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More Choices in more colours!
At Happy Feet Pedorthics we pride ourselves on knowing the opportunities of footwear choices available for our clients. Our aim is to provide your footwear choices 4 to 6 weeks from the point of order, if we do not have your choice in store.

To increase the choices to clients we have extended our Gadean range. The Gadean options provide for a more light weight sole and you can choose your colours. Recently I have put in an order for a purple sandal with a purple lizard print addition!

The Gadean range is a great compliment to our Drew, Pedors, Finn and PWMinor and other choices! Come in, have an assessment and fitting, and then choose your colours!


Take Time to Talk About Lymphoedema
March is Lymphoedema awareness month. So what is lymphoedema? And what can the condition mean for  the choices in footwear?

Lymphoedema is the accumulation of excessive amounts of protein-rich fluid resulting in swelling of one or more regions of the body. The website,   of the Australasian Lymphology Association has a wealth of information for your perusal.


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We have expanded our DREW range of footwear to include some of their dressier options which are also available in multiple widths – oh to dance the night away in a shoe which fits.
Footwear choices for people with lymphoedema
At Happy Feet Pedorthics we see people who have lymphoedema. For some it is under control with the use of compression therapy, massage and a healthy lifestyle. For others, the person is at the start or along the way in managing their condition, and for some there has been almost no attention to their condition but the reality is the feet hurt, and there is a need for footwear!
Depending upon the extent and management of the lymphoedema a range of shoes can be worn.

A strap court can be worn by some people who have lymphoedema. The good aspect of the strap court is that the foot can often fit into the shoe fairly easily. The tricky part is the throat of the shoe  -  the part over the top of the foot, which can cut into the flesh of the foot. Often a person with lymphoedema will need the straps of their shoes extended to accommodate the swelling at the ankle area.

The advantage with the "Rose" style shown is the softer black trim which softens onto the flesh of the foot, and the straps are easily extendable. Some clients at Happy Feet Pedorthics wear this shoe as their party shoe, with their compression, and having put their feet up for a few hours before going to the party!
Day walkers are often kinder on the foot of the person rather than a strap court. The “Paradise 11” style to the right comes with an insert and a runner, both of which can be removed, along with the straps loosened as the day goes on, which is a lot kinder on the feet until one can get home, put your feet up and cool them down! Beyond this option for a day shoe we would need to consider footwear options which are customised or custom made, which would then provide for some cushioning and accommodate the fluctuating swelling. The Gadean range comes in a choice of colours for Happy Feet clients.
The Pedors footwear is the only option for some people at Happy Feet Pedorthics. For others the Pedors provides an option whilst the compression therapy and massage are being followed until it is then time to be fitted with formal footwear. The Pedors comes is an extra width and depth options with a very long opening option for ease of foot entry. The Pedors range is modifiable and the upper is heat mouldable
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