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President's Message
CARL Business
Member Spotlight
People and Places News
Board Meeting Notes
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 CARL Leadership 2020 

Kelly Janousek
CSU Long Beach

A. Lee Adams
CSU East Bay

Rachel Jaffe
UC Santa Cruz

Lalitha Nataraj
CSU San Marcos

Yen Tran
San Jose State University

Andrew Carlos
CSU Long Beach

Lucy Bellamy

Mario Macias
Pierce College

Margot Hanson
CSU Maritime Academy


Samantha Alfrey
University of Southern California

Ken Lyons
UC Santa Cruz

Paizha Stoothoff
Cal State LA

Dave Drexler
CSU Fresno

Ethan Annis
Dominican University of California, San Rafael


 President's Message 

Thoughts from our President, Kelly Janousek

I saw several of you as I zipped in and out of Zoom during the CARL 2020 Conference. I hope you enjoyed the conference as much as I did. The theme (Embracing courage, candor, and authenticity in academic libraries) could not have been timelier.

Both keynote speakers mentioned how worn out they were from all the marches and COVID-19 happenings. I hope you are taking care of yourself. With all the unknowns and changes, take downtime to relax and precautions to stay healthy.  

As of yet, many of us do not know when our libraries will open again or how we will work. Please reach out to your colleagues in CARL if you need best practices for how to do this; after all, librarians are not shy about helping out.  
One of the presidential duties I enjoy is announcing the CARL awardees, so in case you missed it, here they are:

CARL Awardees

The Ilene F. Rockman CARL/ACRL Conference Scholarship, providing $500 to attend the CARL Conference, was awarded to:

Ginny Barnes, First-Year Student Success Librarian at California State University, Fresno. She joins the library community in California having completed her MSIS at the University of Texas at Austin this past May. Ginny is passionate about critical pedagogy, active learning, and incorporating zines as learning objects in the classroom.

Diego Coaguila, First-Year Experience and Student Success Librarian at Occidental College. He reaches a diverse community of incoming students by supporting information literacy and research skills. A background in psychology and activism inform his student-centered and intersectional pedagogical approach. 

The CARL Outstanding Member was awarded to:

Joseph Aubele, Psychology & Social Work Librarian at CSU Long Beach. Joseph is recognized for his service as the CARL Conference Site Manager (three times) and the CARL Membership Director. He has also served on the CARL Conference Planning Committee (five times) and the CARL Executive Board. Joseph has helped the CARL Board identify potential membership management platforms. This involved shepherding the board through the platform selection process and migrating data to the new platform.

Talitha Matlin, STEM Librarian at CSU San Marcos. Talitha is recognized for being a fantastic leader and hard worker for CARL. She started as the SCIL publicist in 2010, moving up through SCIL Chair and CARL Presidency in 2018 when then President and Conference Chair suddenly resigned. As President, she had a major role in updating the CARL bylaws. She also spearheaded the New Member Working Group, whose goal is to create a digital information packet on member benefits and how to get involved.

Congratulations to all of the awardees!

Congratulations to all of you CARL Members. I see the interest groups are ramping up to help continue our strong professional development offerings. CARL Community College members are meeting to talk and compare notes.

Finally, watch for a call for nominations to the 2021 CARL Executive Board. The call for nomination will be for a Vice-President and Member-at-large representing CSU and UC. This is a rewarding organization and an easy one to work with.  

 CARL Business 


Announcing the creation of the Gayatri Singh Award for Inclusive Excellence in Library Programs and Exhibits
CARL is pleased to announce the creation of an award to honor the memory of longterm member and board member, Gayatri Singh. Gayatri most recently served as the UC Director-at-Large, although she had been involved in various capacities with the CARL Executive Board and the CARL interest groups for many years.

Although her roles and responsibilities as the Reference and Information Services Coordinator and Librarian for Communication at the University of California, San Diego were many and varied, one of the constants in her work was her commitment to providing events and programs that fostered diversity, equity, and inclusion in her community. The CARL board is honored to be able to continue Gayatri's work in this way, by recognizing others in the California library community who continue to foster these same values of diversity, equity, and inclusion that were a hallmark of Gayatri's professional and personal life. 

Please see the below description of the Gayatri Singh Award for Inclusive Excellence in Library Programs and Exhibits. Application requirements and timelines will soon be posted to the CARL website. 

This biennial award recognizes diverse, inclusive, and equitable programs and exhibits in an academic library setting that has been active in the previous two years. The award honors Gayatri Singh's professional contributions, especially through events and programming that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, to the California academic library community.

$1,000 award and a plaque. Award winners will be honored at the CARL Awards Luncheon held during the biennial CARL Conference.

Individuals or groups from academic institutions in California are eligible to receive the award. At least one of the nominees must be a CARL member. 

Nominees for the award should demonstrate excellence in programming or exhibits that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in an academic library setting. Examples of programming could include (but are not limited to):
  • Workshops hosted by the library
  • "One book" / Common Reads
  • Mentorship programs
  • Film screenings
  • Exhibits
  • Author talks

Community Colleges Meet-Ups
As the Director-at-large for Community Colleges, Mario Macías has begun hosting weekly meet-ups via Zoom for all library workers in the community colleges of California. These meet-ups are intended to be informal gathering spaces for folks to converse about topics pertaining to community college libraries.

One goal of the meet-ups is to identify topics of interest for summer 2020 on this Padlet page. After the UnConference event in May of 2019 at Pasadena City College, some organizers began a Slack channel, which has been reactivated to foster community.

Mario has called for mentors who would be interested in creating a webinar about job finding in the context of community college employment and the LIS field at large. The group is starting to coordinate this webinar program, and plans to host the event sometime in August. Please reach out to Mario soon if you would like to volunteer:

Mario hopes to connect with librarians and library staff across the state, to motivate and uplift each other as our nation faces Capitalist, White Supremacist violence across all levels of higher education and our society.

Interest Groups

DIAL (Diversity in Academic Libraries): Would you like to get more involved with DIAL? Do you want to enact change in libraries? Now is the time to get involved and make a difference!

DIAL is looking for nominations for its 2021 Executive Board to begin Fall 2020. We are looking for 1 Co-Chair, 1 Secretary, and 1 Programs Chair. Please email outgoing Chair, Angela Boyd (,  if you want to nominate someone or yourself!  Nominations will close at 5 pm on August 15, 2020.

You can find more information about DIAL and read about executive board responsibilities in our bylaws.

SCIL (Southern California Instruction Librarians): SCIL will be having a December program on instruction - the call for participation has gone out. Thanks to all who joined the CARL 2020 Conference SCIL Interest Group Showcase, Authentic encounters of the instructional kind: From Practitioner Pedagogue to Interstellar Intersectionalist.

SCORE (Scholarly Communication and Open Resources for Education): Elections for the 2020-2021 SCORE-IG officers were held in May. The incoming chair is Dana Ospina (California State University, Dominguez Hills), Chair-Elect is Melissa Seelye (San Francisco State University), and Secretary is Kristin Laughtin-Dunker (Chapman University). An officers' transition meeting is planned for August, and the new officers will assume their duties at the beginning of the academic year. Congratulations to Dana, Melissa, and Kristin; looking forward to your leadership! 

CARLDIG-S (CARL Discussion Interest Group - South): Email the Chair, Annette Young, for updates. 

SEAL (Science & Engineering Academic Librarians): The Science and Engineering Librarians are working on a network plan to connect within CARL again. Please contact Sheree Fu to be part of this group. 
  Member Spotlight 

Why did you join CARL? What do you most enjoy about being a CARL member?
As an early-career librarian and someone new to California, I wanted to make new connections and learn from folks. I really enjoyed attending the virtual CARL conference and was honored to be recognized as one of the Ilene F. Rockman Scholarship recipients.

Are you working on anything special right now or in the near future you'd like to share with other CARL members?
Our library was awarded the Lift Every Voice: Why African American Poetry Matters grant from the Library of America. This will support two virtual programs for Spring 2021 involving a writing workshop and slam poetry performance from local artists. I'm excited to collaborate with my friend and Fresno State English professor, Venita Blackburn, who will be leading the workshop. We have a really vibrant literary community in Fresno, and I'm glad these programs can provide a platform for Black voices.

How are you planning on providing instruction in the Fall? Are there any unique strategies you plan to use?
Yes, and I will be including a mix of asynchronous and synchronous instruction including online tutorials, recorded lectures, and in-class zoom presentations. While I am preparing the asynchronous materials over this summer, I am being flexible with my approach to in-class instruction. I want to try a few different strategies, assess, adapt, repeat. Openness to change is important for me, especially as I, like many, are new to online teaching.

What’s something you recently read/watched/listened to that you can’t stop thinking about? Why?
The story "Evidence" by Alexis Pauline Gumbs from the collection Octavia's Brood got me good. The story looks at a collection of messages and artifacts from our "future ancestors" and their journey to utopia. The perspective has been motivating, encouraging me to imagine what personal and societal healing and justice could look like, and the work it will take to reach that point.

We recently started this Member Spotlight column to highlight one amazing CARL member per quarter. Do you have a colleague you'd like to recommend? Email the Editor for more information at
  People and Places News 


Anna Yang joined the staff of the Santa Clara University Library in February as the Science Librarian. She previously served as the Health Sciences Librarian at the California Health Sciences University in Clovis, and before that was Digital Collections Coordinator at the V.E. Petrucci Library in Fresno.

Jennifer Nutefall, University Librarian at Santa Clara University, has left to assume a new position as Dean of University Libraries at the University of Northern Colorado.  Jennifer joined the staff at Santa Clara University in 2012.

Cynthia Mari Orozco was granted tenure and has been promoted to the rank of associate librarian/professor at East Los Angeles College. 

Jayati Chaudhuri was granted tenure and has been promoted to the rank of associate librarian/professor at Cal State LA.

The University of San Francisco has appointed Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center Dean Dr. Tyrone H. Cannon as USF’s Interim Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs. While Dr. Cannon serves as Provost, Dr. Shawn P. Calhoun, will serve as Acting Library Dean. Shawn will maintain his responsibilities as Associate Dean for Public Services while serving as acting dean. Both appointments occurred in Spring 2020. Due to the global pandemic, the durations of both appointments are yet to be determined.


Helene Lafrance is retiring in July from the Santa Clara University Library.  Currently the Head of Research and Outreach, and subject specialist for French, History, and Women's and Gender Studies, Helene has worked at the library for nearly 25 years.

Publications, Presentations, & Awards

Torie Quiñonez, Arts & Humanities Librarian at Cal State San Marcos, published two works this year: “The student scholar identity: Using students’ reflective work to develop student-scholars, address liminality, and design curriculum” was co-authored by her CSUSM colleagues Allison Carr and Yvonne Meulemans and published in the international volume Threshold Concepts on the Edge.

“Validation theory and culturally relevant curriculum in the information literacy classroom” was co-authored by her CSUSM Library colleague Dr. Toni Olivas, and documents their use of validation theory to create culturally responsive information literacy curriculum for first-year, first-generation Latinx college students.

Susan Boyd (Santa Clara University) has published a chapter, "Where the Recipe Goes Wrong: Stirring Bias into the Information Mix," in The Critical Thinking about Sources Cookbook, published by ACRL in 2020.

Kendall Faulkner and Tiffanie Ford-Baxter (Cal State LA) co-presented their paper titled "The Challenge of One-Sized Fits All: Undergraduate Disciplinary Learning Standards and the ACRL Framework." Their research is one of two projects funded by the CARL Research Award. 

Nicole Branch and Leanna Goodwater (Santa Clara University) and Shannon Kealey (University of California, Berkeley) have published a chapter, "Trust This Recipe: Trust Indicators and Critical Media Analysis," in The Critical Thinking about Sources Cookbook, published by ACRL in 2020. 

Nicole Branch and Jennifer Nutefall (Santa Clara University) and Anne Marie Gruber (University of Northern Iowa) have published a chapter, "Service Learning, Community-Based Learning," in The Engaged Library: High-Impact Educational Practices in Academic Libraries, published by ACRL in 2020.

Nicole Branch has been honored as the author of one of the American Library Association's Library Instruction Round Table's Top Twenty Articles for 2019 for: Branch, Nicole. "Illuminating Social Justice in the Framework: Transformative Methodology, Concept Mapping and Learning Outcomes Development for Critical information Literacy." Communications in Information Literacy 13, no. 1 (2019): 4-22.

Nicole Branch delivered the keynote address, "Transformation is a Homonym: Critical Assessment in a Time of Crisis," at the California Conference on Library Instruction's online conference on May 29, 2020. 

Raymond Pun was invited to serve as guest editors with Ulla Pötsönen, a librarian from Finland, for an upcoming special topics issue in the International Journal of Librarianship. The theme of this forthcoming issue is sustainability in libraries with an international focus.

On May 8, Ray Pun co-presented in The Exchange Conference (ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA) with Eboni Henry (DC Public Schools), Jahala Simuel (Howard University) and Sara Dallas (Southern Adirondack Library System) virtually on intergenerational workplace cultures.

On May 28, Ray Pun presented virtually on privacy literacy in digital learning for CNI's (Coalition of Networked Information) Spring 2020 Project Briefing/Virtual Meeting.

Shawn P Calhoun recently presented at the CARL 2020 Conference with his colleague Erika L. Johnson, Gleeson Library’s Associate Dean for Technical Services.
Please send news about your library, you colleagues, or yourself to
Deadlines for submissions: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.

  Executive Board Meeting Notes              

Executive Board meeting notes from the most recent meeting are included below. These notes are the same as the ones included in the Spring 2020 Newsletter.

Friday, February 14, 2020, 11-12:30 p.m.
Lalitha Nataraj (Secretary)
Kelly Janousek (President)
David Drexler (Web Coordinator)
Lucy Bellamy (ACRL Chapters Council delegate)
Ken Lyons (UC-DAL)
Mario Macías (CC-DAL)
Lee Adams (Past President)
Margot Hansen (CSU-DAL) Yen Tran (Treasurer)
Andrew Carlos (incoming Membership Director)
Rachel Jaffe (VP-North)
Samantha (DAL-Private)
Ethan (Mentorship Comm)

1. Welcome & Introductions 11:03 a.m.
2. Amend/Approve Agenda 11:07 a.m. Approved
3. Amend/Approve Minutes from December meeting 11:10    Approved

4. Item: Board Alignments (Kelly & Rachel)
a. Responsibilities of DALS
b. Appointments

a. Responsibilities of DALS
  • Board alignments with constitution rules and bylaws; currently we have 3 responsibilities for DAL and need to determine how we distribute those.
  • Is the appointment going to be for one or two years?
  • Ken: Logical for term to be two years to ensure follow through on projects.   
Action Item: Kelly: Will set up a conference call w/DALs to determine term duration. Ask DALs what their preferences are after one year; also address expectations of
  • Lee: Recommends one-year; directors who continue on can indicate whether they want to stay with their current role or do something new. These positions aren’t so complex that they can’t be switched up every year.
Action Item: Kelly will make a call for a new mentorship coordinator.
  • Kelly: Some of these roles will have more duties in some years than others.
  • Margot: Concurs with Lee - one year term is good with continuing directors making the choice to stay.       
  • Andrew: If we were to look for another membership director in a year, can we not have the new person moving to a new system during conference year? It’s a really difficult transition.
  • Lucy: Agrees to renew after the first-year.         
  • Kelly: To remind everyone, the current positions are IG coordinator, Advocacy Liaison, Awards Liaison, ACRL Chapter delegate  
b. Appointments
  • Kelly: David Drexler has agreed to continue work with website; also put out a call for newsletter editor and received interest from Paizha Stoothoff (CSULA - Humanities Librarian).      
  • Board made a motion to approve Paizha as the newsletter editor.
  • Mario: Will help Paizha get acclimated to the role.
  • Kelly: The hope is to get a newsletter out before the conference.
  • Lee: Ethan expressed that he would like to step down from the role.
5. Item: Award Gayatri Singh - provides $1000 for DEI areas (Lalitha, Kelly)
a. Status and Subcommittee
a. Status and Subcommittee
  • Kelly: Will plan some sort of opportunity drawing or fundraising effort for this award for members not attending CARL Conference.
  • Kelly: Recommend looking in DIAL for interested people to serve on committee, including Angela Boyd (Chair of DIAL)      
  • Lalitha: Will step in as CARL Board delegate; Talitha Matlin will also be included.
  • Lee: Will step in if the subcommittee needs another person (alternate).
  • Kelly: Will help look into the fundraising portion of the award; can help with opportunity drawing; seek donors. We need to involve members who are not attending the conference.
Action Item: Kelly will appoint Angela Boyd, Talitha Matlin, and Lalitha Nataraj (CARL Board delegate) to subcommittee. (*edited* Lia Friedman, Talitha Matlin, and Lalitha Nataraj were appointed to the subcommittee)

6. Item: New Member Working Group (Rachel, Lucy, Mario, Andrew)                    
c. Update, more at September meeting

c. Update more at September meeting.
  • Mario: Leading working group; there’s been a slight delay in meeting. What is the Board envisioning with engagement of new members? What platforms will we use?
  • Lee: I believe the charge is to have something substantial for new members to understand how they can get involved with conference and board activities. We could create a page on the website that lists different ways to get involved, as well as specific contact information.
  • Mario: We could easily do a webpage or brochure; also talking to Joseph about opening up new groups within the platform (including for new members and/or community college members). Also, as people register for the conference, could we have something (in print) to hand out at the conference?          
  • Kelly: By September, we might be able to solidify some priorities for website/media to engage new and existing members. In the short-term, we need to think of ways to put out information to new members, but also for long-term, we need to have protocols for engaging with new members (welcoming emails, etc.).
  • Kelly: Does CARL have a Twitter account? We can think about using social media to engage our members.
  • Kelly w/some trivia: 15 years ago, community college groups had a fairly active interest group.
  • Mario: We should create an official Twitter account; personally, I only use it for conferences and it would be nice to use an official account at CARL.
  • Ken: There has to be an effort to populate the Twitter account with content year-round not just for the conference.
  • Lalitha: Keeping social media updated should be something for a social media manager.   
  • Lee: Already has a Facebook and LinkedIn page; there should be some sort of outreach committee. It’s something to consider; a little hesitant to propose new positions.
  • Kelly: There is an existing communications group.
  • David: We do not have a Twitter account; there’s a struggle (for me) to keep social media updated along with website coordinator duties.
  • Mario: Do want to decide on an official hashtag?          
Action Items:
  • Mario: Will work with New Member Working Group on creating a brochure to hand out to new members at the CARL Conference.
  • Andrew and Mario: Will look at back-end of platform to see what new groups (especially for community college) can be created.
  • Kelly: Will create a communications committee to review social media engagement including Twitter account.
  • Kelly: Will work with CARL 2020 conference committee on determining official hashtag; will make sure this info gets out on the webpage/pushed to the board.
7.   Item: Task Force on Racial Equity Report (Lindsey)
a.   Equity and Inclusion Coordinator board position
b.   CARL 2020
a. Equity and Inclusion Coordinator board position
  • Kelly: Moving forward with this role, but need to determine strategies for recruiting and training for this position? Unlikely we will have this person in place by conference. There are already a couple of people interested in this position.
  • Kelly: Bylaws will need to be amended.
  • Rachel: Would we extend training stipend to travel as well?
  • Lee: No one who is elected can receive a stipend; only for those appointed. Stipends are optional and people do not have to take them.          
  • Kelly: This position is not as task-oriented, so might not require the stipend.         
  • Kelly: Several potential volunteers to be on the monitoring committee; needs board approval to appoint them. We need to have an accountability mechanism.
  • Lee: We should consider appointing someone from DIAL on the EDI Monitoring Committee (CARL 2020).
Action Items:
  • Kelly: Will the board allow me to work with Lindsey, Liz, and Tamara Rhodes (past-DIAL chair) to work on the CARL Conference EDI monitoring logistics & coordinator position description. Also include Conference Committee (Lee, Allie, and Talitha) as resources.     
8.   Item: 2020 Conference Update (Lee)
a.   Registration numbers

a. Registration numbers
  • Lee: There is a schedule on the conference schedule, but there hasn’t been an official email (tweaking some information on the website).
  • Lee: With Allie and Talitha, want to try a different assessment plan that includes adult learning principles to see if attendees learned anything/shift practice. Just received IRB approval and will ask people to participate in a pre- and post-conference survey. Limited to 12 participants; free lunch incentive. Will have an open-ended reflection question at the end of the session. And will have a 6-month follow-up to see if people followed through with changes in practices.
  • Margot to Lee: How full is the hotel? Andrew: There are lots of neighboring hotels near the conference location.
  • Lee: We do want to try and fill our hotel block so that CARL doesn’t have to pay fees.        
Action Item: Lee: Will contact Allie about hotel numbers.
9. Item: 2022 Conference (Lee)
12:03 p.m.

  • Lee: 2022 Conference will be at the Holiday Inn in San Jose; tried really hard to have the conference in the East Bay but fees were too high / location was too small. Holiday Inn in San Jose convenient access from airport; available public transportation. Preconference on Thursday; Conference on Friday and half-day Saturday. 
Action Item: Kelly: Will sign the contract for the 2022 Conference at Holiday Inn.
10. Item: Membership Report (Andrew)
12:06 p.m.

  • Andrew: 369 confirmed members; approximately 29 new members which mainly came from new people signing up for conference. SCILWorks total registration fees were at $225. Conference sponsorships (working w/Adolfo) - we have at least 8 sponsors lined up.
  • Kelly: CARLALL listserv - does this go through Andrew or David?
  • Andrew: Checked with Joseph to see why this mailing list is moderated? Can we unmoderate the list and I will monitor for spam.
  • Kelly: Our sponsors might want to use the listserv to advertise.
Action Item: David and Andrew: Working on unmoderating listserv; investigating messages waiting to be sent out.

11. ItemTreasurer Report (Yen)
after 12:11 p.m. 
  • Yen: Revenue increasing because of conference registration;
  • We are getting some checks kicked back to us because the bank could not find account numbers.
  • Yen will work with accountants to submit taxes for 2019.         
12. Item: Mentorship Committee Update (Ethan)         
  • No update at this time
  • Lee: Ethan did speak to me about putting out call at Conference 2020.
Action Items:
  • Kelly: Will work with Ethan to see if he wants to step down from Mentorship Committee.
  • Mario: Please contact Ethan about mentorship opportunities for new members.
13. Item: Awards Liaison Updates
a.   Ilene Rockman
b.   Outstanding Member
c.   Research Grant

  • Rachel: We are on an extended call deadline for Outstanding Member. Have received one nomination. We did give out the Ilene Rockman scholarships to two recipients. Research Grant was split among two people; you are expected to present at the conference. Rachel has gotten confirmation from one person and is waiting to hear from the other.     Rachel: Reach out to Liz Galoozis about getting a blurb about the award recipients that David can post to the website.
14. Item: Review action items (Lalitha)

Next meeting will be at the CARL Conference in the afternoon; there will be a preconference by CFA Union reps.
3-4:30 or 4-5:30 meeting; Conference Board Meeting travel fees will not be reimbursed.         
Meeting adjourned                   
Recorded approved votes:
1.   Travel grant of $250 to Zemirah Lee, a CARL presenter. (7 yes votes)
2.   “Gayatri Singh Award for Inclusive Excellence in Library Programs and Exhibits” name and all recommendations of the task force (7 yes votes)
3.   Message by the CARL Conference Committee to the CARL members about the CARL conference and the Covid-19 virus, with minor edits. (8 yes votes)
4.   Two CARL Members of the Year (8 yes votes)
5.   Conference Planners have decided to postpone the conference. Board approved the decision to refund all registration fees to current registrants, and ask people to re-register at a virtual conference rate of $75. (8 yes votes)
6.   New Registration fees for CARL 2020 virtual conference:
Non-members: $75
Members: $50
Students: $25
Presenters: Free
No group discounts.
Vote was 8 yes, 2 abstains (no response)



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