Wet Weather Etiqette

The committee is only too aware at the moment about the confusion, frustration and extra work that the ongoing weather and resulting pitch closures is causing for members and volunteers. It has so far made 2022 one of the most challenging years in living memory, following on from two COVID-impacted seasons. 
In response to the ongoing challenges the committee is doing everything we can to maximise time on the ground for members, including moving training to the very limited number of synthetic pitches that exist in the area that are available, and liaising with the NSFA and the council to have as many games played as possible, including ground changes where practical. 
The reality is, however, this is insufficient to provide consistent football for members as pitches on Sydney’s north shore are at capacity, particularly for our Miniroos level, and without a prolonged dry period, it will take some time for us to return to a fully normal schedule. 
As unpaid volunteers, without the club owning any of the pitches we play on, there is only so much we are able to impact on and we also acknowledge that the council’s ground maintenance teams are facing truly unprecedented challenges in enabling the pitches to be open and playable.
Due to the above, we feel it is necessary to remind members of a few guidelines with respect to wet weather play as we have had a number of concerns raised by members as well as issues with respect to attendance at games:
- Games are NOT cancelled purely due to it raining during the game. The games are only cancelled if the pitch is not in an adequate state to play on.
- All members should follow guidance from the NSFA on whether the game you are due to play at is cancelled or not. There are links on our website to the NSFA wet weather site ( Information is also available by following your team on the “Dribl” app on your phone which is the system the NSFA are now using across the region. If your game is washed out or changed (KO time or venue) Dribl will show you this.
- If you hear from a different team in the club that their game is cancelled THIS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOUR GAME IS CANCELLED. Again, you must check the NSFA information and only that can be relied upon. Different grounds have different conditions, with different councils having different approaches to pitch maintenance. For example the most recent weekend two out of three Toolang pitches were playable and open. One was not playable so was closed. 
- If a game is scheduled to be played the only people that are able to call the game off are the referee/game leader if the pitch is found to be unplayable (eg there is standing water on the pitch due to a downpour just before or after kick off). If no referee exists for the game, the home team manager can make this decision. 
- Forfeiting is deeply unfortunate and should be avoided where possible and should be a decision made by the team manager ONLY. Whilst issues like illness are understandable reasons to not know until closer to the game, wherever possible a decision to forfeit should be made by midday on Thursday before the game to provide the NSFA with the opportunity to advise the opposing team. If as a player you know you are not available for a game please advise your team manager as early as possible so they can look to source replacement players. In the current environment with many cancelled games this should be more achievable than in most seasons as many players who would be unable to play for their own team may want a runout for a fellow team within the club. Please note THE CLUB CAN BE FINED FOR LATE FORFEITS. For persistently offending teams without adequate reason, the club may need to pass these fines onto to the team to ensure the ongoing financial security of the club.
The reason we feel it necessary to remind members this is because we are aware of multiple SIFC (and opposition) teams simply not turning up for matches that were due to take place in the last two weekends, leaving their opposition players and parents standing waiting for a team to not turn up. 
Whilst the committee sympathises fully with the confusion that the current environment is causing, we do believe there is sufficient information available to avoid this. If you do not turn up for a game with no or minimal warning it is disrespectful to your teammates, the opposition and the number of players that have yet to play a single game this season due to continual ground closures.
If any further clarification is required please contact a committee member but if you can see your game is scheduled to be played, or to be cancelled, there is no need to check with us - that is the answer. There are very few committee member volunteers but 75 teams in the club with nearly 1,100 players and volunteers and we cannot be across every team’s details

2022 Calendar :- 

Date Day Time Event Location
4-May-22 Wed   Goal Keeper Trianing starts at Showground Showground
9-Jul-22     No Junior Mixed or Mixed MiniRoos  
27- Aug      Last Weekend of Football  
Goal Keeper Training

Goalkeeper Skills program

Want to develop your goalkeeping technique in a fun, safe environment with excellent role models? Goalkeeper skills is just for you!

Where - St Ives Showground for 4 weeks starting Wednesday 4th May (excludes any sessions called off due to ground closures)

Time 4:30pm  - 5:30pm and 5:30pm - 6:30pm

  • 8 players per coach
  • we cater for all experience levels.
  • Clothes appropriate to play football, SHINPADS, Boots or Trainers, Gloves, Water Bottle.
  • Players are grouped by age, experience and skill level. - We have 2 groups training at the same time so we will be able to move players around
  • 4 week program 
4:30 - 5:30pm Session
5:30-6:30pm Session
Term 2 Skills Training
Super Skills Training Term 2
Perfect for players who have never played before or would like to learn more so they grow in confidence. Great for U5 to U10 boys and girls 
Commences Tuesday 3rd May at Warrimoo Oval in St Ives.
July School Holiday Clinic
Our Holiday Clinics provide players with a safe, engaging and enjoyable environment for players to meet new friends, develop their footballing ability and fall in love with the game. Perfect for U6 to U11 players.
Hurry spots filling fast - Starts April 11th for 3 days
To register
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