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Get fitted and measured for shoes at:
Unit 5/6, 134-136 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039

Tram number 59 – Stop 36

P: 03 9326 0266

We are open:
Monday to Friday
     9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

One Saturday per month
     by appointment only

     DEFINITELY preferred

Home visits available – fee applies

For Allied Health

The MBT Rock!
November 23 2016
Presented by Jodi Lancaster
from MBT, at Happy Feet

Clinics held regularly at:
- Wonthaggi
- Wagga Wagga Wodonga

Our services includes:
- Assessing and fitting for footwear

- Repair of footwear

- Modification of footwear

- Making of custom footwear

- Pre-fabricated pedorthic footwear

- Assessing, fitting and making of:
     - Orthotics
     - Other devices

- Assessing, fitting of:
     - Compression garments

- Home visit program

Clinic Dates
Bass Coast Podiatry
182 Graham Street Wonthaggi 3995
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday October 21
2016 Friday November 11
2016 Friday December 9

Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga Foot Clinic
99 Trail Street Wagga Wagga 2650
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday October 14
2016 Friday November 18
2016 Friday December 16

Murray Valley Private Hospital
   please use front entrance

1 Nordsvan Drive Wondonga 3690
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Saturday October 15
2016 Saturday November 19
2016 Saturday December 17

It’s Spring time at Happy Feet Pedorthics

It’s Spring time! At Happy Feet Pedorthics it has been a busy year! There have been some changes in our team and some new stock developments.

New season colours in FINN sandals are arriving late October. They are already selling so make a time and come on in to make your choice of colour, so you don’t miss out!

We are having an end of run clearance now!

Beautiful shoes for the right feet which we cannot source again! Going, going, gone for $100 a pair! Normally a 3 to $400 a pair item! So roll on in all ye Cinderellas!

Save $ bargains Translate your fitting to UK sizing for the keen shopper Cinderella come on in! Save $ bargains Translate your fitting to UK sizing for the keen shopper Save $ 

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We have expanded our DREW range of footwear to include some of their dressier options which are also available in multiple widths – oh to dance the night away in a shoe which fits.

The MBT rock - which one? - the new MBT rock!

We have the new MBT rocker sole footwearwith the option of 3 levels of rock – activate, dynamic or performance. See more info at MBT® Shoes, Training and Therapy in Daily Life

The MBT Rock - Professional Development opportunity for referrers on
Wednesday November 23 2016 at Happy Feet Pedorthics Presented by Jodi Lancaster from MBT . 6 to 9 pm RSVP required 

We now carry SIGVARIS compression stockingsoh for the feeling of support and cushioned foot from
the James option and then more – nothing like the colourful thigh highs!

To give clients and referrers a better service again we are working  toward an appointment only business from 2017. Just give a ring and we will organise time for you or your clients.

The PEDORS footwear has become one of our core footwear options, servicing mostly as a slipper but sometimes a shoe option for people with the most challenging feet. See more information about the pedors at Pedors as Footwear - A Slipper or Shoe Option

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We are heading for an appointment based business in 2017.  Give us a ring and we will make at time to see you or your client.
Pedorthics is not just about the shoe - it is …..

Pedorthic modifications make a difference to so many people – their shoes and their feet! Pedorthics is not just about the shoe – it is about what you can do with the shoe!
The foot may need additional support at the mid – foot. Pedorthically we can widen the shoe!

It’s all good but the comfort difference is about more width and a stretch won’t make the difference but some actual widening of the shoe will!
Conversion from lace to velcro is a common modification at Happy Feet Pedorthics – just as strap extensions are, and cushioning on the toe straps, giving relief to the corns and
callous on those so sore toes!

Rocker soles – what the rock? Yes we have to think about this for every individual person. Is there forefoot pain, what is the  balance like, does the ankle have any range of motion – ROM,
what’s happening with the knees and where should the pivot point be, the rock at the heel – should it be a standing heel, a 4mm beville, a negative rock? Less pain and more comfort is
often all about the rock!

There is more information available in our brochure’s which can be viewed following the links
The pedorthic response to a Leg Length Difference - LLD

At Happy Feet Pedorthics what we often see is that people come in with a “whole lot of stuff under their heel.” The stuff may well be a heel raise, some cut down pieces of old insoles, some gel padding or podiatry felt picked up along the way! At times if would be lucky for the heel of the foot to have 2 cm of heel in the shoe to support their foot and yes the person is walking out of their shoes! Effectively the LLD is being managed with an internal heel raise - often associated with hip and back pain Mmmm … so what do we think and say?

The most important information to us at Happy Feet Pedorthics is what is the leg length difference and what is the amount of raise to be made. We are looking for this to come from the GP or Allied Health Professional. We then establish the amount of the raise, the pivot point, heel type. For clients who are new to us we make the build up, test it and then bond the sole. A little tedious but a great investment of time for future LLD raises. Our goal is for a LLD raise and heel raise to be made externally to the shoe giving the wearer more mobility and safety with less pain and more comfort!

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