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Get fitted and measured for shoes at: 
Unit 5 / 6, 134-136 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039

Tram number 59 – Stop 36 

P: 03 9326 0266


We are open:
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

One Saturday per month by appointment only

Appointments DEFINITELY preferred 

Home visits available – fee applies 

Clinics held regularly at:
Wagga Wagga Wodonga 

Our services include:
Assessing and fitting for footwear
Repair of footwear
Modification of footwear
Making of custom footwear
Pre-fabricated pedorthic footwear
Assessing, fitting and making of: 
          other devices
Assessing, fitting of: 
          Compression garments
Home visit program


Clinic Dates


Bass Coast Podiatry
182 Graham Street Wonthaggi 3995
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday February 19
2016 Friday March 18
2016 Friday April 15
2016 Friday May 20
2016 Friday June 17
2016 Friday July 15
2016 Friday August 12
2016 Friday September 16
2016 Friday October 21
2016 Friday November 11
2016 Friday December 9

Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Foot Clinic
99 Trail Street Wagga Wagga 2650
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday February 12
2016 Friday April 1
2016 Friday May 27
2016 Friday July 1
2016 Friday August 19
2016 Friday October 14
2016 Friday November 18
2016 Friday December 16 


Murray Valley Private Hospital
please use front entrance
1 Nordsvan Drive Wondonga 3690
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Saturday February 13
2016 Saturday April 2
2016 Saturday May 28
2016 Saturday July 2
2016 Saturday August 20
2016 Saturday October 15
2016 Saturday November 19
2016 Saturday December 17
… with happy feet we are walking fast to a small holiday break! 
“…. the world’s best kept secret.”

Many clients come to our facility saying we are the world’s best kept secret! With the aim of changing this we are walking with you at Happy Feet Pedorthics to share our stories, your stories.

2015 has been an amazing year for us at Happy Feet Pedorthics. 
There has been a fair bit of regrouping with Clare being back more fully —still much more than
100% after caring for her Mum who died in mid 2014. Thanks to our team - Lyn, Suzanne, Sarah who have worked hard and kept us on the path of Happy Feet!

With a part time based team we  have also been able to celebrate ’hang-out days’ with our grandson Lucas - who is a constant reminder that life is for living and walking with happy feet!. Little feet grow to big feet— we get this and that there are three principles— hereditary, gross deformity and pain—which need to be considered! The worrying Nanna has often been told to not worry—barefoot is good!. This said  some lessons on shoe fit have been given to the parents and a home made shoe shine is in order for Christmas—as Lucas is on an age to at least polish a shine on his shoes! 

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Happy Feet can help you as a referrer - clients are always asking for us to refer them to good allied health professionals close to where they live.
We would like to share your practice with the confidence of your quality!

Please send us your business cards
And ring to make a time for us to come and see you or you us

You can help the Happy Feet team and our mutual clients
If you are prescribing for DVA please use the new forms
Prior approval is not required for pre-fab medical footwear.
So supply can now be quicker for most of your patients
Consider prescribing for patients through SWEP (Vic) or Enable (NSW) (Vic) (NSW)
A podiatrist or physiotherapist can register to prescribe for footwear in Vic
Be savy, create your masters with your constant detail, complete the individual 
prescription, send it to us and we can do the rest!

.. after a small break we will walk forward with our 2016 plans!

Changes at Happy Feet
Leading to 2015 and walking forward there have been many changes as we continue to evolve! We now stock Drew shoes, and we are using the Gadean range much more consistently. By trading as Happy Feet Pedorthics we now have the freedom to choose the best of the lollies in the orthopaedic, medical or pedorthic footwear range. Matching this opportunity with our skills as pedorthists to modify and make custom footwear, along with our abilities to assess and fit orthotics, other devices and compression garments we have many stories to share. This we are learning to do better on various social media streams. This newsletter is giving you as taste of some of our blogs! We invite you to follow us!
There IS a difference between a podiatrist and a pedorthist
“A podiatrist is trained to assess, diagnose and treat foot and lower limb problems. These may include skin and nail problems, foot and ankle injuries, foot complications related to diabetes and other medical conditions and problems with gait or walking.” From the APA website.

Pedorthics refers to “The professional field concerned with the provision of medical grade footwear, orthotic appliances and appropriate advice to a patient after assessment and analysis of the patient’s problem(s). Including the provision of prefabricated footwear, alteration of prefabricated footwear, custom designed and manufactured footwear/orthotic appliances and advice on the need and application of medical grade footwear and orthotic appliances. Read more at our blog:

Watch us  
Thank-you for the gifts you have given me
 Megalencephaly-Capillary Malformation Syndrome is a rare disease. So what is the pedorthic response when a little one – at 18 months comes to our pedorthic facility with the syndrome – and she is on the move! Her Mum has been told that perhaps Piedro footwear would do the trick! …………… ………. I am in the moment with Annabella’s Mum and her Grandmother. Two women who exude unconditional love for their little one. Two women who are on to it with their next generation – Annabella. Fun loving, guidance, accolade, respect for choice, allowing for risk, ready to console and such joy. Annabella, like all the other kids will play, maybe also at child care, kinder and then school. She is on the move – things to do, places to go! Read more at our blog —

.. working to improve health outcomes for people!

 “… oh yes I did have a fall last week, my body is bruised all over
At Happy Feet Pedorthics the real story or the reality experience the carer of family member is so keen to tell is eventually told by the client themselves. That there had been a slip, trip or fall and invariably it is all about the shoes, the mats, not using the walker, reaching too far and “I was just …..!”

There is loads of information, guides, booklets, videos, and advice about slips, trips and falls. At Happy Feet Pedorthics ‘a slip, trip, fall and choosing the best shoe information sheet,’ from the podiatrist is the one we would see most.

All the usual is covered – fit, lace or velcro fastening, good contact with the ground, a sole that grips – even a rounded edge to the heel – which for some people is a bit unstable in our experience. Often what is not covered is the importance of the shoe matching the activity, the slippers being safe, and the importance of checking for the cleanliness of the soles of shoes having been walking everywhere! Read more at our blog - 

Here’s to Happy Feet! @Happy Feet Pedorthics. Client Choice and Responsibility – How we direct and care for our loved ones simultaneously.
My mum was typical of so many clients I see. As a daughter I was probably typical of so many daughters, sons and carers that I see as a pedorthist.
  • We all want the best for our loved ones
  • Our loved ones have the right to have choice and a responsibility to themselves – the situation at point here being: choice of footwear and the risk of falls, wounds, sore toes or painful balls of the feet to name a few
We just have to be so caring and walk with our loved ones – honest, kind and patient! Read more at our blog
The months of December and January can be times of deadlines, stress, argument and tension. The months can also be a time of joy, love, rest and celebration.
From the team at Happy Feet Pedorthics we hope there is some time for rest and relaxation, being very safe travelling be it by car, train, or plane— walking with happy feet! 

Clare Nelson, Certified Pedorthist CM AU 

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