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Bass Coast Podiatry
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2017 Friday February 17
2017 Friday March 31
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2017 Friday August 4
2017 Friday September 15
2017 Friday October 27
2017 Friday December 1

Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga Foot Clinic
99 Trail Street Wagga Wagga 2650

Ph: (03) 9326 0266, 0425 251 345
2017 Friday February 10
2017 Friday March 24
2017 Friday May  5
2017 Friday June 23
2017 Friday August 11
2017 Friday September 22
2017 Friday November 3
2017 Friday December 15

Murray Valley Private Hospital
   please use front entrance

1 Nordsvan Drive Wondonga 3690

Ph: (03) 9326 0266, 0425 251 345
2017 Friday February 11
2017 Friday March 25
2017 Friday May  6
2017 Friday June 24
2017 Friday August 12
2017 Friday September 23
2017 Friday November 4
2017 Friday December 16
Welcome to 2017! How can we be of assistance to you?

A new year, a new beginning, thinking how can we be of assistance to our referrers and clients -  often starting the year with all those jobs there was no time for at the end of the previous year. So at Happy Feet Pedorthics we can offer our referrers:
  • some shoe samples to show your patients “good for you footwear.”
  • some cards and referral pads to assist your referrals to us
  • an invitation for you to come to our Moonee Ponds and/or other clinics or, for us to come to you to update you on the services and products we can offer your patients.
  • we are available to speak at professional meetings about our services and products
  • a request for referrers to send us your cards so we can refer back to you. Our clients are always asking where can I go? Our policy is to give the name / cards of a minimum of 3 referrers to follow up on, in deciding who is best for the their needs. So the invitation is for there for us to help you

For our clients we can assist you:
  • by working to our best to have your footwear available to you ASAP following ordering
  • by providing the opportunity of a home visit program from our Moonee Ponds Clinic
  • by providing an opportunity for your fitting and assessment at one of our regional clinics at Wodonga, Wagga, or Wonthaggi in the Bass Coast region of Victoria
  • by  providing advice on maximizing your health benefits if you have cover for medical footwear
  • by providing advice regarding government funding for footwear, including the NDIS program,  DVA, along with TAC and Work Cover claims 
  • by be available to speak with consumer / interest groups about their special health interest area and footwear  -  diabetes, arthritis, CMT, lymphoedema  -  to name a few.
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Pedorthics  -  Not just the shoe  -  It’s what you can do with the shoe!
Do you have one leg shorter that the other?
We can make a build up on the shoe of the shorter leg! Talk to us about the difference between a leg length difference (LLD) raise and a heel raise. Having had a 5 cm heel raise all his life, one of  our oldest clients had 13 pairs of shoes modified with a LLD raise and no more back pain and is still pruning roses with so much more pleasure!

Do you have one foot which is a quite a different size and shape to the other?
We can look at options here! One is to fit shoes of  a different size and / or width. Another is to fit shoes of the same size and width and to modify one shoe at the midfoot area or the toe are to accommodate the foot in the difficult area for shoe fit. Another option is to fit customized shoes or fully custom made shoes. Talk to us about the options. Our aim with you would be “good for you footwear” options in your wardrobe which you like to wear, accommodating your foot health needs.
Do you have an ankle or some toes with very limited range of movement  -  maybe you have some screws or pins in your feet?
Rocker sole shoes may well be you answer to having more ease of walking and less pain. We have various shoes made with rocker soles which may be suitable or we can modify your shoes to make rocker soles. In fitting and making rockers soles we think about your health needs  - heel rocker, forefoot rocker, how much rock, is there a need for a mid foot rock?
For more information follow the link for Modifying Shoes  -  Outsoles

Are the straps on your shoes too tight  - or does the exposed velcro catch on you socks and / or hemlines?
Again at Happy Feet Pedorthics we can make a difference  - by extending the length of the straps in a matching or close to matching leather.  So much more comfort to wear, your socks last longer and your hemlines don’t look tatty!

For more information follow the link for Modifying Shoes  -  Uppers

Are you well heeled?
As part of  our pedorthic service at Happy Feet Pedorthics we repair shoes. Being down at heel can reduce the effectiveness of your orthotics, put your body out of alignment and the wear can increase dramatically having worn through the initial 5 to 8 mm! Keeping well heeled keeps you healthier with your shoes lasting longer and you having more choice in your wardrobe!
Have a look at what we do on our Youtube
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