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Welcome to issue No 003. Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸! Continuing with the Insights series, this week we’re taking a look at Direct Air Capture - what is this tech and who are the leading players in this space?

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🐦 Top 5 Tweets of the Week

"ExxonMobil puts out “bait” and then “reels in” congressmen on issues like carbon tax, electric vehicles, chemicals, taxation and infrastructure"

I'm pretty certain the 11 senators named in this recording will not take kindly to this analogy - and Exxon just might find the "fish" won't bite anymore
Jan kindly provided a translated a summary of the findings from a German think-tank

Overall, these are interesting conclusions - I can definitely see the role of H2 in electricity system balancing as well as heavy industry.

But I do think widespread adoption of H2 in deep-sea shipping is a stretch
Carbontech is on the rise and the global total available market (TAM) is estimated to be $6tr/year

Amongst others, we now have CO2 vodka and negative-emission carpets - and this is just the beginning!
Indonesia is picking up speed
Technically here the support ships are protecting themselves from the scorching heat whilst the ROVs work to fix the issue...

...but this tweet still made me LOL

📒 New Insight

Est reading time: 8 mins

What is Direct Air Capture of CO2?

As it says on the tin, direct air capture of CO2 is a technological process of capturing and separating CO2 from ambient air. 

One very attractive proposition offered by DAC technologies is that they are geographically agnostic - theoretically their application is not geo-constrained to a particular location.

The capture and separation technology has a relatively small footprint when compared to nature-based carbon removal solutions such as reforestation, and ongoing projects have demonstrated that DAC’s modular nature can be scaled up to meet the desired capital outlay.

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