"The biggest mistake everyone makes with their house plants is to overwater them" ...Monty Don

Overwatering particularly in the winter months is the number one killer of indoor plants.

Starved of oxygen the plants root cells quickly rot and die.

The problem is the symptons of overwatering plants, (yellowing wilting leaves) look identical to those caused by drought stress and underwatering.

The solution is simple and inexpensive.

Buy a moisture sensor from Mayhem and do not water until the flower flashes red.

The moisture sensor detects the level of water at root level and if you follow the traffic light signals your plant will survive and thrive.


The Moisture Sensor is available as a stand alone product and also as part of the plant care kit which includes a watering system and care guide.

Watch the Moisture Sensor in action here

Watch the Plant Care Kit in action    here

Watch the Wicked Waterer in action here
Trade Prices:
Moisture Sensor in Try Me CDU in 30's - £3.75 each
Indoor Plant Care Kit in CDU in 16's -  £4.75 each
Wicked Water Kit in CDU in 24's - £2.25 each

Rohit and Alka Patel of Paper Art, in London's Finchley Road were one of first customers to order ..." We are delighted with these products. They are very clever, they sell well and are beautifully packaged..."
Please contact us on 020 8752 1499 or for more information and to place an order.
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