsey: put call out for Web Coordinator in newsletter. Lee and all new board members: submit a link to your institutional contact page for inclusion on CARL website to cut down on bot spammers. Lee and Talitha: look at notes in the minutes to make changes to Bylaws and Standing Rules. Lee: take the lead on creating a board position manual for each position. Liz: in Fall 2019, solicit a Member of the Year nominations cycle and write up criteria for the award

Outstanding Appointed Board Positions (Talitha)
-David is happy to continuing being web coordinator but if anyone wants to they can take it on
-Liz is staying on as the Awards Coordinator

Awards Liaison Updates (Liz)

-Award winners presentations will have a spot held for them at the poster session at the CARL conference. If they want to present through other ways, they have to submit it formally through the conference proposal process

Board transition and planning for 2019 (Lee)
Projects in the next year
  • Website inventory
  • WASC CARL Panel in April 2019 - Kelly is coordinating that. In Fall 2019 there will be a call for Spring 2020
  • Think about membership dues changes
  • ACRL webinars (we chose Strategies for Addressing Misinformation in the Library).
CLA has approached us to have reciprocal conference price (CLA and CARL members have the member price for either conference)
Board meeting schedule for 2019
  • Meetings with happen in late February, early May, September, December (in-person)
  • Board meetings will still be on Fridays from 10am-12pm
Questions from new board members:
  • Where do we get funding? Mainly dues, conference sometimes, ACRL (but there are restrictions to it), reserves
  • When we have a voting item over email, all elected officers are voting members. Good practice would be to specify to vote by a certain date.
CARL Conference
  • In the next conference search, we want to explicitly say that our staying there will benefit the local community
  • For the next conference, we can make a list of minority and POC owned businesses like groups do for ALA
  • Possibly arrange childcare with a local provider that people could sign up and pay for
  • Gender neutral restrooms for all conferences
Action items: Lee: research dues changes and how to communicate/justify that to our members. Lee: send Melissa the information for the Strategies for Addressing Misinformation in the Library webcast to advertise to the IGs to host. Lucy: ask ACRL rep for log-in information for the Misinformation webcast. Lee: in early January, send out Doodle poll for next February meeting

Review action items

Other business
-Mario wants to hold a community college unconference. Is currently looking for a location and date. The IG handbook has details of how to create a budget, etc.

Action item: Mario submit a proposal to the CARL Board with a budget and general topic and goal of the event.

Meeting adjourned


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