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I appreciate there are lots of weird and wonderful scams on the net and It may seem a bit odd that we are offering you £300 of free goods as an introductory offer for our new range, so let me explain: Ankorstore is a new European multinational and they are intent on establishing themselves as the leading European Trade Portal.

They are very well funded and  are investing heavily in introductory offers in order to hit the ground running.

If you have not bought via Ankorstore before then lets get  started. We have made it easy by listing a starter bundle of products worth £300, as shown above.
If you have already bought from Ankorstore and used any vouchers previously then unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.

How it Works

All you do is enter your details to register with Ankorstore clicking  our unique Mayhem link HERE

Then select the Plant Accessories Starter Bundle and enter the LIFT code LIFT-3HRAAAXW at check out

We send this  brilliant assortment of useful and fun products from our warehouse as normal, completely free for you (just the VAT to pay). 


If you are less technically minded with new websites do just call us on 020 8752 1499 if you need any help.

And just a reminder of the bundle:

1) The brilliant new Moisture sensor [SEE IT IN ACTION]
30 units in CDU with Try Me function. ….Traffic light red and green flashes tell you when to water and  when not to water your house plants. More plants are killed by overwatering than underwatering.
Trade price £3.75 SRP £8.99

2) The Wicked Waterer [SEE IT IN ACTION]
24 units in CDU ….Easy and fun to operate keeps your plants watered when you go away (upto 10 days or more) Contains twin pack bottle toppers Lemon and Lime and spokes and wicks.
Trade price £2.25 SRP £5.00 

3) Home and Away Plant Care Kit [SEE IT IN ACTION]
16 units in CDU  Moisture sensor plus watering wicks and spokes….The plant care kit  monitors your plants when you are at home and waters them while you are gone. 
Trade Price £4.75  SRP £11.99
 4) The Amazing Flygun          

The Amazing flygun display unit of 20 pcs + 50pcs The flygun creates a live sport out of a hitherto tiresome pest.
Trade price 85p SRP £2.99
And if you don't want all the products in the bundle, you can make your own order up from any of the products listed on our Ankorstore catalogue and still benefit from the £300 off as long as your order value reaches £301 
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