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Get fitted and measured for shoes at:
Unit 5/6, 134-136 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039

Tram number 59 – Stop 36

P: 03 9326 0266

We are open:
Monday to Friday
     9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

One Saturday per month
     by appointment only

     DEFINITELY preferred

Home visits available – fee applies

Clinics held regularly at:
- Wonthaggi
- Wagga Wagga Wodonga

Our services includes:
- Assessing and fitting for footwear

- Repair of footwear

- Modification of footwear

- Making of custom footwear

- Pre-fabricated pedorthic footwear

- Assessing, fitting and making of:
     - Orthotics
     - Other devices

- Assessing, fitting of:
     - Compression garments

- Home visit program

Clinic Dates

Bass Coast Podiatry
182 Graham Street Wonthaggi 3995
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday February 19
2016 Friday March 18
2016 Friday April 15
2016 Friday May 20
2016 Friday June 17
2016 Friday July 15
2016 Friday August 12
2016 Friday September 23
2016 Friday October 21
2016 Friday November 11
2016 Friday December 9

Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga Foot Clinic
99 Trail Street Wagga Wagga 2650
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Friday February 12
2016 Friday April 1
2016 Friday May 27
2016 Friday July 1
2016 Friday August 19
2016 Friday October 14
2016 Friday November 18
2016 Friday December 16

Murray Valley Private Hospital
   please use front entrance

1 Nordsvan Drive Wondonga 3690
Ph: (03) 9326 0266

2016 Saturday February 13
2016 Saturday April 2
2016 Saturday May 28
2016 Saturday July 2
2016 Saturday August 20
2016 Saturday October 15
2016 Saturday November 19
2016 Saturday December 17
Happy walking with Happy Feet in 2016!

The very important story of one
It is often said that a change is as good as a holiday. January with a change in routine has given me some time to rest, time to spend with family and friends and some time to read and think. Be it a customer, client, patient, acquaintance, friend, employee, manufacturer, employer, community or private service provider, sports player, supplier, religious, organisational or political leader; what do any of us view as normal or acceptable behaviours? I took some time over the break thinking and surfing the net about what is reasonable with respect to health care. What can the consumer expect? What can the doctor or allied health professional expect? What can support staff in the allied health system expect?
What can the doctor or allied health professional expect? What can support staff in the allied health system expect? I came across an article titled “Consumer expectations and healthcare in Australia,” a Deeble Institute issues brief, which is authored by a Dr Michael Taylor and a Dr Sophie Hill. The Deeble Institute is an Australian Health Policy Research Group.

My interest in considering the issue of reasonableness in the   provision of health care is threefold. What do I expect as a consumer of my doctor and the allied health professionals I attend for my health? What do consumers expect of me in my service and product provision as a pedorthist? And thirdly what systems do I use to achieve my expectations as a consumer and / or as a provider of pedorthic footwear?

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Happy Feet can help you as a referrer - clients are always asking for us to refer them to good allied health professionals close to where they live.

We would like to share your practice with the confidence of your quality!

Please send us your business cards And ring to make a time for us to come and see you or you us

You can help the Happy Feet team and our mutual clients
If you are prescribing for DVA please use the new forms

Prior approval is not required for pre-fab medical footwear. So supply can now be quicker for most of your patients

Consider prescribing for patients through SWEP (Vic) or Enable (NSW) (Vic)

A podiatrist or physiotherapist can register to prescribe for footwear in Vic
Be savy, create your masters with your constant detail, complete the individual prescription, send it to us and we can do the rest!
Pedorthists are not just the shoe people.
The Deeble Institute article deeble_issues_brief_nlcg 3_consumer_expectations_and_healthcare_in_australia.pdf talks about the consumer wanting the health professional to assist the consumer to be more informed and involved than before, for the consumer to then manage their health where possible; which is turn requires prompt, appropriate and individualized help from the health professional as required by the consumer.

How do these three broad expectations impact on me as a pedorthist? What is the standard of practice in the pedorthic profession - an allied health profession?

Pedorthists are not just the shoe people. Pedorthics is the design, manufacture, modification and/or fit of footwear, including shoes, orthotics and foot devices, to prevent or alleviate foot problems caused by disease, congenital defect, overuse or injury. This is what we do and yet mostly in the profession in Australia the consumer does not make an appointment to see a pedorthist and the payment of a consultation fee is not the norm!

So that question again - what systems do I have in place in my pedorthic facility to meet the many and varied needs of each consumer NOW?

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we welcome the person who walks in. However people who have made an appointment have priority for their appointment time. We ask clients to complete a form with their details and we have material and props for use in explanations, referrals and demonstrations.

Watch us 
Within our small team there are many roles and the follow up from an appointment is completed by the relevant team member or department if you like, be it to make an order, prepare a quote or follow up with another allied health professional.

We provide referrals to allied health professionals - in particular – podiatrists; and general practitioners for support with respect to government funding for footwear provision and falls and balance programs, and the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). Our experience is that many clients are not aware or have not remembered advice previously given about supports in the health system.

The trick at Happy Feet Pedorthics is how to keep everyone happy all the time! The conundrum being that the consumer does not necessarily believe or fully accept that they have a medical condition with respect to their feet, which requires time and planning for appropriate attention.

Another trick at Happy Feet is to keep on top of the administration behind the work on the floor with the client in assessing and fitting their feet.

……. it is never about who is “more or less affected.”

Often, as many businesses would, we experience the 80/20 rule at Happy Feet Pedorthics, which is a good one to work with - as is the individual with their very individual needs. Our priority at Happy Feet Pedorthics is the individual, so I have to say that at times the 80/20 rule can get lost from time to time. Is anyone of us more special than the next, such that it is imperative that one’s needs must be met NOW, before the next person? Sometimes yes – this is why the concept of triage is applied in the health system.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics 
  • Our primary goal is for each person we see is to have happy feet, wearing shoes which are good for their feet and are liked!
  • It is the story of the person we are with at the moment which is the most important in that moment. In our practice it is never about who is “more or less affected.”
  • Teamwork is the name of the game at Happy Feet Pedorthics, the client being the central person to the team. However the imperativeness of one cannot overrule the story of another. Hence it is about how we can work together, with the client and their health professionals for improved health outcomes.
  • We are improving continuously in the administration of the business to provide our best to all our clients.

So how can clients and referrers help us?
  • Please make an appointment to see us. Walk-ins are always welcomed; however people with appointments will always have priority, which gives us dedicated time with each client and then the completion of all tasks for each person’s file in a timely manner.
  • Please bring your details of referrers and others who are involved in your care and payment for your footwear
  • Remember your orthotics and a clean pair of socks
  • If interpreting is required then an interpreter is required at the appointment, or by phone conference
  • Make a plan for your footwear needs. In making an investment you need to think about your highest need for footwear and budgeting your finances to achieve your footwear needs. From the order point shoes can take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. This is why we have a sales order system where you pay a deposit when you order the shoes.
  • Review your footwear and bring shoes for repair to your appointment

Clare Nelson CPed CM Au

Check your calendar: The September Clinic for Bass Coast, Wonthaggi has now been changed to September 23

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