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Monday, 23 November 2020
Good evening The Carbon Cut Readers! Today's highlights include:
  • California Air Resources Board Releases Draft Annual Evaluation Of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle & Hydrogen Fuel Station Network Deployment

  • Google has launched Tree Canopy Lab that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aerial imagery to help cities see their current tree canopy coverage and plan future tree planting projects, starting with Los Angeles

  • Norway’s Havyard Group announced that it is prepared to introduce a hydrogen system that will make it possible also for large ships to sail longer distances with zero emissions

  • Head of Höegh LNG mulls use of LNG tankers for ammonia

  • and a recent study shows that the rich 1% cause half of planes' global warming CO2 emissions - which probably isn't that surprising. What however is eye-opening is the fact that climate researchers take more flights than other academics - despite the group claiming to be highly concerned about global warming, climate researchers are not walking the talk by reducing their travel, this British and Swedish study discovered.

Estimated Total Reading Time: 10 mins


💧 Hydrogen

1️⃣ China carbon pledge throws spotlight on hydrogen fuel - Using hydrogen as a road fuel would reduce emissions, but rolling out hydrogen fuel cell technology looks challenging. China's transport sector produces nearly 1bn t/yr of CO2, according to estimates by Tsinghua University's Institute of Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Hydrogen fuel is considerably more energy efficient than gasoline. A 5kg fuel cell allows a car to travel 500km — equivalent to 45 litres (11.8USG) of gasoline — with water as the only tailpipe emission. Beijing has incorporated hydrogen fuel cell technology into its national fuel strategy, but development of the nascent sector — which would reduce China's reliance on energy imports and fight climate change — faces many challenges.

2️⃣ EC mobile hydrogen refuelling solution to power aviation world first - The hydrogen refuelling solution, delivered by EMEC in conjunction with subcontractor Fuel Cell Systems Limited (FCSL), is a mobile solution consisting of a re-deployable modular electrolyser, trailer mounted air compressor and a first of its kind ADR-certified 350 bar refuelling truck.

3️⃣ Spain calls for hydrogen project registration following Eur1.5 billion pledge - Spain's government has opened a month-long window for green hydrogen project developers to register their plans with the state following a pledge to invest Eur1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) in the sector through to 2023.

4️⃣ Hydrogen: Magic pill or magic bean? - NZ Government is being accused of indulging a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ energy fantasy.

5️⃣ How Hydrogen Can Fuel The Energy Transition - Ample availability of competitive renewable sources and simultaneous support for blue hydrogen (with CO2 capture and storage) are prerequisites for hydrogen to take a more prominent position in the energy transition.

6️⃣ Hydrogen is not the future, hydrogen is the present, says Bertrand Piccard - “Hydrogen for aeroplanes: is it a dream or not?” Bertrand Piccard asked this morning as he opened the first ever European Hydrogen Week. “The Wright Brothers flight in 1903 was considered to be completely impossible and people were laughing at the Wright Brothers until they succeeded and managed to fly. 66 years later there were two men on the Moon.” “So, when you see Airbus announcing that 2035 will be the year for hydrogen aeroplanes, don’t laugh, they will do it, they will absolutely do it.”

7️⃣ Iberdrola ramps up hydrogen electrolysis projects through partnerships with Nel and Ingeteam - Iberdrola and leading electrolyzers manufacturer Nel Hydrogen ASA – through Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser – have combined their capacities to turn Spain into a technological and industrial benchmark in green hydrogen. The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop and deploy large-scale electrolyzer projects and promote the technology’s supply chain in Spain.


❄️ LNG & Natural Gas

1️⃣ Woodfibre LNG now slated for 2021 construction start - (Canada) Construction of the Woodfibre LNG plant and export terminal in Squamish, which was scheduled to be underway this year, will be pushed back by more than a year, says the company’s outgoing president. Construction on the project will likely not start until the fall of 2021.

2️⃣ GE Signs Agreement to Develop Vietnam LNG Power Plant - General Electric Co. and a Vietnamese company signed a memorandum of understanding to develop an LNG power plant near Ho Chi Minh City. GE will be contracted to install the gas turbine technology and some other equipment, and will take an equity stake in the project, according to White House officials.

3️⃣ Decarbonisation push underpins LPG dual-fuel engine uptake - Three 93,000-m3 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers that have been ordered by Petredec Holdings (Eastern) PTE Ltd from China’s Jiangnan Shipyard will each be equipped with MAN B&W LPG dual-fuel engines. The newbuild contract contains options for three additional vessels. Commenting on the incorporation of LPG dual-fuel technology, Petredec fleet director Philip Harwood said, “We are convinced that using LPG as a bunker fuel in the MAN Energy Solutions ME-LGIP engine is the best contributor to achieving the targeted 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.”

4️⃣ Höegh LNG makes commits to supplying FSRU to H-Energy - Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. has entered into a binding commitment to supply H-Energy with an FSRU in Jaigarh from as early as 1Q21. The final agreement will be for 10 years with annual termination options after year five. Höegh LNG will allocate one of its available FSRUs currently trading in the LNG carrier market for the project.


🚘 Mobility - EVs, Batteries & Fuel Cells

1️⃣ Siemens, Deutsche Bahn launch local hydrogen trains trial - Siemens Mobility and Deutsche Bahn have started developing hydrogen-powered fuel cell trains and a filling station which will be trialled in 2024 with view to replace diesel engines on German local rail networks. The prototype, to be built by Siemens, is based on electric railcar Mireo Plus which will be equipped with fuel cells to turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity on board, and with a battery, both companies said.

2️⃣ The Ineos Grenadier might just get a hydrogen powertrain - Hyundai has signed a VERY OFFICIAL AGREEMENT with chemical company and soon-to-be 4x4 builder Ineos. The ‘memorandum of understanding’ will apparently see the two manufacturers combine their joint knowledge of hydrogen with the hope of developing a system that allows for the worldwide production and supply of the alternative fuel source. Or more simply put – they want to look into building a network of cost-efficient hydrogen fuel stations so we can all drive hydrogen-powered cars.


🦠 Synthetic Fuels, Ammonia, Methanol & BioFuels

1️⃣ Petronet LNG to foray in green energy, bio fuels - With an objective of foraying into green energy and bio fuels, Petronet LNG on 20 November 2020 signed a non-binding pact with Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas for setting up compressed bio gas (CBG) plants under Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative of the Government of India.

2️⃣ Golar LNG and B&V team up on floating ammonia research - The duo plan to publish research on floating ammonia and carbon-capture applications before the end of the year. This marks an extension of their partnership in floating LNG projects.

3️⃣ Air Liquide announce construction of two biomethane production units in Italy - Air Liquide has announced the construction of its first two biomethane production units in collaboration with its local partner Dentro il Sole (DIS). These two units will be built in Truccazzano (Milan) and Fontanella (Bergamo) in Italy, recycling organic material from agricultural and livestock activities to convert it into biomethane, a renewable energy source.


🔋 Energy Storage

1️⃣ Australian utility AGL reveals latest big step towards 850MW of battery storage - Last week AGL said that it intends to build a project in South Australia of up to 250MW / 1,000MWh, which would be one of the largest battery energy storage systems (BESS) in the world. The utility said today that it has begun development activities for a 200MW battery system in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

2️⃣ Sonnen launches ‘affordable’ all-in-one home battery storage system in US - Germany-headquartered residential battery storage manufacturer sonnen has launched an “all-in-one” system in the US which comes at a recommended retail price of US$9,500. The company, owned by oil and gas major Shell since last year, has just brought out sonnenCore, a home energy storage system (HESS) which comes with a free 10 year or 10,000 cycle warranty to an expected lifetime throughput of 58MWh.


♨️ Geothermal

1️⃣ Grant awarded for efforts to transform oil and gas wells to geothermal power generation - Colorado, U.S.-based Transitional Energy has secured a $500k state grant for its work on conversion of oil and gas wellbores and associated infrastructure into geothermal power generation facilities.


☢️ Nuclear

1️⃣ First assemblies loaded into new Chernobyl used fuel store - The first canister of used nuclear fuel was yesterday loaded into the Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility (ISF-2) at the Chernobyl plant in Ukraine. ISF-2 is the largest dry-type used fuel storage facility in the world and has an operating life of at least 100 years.

2️⃣ 'Devastating' or 'really safe': Southern Utah cities set financial caps for nuclear power project - Several Southern Utah cities are putting financial limits on their involvement in a nuclear power project after other Utah cities pulled out. Following the withdrawal of seven Utah cities from the Carbon Free Power Project before the October deadline, the Southern Utah cities have passed resolutions to cap financial obligation for the first phase of licensing.


🔆 Solar Power

1️⃣ Solar parks in Netherlands to be connected at 70% of their peak capacity - The Netherlands’ renewable energy sector has reached an agreement with the country’s grid operators and power providers for a faster grid connection of solar parks. PV plant operators will be able to connect their projects at 70% of their capacity and, in turn, they will be allowed to connect them without having to wait for more grid availability.

2️⃣ Boralex to control 209MW US solar seven - A Boralex subsidiary is to acquire controlling interests in seven solar farms in the US totalling 209MW from Centaurus Renewable Energy and other unnamed investors for C$283m (€182m). Centaurus Renewable Energy and the other investors will retain certain non-controlling interests in the assets resulting in total net installed capacity to Boralex of 118MW. The projects are located at the cities of Five Points, Huron, Kettleman City, Lancaster and Newman in California, and in Chambers County, Alabama, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

3️⃣ These solar panels don't need the sun to produce energy - The concept is called AuREUS (which stands for Aurora Renewable Energy and UV Sequestration), and it was invented by Carvey Ehren Maigue, an electrical engineering student in the Philippines. It involves a combination of organic luminescent particles that absorb UV light and convert it to visible light, and a solar film that then converts that visible light into energy. “It’s similar to how we breathe in oxygen and we exhale carbon dioxide,” Maigue says. “It takes in ultraviolet light, and then after some time it would shed it as visible light.”


💨 Wind Power

1️⃣ Kansas sees new wind energy initiative - According to Gov. Kelly, Renewables Direct provides long-term price stability and competitive pricing for local renewable energy to businesses, agencies and commercial customers that qualify. She said as new customers enroll, Evergy will expand its renewable energy sources to continue to meet sustainability goals. She said the company has announced that over 50 organizations have started receiving energy from two area wind farms in November.

2️⃣ Galileo Green unveils deal for 1.5 GW of wind in UK, Sweden - Pan-European renewable energy developer Galileo Green Energy (GGE) has struck a deal with an unspecified development partner to collaborate on 1.5 GW of wind projects in the UK and Sweden. The long-term contract will see the duo join hands in around 500 MW of projects in the UK and some 1,000 GW in Sweden, GGE said last week as it presented its investment plans. Specific details about the two pipelines were not provided.

3️⃣ Germans Developing Self-Aligning Floating Wind Turbine - A new concept for a floating wind turbine platform that aligns itself depending on wind conditions is being developed in Germany under the framework of the joint research project HyStOH, set up by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

4️⃣ Denmark advances 5GW energy islands plans - Denmark has taken further steps to advance the development of so-called energy islands in the North and Baltic Seas. The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Public Utilities said a decision has been made to locate offshore wind farms totalling 2GW 20km to the south and south-west of the island of Bornholm off Ronne in the Baltic Sea Bornholm will function as the physical energy island.

5️⃣ First power from MingYang at 300MW Chinese project - First power has been delivered from the MingYang Smart Energy turbines at the 300MW Zhuhai Jinwan offshore wind farm off the coast of China. MingYang said the project, which is located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has now officially entered the trial operation stage. Zhuhai Jinwan will feature a total of 55 MySE5.5MW typhoon-proof machines when complete.



📜 Policy

1️⃣ IMO and Arctic States Slammed for Endorsing Continued Arctic Pollution - The Clean Arctic Alliance today (20 Nov) slammed the decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to approve a ban ridden with of loopholes on the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic (HFO), saying that it would leave the Arctic, its Indigenous communities and its wildlife facing the risk of a HFO spill for another decade [1].

2️⃣ Spain Approves a New Remuneration Regime for Renewable Energy (REER) - The new regulation aims to provide a stable and predictable framework to attract investment in the renewable energy sector.

3️⃣ Mukesh Ambani pitches for reforms in renewable energy - Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani on Saturday said India needs disruptive solutions in renewable, low carbon and carbon recycle technologies as well as breakthroughs in renewable energy and innovations in storage and utilisation to achieve the twin goals of becoming an economic and a clean-and-green energy superpower.

4️⃣ Modi says India set to double oil refining capacity in 5 years, earlier than expected - The country's energy minister was quoted in June as saying India's oil refining capacity could jump to 450-500 million tonnes in 10 years from the current level of about 250 million tonnes.

5️⃣ Philippines Declares Moratorium On New Coal Power Projects Amid Renewable Energy Push - The Philippines has declared a moratorium on new coal power plants, which could mean the scrapping of new coal projects that have yet to be approved by the government. The move, which has been widely welcomed by environmental campaigners, is likely to signal to investors in the region that the country is taking a turn to embrace renewable energy, particularly amid the strong push the clean energy sector has seen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

6️⃣ India to achieve 450 GWs of renewable energy by 2030: Modi - The Philippines has declared a moratorium on new coal power plants, which could mean the scrapping of new coal projects that have yet to be approved by the government. The move, which has been widely welcomed by environmental campaigners, is likely to signal to investors in the region that the country is taking a turn to embrace renewable energy, particularly amid the strong push the clean energy sector has seen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

7️⃣ Xi calls on G20 to push for full, effective implementation of Paris Agreement - Addressing the Leaders' Side Event on Safeguarding the Planet of the G-20 Riyadh Summit via video link, Xi said, "G-20 should continue to take the lead in tackling climate change"

8️⃣ Biden Can't Reach His Own Climate Goals Without Banning Fracking - Trump tried—and failed—to ride fears about a fracking ban to a second term. Now Biden needs to confront fossil fuels.

9️⃣ Chile to launch auction for 2.31 TWh of renewables+storage in May - The country’s energy regulator will publish the auction’s final bidding terms in December. Projects awarded contracts under the auction will supply electricity under 15-year power purchase agreements for 2026-2040.

🔟 IMO to develop proposal for $5bn zero-emission technology fund backed by fuel levy - International Maritime Organization members states have agreed to consider establishing a research and development (R&D) body to work toward zero-carbon emission technology for ships. The proposal involves the establishment of an IMO-administered International Maritime Research and Development Board (IMRDB), which would be funded from a $2 per tonne levy on marine fuel. The proposal’s sponsors estimate the idea will generate around $5bn for R&D into zero-emission ships.

🔟 Denmark announces 'green tax reform' but omits sought-after CO2 levy - Presenting the proposed changes, tax minister Morten Bødskov said on Monday that the country was not yet ready to put a CO2 emissions tax into practice. “This has the simple explanation that no one has any idea how you, for example, CO2-tax Danish agriculture and other business and industry sectors,” Bødskov said. “We have agreed with parliament to look further into this. What we are presenting now is what we can do here and now,” he added.


💰 Investments & Funding

1️⃣ Swedish miner LKAB eyes huge investment in CO2-free production - LKAB said the plan would require an expansion of renewable energy production in Sweden, as well as a more flexible regulatory framework, but that the shift could reduce global emissions by over 35-million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.


📈Pricing & Trading

1️⃣ Novartis Inches Closer To 100% Renewable Energy With 5 VPPA's - In a move that has made Novartis the first pharma company to attain the 100% renewable electricity user status for its European operations, the firm recently signed up for five virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs). Agreements have been signed with three providers, namely Acciona (Spain), EDP Renewables (Portugal) and Enel Green Power (Italy). Electricity will be sourced from a total of six projects which are currently under development in Spain.

2️⃣ Green Is Good for Power Traders Chasing $430 Billion Market - With the European Union, U.K. and other governments increasingly turning their backs on fossil fuels, companies steeped in that business are looking over the horizon and seeing a new age of electricity. Royal Dutch Shell Plc is on a hiring spree as it plans to spend as much as $3 billion a year on its new-energies division, and Vitol Group is building out its trading desk. More power traders have changed jobs in 2020 than in the past three years combined, according to Oxwich Search Ltd.


🧭 General

1️⃣ Renewable energy groups see new day under Biden administration - Eager to advance their agenda under supportive new leadership in Washington, renewable energy groups have released policy wish lists, confident that President-elect Joe Biden's administration can work with what could be a narrowly divided Congress to strengthen renewable energy tax credits, invest in new transmission and establish a national renewable energy portfolio standard.

2️⃣ Pipe dreams leave U.S. energy firms caught in climate trap - Nearly half the oil and gas pipeline miles that crisscross the United States are at least 50 years old. And even though the world’s largest fuel consumer is starting to rely more on renewables, fossil fuels still provide almost all of its road fuel and natural gas accounts for about 40% of electricity generation.

3️⃣ Renewables Are Gaining Ground In New York - The state of New York generated the largest amount of renewable electricity generation of any U.S. state east of the Mississippi last year, with renewable energy sources, including hydropower, accounting for 30 percent of New York’s electricity generation, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said on Monday.

4️⃣ 5 maritime sustainability trends for 2021 - According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), “ships transport roughly 90% of world trade and account for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is having a large impact on sustainable operations for ocean freight. Here are five environmental sustainability trends coming in 2021.


🏭 Emissions

1️⃣ Climate change: Covid pandemic has little impact on rise in CO2 - The global response to the Covid-19 crisis has had little impact on the continued rise in atmospheric concentrations of CO2, says the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This year carbon emissions have fallen dramatically due to lockdowns that have cut transport and industry severely. But this has only marginally slowed the overall rise in concentrations, the scientists say.

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