Hey what's up guys, 

Sorry I didn't put one of these out last week, I went on an impromptu vacation to visit my family and left my computer at home. This week's edition is gonna be a little thin as well because I got freelance work again so I don't have as much time to dive into stuff as deeply so I'm probably just going to do a round up of shit and some links for you all to check out.

The site is coming together, mostly just getting content together. Working with some cool people to create some articles and content I think you'll all enjoy. If you have any interest in writing a piece, submitting a photo editorial, etc. please get in touch!

I have been using some ridiculous 3D vore images for mockup purposes as I've been putting the PREGNANT site together, and looking at those images a bunch made me start to wonder about what people who fetishize vore do to realize their fetish. My suspicion was always that vore existed solely in the creation of images, as one cannot be eaten by gigantic Sonic the Hedgehog obviously. 
Well, that suspicion was proven wrong when I found a person who develops large silicone molded vore simulation devices, as well as bottling an "artificial saliva." 

I watched the Genocyber series last week and enjoyed it a lot, apparently it's pretty disliked by anime fans but it was the first anime I've actually enjoyed in a long time. The story line is pretty convoluted but that didn't get in the way of me enjoying it purely for the bizarre character design which reminds me a lot of the cyberpunk body horror aesthetic of Tetsuo: The Iron Man and the boatloads of over the top gore throughout.
The whole series is up for viewing on YouTube.

My friend @davemirrasfreestylebmx2 on IG sent over a couple issues of DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS, a zine he puts out monthly that obsessively catalogues the dankest depths of film and bills itself as "A FREAK'S ONLY GUIDE TO FUCKED UP WEIRD SHIT THE WORLD OVER." It's hilarious and fun to read, I highly recommend getting your hands on it.

Semetary is a rapper from rural Northern California who sounds a lot like a deadpan early 2010's Chief Keef and has the period-correct True Religion to match, brandishing a boxcutter instead of a gun. 
Super weird to live in a time where really disparate shit I've enjoyed is starting to clash and morph into new shit, Semetary pretty effortlessly meshes samples from black metal albums into his production and has a really eclectic sound in general. 
His new mixtape Hundred Acre Wrist is chock full of ignorant and hard hitting tracks with lyrics glorifying Bang energy drink, boxcutters, and Heffalumps. The mixtape is "hosted by DJ Sorrow" (I REGRET EVERYTHING I'VE DONE... DJ SORROW) has an insanely good cover of Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus and ends with a pretty fucked sounding country track. Listening to this mixtape and his Rainbow Bridge mixtapes have authentically made me pretty happy.
Glad to learn that Chihuahuas are the only authentic indigenous pre-European contact dog breed left. Chihuahuas are the best dogs for real.

And that's it for this week, I'll be back next week with more stuff. 

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