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We’re coming up to our last Connection With Direction Business Mastermind session for 2018 on this Saturday morning 15th at the CWA Hall, 21 Jack St, Atherton.

Seamus and Christine got together and below are some of our thoughts and wishes about Saturday:
  • We would like to look back (one whole year!) and look forward (2019 is almost upon us!) a little during this meeting but we also want to continue our business mastermind aspect.  An intro by Christine might serve that purpose but we can change that and co-create a different agenda on arrival if we so decide.
  • If we follow that with a new deep listening exercise that would lead nicely into:
    • Our final member’s business exploration of 2018.  Christine nominated Seamus to bring his business to the group for us to practice deep listening and also to hear what our “Gupi’s” whisper in our listening ears.  
  • Before we chow down on the beautiful food to share, Christine would like a little time to look ahead to 2019, and particularly to the Tablelands Purpose Summit for Business 2.0.  Christine’s suggestion is to run another ½  day workshop, remind ourselves of our Purpose practices from 2018, and then move on to Limiting Belief Relief.  Some discussion about 2019 generally and the next Purpose Summit specifically will hopefully be what some of us want to set us up for 2019 and to leave 2018 with a feeling of satisfaction about the work we have accomplished (maybe a round of sharing about what has been successful would fit in here?).

So the morning might look like:
  • 09:30  early arrivals for set up (and for those who have not yet attended to have a little induction into our methods---and oddities!)
  • 10:00 Intro by Christine
  • 10:15 deep listening exercise
  • 10:30  business masterminding focussing on Seamus’ present situation
  • 11:15  shares about how this mastermind group has worked for each today and throughout the year
  • 11:30  2019
  • 12:00 lunch.  We may be joined by some of the ST Driver Team, who will have their face-to-face meeting from 13:00 at Destiny Hub on Loder st.
  • 13:00 clean up and finish for the year.  Happy Silly Season!
Connection with Direction meeting
When: 9.30 am Sat 15th Dec
Where: CWA Hall 21 Jack St
Free, but please bring some food to share for lunch


ST Drivers meeting is not just for declared Drivers:

All Drivers are urged to attend this face-to-face meeting starting at 13:00 at Destiny Hub.  All interested parties who might eventually like to join the Driver Team are warmly invited to attend this meeting as it will not be a business meeting (very little What--lots of Why and How).  

This will be more of a Why and How session with practices interspersed to encourage that evolution of a trusting environment that we have embedded in our CWD group.  It will also encourage each of us to feel into how much better we might be able to run our business meetings if we attend to Why we are part of ST Drivers and How ST Drivers might help to revolutionise meetings/groups/businesses right here on the Atherton Tablelands. 

Let's not wait until someone finds the money to hire experts, or expensive facilitators from the south or overseas!  Let’s just jump in, take the leap of faith, and see whether we can find some of the keys to unlocking better performance as a group that are only being experimented with elsewhere and have yet to seriously surface here!  Anyone up for a challenge?

It is our view that agendas are meant to be altered and not followed blindly---we want to co-create, not imitate! So here is a suggestion “agenda” for ST Driver Meeting,  Destiny Hub, Loder St, Atherton:
  • 13:00 get straight into our group practices with a moment of silence and a check in (this will be explained to newcomers)
  • 13:10 discuss how to co-create this meeting/alter the agenda (which may change all of the following items! Be ready to be flexible!)
  • 13:20  short listening practice
  • 13:30  Why are we meeting/on the Driver Team/running ST?  We hopefully will have decided about how much time to spend on Why and How.  Practices will be interspersed for more than one purpose: first to build trust and also to move us a little out of our heads and more into our hearts so that deeper expressions of Purpose and of How to meet that Purpose can be explored in the most meaningful way we can muster.
  • 14:45 final share about this meeting 
  • 14:50 a tiny bit of business:  just a few decisions that can be voted on
  • 14:55 check out.
Drivers Meeting (Lunch with CwD 12pm)
When: 1 pm Sat 15th Dec
Where: Destiny Hub, 49-57 Loder St Atherton

Please ring Christine Doan 0419 656 247 or Seamus Campbell 0410 609 267 if you have any questions.

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