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Israeli and Palestinian future leaders

A month has passed since the first meeting between the two groups of students from The Jerusalem School from East Jerusalem and the Diplomatic Department of Ort Binyamina, and on April 24th they met again for their second congress at the Charney Resolution Center.

During the congress, the students divided into three groups of mixed Palestinian and Israeli delegations. 

The core guideline the groups were told to follow for the day was:
Do not revisit the roots of the conflict.

With that framework, the students started discussing many issues such as government, security, borders/checkpoints, army/police, immigration restrictions, education, and language.

At the end of the day, each group presented their model for a possible peace treaty:

  • One State, Two Nations - A model that proposes that the ruling government’s responsibilities as well as the army and police would be shared and utilized equally by both sides. In addition, all kids would learn both Hebrew and Arabic starting at Kindergarten while general subjects would all be taught in English. Finally, in honor of the three major religions, there would be a three-day weekend and all students would enjoy days off during each religion’s respective holidays. (This idea would require there be a shorter summer vacation).
  • Two states - A model that proposes that Jerusalem become an international city, while Ramallah remains the capital of Palestine and Tel Aviv becomes the capital of Israel.

The third group decided to present four different models for a possible treaty:

  • The Israeli Delegation Proposal - A model that proposes that the two states would cooperate in being flexible enough with their borders to allow any citizen of either state to be able to move freely about the borders and stay/live wherever they choose without any complications.
  • The Palestinian Delegation Proposal – A model that proposes that there be only one state with equal rights to all of its citizens. 
  • The Second Israeli Delegation Proposal – A model that proposes that all areas are divided into territories in which the ruling party is determined by the majority of the present population through a type of election and everyone can choose whether to stay in that particular area or live somewhere else instead. 

By participating in these discussions and expressing their ideas, these students took on their responsibilities as young citizens by taking action in initiating future change.

The Charney Resolution center and Mind of Peace hosted a Public Congress on March 9th at the Goethe Institute. 
Watch the video below for coverage:

NYU Technology & International Relations in the Age of Information

On Friday, April 13th, 2018, The Leon H. Charney Resolution Center participated at the NYU Technology & International Relations in the Age of Information:  DISRUPTION AND RECALIBRATION Convention lead by Ambassador Ido Aharoni and presented the panel: “Conflict Resolution in the Age of Advanced Technology”  with special guest Brig. Gen (ret) Israela Oron and Dr. Jeff Morton.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Global Distinguished Professor Faculty of Arts
& Science International Relations
Left to right: Ms.Tzili Charney, Brig. Gen. (ret) Israela Oron, Dr. Jeff Morton.

EMIS' Good Deeds Day

EMIS’ Good Deeds Day is a collective volunteering day that takes place in April once a year. During the day all of the first-year students at EMIS come together and contribute to society in some way as a community. This year the students focused on an environmental issue and thanks to The Charney Resolution Center in collaboration with the Nature and Park Authority the students were able to visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Center in Mevo'ot Yam. After being introduced to some of the activities at the rescue center, the students all went to clean some of the garbage left by tourists on a nearby beach. A learning experience that made them fully grasp the danger of leaving human products in nature where it can cause pain and suffering to an animal’s natural habitat. For more information on where the students went to visit, please go to: The Sea Turtle Rescue Project 

Video of The Sea Turtle Rescue Project
ZAZ10TS Lobby Opening

In celebration of the newly completed 10 Times Square lobby, on April 10 ZAZ10TS screened a selection of video art including Tamar Ettun’s piece titled Pink and David Horvitz’s The Distance of a Day. These pieces were only on display for one night on the “Champs” billboard (SW corner of 41st and Broadway). The celebration was attended by the building’s community and guests. The Moving Company performed their piece titled Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth, Red Feathers, Green Feet, and a Rose Belly part Blue. For more info, visit: ZAZ website 

Video Coverage of the Lobby Opening | Press on Image to PLAY
Part of Video Concept Created by Reuven Givati & Animation by Avishai Lapid
Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?

The Charney Resolution Center is supporting this initiative that has a series of 15 events in 8 cities across Israel. Those events will feature dozens of outstanding speakers that will present a new perspective or idea on how to solve the conflict. The opening event took place on Tuesday, April 24 at Hangar 11, at the Tel Aviv Port.

Events will continue through May 3rd. To learn more about the initiative, please click here

Opening Event
"Have You Seen The Horizon Lately"

Leon Charney Reporters 
Click on below to watch a new episode of Leon Charney Reporters

EMIS students Ne'o and Nguyen interview instructors of the Peace Talks Simulation to reflect on the event.

Between Psychology and Politics – How can hope be rekindled in an atmosphere of mistrust during an ongoing conflict?

3 EMIS students, Julia from Haifa, Dana from East Jerusalem, and Siseko from South Africa, will give the Opening Lecture at this event. They will share their views on how through living and studying together, 170 students from 40 different countries can teach each other to abandon the misgivings of the past and focus on building the relationships of the future.

"Did you see the horizon recently?", Sunday April 29, Talkhouse, Tel Aviv Port
How do you create hope in an atmosphere of mistrust during an ongoing conflict?
Opening lecture - EMIS students (Charney Resolution Center)
Prof. Yoram Yuval - Psychiatrist and neurobiologist
Attorney Gilad Sher - Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies

170 girls and boys packed a backpack, parted hugging Mama and Father, and left their country to come to Israel. They will come from 40 distant countries (including Afghanistan, Yemen and Morocco) only to study at the EMIS School in Israel - an island of shared life that promotes peace and sustainability in the Middle East and will be developed by South Africa, Yulia from Haifa and Dana from East Jerusalem, "What is the real hope for peace and normal life and whether it is necessary to invest simply in the younger generation in order to let the past (despite the temptation) focus on the future.

The conflict erodes our character as a nation and its continuation harms national security. What is it right for Israel to do so that its borders will encompass a democratic and secure state? Prof. Yoram Yovel, a psychiatrist and brain researcher at the Hadassah Ein Karem department of mental health and psychiatry, has been joined by attorney Gilad Sher, a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies, How to preserve, in an atmosphere of mistrust, violence and frustration, a real hope for peace and normal life.

The lecture will take place on Sunday, April 29 at the Talkhouse, Levant Fair 12, Tel Aviv Port.
Opening Doors: 7pm | Lecture Start: 8:30pm

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