DINO EGGS: REBIRTH is coming for Windows, Mac, and Linux!
Please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight!  Thank you!
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Please vote for "Dino Eggs: Rebirth"

It's on!  Cast your vote of support for DINO EGGS: REBIRTH on Steam Greenlight so that we can bring the game to a wider audience.

Please click here to vote.

  • Don't use Steam?
  • Don't like Steam?
  • Don't know what I'm talking about?  

Please do me a favor -- click and vote "Yes" anyway.  You will need to establish a Steam account if you don't have one already -- but:

  • You don't need to install any Steam software to vote
  • You won't need to use Steam to purchase the game later.  (We'll be selling it on other sites, too.)
  • You can use your Steam Wallet in a variety of ways, including giving gifts to friends.

Steam is simply the biggest game marketplace out there.  Trying to sell a game without Steam is like trying to sell a book without Amazon.  So, help us reach as wide an audience as possible and say "Yes" to DINO EGGS: REBIRTH today.

Please share and ask your friends to vote, too!  Thank you!

We have a private construction kit (a level editor) which we've used to create the multitude of screens for DINO EGGS: REBIRTH.  We'd love to polish it up and make this kit available to everyone as a feature upgrade -- but first we need to sell a few copies of the game to make this possible.

So please vote for DINO EGGS: REBIRTH on Steam Greenlight -- and help us spread the word.  Thank you!

What doomed the dinosaurs?

Who wouldn’t want to rescue the dinosaurs from extinction?  That was the central idea of the original game DINO EGGS in 1983.

The gem was adding guilt to the equation.  You had to rescue as many Dino Eggs and Dino Babies as you could – because you had sealed their doom when you introduced Measles into the prehistoric era.

In the new game DINO EGGS: REBIRTH, it isn’t Measles, it’s the Common Cold.  In writing the text for the original game, Measles sounded funnier than a Cold.  But for the new game, I wanted to dramatize the moment of contamination by showing a huge sneeze, so it seemed better to call it a Cold.

I’ve already gotten criticism for this change.  “Don’t you understand that it was “really” Measles that Time Master Tim gave to the Dinosaurs, not a Cold?”  Sheesh!  Now I know how George Lucas must feel sometimes.  So, which is it -- Measles or The Cold?  You decide!

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